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Ann Arbor, MI, US

I am retired and re-experiencing the joys and challenges of sewing as a hobby. I enjoy the creative expression in sewing clothes to suit my personal choices of fabric and style, as well as some craft or home projects.

I became a Threads insider so I could read helpful articles, printed before I became a magazine print subscriber. I am disappointed that I have never been able to successfully access any archived Threads articles, even after requesting help from Threads technicians and changing no avail.

craft interests: embroidery, fashion, restyle, sewing

Member Since: 07/25/2012

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Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "The Art of Fashion Draping" by Connie Amaden-Crawford

As I age and my body changes, I am finding it difficult to find clothes and patterns that fit well. I would like to learn "draping" so that I can improve the quality of my overall look, by sewing fashions that fit well and that I have made uniquely my own.

Re: McCall's latest collection

When I was young and slender everything I tried on was a possibility for a stylish look. Now I am 63 and no longer slender. It is difficult to find garments, patterns, and fabrics that work well for me. Perhaps learning about fashion draping will help me improve my personal styling, and customize my wardrobe to my needs. I look forward to the lessons this book provides!

Re: McCall's latest collection

I agree with everyone commenting on the lack of good plus size patterns! Most patterns are up to pattern size 24 only which is about a 16W. Does anyone making patterns know the populations of the world are getting bigger in total body size?

I was going to buy a new sewing machine and was looking for one that was a good machine not intended for quilting or embroidery. They were several thousand dollars. When I took my renewed sewing enthusiasm to the pattern counter I could find very few patterns for my 63 yr. old body in its mature size.

I notice -like other's who have written in, that the larger sized patterns available, are made for giant versions of a small person... as opposed to a mature body with roundness. Many plus size patterns and garments seem to be made for Men's bodies! For example the shoulders are too wide, and the vertical space between the shoulder and the chest is way too long!

I have decided against buying a new machine, because I don't want to pay for custom made patterns. I may as well buy custom made clothes! This is a cause the machine companies should champion. They would sell more machines, if sewing patterns were less challenging to find, and nice fabrics were available. I also agree the quality of fabrics is poor. Good wool is especially unavailable.

Fabrics in Joanns and Hancocks are similar to those used in low end / inexpensive clothes. So, why waste your time to sew what you can buy cheaper. patterns and low quality fabric. Somebody should listen!

Re: DVD GIVEAWAY: Industry Insider Techniques with Louise Cutting Volumes 1-4

I am learning to sew late in life and teaching myself with the help of others through available reference material. Sadly, I could have had the best teacher, as my mother was an artist with a needle and won awards as a young woman, but I am learning after I lost her.

I have read several of Louis Cutting's articles and find great value in her expertise. I wish she was right next door so she could 'hold my hand' and guide me as I learn. I use my seam ripper as much as my machine and have learned to enjoy the process of learning to sew as much as the finished product.

I would appreciate her guidance in the DVD's as an always available teacher.