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Denver, CO, US

I've been sewing for awhile now. I also enjoy cooking, but I get most injoyment from sewing.

craft interests: sewing

Member Since: 01/01/2010

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Re: How to Finish Seams on Chantilly Lace

"Good idea." It would make a really pretty sweater or shawl. Keep giving me ideas.

Re: Spring Floral Wedding Gown

"Gorgeous". I especially liked the embroidered detail, along with the darts gives it lots of style.

Re: Spring Floral Wedding Gown

"Gorgeous". I especially liked the embroidered detail, along with the dart gives it lots of style.

Re: Pretty Print & Pattern

I love what you did. You took something apart an, sewn it with you'r own hands. It's yours, but with you'r personal touch.


"You go girl"! Keep up the hard work you did great. Love that red rose.

Re: How to Trim a Neckline Like Yves Saint Laurent

very gorgeous blouse you have there. The info on how to trim a neckline will come in handy for me I'm sure.

Re: How to Trim a Neckline Like Yves Saint Laurent

very gorgeous blouse you have there. The info on how to trim a neckline will come in handy for me I'm sure.

Re: Video: How to Drape a Skirt

psfws9163 writes: I also liked the cow neck top video. that I saw in the video section under I think it was how to make a cow neck top.

Re: Video: How to Drape a Skirt

I just want to say great video on skirt draping. I like the way she penned the twill tape on the dress dummy. the waist had tape around it, then the hips on each side, then she put twill tape on down the center front. then she draped her muslin, and made her lines for her waist, then for were her hipline she drew a line down 4". Well anyway I like this method. it mite be something I'd like to try. psfws1963

Re: Video: How to Bead a Motif Using a Template

Loved the video demo of the Motif design. I just brought a Husqvarna. It sews as well as embroiders. So I am so excited by any design I can do on my sewing machine.

Re: How to Pretest Pattern Changes with "Minipats"

I think this looks kind of familiar, I took a dress drafting class three months ago. We made patterns for 18" dolls. Before making clothes for our selves. This methed is probably better than the schools methed . I think you have something good ! Posted: 4:49 am 7/24

Re: How to Reduce Collar Bulk

psfws1963 writes:lkie the collar very know i like most all the ideas from threads. threads should have a demo on turtleneck sweaters, and how to take out the neck in change the shape around the neck. posted: 10:02pm on 4/3/13

Re: Video: More Fashion Illustration Basics from Yelen Aye

I loved it. The fashion illustrations were wonderful. I can use them. Posted 2/14/13

Re: Video: A Fast Look at Pattern Drafting

Like the sample. It made me take notice because of the music see cause that's how I learn thew music along w/ demonstration, so that was wonderfully put together for me to use loved it. Posted 6:06 am on 2/14/13

Re: Project Runway Season 10: "Welcome Back (Or Not) To the Runway"

psfws1963 writes: loved Nathan & Sonjia's gown very ellegant and easy to wear. ''lovely''!. You now i don't watch project runway all the time but some of the desingers can realy create wonderfully once they put there minds to it. posted: 6:20 am 8/23/12

Re: Summer Stripes and Stitches

psfws1963 writes: I like, but good luck at keeping clean your lovely white suit. ps how can I go about posting my best work on this web site. you know my garments. posted: 10:49 pm July 21st

Re: A Look at Exposed Zippers writes: This is not a good look for me. A dress w/ an exposed zipper, see i'm affraid that if i sit in a chair or bend over the zipper could get caught on something in rip my dress were the zipper is,but if you don't mine having you'r dress look half ass i guess thi look is for you.The front look's good however. posted: 10:24 am June 26th

Re: School's On for Summer!

I've toucken classes on line a view yrs. back, just recintly this past fall& winter I have taken sewing classes. I will be going back to school to take more sewing classes this coming fall 2011. I've learned a lot this school yr. posted: 4:43pm. on April 19th. psfws1963

Re: How have you organized your stash?

psfws1963 writes: you ask why i injoy sewing.I don't know why it's something that i know i should be doing. It's just one of my many passions in life. posted: 9:31 am on September 19th

Re: What projects are you looking forward to working on this Fall?

psfws1963 writes: I'm actualy starting school in a few weeks. I'm realy excited about going my first class will be creative sewing. I've been sewing for some time know off and on, but i've come to realise that there are still a lot i need to learn. however i will still have some time to start my fall sewing. I have a sporty pants & jacket suit i would like to make. I perchased this lovely gray silk like matterial for my pants & jacket and i'm planing on sewing with it soon. posted: 12:38p.m. August 28th.

Re: What is the strangest project you have ever sewn?

psfws1963 writes: I made a pair of pants & jacket out of these throw blankets i purchased at a Kingsoopers tow years ago. It caught my eye because it was sow pretty. It was an olive green. The material was a realy soft fleece. I touck it home and i begain to cut it, and as i was cutting i noticed that the material was shedding all over my clothes and my face. I had to get out my little vaccum cleaner to clean my clothes off and my face, but i finaly finished it all, i finished the pants & jacket.I tried on the pants they fitted me, but the problem was they would shed every time i'd put them on to wear them i'd need to take out the vaccum just to keep them from shedding on me everytime i'd put them on. in the same for the jacket it would shed also. So far that was one of the strangest things i made yet. posted: 11:18 p.m. on 8/16/10.

Re: Who is your favorite Threads author?

psfws1963 writes i don't have a favorate author in threads magazine. A lot of the auther's have pretty good ideas. I like the zipper's,the jacket on gusset, the circular flower and all the others. It's been very helpfull to me to see all the different sewing projects. posted: 11:51pm on aug. 2nd

Re: What's your dream sewing project?

psfws1963: My dream sewing project would have to be sewing pants better than i do w/ no problems. Becuase i always have trouble when i'm working on pants lots of times i make the crotch for the pants to high up. A little while back in early spring i made my self a pair of pajamas to sleep in for spring. I made pajama shorts and a sleeveless top.I did a good job on the short sleeved top, but when i made the pants i made the crotch to long. posted: 7:43am july 22nd

Re: The Circular Ribbon Flower

psfws1963 writes, I loved the flower demonstration. From Kenneth King. It had a smooth and easy look. The fabric made it look nice. He used a soft silky looking fabric. Very beautiful. 3/10/10

Re: The Circular Ribbon Flower

I love the circular flower demonstration. From Kenneth King.It had a smooth and easy look.The fabric made it look nice. He used a soft silky looking fabric. Very beautiful. psfws1963 loved your flowers. Thank you. posted at 6 40 am 3/10/10

Re: Working with Embellished Fabrics, Part I

I think this will be very interesting fabric to work with.

Re: love in lavender

I love the silk chiffon dress. design4u did you realy use you'r own design for this gown it's lovely.