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stony plain, AB, CA

I grew up in a home that nurtured creativity. Due to dealing with personal issues of chronic pain and fatigue I found myself making purses and bags. Inspired by fabric, embellishment and/or customer, each purse and bag is made completely unique and different. No two are alike unless I decide to make them the same. Why run with the crowd when you can stand out with your own unique and different "pursonal issue".

craft interests: fashion, restyle, sewing

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Member Since: 11/15/2010

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Re: How to Re-create a Vintage Modernist Bag

I recreated a leather purse I've had since the 70s, it probably dates to the 60s though. It was a bucket shaped bag with a drawstring closure which also served as the short straps. There were 6 pockets ingeniously placed around the bottom outside edge. The pockets were about 3" high and the purse was about 9" deep. Nothing on the inside but the beautiful suede side of the navy blue leather. My recreation was much bigger, fancier and much more complex. I gave it to my teenage daughter who absolutely loved it. If there was a place to post photos, I would proudly show off my work.

Re: Re-Create Pleated Edging

Thank you Kenneth, for finding and sharing with us! The project I have in mind is to remake a pillow my mother made to show off a beautiful sampler she created of 9 different flowers meticulously hand sewn in a variety of stitches that include perfectly formed candle wicking & French knots. Mum has won awards in craft shows for her needle work. I always thought her needle work was a dying art & now Mum has dementia. The pillow itself is a very crude 'frame' for this treasured needle craft, with just a bit of lace to fancy it up. I intend to remake the pillow using this delicate pleated trim to frame this family heirloom forever. I hope to post pictures of before and after.

Re: A Trick for Working with Raw Silk

I work with a lot of upholstery fabrics to make my purses. Because many upholstery fabrics are woven, they also tend to unravel. I will use this technique next time I have one of those 'nose bleed' fabrics!

Re: This IS Your Grandmother's Sewing Machine

I wish I had known about this exhibit; I inherited my Gran's sewing box, which my grandfather made for her. It is full of items from wooden thread spools to pins that DO rust! There is a darning loom, still in the original box, labelled "Worlds smallest darning loom" - from a time when women still darned socks. She also had a collection of carefully scavenged lace collars, to be put to use on a different garment. All kinds of interesting gadgets I shall always hold dear.

Re: Book Giveaway "Vintage Lingerie"

When I was age 6-10 in the 60s I often played dress-up at my best friends house.Her mother had the most equisite collection of gowns from the 40s & 50s & earlier stashed in her basement that she may or may not have been aware we dressed up in. One of my favorites was a silk & lace negligee, I felt dainty, feminine & a bit like a princess (it had a longer 'train' at the back hem). At some point as a child I must have taken it home as I found it when my own mother moved out of her house & I was rummaging thru my childhood junk. Unable to wear it as an adult due to the lace being so old & tearing in places, I succeeded in making a pattern from the original.Not knowing if it would work, I made a 'muslin' from scrap polyester & lace. It was a success so I planned on making another using real silk & lace. I know many women who would love to feel as feminine & dainty & 'princess-y' as I did wearing such a beautiful, vintage garment. If I could learn proper techniques & fabrics, it would be a blessing. Please choose me to win this incredible book.

Re: How to Use Pins the Right Way

The other bonus to having pins placed (as I put it) east to west rather than south to north, is they are quickly removed, as the author pointed out, when on the sewing machine. I always place my pin dish to the right of my machine so its a fluid movement as I'm sewing. As well, if you happen to be sewing at 100 miles per hour, if you do happen to hit a pin the machine needle is less likely to break if it hits a pin. Now that I know zippers sewn in are more accurate with this method I will switch my pin placement for these applications.

Re: Style adaptations are a must when sewing for the disabled

"Yarnhooker" has some very good advise about zippers & buttons! A must read (in the comments section)

Re: Style adaptations are a must when sewing for the disabled

Its too bad I am seeing this article now. When my sister-in-law was mother of the groom a few years ago, she was having a hard time finding a suitable outfit. Confined to a wheelchair because of MS, she also needs quick access if she needs the washroom. We had talked of making an outfit, even to the point of having velcro strips at strategic places so she would be able to disrobe quickly for the washroom. Her husband eventually found her a beautiful jewel-tone satin/poly pajama ensemble. It didn't look like pjs and served all her purposes wonderfully with the elastic waist, easy off pants. Interesting comment about the hem length, although these pants were long enough they didn't need hemming. Good to know about how to hem pants the right way for someone in a wheelchair though.

Re: Sewing for Fashion--and Awards

Does a person need to be present to participate? If I were to make the dress I'm thinking of could I just mail it for the show?
Interested, Chrissie