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Re: Seeing with new eyes

Karen, I didn't pay much attention to the Well Vested article in Issue No. 144 -- but your beautiful jacket has inspired me to go back and take a second look. Thanks for sharing.


Re: Simplicity Pattern Collection from Threads

Hi Teenage -- fitting commercial patterns is the bane of every sewer's existence. Not only does the sizing vary from pattern company to pattern company, you also have to pay close attention to the amount of ease that is added to a given style. Have you tried tissue fitting the pattern before cutting your fabric? That usually gives you a fairly good indication of where adjustments need to be made. I'm an impatient sewer -- once I start a project I'm in a hurry to get it finished -- but have learned the hard way that time spent on the fitting details ensures a much better and wearable garment. The very best way to ensure a good fit is to make a "muslin" before you cut your good fabric.


Re: Simplicity Pattern Collection from Threads

Artze, the Lutterloh system is a pattern drafting tool. You are basically starting from scratch drafting the pattern but I can't see why you couldn't use it in conjunction with existing patterns. When I made my jacket I drafted it from scratch but used a similar commercial pattern for the construction instructions. I have used other pattern drafting techniques and have drafted a bodice and used a sleeve, etc. from a commercial pattern -- sometimes you have to play with it a little bit but no more so than trying to fit a commercial pattern.

Re: Patterns for Gorgeous Gloves

Thanks for the information re enlarging the pattern. I have successfully enlarged the large size (I played with it a bit and found that 150% gave me the exact fingertip to cuff measurement that John refers to). Now I just have to find the appropriate fabric! Unfortunately, the city I live only has two fabric stores so finding specific fabrics can be a bit of a challenge. I gather that the doe suede referred to in the article is a synthetic suede with a bit a stretch.

Re: Simplicity Pattern Collection from Threads

Artze, I have the Lutterloh system and have used it to make a jacket. The proportions and fit were fine. I bought my system last year and although the styles included in the basic kit weren't ground-breaking fashion, there were quite a few classic pieces which are useful. The only problem someone may have with the system is that you are on your own as far as the construction of the garment is concerned.