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Re: Carla's Opera Coat

Sadly what I read in the comments here was a bunch of women displaying their ignorance and complete lack of willingness to research something they were unfamiliar with when to do so would have required a google search in a second tab. Elegance is a thing long departed from our fashion world and what passes for fashionable and elegant now makes me want to cry. In it's context this coat would have been spectacular. In our modern scene it is out of context and so people see a garment they can't understand. Personally I wouldn't have chosen magenta as it isn't a colour I particularly like but I do appreciate the opportunity to see the fine detail close up and I only wish I had the opportunity to dress up in such fine clothing to attend the opera or ballet- instead I spend my evenings at home with my small children. I have enjoyed reading the stories of those ladies who did get to experience and wear these classic looks when they were the height of fashion.

Re: What's your dream sewing project?

My ideal sewing project would be a beautiful heirloom-style dress for my new baby girl with English style smocking in the bodice. I'm still not sure of the fabric- probably a very fine cotton voile.

Re: Spring Sewing Projects - What Do You Plan to Sew?

I have a room full of overflowing crates- fabric I bought for some purpose and then didn't use, or used for something else altogether and have large leftover pieces, loads of patchworking fabric (haven't done any patchwork in years)... you get the idea. I've just sewn my 19 month old son a half dozen pairs of leggings to wear to bed/around the house out of a piece of interlock I bought to make bibs and some leftover cotton/lycra from a maternity jeans conversion...
I have to say I'm a fresh starter- when the inspiration strikes I act but if it isn't turning out how I want or I make some kind of mistake I'm just as happy to cut it up and make something else.
At present I'm sewing myself a few maternity tops, I've just converted 2 pairs of jeans to maternity ones and I'm pretty happy with them. I have a deadline though which always helps because I need to look respectable for my prac next week. The curtain offcuts that I plan on making matching cusion covers out of however might be sitting there until we outgrow the house and move on.

Re: Starter Machines and Beginning Sewers

My Mum doesn't sew at all but she did have an old brother sewing machine that she had bought in the 70's when she was in college and when I was about 12 she said that I could use it so I gave it my best shot- no instruction manual, no help from Mum... even after having the machine serviced I could never get a decent result- I didn't know how to change the bobbin thread tension and couldn't understand why I had such a mess on the back of my sewing. No one in my extended family sewed either so there was no one to help me out. I struggled on with the machine anyway until I was about 16 when my parents gave my sister and I a Janome Jem Gold for Christmas as a joint present. Initially my sister preferred to sew by hand anyway (period costume in her own size for the most part) so I had the machine to myself and it really was a wonderful beginner's sewing machine. When I was about 19 I bought my own machine- the Toyota Quilt50 because I wanted a machine with quilting capabilities... and I really don't like it. It sews well enough and hasn't needed much servicing but it is unbelievably loud and clunky and it walks while you sew. Also I quickly found that I far prefer hand quilting anyway so I never use it to quilt- it really makes me wish I'd spent the money on a different machine. Perhaps one day when I find I have enough money to spare I'll look into a new machine and I'll research it better.

The only thing I dislike about the Kitty as a learner machine is the inability to vary the stitch length- I think it would be good for some applications but it wouldn't really take long to get to a point as a sewer where you needed more flexibility.