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Hobart, Tasmania, AU

craft interests: embroidery, quilting, sewing, dolls house minatures

Member Since: 12/15/2008

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Re: Magazine Giveaway: What is the most exciting sewing destination you've been to?

My inspirational spot is Melbourne Australia I love the inspirational shops & boutiques as I walk to a shop absolutely packed with fabrics.This store as a child fascinated me as it was rolls of fabrics to the ceiling but the man could always find exactly what my mum needed then came the bargaining finally we would leave the store excited with what we were going to create.The store is still there and hasn't changed so after 50 years so Melbourne is fantastic.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "The Art of Fashion Draping" by Connie Amaden-Crawford

After several years of illness I want to go to a formal Christmas dinner this year having draped some beautiful silk I have into a very special dress .I have never done this so the book would be my dream to help me achieve my dream

Re: Silk Edwardian Ballgown

Truly wonderful in every way.It guess the lace layer was difficult but you should be very pleased with your achievement & wear it with pride.

Re: Downton Abbey Lady Mary Jacket

Absolutely smitten with this & love the detailed instructions

Re: Making Pretty Buttonholes

Fantastic ..I have 5 shirts waiting for me to do buttonholes but keep putting off doing them as I know they let down my garments standard.Thanks

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: Quilt Your Stash!

I enjoy just looking through my stash on a rainy day.. Our preterm babies just love getting dressed in the little tops then progressing to the bright quilts when they progress to a proper cot as they get bigger.Any way check your local hospital ......keep stashing

Re: What sewing topics would you like to read about in Threads?

I agree with CHL looking after the women who are bigger than than D cup. I would love a few articles of garment construction on the dresses featured on the back but please continue this back page as its inspirational.Maybe something on how to grade patterns such as if your top is 16 but the hips 12.

Re: Unconventional Buttonholes

Wow Such inspiration for my the garments I make in 2011, Thank you

Re: Lined Wool Dress With Curved Seams

Well done. You have inspired me . Ros

Re: Carla's Opera Coat

Wow. Thank you for sharing it with me. When one looks at the dresses of today off the peg but so many have little or no interfacing & what a difference it makes. Was the fabric a good weight to support the horse hair interfacing? Cheers Ros Tasmania

Re: Scandal Sandals & Lady Slippers

I love shoes & thought all I could wear& enjoy every one of them

Re: Starter Machines and Beginning Sewers

My first machine was a tiny Singer hand machine from my mothers childhood.I still have it & it still does a great chain stitch. I then graduated to a large heavy Dutch hand machine creating so many Cindy dolls clothes. At school hated sewing as I could only get the treadle machine to go backwards no matter how hard I tried . More than half way through the year I was allowed the electric machine.Bliss. I now have a Bernina 1130 & Janome plus a cover stitch & serger but the most important thing is i am still sewing & enjoying it .

Re: cocktail dress

great design , well fitting garment & makes you look like you have spent a fortune on a designer dress then it still wouldnt be a one off. welll done

Re: Scarlet silk evening gown

It is great to see your dress , looks a god fit but the under skirt will make it look better but make a silky layer between the net & skin otherwise you will have a sctatchy night out as I did . well done

Re: Felt like Irises Blouse

inspired me to try going outside the square. thanks

Re: 1860's Silk Ensemble

wow its fantastic. I have a pattern from a commercial firm & thats my next years challenge at the sewing guild. You are such an amazing seamstresss & such an inspiration that now I will try instaed of putting it off as I have had the material & pattern for many months. Thank you

Re: 20 Ways to Improve Your Sewing

I thought this was well thought out & the last comment is so true so I recently donated all my bits to a migrant learn to sew group & its interesting to see my pieces of fabric walking around the streets all made up & someone has fallen in love with them. Some of these fabrics I have kept for many years carting them around the globe then thinking what made me buy that its not me

Re: Hell in a Handbasket Hoody

inspirational as soon as I have time I will experiment with plaiting