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leslie kidd, TN, US

As an eight year old girl my grandmother taught me the basics of sewing. My mom helped complete my skills by the time I was twelve and I was able to sew for myself a complete outfit.
I have always considered myself a basic seamstress with a love for fashion. The more I sewed the more I loved it. Now as I get time I design and sew for my girls and my grandkids. I own a Bernina 1630 which I call my workhorse. It is getting older but has been a great machine. I also own a Brother ULT 2001 which I did a lot of embroidery on until my husband surprised me with a commercial style embroidery machine. Now I long to spend hours and days in my design studio doing what i love.

craft interests: embroidery, fashion, gifts, restyle, sewing

Member Since: 07/12/2009

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Fashionably Felted Dress

I am the seamstress and my mother is getting really good at using wool roving and doing felted art projects.  I had made this cranberry A-line dress out of wool and it was to plain to wear.  After...

A Rivet -ing Fall Jumper

In my quest to try my hand at an exposed zipper this was my first.  Using an embossed snakeskin pleather, it is dark chocolate brown.  I Used a basic shift pattern that I had in muslin and instead...

Calico & Lace

This fun and cool dress was inspired by one my daughter saw in a magazine. It is my own very simple shirtdress design without any collar. I found a very soft and modern calico print while visiting...

Designer Inspired

Inspired by a dress from Lilly my daughter brought the picture very early in spring. Using just what was in my stash I found some turqouise pique and a basic sheath pattern. Butterick 4998. I added...

crazy christmas stocking

Using the crazy quilt techinique I have made stockings for all my children, their spouses, and then grandchildren as they came along. Using all kinds of material scraps coordinating with chirstmas...

A crazy christmas skirt

Years ago I learned how to do the crazy quilts from a class at my local sewing store.  Over the years I have made stockings for all my children, their spouses, and then grandchildren as they...

Retro Relived

This was actually made last year for the linen contest but never could get the pictures to post.  Using brown as basic and coordinating colors of linen I redesigned a simplicity pattern. On the...

Green & more Green

I Love color. My son was getting married and my daughter needed a dress for the big day. I walked into a fabric store and this pink and green pique jumped at me.  I knew this would be her...

Perfectly Pink

After seeing a similar outfit in a magazine, my daughter decided she would like one. I used New Look pattern 6532 for the pink tank and bolero jacket. The twin set was made out of a matte satin. I...

Safari Red Sundress

I am always inspired by great looking prints and material. I instantly loved the way the red flowers popped on this classic zebra print.  This stretch pique was perfect for a summer...

Carousel of Beauty

Little girls love beautiful dresses and this became a favorite. Using a mint green stripe for a basic girls dress, I trimmed it in lace and pink piping. I made an underskirt out of white  and...

Team Spirit

To show team spirit for the MSU basketball team, my son got me to help. The star player is nicknamed "Swat". So, we developed a vest for a group to wear.  Making these on a shoestring budget, I...

G.I. Jane

Using a pink camo corduroy, my little gand-girl is a Diva's dream.  Using a basic A-line jumper pattern (actually a retro Simplicity 6951)I then cut a square of cloth for a front pocket. Using...

Simply a Winner

When my daughter was getting married we came across this chocolate and hot pink glen plaid suit material.  She immediately knew this would be a dress she needed come fall. She was to wear it to...

Bernina V6 contest

After purchasing a red dress trimmed in fur for my 18 month old grandaughter, I decided her 7 years old sister needed something to match. I used a stretch velour in a vibrant red and used pattern...

Just Clowning Around

Mamaw is recovering from pnuemonia at the rehab center. When she needed a Halloween outfit for their party, I had to get creative. Getting something on her easy was the objective.  I decided to...

recent comments

Re: NY Fashion Center Fabrics Offers Online Shopping Assistance

I have never used this company or service but I will. I am designing a rain suit to wear when I ride with my husband on his motorcycle. The fabric choices are very limited where I live. They will b able to help me with proper fabric choices and perhaps execution. Will try to post again when I finish the project.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "The Art of Fashion Draping" by Connie Amaden-Crawford

While visiting my mon a couple weeks ago we went into Fabrique Fabric Store and someone showed me this book and the first steps of draping. I had kind of a mini lesson while she shopped. They use this book to teach classes.
I have not yet bought the book but have been checking around and would love to have it to know all the steps to drape on my dress form to actually fit me.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: A Field Guide to Fabric Design

My mother is an artist and I am the seamstress.
Combining our talents might yield some great fabric
choices and this book would get us started.

Re: Enter the SewStylish Summer Fashion Challenge 2012

Reply to Ladybugger1065:
Threads is a great magazine and website. The information here is endless and the techniques are first class.
If you are interested in back issues the best way to get them is the complete cd(dvd) collection. My husband bought it for me at christmas and now I have all the issues.
Happy Sewing!!

Re: Video: Make Your Own Dress Form, Part 1

Great tutorial. I have been looking at these DIY dress forms for about a year but the instructions have never been so precise. I have a dial up and down dress form and wonder if anyone has placed there DIY form over their store bought form? I learned the hard way on my dress form to add an inch in all directions to allow for ease wehen fitting. My first suit was beautiful but a size to small when I got done.
Can't wait to spend time with my mom and see if we can duplicate this process.

Re: Project Runway 9: "Go Big or Go Home"

I've come to think there is a lot more going on behind the camera than we can see. I try to remember tv edits to their satisfaction whether it is news or drama shows. I am amazaed at the kookieness of some of these challenges. I think creativity is the biggest thing they are looking for at first. Even the judges have looked in amazement and disdain at what the designers come up with. As for parisian couture from this last challenge that was not likely. I like watching them pair the designers up in teams because they must be able to work with others if their line is ever going to succeed. Out of the other 8 winners and 7 years how many of them have made huge names? I will continue to watch to spark my imagination with the ideas and clothes they produce. And if you are really paying attention how many designers have stolen the ideas from these contestants over the years and put them in their runway shows? I think they have all run out of ideas and this is how to keep it all going.

Re: Project Runway 9: My Pet Project

I am still a little confused over the judging criteria. On one hand they scoffed at the use of material (umbrella nylon)in an unconventional setting yet, they overruled the birdseed dress to give Oliveir the win. Was his top not made of plain sherpa material? I also think the sherpa outfit was a little busy, overly textured, and not really balanced well. Overall I am anxious another season has started and look forward to each episode. I enjoyed the preview to see how they select the contestants. I am also amazed at the variation in skill levels. I wonder if that is to make the show more interesting? I haven't picked a favorite but am cheering for Burt. Until next week-keep sewing.

Re: Online Shopping and Resource Guide

For fine materials, french laces,and heirloom sewing supplies I am able to buy locally. Their website is great at They have expanded to lots of quilting, embroidery supplies and great knits. Online I went to e-bay looking for silk taffetta last year after hours of searching individual online stores. was amazing. I actually got my material from Thailand in less than 48 hours. I whish I had time to search all these other companies that are listed

Re: Shibori with Kayla

Your prints are beautiful. And the best part is they are unique to you. I also was intrigued with the article in the March issue. My mother is an artist and I let her know the next time we get together she is going to help me make my own dyed fabric. She can't wait. I have dupioni I could use but I hopt to get some great silk charmeuse to make a
dress when done. Thanks for the tips I can use all I can get.
I will look forward to your creation from the fabrics.

Re: Book Giveaway: "1,000 Clever Sewing Shortcuts & Tips"

I learned these tips from a sewing club at Heirlooms Forever.
Keep your machine clean of lint and oiled properly.. I always check and remove the throat plate to clean the lint. There should be no felt pad of lint under the plate. Then double check your needle. Most frustration comes from a bad needle with a burr. When your thread keeps breaking it is usually the needle. They also taught us how to check our bobbin case tension. Pull out the case, hold onto the thread and if the tension is correct the case should be able to dangle free. If the tension is not right the case will drop to the floor. There is a screw on the case to make adjustments. These have saved me alot of frustration over the years when my machine seems to be contrary.

Re: Lined Wool Dress With Curved Seams

This is GREAT! I have never done much color blocking but this has inspired me to try it. I will check out the article you mentioned.

Re: Tribute to a Pastor's Wife

After seeing the suit last night it is absolutely spectacular. Pictures just don't do justice to a 3- dimensional work of art. I am truly amazed at your patience to complete this special outfit and the workmanship is perfect. I knew your First Lady and she was truly worthy of such a suit. She is missed by my family. Thanks for sharing it.

Re: Time for Warm Weather Fun!

I also tend to be drawn towards bright colors. The dress is great and as always a one of a kind when you sew it yourself. Beautifully done!

Re: Stylish Spring Collection

Realy cute! I love bright colors and the combonation is wonderful. I will check into the book you mentioned. My grandaughter would love this look. You did a great job.

Re: Fresh Start for a Sewing Space

Here is a great tip for storing fabric so it does not wrinkle or crease. Start with 2 lengths of rope. Knot them together at one end. Take 36" pieces of about 1" PVC pipe. Making somewhat of a ladder, thread the rope through one piece of PVC in opposite directions Leave a space about 6-8" and thread another piece of PVC pipe the same way. Keep doing this until desired length and number of pipes is used.
(I am not giving specific amounts because this is easily adaptable to make any length. When it is finished secure the bottom ends so they do not slip through the pipe. Making large knots will work. When finished it will look like a ladder you use on a boat. Then you can hang your material over each rung. This could be hung on a wall, hung on a door,
or secured over a hanger and put in the closet. You could also vary the length of PVC for a specific place. I found this idea in a magazine years ago. Great for fine fabrics.
I also save wrapping paper rolls to store material on. These can be stood up in a bin like in the stores.

Re: Fresh Start for a Sewing Space

Great ideas from everybody on redoing a room. I have always had an outside building for my sewing room but with the new computer machines I found the heat and cold weather changes effected them. So, I finally took over a spare bedroom and started on my Design Studio. I took the doors off the closet and put my metal pattern cabinet on one side.
I bought this years ago when a fabric store went out of business. It has been the best. I keep patterns in the top drawers. These are labeled by style such as suits, dresses, tops, childrens, mens etc.. I keep baby items & material m etc.. in the others. I have lots of shelving, plastic bins, plastic rolling drawers, cork on the wall if front of my sewing machine, and thread racks hung where they are easy to reach. My main space is an L-shape so my machine & serger are a twist away from each other in my swivel chair. I purchased a hobby and cutting table for the middle of the room and everything is around it. On another wall I have an old cabinet with my PR620 embroidery machine. I hung thread racks on the side of the cabinet and above it on the wall so all my embroidery thread is handy. Hoops are stored under the machine and next to it is another plastic drawer bin for supplies. When I made the move I have been trying to catalog my material on three by five cards. These are stapled together by content of the box they are stored in. My ironing board sits behind me while sewing and is easy access for quick pressing. I love my studio and sometimes just go there to hang out. I sit and flick through all my magazines (that are stored in a magazine rack (that hangs behind the door) from an antiques store)gaining inspiration for my next project. Seemingly my husband has blessed me with all the latest equipment but I still long for the extra time to use it all.

Re: Project Runway - Nuts and Bolts

For us an audience trying to come up with why the judges choose what they choose seems lacking. I think we just don't get enough of the real show to make great decisions.
This is TV at it's best and they show what they want. They can bias any way they want. Judging is also a very tricky thing to do. What you like may not be what others like or expect. I have also noted a discrepency in understanding the true challenge during these. Did this challenge actually want something every woman could or would wear as opposed to something extreme with style. Even on the real runway there are the clothes real people would wear and the "costumey" outfits for show. I try to keep in mind while I watch that just being picked for the show these people have great possiblilities. I really think the judges critique on a lot of points not just the outfit at hand. We see time and money restraints hindering all of them. I am sure these factors are taken into effect by the judges. This whole show impresses me as to how they work so hard under so much time restraints and pressure. I love to sew but I need time to mentally design before I get started. I would have a hard time putting together a look on paper in 20 minutes and then only 30 minutes to shop a fabulous store for all fabric and notions needed. I commmend all these for there work.

Re: Simply a Winner

Thanks for the encourougment. Simplicity has the rights to use pictures from the 2008 contest. I will go back and see if I can post any better close up pictures. I am still new to this and have trouble posting the pictures. My daughter gets lots of compliments when she wears this and yes she loves fashion. She can sew but not with the same intensity. It is easier for mom to do it. I hope to post more of my creations as I get better at it. Thanks again.

Re: Summer Sewing Challenge Official Rules

I also am having trouble getting my pictures posted for this contest. Is there somewhere I can find helps for this?

Re: Last Chance to Enter the Summer Sewing Challenge

I am new to this and am trying to get my pictures posted for the linen contest. Any recommendations would be appreciated.