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Re: Video: How to Sew and Finish an Invisible Zipper

What is the source of the gridded fabric that you are using that is okay to iron on? I did a google search and did not come up with anything helpful. I would like to have that on my work table as well. I have the gridded cutting mats but not a gridded cloth. Thanks

Re: Video: How to Sew and Finish an Invisible Zipper

Louise: You are a gifted teacher. You know to show and highlight with your pointer and instructions every single step. I have watched so many invisible zipper insert videos and read so many articles. I still did not have clear in my mind how to faultlessly insert one. When it worked I felt lucky, not skilled. Now I get it.

Camera close-ups, pausing so the student can process what you just taught and repeating when logical.

Thank you so much.

Re: Two-book Giveaway

Two of my favorite fabrics to wear are silk crepe de chine and 4 ply silk. I love the drape, the soft glow and the clarity of color in both of them. My other favorite fabric to wear is rayon knit. Again it is the drape that woos me. So those are favorite fabrics to sew in as well. I am very busy and must choose my sewing projects carefully. Therefore, they are always something I anticipate wearing the whole time I am sewing. I still have challenges sewing with knits however, I find rayon knit more forgiving.

Re: Book Giveaway: "The Complete Photo Guide to Clothing Construction"

I checked this book out in various reviews. It sounds like it has all the bits and pieces, in one spot, with pictures. Sounds perfect to me. I have been sewing for decades, but, I do it in fits and spurts. So each time back at it, I seem to have forgotten a lot of the tips and tricks that make the difference between frustration and enjoyment and between a professional garment and one that looks home grown. I would love a copy of this book.

Re: An Interesting Embellishment Technique

Thank you this is brilliant. I am assuming you sew the fabric from the right side of the garment fabric. If it is sewn from the underside, I'd like a bit more instruction. I would think brocades and such heavy fabrics would create a spectacular large flower embellishments on the upper back of a jacket. Sparkly additions could also be added if desired. I am looking forward to playing with this idea. thanks for sharing. I will also be looking at embellishments on clothes in high end second hand stores.

Re: Dress Forms Can Be a Sewing Room Essential

My husband draped me with the wet plaster strips years ago to make me a Styrofoam dress form. We did it as a combination pant and top as jumpsuits were popular then. Only problem was I stood with my legs slightly apart and thus ended up with the thigh area wider than needed. However for pants it is perfect and even for dresses. We now realize all we need to do to slim the thighs is shave down the Styrofoam with a rasp. Over the years my waist has grown a bit thicker but other than that it still is close enough to me that it works very well.

The thing I like so much about this MyTwin dress form is that the posture is me. I had tried commercial dress forms previously, but if they don't have the inches in the right spot, they are not as helpful. The first time I fitted a sleeve using MyTwin dress form I instantly understood why I had always had so much difficulty. I stand extremely erect, my elbow hangs slightly behind my back, making the back bodice armscye short in length and the front quite long in length. Also, seeing my back helped me understand why I needed to take up 2 1/2 inches in the length of the back bodice and lengthen the front bodice.

If you don't need to do a lot of adjustments to a regular pattern, then a commercial dress form will probably work just fine. If you do need to do a lot of adjustments, (large or small bust, long or short waisted, narrow or broad back etc.) I think you might find taking a weekend to make your own dress form worthwhile. Do it with a friend so you both end up with one.

Priscilla (my dress form named after Priscilla Queen of the Dessert) demurely stands in my room (sewing, study, dressing room) with an old suit jacket and skirt and neck scarf. Everyone comments on her as she looks quite lovely. They also love hearing the story of her construction.

I honestly can't imagine sewing for myself without Priscilla.

Re: Sewing Rooms in Shelters Offer Hope

This seems so sensible. When I am working on a project whether it is sewing, gardening, baking or even biking, I am immersed in it. I emerge better in some way, perhaps rejuvenated or calmer or more accepting. It is a privilege to have the resources and time to do such projects. For folks who have time on their hands, is simply logical to give them the resources to do something creative and useful. No its not a panacea, but I think it is part of a wholesome whole picture of survival on so many levels. Thanks for sharing this inspiring article. Not only does it make me appreciate what I daily live, but also I appreciate that there are such thoughtful folks as the ones who imagined and implemented this great idea.

Re: The Life of a Garment, in Honor of Buck Hill

Dear bbenson833: What a creative, kind person you are to quietly make and remake two loved memories, first for Buck and then for his wife. Your family is indeed fortunate to have your generous, skilled and creative spirit flowing through their lives. I would love to see other garments you have made as I suspect they are all subtly endowed with your creative spirit. Thanks for taking the time to make this contribution to all our lives. Scrubble4

Re: Choose the Right Serger Stitch for Your Project

Thank you for the clarity of the instructions and the diagrams. I love diagrams that are color coded. Makes things so easy to understand.

Re: How to Make a Precision Placket

I like the PDF downloads. A great way to tangibly increase my resources. Thanks

Re: Get the Ideal Silhouette: Self-Evaluation Worksheet

I think this is a helpful article no matter our age. Often we fill out in the waist and slide down in the hips, at least I have. Still whatever our silhouette is, this little worksheet can help us be honest about what it is and how we can tweak it. However, the emphasis is on tweaking. If we really want to change the silhouette, I am loath to say, I think we need to address diet and exercise. I remember an article quite some time ago in Threads, where you dressed in leotards, took a picture and then used that picture to see your silhouette. That process was brutally honest about the shape we were in. I think these two articles go together and I am glad to have this in my resources file.

Re: Video: How to Attach Hooks, Eyes & Snaps

Susan: Thank you, so simple, so tidy. I kept thinking there was a better way, but on my own I didn't figure it out.

Re: The 84th Annual Academy Awards

First, I loved that they were elegant, ladylike. Nothing wierd, or unpleasant, in my opinion. I know we all have different thoughts on what is wierd.

Secondly, my choices for my favorite are as follows:

Jennifer Lopez - Zuhair Murad I loved the flow of the fabric design which married the dress design. Elegant for a lovely lady.

Glenn Close - Zac Pose In my eyes tries elegant. Just lovely for a woman who can carry it off.

Octavia Spencer - Tadashi Shoji my favorite. I think this would be smashing on most figures. It certainly looked marvelous on Octavia. It seems to me to be understated perfection. The material, the design, everything works.

Re: Meet the Fabrics of the Future

This is a great review, thanks for doing it. I am currently reading Michio Kaku's "Physics of the Future". He touches on the content of the changes coming in fabrics as they perform many new tasks, but it sounds like Ms O'Mahoney has lots more information about fabrics in her book.

For readers interested in innovations that are currently in the works I recommend Kaku's book. Physics of the Future is an easy and great read as I think O'Mahoney's will also be. I look forward to reading it. I just hope my library will have it soon. So many great books that I limit my purchases to reference books these days. Even that limitation still has my bookshelf groaning.

Re: DVD GIVEAWAY: Threads Magazine Archive, 1985-2011

We travel 6 months of the year in our motorhome. I take my serger, sewing machine, pressure steam iron and portable cutting boards but I have to pick and chose which of my Threads mags to take. The DVD would be a major plus. Thanks for this opportunity to try for a free one. Scrubble4

Re: Fabrics International Wiki

Thanks for creating this site. As people contribute to it, it will grow more and more useful. I particularly like the map of fabric stores. How useful when you travel to a new place.

Re: Machine-Sewn Textures

Anna: I love this work. I am addicted to texture, loving the shade on shade effect. I would have enjoyed seeing some finished outfits of this work. I would think the heavier pieces such as cotton velvet would make excellent purses and vests. A blouse from the silk? Samples of finished garmets would be super. Great Idea! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Lapped Zippers Rule!

Threads seems to be veering away from the wonderful informaiton diagrams and now it seems prefering photos as the premier medium of instruction. I have a great deal of difficulty understanding the detail of construction in photos. They are nice to see what it looks like once completed but I much prefer the line drawings as a way of instructing what is happening each step of the way with explanations accompanying each diagram. Too many words without the diagram just start to blur in my mind.

Your choice of articles continues to inspire, I just want to be able to understand the details.

Thanks Scrubble4