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Re: Clone Yourself A Dress Form

Here's what I immediately thought when reading this...

1) When you cover yourself with duct tape/paper mâché/whatever, you're creating a layer ON TOP of your body

2) So your form will end up being bigger than you actually are.

Could anyone please confirm/deny this? I'm considering making my own dress form because I want to make my own bras, so a good fit is crucial. Then again, I've been dealing with too-big bras for years now, so what's another 32B when I need a 30C? Lmfao.

Seriously though, I'd appreciate it if someone knows how accurate these are and could tell me, and/or which one they think would have the least distortion of my bewbs. :P

Thank you in advance!! I'll be checking back every day until someone answers =^^= (ohpleaseohpleaseohplease?)