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Re: Understanding Thread Tension

This article is very well written and I want to thank you for it. I will print this and post it by my machine.
I have a Baby Lock Quilter's Choice Professional on a New Joy Gold Standard frame. I have always experienced alot of thread breakage and I get so frustrated with it and will walk away from it for days. I have 6 shirt quilts to quilt and Im not looking forward to it. I was experiencing my top thread showing on back, but I finally got that balances out. Now my bobbin thread is showing on top. Ugh! I will work on balance that tonight. back to the thread breaking. I have tried different thread, different needles. I have threaded, unthreaded and rethreaded to no avail. I keep having the same issue. Im almost convinced now, it may be the way the thread is on the spindle. I noticed that when I have the presser foot up and I pull the thread thru, that it is smooth until more thread comes off the spool, then it almost jerk and releases smooth again. Any thoughts?? If you can help solve my ongoing problem, you will have a friend for life!! THANKS SO MUCH!!