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Hand Stitched Linen

Nothing feels more like summer than cool washed linen.  This simple skirt and top are highlighted with pale green cotton "hand done" top stitching. The skirt is made with eight identical gores...

Summer Stripes

I started with only 1 yard each of the green/periwinkle iridescent linen and the striped linen and a half yard of the periwinkel ribbed linen.  Because I wanted a jacket, skirt and top I...

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Re: A Fix for a Baggy Seat

I, like many of you have struggled with the various wrinkles that form under my bottom (some of them even on my pants!) I really like Mr. King's trick, I had been pinching at that extra fabric forever but didn't know how to get rid of it without a fisheye dart on my back thigh. Thank you Mr. King. (If you notice when you true up/redraw the inseam on the pattern, you are taking out quite a bit of width at the top of the seam between the crotch point and the knee.) ( on already constructed pants, this ends up being a new curve to the inseam from the crotch to the knee, taking out about half of the pinched width, this doesn't change the length of the pants) The other alteration that I do helps remove the wrinkles that some have mentioned that run from the knee to the outside hip. This one ends up being about the grainline on the back of the pants. I slice the pattern at the knee and move the lower chunk of pattern toward the inseam about 1/2 inch (this will vary for each person)I tape the pattern back together and true up the seams. Now fold the pattern in half matching the two seams from the hem to the knee, this gives the new grainline. I have very long legs (36" inseam) so this new grainline really helps the hang of the back of my pants.

Re: Mystery Sewing Machine Attachment

If you check out the "Summer Stripes" picture that I posted last year, the periwinkle vest with the green binding was made entirely with a bias binder foot like the one in the picture. I cut and sewed the pieces in a particular order to cover all the intersecting seams along the way. It was a really fun project and no hand work at the end! My attachment also has a special "one sided presser foot" that snugs up to the edge of the bias binding guide. It is one of my favorite attachments. It is also a great way to make reversable garments.

Re: Natural linen summer dress with flax flower applique

Love the raw edges!