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Re: Project Runway, Season 14, Episode 14: "Finale, Part 2"

I meant to say, 3 people wasted a lot of time working like dogs in a contest that looks as though they had already decided on a winner long before fashion week.
Not to mention that even though my concentration is in knit wear design, I am signing up for sewing classes because clearly the dept store aren't going to be carrying anything I will be wearing. I wont be sews4fun any more!

Re: Project Runway, Season 14, Episode 14: "Finale, Part 2"

I have not been this disgusted since the judges gave Mondo's win to Gretchen Jones! Ashley should have been dead last, she was the least talented of the four and instead, because the show decided to make this season about themselves instead of the designers, 3 people wasted a lot of time working like dogs in a contest that had already decided on the winner long before fashion week. What a score for the show! Oh, look at how special WE are, we are all about the plus sized woman! Really? Then why is it that had Ashley's line been shown on skinny models, she would have been ripped apart by the judges! The comments about an Easter egg exploding all over it would have been never ending along with Zach Posen exclaiming how slutty it all looked and Heidi's constant whining about all the "boobage" that was showing, unless it was on Ashley's models, then, it was just "super sexy".
As a plus sized woman, I resent the judges finding it A-Okay for ME to wear such gaudy tasteless clothing when it would be considered garbage on a thin woman. Don't like the enormous tent with the plastic flowers glued all over it? How bout we just plop a big bunch of cabbage roses on your head, now, don't YOU look special! I am angry that they see it as fashion forward when plus sized women are portrayed as the clownish jolly fat girl. I want clothing that is flirty, fashion forward and stylish but allows me to maintain some modicum of self respect at the end of the day. Instead, WE are given a line that looks like the Easter bunny has been in the medicine cabinet again.
I feel so sorry for the other three designers, any one of who should have won over Ashley. I will admit, Kelly really underwhelmed me with her whole 70's vibe, I would wear none of it. Edmond has real talent but just needs a little direction and he will fly. Candace, whom I have never felt a bit sorry for is the TRUE loser. She had some really neat looking things but the judges nipped that in the bud from the get-go. I would MUCH rather have watched an interesting line from her than the snooze fest that was shown. They dissected her down to a nub and her sad line was evidence of that. In the beginning, I was a big supporter of Ashley's but soon saw she wasn't ready for the runway and her construction issues were obvious in nearly everything she made. None of the other 3 designers made such sloppy, poorly constructed garments.
The last thing I want to vent about was the UNENDING commercials! There were so many to sit through, it bordered on abuse! I don't know about anyone else but I have NO intention of watching P.R. Jr because I got SO SICK of the commercials about it!

Re: Project Runway, Season 14, Episode 12: Roll Out the Red Carpet

@Tomhudsan: I'm sorry if you feel I've put Ashley down, she is a nice girl and has good ideas for plus size women, that being said, she is not ready for fashion week, her ready-to-wear fashion sense is more for dept stores than the runway. I like Ashley but she's not yet far enough along experience wise to show at fashion week. Her fabric was nice but the garment was not executed well.
Seams sew: I just love Kelly from the deli and I would be so pumped if she won! It would be a dream come true for a small town girl and I would be so happy for her! Either her or Edmond would be a fit winner in IMO. I agree with you about Candace as well and anyway, she has been to fashion week before, her "tears of happiness" over getting to fashion week were a little hard to digest.

Re: Project Runway, Season 14, Episode 12: Roll Out the Red Carpet

When I saw Edmond choose that awful fabric, I knew he was in trouble, that fabric was hideous! I honestly have to ask myself if this wasn't all a big plan by the show to deliberately have Edmond crash and burn on the final 3 challenge so that Ashley would get to go to N.Y. Fashion week, she doesn't belong there and her dress was clearly proof of that, it was very poorly constructed. This way, Edmond was eliminated and Ashley got to go by default. I think we all know the Tim Gunn save will be used and Edmond will be back, I still think he will win Project Runway this season and he deserves to win. I may be wrong on the whole scenario I just laid out but I don't think so.

Re: Project Runway, Season 14, Episode 11: "The Runway is in 3-D"

I loved the shocked look and attitudes on the judges faces when Kelly's look walked the runway, I don't think they thought she was a real contender, Nina wanted to send her home just 2 episodes ago! She deserved the win. I'm a fan of Ashley's but I think she is getting special treatment because she is so emotional. All the judges talked about was the "boobage" that was showing on the designer's looks and this week, the model was barely covered with that crop top ( which is pretty much all Ashley seems to do ) not a word was said, I mean, can you say cricket? Of the remaining 4, I think Ashley needs to be the one to go home, her stuff is mostly junior and I love someone who wants to dress us fat ladies in modern and cute things but not everything has to be junior. I believe she will be eliminated and Tim Gunn will use his "save" and all 4 will go to fashion week.

Re: Project Runway, Season 14, Episode 10: "Crew's All In"

Not a fan of the farmer jean overalls look and the fabric reminded me of what I used to wear in the darkroom when I developed film and photographs. From what I've seen, Edmond is a shoe-in to win the whole thing, hands down.

Re: Project Runway, Season 14, Episode 8: Broadway or Bust

Looks like Edmond and Candice for fashion week. Although this is not the first rodeo for Candice as far as showing at fashion week, she's been there before. I don't know, but I'm thinking Ashley will be the third and we all know they have kept 4 people before but Nina clearly has no use for Kelly's sense of style, I think Nina think's Kelly has a taste level problem. Kudos to Ashley for turning the plus sized industry on it's head, it's way past time. I was a plus size for years until I recently discovered the dash diet and now wear a smaller size. Why does the fashion industry think we fat girls don't want cute clothes too?

Re: Project Runway All Stars Season 4, Episode 13: "Four Seasons in One Finale"

I couldn't disagree more, Helen's look is matronly, sad and she admitted herself, "Adams Family" coture.
I am glad Dmitry won, yes he had a few embellishments but at least he didn't have models walking down the runway looking for all the world like Florence Nightengale. I see he has gone all over the world to show his collection, I am happy for him, he deserved the win.

Re: Project Runway All Stars Season 4, Episode 12: "Some Like It Hot Dog"

While I am quite disappointed with Michelle this season, I really have no interest in seeing a collection from Helen. I don't know about anyone else but I am not looking for funeral attire every time I go out in public and Helen's " Adams Family" sensibility doesn't appeal to me at all. I thought Goth was out a long time ago. I am tired of her whining and crying and just the total wet blanket that is Helen, that's what she should call her line, " wet blanket".
I will say however that the bridesmaid dress they were looking for last week finally showed up.....Helen did it!
Michelle has gotten so weird in her designing, I am not sure she even has anything to offer anymore. I saw her website with her "grunge" clothing and I wouldn't have purchased a thing. I also saw her Dallas runway show and it was more of the same....grunge. So, we have grunge and goth and had to choose between the two.
I think Dmitry always makes pretty things and Sonjia at least tries. Dmitry should win because he is the best designer period, but they will probably give the win to Sonjia just to keep us all guessing. It IS a "reality" show after all and we all know there is nothing real about reality shows.

Re: Project Runway All Stars Season 4, Episode 11: "Always the Bridesmaid"

These are bridesmaids dresses?

Re: Don't forget to Vote for the Winner of the 2014 Fancy Fabrics Challenge

Agreed, all are beautiful. All have many hours of hard work and much talent for sure. I chose the alternative wedding gown because it is unique and any time a designer makes a textile from an existing fabric, it takes it to another level for me.

Re: Non-Traditional Wedding Gown

Absolutely amazing! I love it when designers make their own textiles from an existing fabric, theirs are truly the most beautiful pieces out there and yours is no exception, well done!

Re: Project Runway All Stars Season 4, Episode 10: "Versatile Tops and Bottoms"

Can't believe I'm saying this but, I think Helen should have won. Not a fan of Helen's but I feel her look was the best. I think the winning look was matronly while Helen's black dress was too, it at least had some appeal. Her ready-to-wear was youthful even if I HAVE seen it before.
I don't know why Michelle is still there, that abomination she sent down the runway looked like someone had stolen their grandmothers curtains (balloon valance included) and ran with it. I am SO disappointed with Michelle this season, I was one of her biggest fan's but she is not the same designer she was in her season. It's almost as though she is TRYING to get sent home. I think she may get her wish soon.
So far, I think Dmitry and Sonja will be in the final three.

Re: Project Runway All Stars Season 4, Episode 8: "Making a Splash"

I have to say, this season has not been especially exciting. I had high hopes for Michelle and she was the reason I decided to watch this season of all stars, I am a fan (or was).
Whatever it was she had in her season is not showing through this time (except that bathing suit) that was the Michelle I used to see. She seems to be impressed with what she is turning out but it's blah to me.
As for Justin's win, I've seen that bathing suit and cover up before, it's nothing new and I don't know why the judges were so enthralled with it. I think Dmitry should have taken the win this time, his required at least some vision.
I realize they all have to work their butts off but then again, they are designers in a competition, that's what competition's require of the contestants. Hopefully, the designs will show more promise in the weeks to come.

Re: Project Runway Season 13: Episode 11, "The Highest Bidder"

Glad to see Korina sent home. Clearly, she is a better designer than Char but I am just over her. I think Char has more class in her little finger than Korina has in her whole body. Char's dress was better in the final challenge and Korina's body of work was far better than Char's, it is what it is.
That being said, Korina is clearly broken hearted over the loss and for the show to make her help the person who beat her is just cruel. I see tomorrow, Korina will be asked to help Char and of course she has a meltdown over it, who wouldn't?
I guess P.R. isn't beneath this kind of mistreatment to their designers because after all, this is a television show and the ratings are the true rulers of the runway.

Re: Project Runway All Stars, Episode 10: "Are U.N. Or Are You Out?"

I was not surprised that Seth Aaron won, I expected him to but I WAS surprised at Elana's collection. They DID all look alike as the judges said and that one gray coat dress added about 50 pounds to the model and was NOT flattering. I was greatly disappointed with Elana's collection. Even though I don't care for Korto's ready-to-wear sensibility, I did find a few of her things light and airy and would wear them myself. Seth Aaron in my opinion was his usual genius at the last moment when he needed to be and hammered out some memorable pieces.
I am glad to see that Threads is covering the last episode of P.R. Something they usually don't do and in my opinion is the most important episode of them all. Kudos Threads.

Re: Project Runway All Stars, Episode 9: "Fashion Cents"

I feel that Korto has been given much leadway over the other designers, let me count, I think this is the third time she's had a crack at being in the finale on one P.R. or another?
Her drab frock should have sent her packing, instead, she gets a face-off with Christopher whose dress was far better than hers.
Then, lo and behold, Christopher gives us nothing inspired and tries to "decorate" it with accessory more than design. Kortos look was far better than his.
IMO, there should have been a third face-off because they were tied, his first look was better and her second look was better. Why do I feel that Heidi Klum has far more influence over Allstars than it appears? It is no secret that she has had a girl crush on Korto since she appeared on the first challenge. How many designers do we have to repeatedly see and then there are other designers (good ones) who have never been seen again.
My money is on Seth Aaron to win but I am super interested in seeing what Elana puts down the runway. I am tired of Kortos "ready to wear" look.

Re: Project Runway All Stars, Episode 8: "#Nina's Trending"

I personally thought Seth Aarons was the best. That said, at least Korto's win this week wasn't as undeserved as last weeks win. Nina claimed Seth Aarons look has been seen and seen, does this mean Korto's white slacks were the first ever to be seen by the world? We all know how Nina loves her pants. Was any of it not seen before? Christophers coat was different if not a winning look, it was the closest to not being seen before. The rest of them were......meh!

Re: Project Runway All Stars, Episode 7: "As Sewn on TV"

Its too bad Irina chose such an unfortunate color for her dress, and such thin fabric. Her look was the most fitting for the red carpet than any of them. I personally think Kortos looked like something that came off the rack at the goodwill.

Re: Project Runway All Stars, Episode 5: "Partners in Crime"

I was not a fan of Jeffrey's coat, I thought it looked like a cheap home ec project, the lack of anything on the front, buttons, zipper, something, made it look strange to me.
I thought Irina's skirt was amazing but that awful jacket just destroyed her chances of winning this one.
I was so shocked when Viktor attacked Christopher in the back room telling him "I can't take you sometimes" after Christopher tried to comfort him. Personally, I "can't take" Viktor ANYTIME. He is annoying and odd. His Peewee Herman asthetic wore thin a long time ago and I would like to slap that stupid fan out of his hand, what is up with THAT?
Honestly, I didn't see much of the thirties in any of the stuff that went down the runway and in my opinion, there really was no clear winner.

Re: Project Runway All Stars, Episode 4: "Keepin' it Classy"

Personally, I LIKE the unconventional challenges, I like to see what the designer can come up with out of what he/she has to work with. I thought Christophers look was the winner and not because of the sob story he told when he described it. I felt it was the most innovative of them all.
I would like to see the final three be Seth Aaron, Irina and Christopher, I think it would make a very interesting show. I guess Elena knows how that model felt when she took credit for the models suggestion. Viktor returned the favor.
I do like Elena's stuff but it is beginning to look like De Ja Vu all over again.

Re: Project Runway Season 12: Episode 13, "Finale: Part 1"

I too was surprised to see Helen go home but agreed with the judges. I personally would like to see Justin win. Braden has had some nice things but from what I did see of his collection, it had some really matronly overtones.
Dom has cute things but I see similar items in stores like Target and Walmart, I am not a big fan of prints, in fact, I don't own a single print in my wardrobe. They are okay, but they can add pounds and years if not done perfectly.
I think Justin has some good ideas, he's not a vetern in the fashion industry but then again, neither was Anja and look how far she went.
Alexandria did have an interesting collection even if the colors were drab. I am not a huge fan of the whole gender neutral sensibility she has but I did like that leather top. I think it's pretty clear she is also Heidi Klums favorite and that will put her at least in second place if she doesn't win.
Anyway, I hope Justin wins, Alexandria will be second simply because she has Heidi in her corner, Dom third and Braden fourth. But, my predictions have been way off before so, I guess I'll find out Thursday.

Re: Vote for the Winner of the 2013 SewStylish Fall Fashion Challenge

Really loved the reversible coat. Lots of detail, great construction and unique but tastefully done.

Re: Fall Floral Plaid Peplum Jacket

Love this jacket! I really mean it! As a matter of fact, I love your jacket SO much, I went online and bought the pattern. You are inspiring! I plan on doing mine in denim and lining it with a blue flannel print because I spent most of my time doing outdoorsy things, but yours is lovely.

Re: Project Runway Season 12, Episode 10: "Project Runway SuperFan!"

I personally think the final three will be Helen, Kate and Braden. That said, the usually skilled Kate must have been in the woods again because her model looked more like Robin Hood than ....whatever it was she was supposed to look like.
I am GLAD to see than nasty little banty rooster Ken gone! He got away with MURDER on this show and I found it very interesting that when it was a man he was going toe to toe with, there were no threats of "don't make me come over there" when it wasn't a girl he was bullying. All he could do was scream like the diva he is to "get someone up here NOW!" He was so rude wnen Alexander and Braden tried to come in the room it was just unbelievable. He works very hard at trying to make others feel as powerless as he himself does, just like my grandmothers nasty little chihuahua. I also found it interesting when Ken was told to clean up his space that there were no hugs or words of encouragement from Tim. I have never seen Tim behave so coldly toward a designer and I am proud of him for not letting Ken off the hook just because he was eliminated. I am glad the judges allowed the nasty little piece of work to stay long enough to allow his fan model to have her moment, even if you COULD have picked up that dress at Target or Walmart.

Re: Project Runway Season 12, Episode 8: "Having a Field Day"

I wondered why Ken was allowed to stay when Sandro was aufed but then I remembered, he walked off the set and didn't return for the runway show. The judges even said he eliminated himself. Makes me wonder if they would have kept him in spite of his rage just for ratings. Scary.
The fact that Ken threatened Helen and still, nothing was done about it was just.......inexcusable.
Hated Karen's sloppy look with the green slime trim which is her signature color, I agree,she should have been sent home.
I thought Helens jacket was cute, the rest was ....blase.
Kate should have been the winner as her look was professional and well put together.
Michael Kors and his sharp tongue I had to admit spiced things up a bit although he just takes the nastiness too far, I felt sorry for Alexandria even though I don't like the dropped crotch look at all. Who thinks of weird stuff like that anyway? I mean, how do you look at a baby with a diaper obviously full of poop and think to yourself, wow, that is SO fashionable, I wish I could look like that! My mom used to say, pull your pants up, it looks like a herd of indians moved out of the back of them and took their tee pees with them! I wanted to say that to Alexandria.

Re: Project Runway Season 12, Episode 6: "Let's Go Glamping"

I've seen awful before but boring always was sent home over awful. I think they kept Ken for the drama. Jeremy's dress was just awful and he should have gone home. He is a sweetheart but that dress was just......hideous and I don't really recall anything he has made thus far as being anything special. I think Tim Gunn "jumped the gun" by using his save for Jeremy, it could have served a better purpose further on down the line in the competition.
I think Alexandria won because of last weeks drama with Ken, I was not impressed with the "poopy pants" look at all.
Add to that the fin on the back of the jacket and you have sharks in diapers. I don't buy in to the idiotic idea of "glamping" the whole term is an oxymoron and I think it's just stupid.
Another disaster was last season's teams challenge, Kate Pankoke is a glaring example of how horribly wrong last season's format went as she is clearly a very talented designer whom I feel will be in the final three. She was sent home early on while less promising designers were allowed to stay. I personally liked her pregnant fairy look and thought it rather avant garde. That's why I don't like team challenges, they stunt the designers creativity and everyone loses due to limits placed on them.
Brandon's dress was an abomination while Miranda, Alexander and Jeremy did very nice work although I'm not a fan of fabric with messages written on it. I just feel the design should tell the story all by itself without relying on "newsprint" to get the point across. Still, the execution was spot on.

Re: Project Runway Season 12, Episode 5: "YOU Choose Your Materials!"

Hear that ladies?
Ken doesn't design for anyone over 35, so, if that nasty little diva ever becomes a real designer, be sure not to buy anything he makes.

Re: Project Runway Season 12, Episode 4: "Tie the Knot"

the only thing I can remember is the constant barrage of the producers political opinion of same sex marriage. I tuned in to see a fashion show, not a political campaign on same sex marriage. Didn't there used to be a show called the Miss America pagent until someone decided to get all political with it? Is that show still on?

Re: Project Runway Season 12, Episode 3: "An Unconventional Coney Island"

All in agreement with the judges, the winner was a winner and the loser was most definately a loser.
Glad to see Mr. sustainable go but I do have to wonder, what kind of upbringing produces such a trainwreck? This guy is just....disturbed. I think his partner is not far behind him, too many unicorns in that town?
Loved the winning look although, I'm not sure how much of that win should have gone to Helen after last weeks meltdown but Kate was gracious enough to give it to her so it's all good.

Re: Project Runway Season 12: Episode 2, "Million Dollar Runway"

I agree with Cherlyn, I didn't care for Dom's dress at all, it didn't show off the jewels, it competed with them. Kates dress was not something I would wear but it had that etheral "Im from a medevial castle somewhere " look about it and my eye was drawn straight to the necklace.
Not a fan of Sandro's sleaze coture and why Helen was allowed to stay over .....anyone else there, is a mystery to me.

Re: Project Runway 11, Episode 14: "Finale, Part 2"

I am glad Michelle won, I think it was much deserved. While Patricia had a few nice things, some of her stuff was just awful and not something anyone I know would wear. Patricia is a textile artist, not a designer and I thought her kids even looked uncomfortable when they saw her collection come down the runway.
Stanley's was the same old same old but I think he still should have come in second even though I knew in my heart he would be last. At least his boring stuff was wearable.
Then we have Michelle, who I admit, makes some over the top stuff but it was a true collection and I loved the coat and the first dress that walked out. Anytime you have a runway show, you are going to see some kooky stuff that will be toned down as seperates later ( as Michael Kors said. )
At least with Michelles stuff, it could be taken apart and worn, same goes for Stanley, not so with Patricia. I felt Michelle showed good workmanship, an eye for seperates that could all work together with the many pieces she showed, a well thought out lineup and the clothes were not the same old stuff I'd seen before but were not terrible like those shorts of Patricia's that just were downright unflattering on the model. I saw more talent in Michelle than any other designer even with some of her over the top looks. (The heart sweater was confusing I admit and I don't know where that came from but I didn't care for it.) I think she had to work the hardest, was given the least amount of respect from the judges the entire time and if I had been her, I don't know that I could have endured it. Patricia was coddled the entire season, Stanley was showered with praise for looks we've all seen before and Michelle was given little encouragement. A couple of times yes, but very little and I thought her lone wolf concept was very appropriate given the circumstances. Kudos Michelle!!!

Re: Project Runway Season 11, Episode 13: "Finale Part 1"

So, the judeges finally realized that Stanley is nothing but an old fuddy duddy at last? What TOOK them so long?!
I was surprised to find myself agreeing that Patricia should go forward, I LOVED that horsehair cape and even her dress was okay if she had not junked it up with all the garbage jewelry she hid it with.
Daniel's was such a snore it hurt to look at it, oh wait, Stanley's was even MORE boring! Still, Stanley's was better than Daniels.
I have not hidden my opinion of Michelle and I feel she deserves to win, I have felt that way for quite a while now. Her stuff is over the top sometimes but my goodness, give us SOMETHING to look at1
I think Michelle will win, Patrica will come in second ( only because Heide Klum will accept nothing less) and Stanley will come in third. Who would have guess that Patricia would have made it to the final three?

Re: Project Runway Season 11, Episode 12: "Europe, Here We Come"

I hope Michelle wins tonight and boring old Stanley with his all too familiar stuff is second. GO MICHELLE!

Re: Project Runway Season 11, Episode 12: "Europe, Here We Come"

I too am glad to see Michelle go to fashion week, I would have been very upset had she not gotten to go. I just can't understand why Heidi Klum insists on keeping patricia in this competition, the woman is no designer. Nearly every person they have sent home has been more talented than patricia and I KNOW layana is. Why is it that when Patricia makes something awful ( usually every week ) they sit her on their collective lap, comb her hair, wash the tears from her face and tell her a bedtime story as they tuck her in for yet another week while they send some deserving designer home? Poor Michelle makes one mistake and they nail her to the cross! I don't blame her for being upset about not getting to go to Europe, I would have been too. But, as stated, she wasnt worn out when she got back only to have to get right to work. I don't think Daniel will do well at fashion week because he wont have Amanda to edit his designs. I honestly think Nina Garcia's constant fear of being embarrassed is going to finally come to pass this time, what with Daniel's usual jackets and other not so new stuff and God only knows what atrocity Patricia will put down the runway.
I still don't understand the love affair with Stanley, his look was the flying nun on a halter run. It was dowdy and drab and most certinaly seen before. I felt most sorry for Layana getting sent home, Patricia was the clear loser. How hard THAT must have been to swallow! The stunned looks on the designers faces when Patricia came in to tell them she was going to fashion week pretty much said it all.
At the end of the day, it gives me hope though. No matter how BAD your look is, as long as it's different, you are IN!

Re: Project Runway Season 11, Episode 10: "The Art of Fashion"

I was SO outraged that Stanley won, I couldn't stop going on and on about how it was Mondo and Gretchen all over again! Poor Michelle looked like someone had kicked her in the stomach! How on EARTH could they have picked Stanley, who made a VERY fimiliar baby doll dress that I have seen countless times along with his painted bubble wrap idea? Michelle did ALL the fabric, drew the faces, painted the train, did all the hard work, made the insane coat, the headpiece, busted her KEISTER and STANLEY got the win? Has someplace frozen over and someone forgotten to tell me about it? I am OFF-THE-CHARTS FURIOUS that Stanley won! Then, he has the nerve to strut and crow about his win! If I were Michelle, I would just want to walk right out of there and tell them ALL where to go!I am SO disgusted! I don't know how she can go on and actually be inspired to continue designing when she was so badly cheated out of a much deserved win! That was below the belt for sure!
I'm glad Richard is gone and I hated whatever it was that Patricia put down the runway, what would you call it? The mummy bride wears a gown designed especially for her by Ringling Brothers? I guess Daniel got a little taste of what he did to Michelle last week when Layana let loose with her meltdown. I don't know how she could blame Daniel for her hot mess dress, if she had won, it would have been totally because of her design genius, because she lost, it was totally Daniels fault, the poor guy couldnt win. Layana needs to go home and grow up before she steps out into the arena of adulthood. It wouldn't hurt if she could take a little advice from time to time either. I can say this, the show was an epic fail this episode after that cheap stunt they pulled by letting Stanley win, his dress was simply okay, not a winner and the biggest losers of all on this show were the judges who demonstrated their willingness to stoop to new lows, they are truly a lot who possess no class and I have no respect for any of them.

Re: Project Runway Season 11, Episode 9: "He Said, She Said"

I agree that Samanth should have gone home, that dress was just terrible. I don't know how she could have deluded herself into thinking it was fashion forward in any way. I liked Michelles dress and I feel that the color is a modern choice. Although she won the duct tape challenge, I didn't care for the "fabric" pattern on her dress although I agree that she had the winning look there also. I noticed when they showed it in Lord and Taylors window, the mannequin was barefoot and did not have a single accessory on it. There was no "backdrop" for the mannequin and I thought the window looked sad. When I did window displays, they had to be accessorised and backdropped to the max. I guess times change.
I know this is television and it has to have some "drama" but I just hate the team challenge concept this year, I feel that good designers have been sent home and now, what is left is designers that are average, Michelle excluded. Why do I get the feeling that Layana and Richard will be paired up again? It seems like this show does it's very best to take any energy and creativity out of these designers and forces them into confrontation. Was it a "coincidence" that every sigle one of them were at odds with each other this last challenge? I think they were hoping for drama with Michelle and Patricia and when it didn't happen, they just gave up and began pairing them with other people. The fact that they give them so little time and even less rest is just disgusting. The only designer I have seen that can produce like that was Michael from previous seasons.
Patricia suprised me this time, I expected another arts and crafts project and she actually put out something wearable. I wonder how many truly talented designers ( who actually have something to show the world ) are passed up in favor of larger than life personalities who have very little talent and even fewer sewing skills. Just think what a huge hit a "reality" show would be if it were actually about the designs and not the drama.

Re: Project Runway Season 11, Episode 8: "Take It All Off!"

Yup, the costumes were awful and it was a dog and pony show
BUT..... they gave these designers ONE DAY to put this stuff down the runway. These guys don't have normal bodies, I'm short and round but still, pretty proportinal. You are sewing a shirt that is going from a size super 48 something plus chest down to a 32" waist. I bet these guys have trouble finding clothes off the rack pretty much anywhere. Somewhere, the fit will be off, either too big somewhere or too tight someplace else. I felt sorry for these designers because the body proportions were so sharply contrasted. I think I would have just sewn something together that was way too big, stuck it on them and start pinning, marking and cutting like mad. It would still look terrible when I was done. I think I would have just given up and used spandex ;-)
Patricia's same old same old is so predictible, you can set a clock by her. I like Amanda but I think her stuff was the worst, I was still sorry to see her go.
I would like to see Michelle and Samantha in the final 3 but I think Heidi has it in for Michelle and will look for an excuse to give her the ax. I think Michelle sees fashion a bit differently and I would like to see more of her designs.

Re: Project Runway Season 11: Episode 7, "A Sticky Situation"

great job on getting this blog posted so soon!
I loved this challenge because the possibilities were just endless although I was dissappointed to see Richard and Daniel hogging all the gold duck tape, I thought that was a real cheap thing to do and they only did it so no one else could have gold in their looks and be any sort of competition for them. However, karma got them in the end.
I loved Michelle and Amanda' dress, not the choice of "fabric" but the way it fell in folds and the little trim on it. what I liked the most about it was how well made it was, the tailoring was impeccible! I am glad they (Michelle) won, they deserved it.
I felt sorry for Tu, he was trying so hard to just go along that he never even got a say and then was eliminated for trying to be a "team player" I don't like the teams challenge for that very reason. I think it was a bad idea to do a continous team challenge because the designers don't get to "show their stuff" they way they would on an individual basis.

Re: Project Runway Season 11: Episode 6, "Senior Fling"

I truly thought Tu had his bus ticket home, I really did, the boy can't sew! His muslin looked much better than the finished piece ( hmmm I know someone very close to me who has the same problem) And what was that mess Patricia had thrown over the back of her model? A horse blanket or a pup tent? Why were the judges so ENTHRALLED over Richard's bathing suit cover up? Run a stick up the side and it could double as a flag for Afghanistan! I hated seeing Benjamin go home because who can dress a short round individual? ( I should know ) But, the dress was SO STIFF and the sleeves looked ....painful. Now, we will never get to see what he "had up his sleeve". I thought Daniel's pantsuit looked strange on his model, it made her look like it was three freet from her crotch to her rib cage.
Samantha's design had it's issues but you have to admit, that model rocked that dress, even WITH all it's problems. She looks like she feels like a million bucks. If nothing else, that dress had good lines, lose the bow and the sleeves, change the clors and that might have been a winner.
I thought Stanley's pants suit was a winner so had to agree with the judges. It too had it's problems but it looked great on the model.

Re: Project Runway Episode 5: "A Little Bit Country, a Little Bit Rock 'n' Roll"

I hated Stanley's dress with the voluminous gathered mess that would make a matchstick look fat! That's what I don't like about the teams challenge, Certain loser looks get to stay when they should have gone home.
What was Michelle thinking? A denim skirt on the red carpet? The little vest thinggy was the only cute thing she made but none of it was red carpet material ( no pun )
I don't see where that fringe snafu was any worse than Patricia's bullet holder fringe adornment though. They loved that and hated Michelles, no accounting for taste I guess.
Katelynn had a good idea with that red leather and it could have gone over big time but the dress she made out of it just didn't work with the fabric. I think Miranda lambert would have loved the red leather if it had been something fun and flirty and less formal. I did like Richard's chain dress and how easy was that to make? I saw dresses with far more work invested but lacked the rock and roll of Richards dress.

Re: Project Runway Season 11: Episode 4, "The Ultimate Hard and Soft"

Dear Sarah
Thank You for letting us know we have been heard, that's more than a lot of people would do.
If you ever need any help posting the blog, let us know, you have all our email addresses, I'm sure Cherylyn would be happy to put in a word or two and I bet SewReel would do the same. If not, I apologize for speaking for them.
As for me, I'm in the same boat as SewReel, all quilters where I live and very few garmet makers. Girls like us come to this blog just to know there are "others" lol.
Anyway, Thank You again for getting back to us, we know you will do the best you can with the time you have.

Re: Project Runway Season 11: Episode 4, "The Ultimate Hard and Soft"

Just wondering if who-ever-it-is that posts this blog is curious to know why commenters have dropped in significant numbers? There was a time when you had 25 and more commenters on this P.R. blog but now, you are lucky to get even two people to post.
Do you think that maybe if you posted the blog a little sooner than ONE DAY before the next show comes on that you might have a bit more interest? I have to wonder if the intent is to let the blog die because it's not like the blog is profitable in any way to the site and that, after all is what the site is for. Still, it's a shame.

Re: Project Runway Season 11 Episode 2: "Spin Out"

Seriously, ping pong ball uniforms? Are you kidding me? Can you say boring challenge without yawning twice? Not a fan of the team challenge, I think the designers are "muffled" even though they supposedly still get to show who they are. I don't see that happening when they have to stand around and listen to everyone's opinion.
Glad to see a person of Cindy's age on the show but again, she wont be there much longer, maybe next week will be it for her, she's just way too pedestrian for this show.
This season is starting out slow and losing my attention already.

Re: Project Runway All Stars, Episode 11: "Couture de France"

Well well, what a surprize, Anthony Ryan won. I have to say, that colorblock stuff he put down the runway was the weakest winning collection I've ever seen, it was BORING.
My husband asked me who was going to win and I said Anthony Ryan, Emilio second and Uli in last place no matter what kind of sensational stuff she puts down the runway.
I wasnt thrilled with Emilios or even Uli's stuff but then again, with 4 days to make a collection, they all did better than I could have. Still, I wish Uli knew when to stop.
I guess if Anthony Ryan's body of work is considered, that could be a reason why he won. As I recall, no matter how lovely Uli's stuff was, she was always in second place. What's the saying? Always the bridesmaid but never the bride?

Re: Project Runway All Stars, Episode 11: "Couture de France"

I guess there will be no discussion of episode 10 but...whatever. I am glad the talent free Ivy is gone, the girl can't design and she suffers delusions of granduer concerning her (cough) "work".
I would really like to see Uli win, her designs are targeted to real people and I like what she puts down the runway, episode 11 excluded.
I really really hated Anthony Ryans moo moo he put on that veteran last week, it was SO unflattering! I suspect he was kept because the diva in chief Issac Mizrahi wants to see him win project runway. I wanted to turn Mizrahi over my knee and paddle him for acting like the spoiled child he is. That little temper tantrum display was just .....infantile! I am not in love with Emilio's stuff these days and Anthony Ryan is hit and miss. Even if she doesn't win, I feel uli is the true winner.
I never understood how Josh stayed as long as he has, his stuff is garish and in poor taste. Yes, the vetran episode was his best but realistically, he's put that dress down the runway before in another episode. DeJaVu all over again!

Re: Project Runway All Stars, Episode 6: "Green Dress for the Red Carpet"

I was sorry to see Althea go home but I agree that she was the clear loser. As much as I dislike Ivy because of her behaviour from the first time she was on the show, at least her dress showed some element of design, as poorly as it was sewn, there was at least an idea behind the look.
I don't know what possessed Althea to put out that dress, and for the red carpet? It looked like "Daisy Mae takes belly dancing lessons" to me.
I loved the red fabric Emilio chose, it was gorgeous. Clearly a missed opportunity for him.
The patchwork quilt fabric of Cassanova's was saved only by that lovely lining but it was not a red carpet look by any stretch.
Laura Kathleen's look was nice but not a red carpet look either. I would like to have seen Anthony Ryan's dress have some other color trim on it than black, it looked like fat pieces of elastic to me. His dress was nice but the roman toga look is not new.
In the end, as often as I have seen Emilios look, it was the most suited for the red carpet IMO. Too bad he didn't "Emilioize" it like he has some of his other looks, he missed his chance.

Re: Project Runway All Stars, Episode 4: "Made in the USA Today"

I think it was a tie for the bottom, Emilio, Josh and Althea. I really liked Althea's jacket but it looked like a herd of indians moved out of the pants ( and took their teepees with them )
Emilios fiasco was just
Josh's skirt was sloppy and ill fitting and the top looked like a lifejacket we used to keep on our boat.
I've seen kayne and Uli's looks before but at least they fit and didn't look riduculous.
I know Ivy is trying to effect damage control in this season after her behaviour the last time she was on and she's doing a pretty good job of it but she still puts out boring stuff IMO.
At the end of the day, I guess I would have to agree with the judges decision on the winner.

Re: Project Runway Episode 13: "Finale, Part 1"

You don't have to have cable to watch the P.R. episodes. If you go to, you can watch the entire episodes and only have to tolerate one or two commercials instead of 10 to 15. If I miss an episode, thats what I do.

Re: Project Runway Episode 13: "Finale, Part 1"

I hope Dmitry wins, I think he's got the best designs. Didn't care for Fabio's beach stuff, I've never seen a designer show summer clothing in a fall fashion show, it was different, I'll say that.
I thought Christopher made some really poor choices as to what he sent down the runway, he was lucky he did not get eliminated. I hate the whole x-ray thing he has going, I agree with 261446, it was creepy and ugly colors.
I did love that jacket Christopher did, he should have sent that out.
I think Dmitry has made a mistake with the sheer blouses, a designer lost the competition with those same blouses last year or the year before, they told him it was a missed opportunity, I hope Dmitry has something strong because those blouses are going to lose points for him.
I think Melissa has zero chance of winning and I would have liked to see Sonja instead of Fabio in the final four, she was far more talented than he.

Re: Project Runway Episode 12: "In a Place Far, Far Away"

I too was shocked when they sent Sonjia home but I did not feel Melissa should have gotten the axe (although I was not fond of her look), I just thought Fabio's was awful!
Or, as my husband so eloquently put it:
"You mean the Psycho in the dress won?"
Heide even said, since they all liked what was shown, they had to go back on the previous designs and like her, I could not think of a single look that Fabio put down the runway, nothing he made was remarkable to me in any way and I thought for sure he would be cut last night.
I feel that Dmitry deserved to go to fahion week and probably Christopher as well but the other two should have been Melissa and sonjia. I see they are going to cut another designer next week even though 4 won so, who knows? Maybe they will cut Fabio next week?
I did think Melissa was in trouble this week and like Heidi, didn't understand why all the other judges were so happy with her look, I hated the skirt especially.
Christopher's was a halloween costume, Fabio's was an abomination, sonjia's wasn't great with that odd colored spanx stuff on it but it wasn't even close to Fabio's. I thought Dmitry's was okay, not avant garde, but okay although I think the usher's at the movies used to wear those didn't they? Bottom line, the collar was NOT attractive. Still, he didn't have a lot of competition on this particular challenge.

Re: Project Runway Episode 10: "I Get a Kick Out of Fashion"

Christpher's win was no surprise to anyone. He was dead on and I don't feel anyone was close. Glad to see arrogant Ven ousted, now for Elana and the air will be cleared.

Re: Project Runway Episode 9: "It's All About Me"

Sadly, I DO think it was time for Gunnar to go, that "outfit" was just AWFUL! It was funny but in a sad way when the judges said the print looked like a sheet of postage stamps and it was too true.
I am glad Dmitri FINALLY got a win for once! I loved his ensemble and thought the way the fabric looked like it was just floating pieces held together by nothing was very clever.
I would like to see Dmitri, sonjia and Melissa in the final three, I think they all do nice work.
AT LAST! The judges tell Ven they are sick of his rose motiff and the whole one trick pony thinggy he has going on! Ven is just SO full of himself and his myopic fashion views wore thin quickly. I hope they take Ven out next week or Elana and her medical smock she made this week- I kept looking to see where the funnies were at on it, it looked like the comic section of the newspaper to me.

Re: Project Runway Episode 8: "Starving Artist"

I loved Sonjia's team, everything was coordinated and I really thought Gunnar's dresses were nice, they looked expensive and redeemed him from his loss the week before. My husband swears Heidi and Christopher have the hots for each other, he says he can see the sexual tension between them every time she is on the stage, he says thats why Christopher gets so many high I don't know what happened to Fabio, Melissa and ven's team, their stuff looked like rags from a thrift store, how they thought that drab shapless mess was fashion forward is beyond me. I can't help but wonder if they treated themselves to a nice dinner with all the money they had left from their day on the street because they sure didn't use it to buy fabric!
I am not surprised Alicia was sent home, I think that asthetic of hers ( gender neutral) in everything she makes has really put her in a tiny little box. Not all of us want to wear clothing that is neither specific to males or females. I like feeling feminine in my clothes and like the song goes, I have the feeling, I'm not the only one.
I wish Elena would just disappear,her attitude is so crappy, I don't know how anyone stands to be around her for even a minute. I don't know HOW she could be the "fan favorite" as was shown on the screen last week. Christopher is right, she and Dmitry ARE Natashia and Boris straight out of Rocky and Bullwinkle, that was priceless!

Re: Project Runway Episode 7: "Oh My Lord and Taylor"

I feel that Dmitry was cheated.....once again. His dress was classic, slimming and had good lines. I would have chosen that dress over the winner any day of the week.
I would have been very angry if Gunnar had gone home. Yes, I even told my husband before the winner was chosen that I had seen Gunnar's dress in every dept store I have ever gone to.
So I agree with the judges, I have seen it before. Speaking of having seen it before, Alicia's dress just needed to be white and put a tennis racket in her models hand and she could have played at Wimbledon! There was no inspiration there whatsoever. Christopher's dress was boring, I have seen it too, usually on the sales rack because no one wanted such a plain dress to wear to a special occasion. That particular style has been around since the 1800's! Talk about having seen it before! Melissa's dress was okay, a bit too little miss mermaid for me but it wasn't a nightmare either. I have to say it one more time, speaking of having seen it before, I noted that Ven had his usual rose motiff on his dress and was all impressed with himself over it...snore! I'm glad no one was sent home this time because none were total disasters but if anyone would have been sent home, it should have been Alicia, not Gunnar.

Re: Project Runway Season 10: "Women On the Go"

I agree with some of the previous posts, I wasn't overly impressed with any of them......again.
That said, I also agree this show is a pressure cooker and I wouldn't last either.
I think if I were to go on the show, I would come forearmed.
Meaning I would design before I ever went on the show, practice the construction of those designs till I got the sewing time down to a minimum and then audition. After all, there are only so many catagories in fashion, daytime, evening, sportswear and coture that I'm aware of.
Come up with at least 20 different looks and have then in your arsenal before you step foot in New York and maybe you would have a chance.
I don't have a clue about what I would do to even get ON the show as you really seem to have to be "out there" to even be considered for a slot on P.R.
I do applaud all of the contestants, they clearly work their butts off in an environment that seems to set them up for failure.

Re: Project Runway Season 10: "Welcome Back (Or Not) To the Runway"

Honestly, none of them impresed me. Ven showed his usual expertise on Kenley's dress but of course Kenley had to put her "asthetic" on it and that took the drama out of what could have been a beautiful gown, talk about a missed opportunity! Valerie looked lovely but nothing I haven't seen a million times, ditto for Irena's gown, even WITH the awful tailoring.
The rest of them ranged from forgettable to just plain ugly.
I see that Andrea has jumped ship next week and it looks like Kooan plans on following suit, it's sad for the wannabe's who didn't get to be on the show but frankly, Andrea and Kooan are out of their league and wont last long anyway.
Ven reminds me of a guy I used to bowl with, he always made strikes and once, every so often, he had to make up a spare. The rest of us would wait till Rich made his strike and we would get on with the game. Rich was predictable, he always won, no matter what. Ven is that guy, they should just say, okay, Ven will be in the final three so lets just take him out right now till the end so we can see what the rest of you can come up with. I think the rest of the designers are out of their league compared to Ven. The only way I see Ven not in the final three is if every single one of his garments has a rose motif till it gets down to the last few and the judges finally say enough with the roses already.
Maybe drama trumps predictability after all?

Re: Project Runway Season 10: "Candy Couture"

I agree, Dimitri should have been in the top three. It was hard to believe that fringe was actually candy, it had great movement.
I believe Ven is a talented artist and should have won both challenges. That said, I am tiring of the constant rose theme that runs through each and every creation he puts down the runway, I would like to see something else from him.

Glad Lanti is gone, her lack of effort is overshadowed only by that sense of entitlement she carries on her shoulder.
She was an ungracious loser and I say good riddance to her.

I was thrilled to see Andrea on the show but then I saw her "creations". Her Holly Hobby asthetic is just dowdy and her models all look like raggedy ann dolls when they walk the runway. I don't look for Andrea to be on the show long.

Re: "Project Runway": Anniversary Party in Times Square

I think Ven is a shoe-in for the final three, Kooan should have been the one to have gone home last night and the drama has already begun with Gunnar unsheathing his claws at Christopher so early on in the show. I saw a lot of great looks last night and only a couple of flops.

Re: Project Runway All Stars: "Finale Part 2"

I would have to agree with vicky North, the winner was no surprise and that was fine by me, maybe now Marie Claire will get some of their subscribers back }-)
I still don't see the "art" in Austins collection and I think his main support in the judges arena was Angela, I think she might even have been pulling for him to win
As IF! The whole storyline went to far and lost me.
I liked his laquered lace dress and the petal wedding dress, good think Anthony was there to sew the petals!
I have to say, I'm underwhelmed by Michaels collection, it was blah and uninspiring. I know he wanted to show that he can do something besides dresses and who knows, maybe he knew he wasn't going to win and may have used this chance to show he has range. I am still amazed by his quick and well done sewing skills, he is a true tailor who designs wearable clothing.
I have some concerns about that dark place Mondo seems to need to go to find creative inspiration, how far down the rabbit hole does he need to fall before he comes out the other end?
At the end of the day, Mondo has his pound of flesh as do all his supporters ( like me ) who were outraged at him being cheated out of his rightful win the first time around.

Re: Project Runway All Stars: "The Business of Fashion"

I am VERY happy that Michael got to stay, I have always wondered what a collection from him would look like and now I get to find out, I just hope it doesnt overly consist of his seemingly new found love for draping, I got over that when Rami was doing it so often.
I am also glad to see Kenley go, I am sick of her tunnel vision of the forties in everything she does and I see she still has that same nasty snarky attitude she always had, I guess she could keep up the "party manners" for only so long. Her dress was so 1980's, she didn't even bother to try to line up any patterning on the fabric and it looked cheap because of that.
I wasn't impressed with that sloppy wrinkly mess Austin sent down the runway even though I love swing coats. I wasn't crazy about his choice of fabric color which looked like dried blood to me.
Even Mondo's was .....okay but not his best work.
In spite of it all, I am glad Michael and yes, even Austin get to at least show their line this time because they were the last ones cut on their episodes of P.R. in the past.
I am glad Mondo also gets a second chance at winning since he was cheated out of a deserved win last time. I honestly wont care if Michael or Mondo win but Austin is just too sloppy and 8th grade home ec project for me and while he is entertaining, I don't see what the judges see in his work.

Re: Project Runway All Stars: "When I Get My Dress in Lights"

I was sorry to see Jerell go home because I know he can do better but I guess he felt he had to stick to his asthetic, so be it. I didn't think Michale's was awful at first, but then, he kept adding more and more and ruined the look. He needed to edit more and add less.
I thought Austin's dress was awful till the lights were turned out and his dress lit up the runway. It was the perfect look for an entertainer but I felt that once again, he was allowed to get away with sloppy work. The dress was nothing more than a skeleton of wire and tulle and the lights looked like they were just thrown on. However, it did look enchanting on the runway if you didn't look too closely.
I too am not impressed with kenley and she should be the one who goes home next. Austin may be sloppy but at least you know if he does make it to the final three, he will have some variety, we all already know what Kenley will put down the runway before she ever gets there and I am over Kenleys myopic view of what constitutes fashion forward style.

Re: Project Runway All Stars: "O! Say, Can You Sew?"

I personally loved Mondo's dress, it was well made and I love a well cut garment. I'm not sorry to see Mila go although I would have cut Austin, I've seen 8th grade home ec students do a better job than he did. Austin is given far more credit than he deserves in my opinion.
That said, I am so tired of Mila's asymmetrical hemlines that I could scream! What's next? One legged jeans? Shorts that have a leg on one side and a thong on the other? I guess she could call them shongs. It looked like she took two completely different dresses, cut them in half right down the center line and sewed the different halves back together, neither half of that dress had anything to do with the other and I guess jerell is correct, Mcdonalds large fries have the same red and yellow design on the box. I do have to give her credit for her sewing ability though, she's an excellent seamstress. I have seen Kenley's dress several times on P.R. already, only in different colors. I don't know why the judges were so enthralled with that purple hearts and red stripes clown suit, it was a joke. I agree that Jerells was a costume and Michaels was a pagent dress. I still think the final three will include Mondo and Michael although I'm torn about the last one, I've seen Jerell create some lovely things but he doesn't seem very interested in pushing himself this time around.

Re: Project Runway All Stars: "Puttin' on the Glitz"

I agree, Mondo's was brilliant. My husband said his grandmother had an apron just like the one Austin's model was wearing only it wasn't as wadded up and was made out of cotton instead of the fancy material Austin's apron was made of. I couldn't agree more. It fits right in with Austin's little old lady asthetic, maybe he's watched too many episodes of "Leave it to Beaver"
It occured to me that maybe this entire P.R. Allstars show was put together because Mondo was cheated out of a deserved win and viewers were so angry and incensed that the show lost a great deal of their audience. Maybe this show is "damage control" and Mondo is going to win no matter what because they are trying to get their viewers back. I would be very happy to see that happen so I wouldn't have a problem at all with that plan if indeed that is what they were thinking. I remember Nina talking about Gretchen's win and how angry "team Mondo" was over that season. I think she even said she had the magazine do an interview with Mondo due to the flack they received from the public over Gretchen's win. All I know is, now that Rami is gone, I don't think Mondo has any real competition and if he keeps his head on his shoulders, he may win this time.

Re: Project Runway All Stars: "Fashion Face Off"

Certainly couldn't have predicted this one! The girls all won and I have to agree with that choice, didn't think I'd ever be saying that.
I have to hand it to Kenley, she is innovative, she is the only one who can make a romper that looks just like all her dresses only with shorts and not a skirt. One thing, as long as Kenley is around, Minnie mouse and Daisy duck will never run short of things to wear.
You know, I never understood Austins style till now, I always got Mondo, the whole Pinocchio thing he has going on and I know he had a very controlling father who pulled his strings and now that he's "out" hes a real boy and all that but Austin, I just didn't get. Now I do, he dresses like a little old lady but with a small dab of masculine twist. His model was him only without the "equipment" this particular challenge said a lot about Austin.
Too bad Rami wrapped his design up like a diaper, his jacket was wonderful but I guess that blouse had to be hidden somehow, the blouse looked to me like someone had performed an autopsy on it. I saw Michael looking at Jerells stuff while they were in Mood and suspect he took Jerells idea so I'm glad Michael didn't win. Now that Rami is out of my final three so I'm going to guess and say Michael, Mondo and Austin in the end but Austin had better watch out for Jerell, if he keeps putting up the way he did last week, he's in the final three for sure.

Re: Project Runway All Stars: "Clothes Off Your Back"

All I can say is, Michael was lucky they didn't send him home, that bathing suit he put down the runway was a joke and it seemed as though he either didn't feel good and was sick or flat out just wanted to get sent home.
I'm glad Mondo woke up and put something out that was worthy of his talents.
Still not impressed with Austin, too Michael Jackson paired with a skirt for me.
I don't think Rami could make a bad outfit if he tried and that get-up Jerell put out there was just hideous.
It's a shame Anthony didn't use more of what his muse was wearing, that remark about the outdated seventies was funny to me, retro is what everyone is wearing now and while that print was busy, there was a lot he could have done with it. I have to hand it to him though, he went out with his head held high and honestly seemed to have no regrets. Michaels theatrics are starting to wear thin and I thought Kara was lucky Kenley decided to "lend her a hand" so to speak.

Re: Project Runway All Stars: "Good Taste Tastes Good"

talk about a shocker! I thought for sure kara would be eliminated. I realize that the construction on Aprils dress was very poor, but some of her other work was quite good, ALL of Kara's stuff has been just terrible IMO.
I said in the first episode that I don't believe any of the women would make it to the final 3 but I did think April was the strongest of the women, now she's gone.
I'm so sick of Kenleys super predictable dresses and what Mila puts out is a snooze IMO. She was clearly taken with her dress last night as were the judges, I thougt it looked like that cow fabric they were trying to push off on everyone in the eightys. How Mila thinks that stuff she puts out is fashion forward and young, I don't know.
I'm happy to see Michael getting the recognition he deserved the first time around and I am waiting for Mondo to break out any week now. Not impressed with Austins stuff and I'm beginning to think he wont make it to the final three, if he does, it will be because his name will get him there, not his talent.

Re: Project Runway All Stars: "Patternmaking for Piggy"

A puppet judge? I could do SO many things with that but I'll behave. I half watched this episode because frankly, I lose respect for the show when they produce this hogwash. Besides, if the pig truly had taste, she would have picked Rami.

Re: Slashing Just for Fun

Call me crazy but I see button holes when I look at these jeans. How cute would it be to have a top made with all kinds of big and little buttons as button art on it?
Mr. King, you are innovative!

Re: Project Runway All Stars: "A Night at the Opera"

Once again, I agree with the judges as to who should have gone home, sweet pea is better than that abomination she put on the runway and I would have been embarassed to say I had made that hot mess.
I don't think Austin should have won, I've seen his dress a million times, just not with a piece of tulle thrown over the top. I think he won because it was expected.
I thought Michael should have won but that being said, I think he went overboard with the belt, I guess he was trying to balance the look but it was too much IMO and the costruction of the dress was so good, it didn't need that belt. My guy Mondo surprised me with his dress, that long train with a short dress was just....strange, I half expected Jackie O to peek out somewhere. Kara reminded me that I need new curtains and I think Jerrels dress was just ugly, which surprised me coming from him. Kenley's was the usual forties prom gown and April was her predictible self also.
I hate to say this because I like to see women win, but I think this year, the last three standing will all be men. The competition is so fierce, I wouldn't want to be a judge. I think the last four will be Mondo, Michael, Austin and Rami. I think Michael's talent was overlooked last time and he may just be a real contender this time around. In any case, I am looking forward to some exceptional work from these designers, they are the true talents of the runway.

Re: Project Runway All Stars: Return to the Runway

I was very happy to see the "old gang" back and to see a few designers who I KNOW have talent. I didn't care for the church as a fashion show area, it made it seem like they just had no where else to go and I don't want to see that being done in a church, it feels very wrong to me.
I liked that the judges were not snarky and did not belittle the contestants. They even tried to give a positive review to Elisa who is not from this planet, I don't know which planet exactly it is that she comes from but it sure isn't earth.
Mondo is my guy but I had to agree that Rami should have won. I liked both mop dresses and quite a few others actually. It's going to be fun to watch a P.R. with talented designers who I just KNOW are going to wow us all!
I wont miss the drama that the show tries to foster OR Michael Kors but I will miss Tim Gunn HORRIBLY!

Re: Project Runway 9: "Finale - Part 2"

I too am glad this ho-hum season of P.R. is over, it was a sleeper at best. I thought it was very generous of the judges to part from protocol and give the desingers cart blanche at Mood ( at the last minute ) so Anya could construct a completely new line of look-alike caftans in different patterns, where have I seen that before? Oh yes, Gretchengate.
I don't know why they were so hard on Viktor for the see through stuff, they loved it when Gretchen did it.
I also don't know why Viktor took stuff out they TOLD him they loved and replaced it with "I dream of Jeannie" costumery.
I still hate Josh's stuff, it's garish and those shorts looked like they were going up the models back-side to me, totally uncomfortable looking to say the least, not to mention awful colors. Also, that black cocktail dress Josh made was so tight, the model looked like she couldnt walk correctly in it,( talk about straining the seams of good taste ) I have seen Kors time after time rip into designers that their tight black dresses were "slutty looking" The model even had a tummy in that dress which is an oxymoron when you consider most models are so skinny they look more like skeletons with curtains draped over them.
Yet another instance of "selective" judging.
I am not even upset that Viktor didn't win, nor would I have been if Josh had won or even that Anya DID win, the show has been dissapointing from the start of this season and when they eliminated Bert, they eliminated the real designer in my opinion.
I think P.R. should have a new slogan, instead of one day you're in, one day you're out, it should be: It's not what you know, it's what you show. Clearly, sewing ability no longer matters as it once did, which might be a good thing, maybe now I can audition for P.R. cause I can pin together some amazing looking stuff, sewing it together is a whole other story. Luckily, that no longer matters on P.R.

Re: Project Runway 9: "Finale - Part 1"

I honestly think they planned on sending Kimberly home this time but when Anya put out such garbage for the finale before the finale ( remember, they told Kim last week she wouldn't be competing,she could put out a collection, but she wouldn't be in the competition, this week, she was back in ) I think they knew there would be a firestorm from the public worse than Gretchen gate if Kimberly had been sent home and Anya got to stay, Anya should have been sent home, period.
I wasn't crazy about Kimberlies stuff either, the loud colors and that skirt! It looked like it was made of cardboard when it walked down the runway, but still, it was better than Anya's stuff.
Speaking of Anya, at least she did some damage control on the porn tape she made with her boyfriend and another beauty contestant in a threesome, what's the old saying? A moment of indescretion, a lifetime of regret? I think that helped but I am not impressed with her "collection" at all and I hope she doesn't win, she doesn't deserve to with that hot mess she put out there.
As mean as Josh is, I did like his stuff, I'm glad he listened to Tim Gunn and toned it down a bit, he's way too "out there" with all those wild colors.
I agree with Lauriepie about Viktor, I've seen his stuff before, I am not that blown away by it simply because it's been done already. I know he has his fans on this blog but he's an incredible tailor but I have seen nothing new from him.
If I were a betting person, I would say it's not a long shot to see Viktor the winner, Josh second, Anya third and Kimberly out. However, if what Anya put out there last night is any indication of what is to come, they need to send her home BEFORE the taping of the final show.

Re: Project Runway 9: "Finale Challenge"

I agree with you on the ridiculous editing of the show. I was thinking about how this show is not a family show in any sense and even teenagers should beware.
I don't think I'm "outing" Anya when I say that she made a pornographic movie with another beauty contestant during her pagent days that included Anya's boyfriend as well.
Once Anya became famous, he released the movie and now it's all over the web. I hope Lifetime didn't pick this woman just so they can put out some headline such as: PORN STAR WTIH 4 MONTHS SEWING EXPERIENCE WINS PROJECT RUNWAY. I fear they may stoop to this because I watched another show Miss Abbeys dance studio or something like that and two women were arguing and the one woman told the other woman she was coming back so she would just have to LIKE IT! Lifetime edited the LIKE IT part and bleeped most of it out so it sounded like she dropped the F bomb and that was not what she said at all. Clearly Lifetime is being less than forthcoming in their other shows, so who knows what really goes on behind the scenes at P.R.? Is it really even a legitimate contest or just a reality tv show and we all know how "real" reality tv shows are. Anya has been a mystery all season long as to her experience so who knows what will come out tomorrow?

Re: Project Runway 9: "Finale Challenge"

I have to say I agree that Anya put up some cute things this time and a few other times as well but why she ....fibs, I don't know, she doesn't need to.
She was a student of a famous designer, and just last week, she said she can't make a jacket, they don't wear jackets in the caribbean but if you go on youtube and type Anya Ayoung Chee's closet, in her tape to audition for the show, she shows you a very nice lined jacket she made for a wedding, doesn't have the buttons on it yet but she still likes it a lot.
She clearly has more sewing experience than she let on and why lie about a jacket? Someone said she set the bar low for herself by saying she has only four months sewing experience, it looks like her plan worked. I agree she has vision but I do think the "I have only 4 months sewing experience" line paid off for her. Her stuff was cute and visionary, there was no reason for her to lie. If she wins, she wins, she's still dishonest and I am very dissapointed that she is such a deceptive person.

Re: Sheath dress with swing jacket

Great job!
Think I'll get this pattern myself, if I do half as good a job as you, I will be happy!

Re: DVD GIVEAWAY: Threads Magazine Archive, 1985-2011

I could sure use this!

Re: Project Runway 9: "This is For the Birds"

Once again, selective criteria is used for certain contestants. Agreed, Bert made a less than WOW dress, but was it worse than that big bird -goes- goth get-up that Laura sent down the runway? It was not that long ago a designer was salvaged because his "body of work" was solid, apparantly, those same rules did not apply to Bert.
Laura's snafu was hideous and incredibly unflattering on the model but I guess she's good for a bit more drama before they give her the ax, drama as we all know is truly what the show is about.
As for Bert, I think I was more upset than he at his elimination, he almost acted....relieved!
I agree that Josh's dress was draped nicely and even the corsage wasn't as bad as koor's said it was. I personally don't care for the roman toga with one shoulder look, I know some people like it but it looks to me like someone just threw a bedsheet over themselves to hide their nakedness because the church pastor is at the door.
Anya's dress was something I would "almost" wear. I personally like tailoring and structure because I can't afford to buy "the flavor of the week" clothes only to find they've gone out of style before their first trip to the dry cleaners. I call it "my little black dress theory" A well tailored garment never goes out of style so your initial investment pays off. Anya's dress was tailored to an extent but it looked to me like it was unfinished. It was rough around the edges and the hem looked odd to me. With Bert being eliminated, it doesn't matter to me who wins -probably Anya- because as far as I'm concerned, they eliminated the only person whose design's reflected taste and class. Yes, he made a couple of bo-bo's but for the most part, his designs were solid in my opinion.
Who knows? Maybe Josh, with his flamboyant mardi-gras style will make it to Bryant Park after all. By the way, did anyone see him threaten Laura Bennett on the after show? Telling someone they better hope they don't see him in New York because it wont be pretty was a threat and Josh has bullied his way through this entire show, but then again, drama is what it's all about.

Re: No Halstons Here: Project Runway Episode 10 is "Sew '70s"

Looks to me like the final three will be Viktor, Anya and Bert at Bryant park. I believe Laura and Kimberly are fairly good designers but they lack what the judges like to call the WOW factor.
I don't think anyone was surprised that Anya won, especially after last weeks previews of her losing her money. It wasn't a stretch to imagine she would dye the muslin and go with it. I did like her jumpsuit on tv but in the photos, not so much, it looks.......busy.
I have to say, Josh is always good for a laugh, that abomination he sent down the runway was hysterically funny and I literally rolled when I saw it, it was absolutely comical! Who would wear that? Crusty the clown? I think even ole Crusty might back away from that one.
I couldn't believe Laura was cracking on Berts stuff when she was a close second to Josh with that mish mash of great big jailbird stripes and hawian-print-goes-goth skirt. I suspect Laura's chiffon dreams of winning PR are about to unravel. That said, I do think Nina clearly dislikes Laura and that can't be good for Laura's score card.

Re: Project Runway 9: "Image is Everything"

I am NO fan of pleather and when I saw Viktor carrying pleather I thought, ooookkaaayyyy Oliver is going to have some competition for the race to the bottom after all.
Never, in my wildest dreams did I ever ever EVER think pleather could look that good! It looked like real leather from where I was sitting ( I know it was on tv and it may not have looked that good close up ) but I am just bowled over at how great that pleather looked! ( the jacket was nice too )

Re: Project Runway 9: "What Women Want"


All nine designers that were on this episode got to show at Fashion Week, Including Bryce whom I mistakenly thought was not there.
I did not say who the final three were because I do not know that. Anyone who wants to see the designs shown by ALL NINE DESIGNERS can type in New York Fashion Week 2011 and click on browse designers, click on Project Runway and you will see ALL NINE DESIGNERS lines. As one who has been a fan of Project Runway since it's inception, I already know that the last 9 or 10 designers ALWAYS get to show their lines at Fashion Week. I would be willing to bet that many of the people who post on this blog are also aware of that as well. For those of you who were unaware of that, well, now you know. ;-)

Re: Project Runway 9: "What Women Want"

First, let me ask, has anyone besides me had any problems posting on this board? I could not post on last weeks blog nor could I even read others posts, which I always enjoy. The editorial was by someone differant, not Vicky North, so maybe that was it, I don't know. much as I hate to admit it, I LOVED Josh's dress! It was so NOT Josh but I thought it was a beauty and that girl looked GREAT in it! I see the slobbering love affair with Anya continues, her stuff is acceptable just not the genius they seem to think it is, I see visions of Gretchen Jones all over again although I think Anya is better than Gretchen was.
I knew Bryce would go home as I didn't see him showing at the New York Fashion week. Bert had some nice things at the N.Y.F.W. butI think they were all dresses, and I would buy every single one of them. Still, one note be it a nice one.
I hated Viktors skirt and I thought it was too tight and ill fitting but I did like his blouse. I really didn't see a lot of terrible stuff this week and I didn't like all of it but I see improvement in the designers with this challenge. I was shocked at Olivers comments about big busted women ruining the line of clothes ( like we can help it ) and what he said about them just shutting up was IMO just....insulting to women everywhere. I still think they will give the win to Anya with her ( 4 months ) of sewing experience ( hopefully I am SO WRONG ) Laura had some nice things at the NYFW too but I thought Berts stuff was totally wearable and there's a big market out there for the Berts of the fashion world.

Re: My Grandmother's White Rotary

I would NEVER get rid of that machine! I sew a lot of denim and no matter what they tell you, the new machines just can't handle the weight of heavy jeans construction and patching. I have 3 old singers, two of which are direct drive and I have another which has a belt and I'm keeping them all! I use those old direct drive singers every time I work with denim and they have never failed me yet, they make the exact same top stitch on denim that you see on jeans today with the exact same heavy duty thread.
My husband has untold canvas projects and my son in law likes to sew with leather, he finally scored an old singer of his own so no more sharing with him!
Your machine is far too valuable for heavy duty sewing to ever get rid of it, you will find that out after the old girl is gone. Keep that machine!

Re: Book Giveaway: Seventeenth-Century Women's Dress Patterns

I would LOVE to have a copy of this book as I have long been an admirer of vintage clothing. I collect antique gowns ( I only have a few ) but they are my treasures!
I cared for an elderly aunt who was a fashion maven and had the most amazing pieces dating back to the forties. I have all of her hats and many of her dresses and even some photos of her wearing the dresses.
Although I have already invested in a few CD'S that have styles from the 1700's and upward, I don't have anything that provides detailed information on historic garments.
I have a mourning gown that needs repair as well as a velvet and silk gown that is also sorely in need of repair and this book would be very useful to me. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

Re: Project Runway 9: "The Art of the Matter"

poor bert, no wonder he never made pants, he is really bad at making pants, I don't care for Kors and his snide remarks but he was a dead ringer on the tele-tubby remarks. I don't see bert in the top three any longer, he's a one trick pony.
Me, I don't know much about art, I would have sworn Josh M's tree thinggy was a volcano, compliments of granny's old poodle skirt and a few leaves he got out of the back yard last fall.
As far as Art, Laura's gown looked a whole lot like an ear of corn to me with butter melting down it, while it didn't impress me, I did get a bit hungry. Laura's stuff looks the same to me.
Then, we have the winning curtains with black and yellow drippy things glued to them, who knew? Guess I wont throw out those old sheers after all!
About the only one I saw who truly depicted avant garde was Kimberly's ensemble. Kimberly nails those challenges every single time and IMHO, she is about the only one who designs for real people. Even the office to evening outfit was realistic if not inspired. Very few of those pieces were avant garde to me, is there a word that is the opposite of avant garde? That would be the word to use in this case. I am beginning to think Kimberly might be starting to know how Mondo felt last season. I'm so glad to see that Josh M is now patting himself on the back for Becky's efforts as well, that guy is so full of himself I swear he's gonna explode any minute now!

Re: The Lilah Dress

This dress looks store-bought which in my opinion, is the highest compliment you can get on a sewing garment.
I can't count the times someone has said, Oh, did you make that? I knew it was a failure instantly. It would occur to no one that your dress is hand made. I love the vintage look slso. Well done!

Re: Project Runway 9: "Off the Track"

Okay, is it juse me or did Anya's dress have the zipper on the outside on the back? I don't think it takes a clairvoyant to see that Anya will be in the final three. I just hope all this hype about her only knowing how to sew for four months doesn't continue and then, at the end, she wins Project Runway with (supposedly) only 4 months sewing experience under her belt. What a sensation, I can see the headlines now. I truly hope that is not where they are going with this.
I think there was a lot of missed opportunity on this challenge and no one impressed me with their designs.
Would it have been so hard to make a cute little pair of skorts or a little divided skirt with maybe just some of the suede or leather as an accent? Michael Coors can throw around the word pedestrian all day long but I don't see a whole lot of people running around with a wrinkled dress on and a biker jacket thrown over it. This stuff is supposed to sell on Amazon, it has to appeal to the masses, not to Michael Coors strictly defined sense of style. I think Josh really needs to get a grip, he is such a flamboyant designer, I don't see him making it to the final three. He was just mean to Becky last night and he had no trouble taking credit for Anya's work. Josh is in for a rude awakening. IMO I think Bert and Anya will be in the final three so far, Bert may wither because while we all can see that Bert knows how to make a dress, all we can see is that Bert knows how to make a dress, is there another dimension to Bert? I thought Ryans hot mess should have been eliminated but I was also tired of Daniells crepe blouses. When it comes down to boring or disasterous, boring gets eliminated over disasterous every single time.
As for the talent or maybe just the imagination this year, I think it is lacking and the drama they are forcing with all these group challenges is not making up for the lack of skill. I wonder if the day will ever come that they realize we watch this show for the designs and not the drama?

Re: Project Runway 9: "All About Nina"

You know, I just don't get it, I don't get it. While Kimberly's ensemble was probably closest to the challenge, I thought it looked sloppy and fit poorly. Those outfits can be found in any mall dept store but then again, Nina's taste is bland. I can't say I have ever seen Nina in an outfit that would call attention to her, she's a drab mouse.
Although those little black dresses did not answer the challenge, Bert's was cut and executed beautifully, it truly looked expensive and tasteful as well it should considering he is no newcomer to the fashion industry.
I thought the other black dress was cute with the square shoulders but the round hips made the model look heavy so I can't imagine what it would do to us normal folks.
I STILL can't get over Anya's sewing abilities, she just blows me away and I'm truly jealous that she can sew that well in only 4 months of effort. How can she make those patterns and sew that well with so little training? Her teacher/s need to go public because I for one would take a class from them without a second thought!

Re: Project Runway 9: "Go Big or Go Home"

I thought this entire challenge was just.....stupid.
It was a waste of time for anyone who watched it and if I had not watched it the following night on lifetime so I didn't have to see so many commericals, I would not have been able to sit through the entire charade.
Those pants and that jeweled blouse were right out of the sixties and were ugly and dated and awful, even in chiffon.
Becky and Kimberly were the clear winners....period. The rest of this ridiculous episode is not even worth mentioning.

Re: Project Runway 9: My Pet Project

I also thought the birdseed dress should have won, it was clearly the best in my opinion.
The sherpa outfit was incredibly unflattering on the model and added poundage to a clearly skinny girl. It was baggy and shapeless as was the top.
You know, it seems Nina Garcia always is the one who makes the final decisions on this show and every decision she makes is based on how well the outfit will photograph.
She is the reason Gretchen Jones won last year.
when I shop for clothing I am not thinking to myself, hmmmm wonder how well my new dress is going to look in photographs?
I am thinking, hmmm, does this dress look good on ME? To heck with how well it photographs.
Personally, I thought Berts little dress was cute, no, it didn't meet the challenge but it was still cute.
I am blown away by the gil who has only sewn four months, I have sewn for years and I am still not as good as she is, I would like to meet her instructors.

Re: Project Runway: Season 8 - Finale Part 2

To Kate W:
I have a friend who makes her own choclates at Easter. This is embarrassing, but LAST EASTER, She made me these little chocolate sewing machines, they were cute but she made me a dozen of them. I ate a few, put the rest in the freezer and had one left. I know, it was waaay too old to eat, was chocolate! She orders her molds from somewhere and just pours the melted chocolate in them. She gives me chocolate so I will design clothes for her b.j.d. dolls that she collects.
Anyway, now the world knows I eat chocolate thats months and months old! BUT....I wouldn't have done that if I had not lost a bet that Gretchen would lose so....fooey on Project Runway!

Re: Project Runway: Season 8 - Finale Part 2

So, Gretchen takes the prize.....HUH?
I have to admit, Mondo's stuff DID look like something a tween kid would wear and his collection should not have won. I feel that Andy was the true winner this time around but I guess I'm too old to know what fashion is or should I say is not.
I DID say I would eat my sewing machine if Gretchen wins so, in determining WHICH of my sewing machines were going to be lunch, the little chocolate one was the "winner"
You know, I guess the folks on P.R. are making a statement to us "older" gals, and that would be, " We are aiming at a younger audience, we want twenty somethings to watch our show, not someone over 40" which is a shame because WE are the ones with the REAL buying power.
Gretchen's win just makes me more determined than ever to make my own clothing, I wore that garbage she cranks out during the seventies, I don't want to wear it again, I'm over that stage in my life. I'm not going to have some "fashion expert" dictating to me what I can and cannot wear. If that gypsy-horse poop catcher in the back-goodwill sensibility is all I have to choose from, I will make my own clothing. You know, there was such a sense of finality about this season, my husband even remarked that he will be surprised to see the show air again next year. I disagreed with him but maybe he's right, or maybe, I'm just over that show. I guess we'll see next season........or not. Either way, this entire season was not up to par with the former ones and the designers were nearly ALL a disappointment. If Gretchen was all they could come up with, the pickings have become mighty slim.

Re: Project Runway: Season 8 - Finale Part 1

I honestly DON'T see what the judges see in Gretchen's 1980's style or her one-step-up-from-grunge sensibility, I don't know a SOUL who would wear ANYTHING she "creates" and why the judges keep her on is a mystery to me. I din't expect Michael C to win but his stuff, while all the same monotone color, was better than the bottom of the rag bag pieces that Gretchen put down the runway. Gretchen STILL reminds me of a scare crow and one reason is the odd looking get-ups she puts together and parades around in. She is tall, thin and lovely but she dresses like a homeless person! Andy's green ruffled dress was just lovely but that caped crusader bathing suit he made was an embarrassment! I really didn't care for the patch work aqua shirt Mondo made but the dress was nice as was the skirt.
I see the guest judge for the finale is Jessica Simpson, the famous fashion designer who has years and years of experience under her belt, oh wait....that's Vera Wang! You know, I am SO TIRED of seeing these little starlets who couldn't sew a straight line, lend their name to a clothing line and suddenly they are "experts" in the field of fashion!
What's next? Larry the cable guy coming out with a designer line of underbritches? I can see it now, they will be reversible and the backside will say "get er done"! It will be all the rage. Maybe the guy who hosts "dirty jobs" can come up with some designer sewer sludge slacks? Either one of them will then be qualified to judge a P.R. show wont they? Oh well, either collection will fit right in with Gretchen's "creations".

Re: Project Runway: We're in a New York State of Mind

Well Well, looks like Michael C is not so easily dismissed! Good for him! I was SO ANGRY last week that I was YELLING at my television set! Poison Ivy had to let the world know one last time what an immature, bitter and nasty little B with an itch she is (not that everyone didn't already know that ) I was SO proud of Michael C not being nice for once and giving her a little taste of her own medicine! I could NOT BELIEVE April actually congratulated that nasty little shrew for calling Michael C a cheater! I am glad she went home this week! While I agree that April sends the same outfit down the runway every week, "Fredericks of Hollywood short shorts and long night gown" outfit, is this honestly the FIRST time the judges NOTICED THAT? I mean, have they been asleep the rest of the season? What about Gretchen with that ugly eighties skirt and blah top? The only thing interesting was the jacket and that wasn't a big deal either! She said Michael C was an idiot or a savant idiot, wonder who she thinks is the idiot now that Michael C beat her? Speaking of Michael C, I don't know why it matters that he didn't know what his fabric was, maybe he lets the fabric "speak" to him and thats what is most important, isn't that true for any real artist? The only thing I worry about when I buy fabric is one, is it suitable for the garment and two, is it washable? I would have liked to have seen Michael C keep that vest thinggy he was weaving, I thought it was intriguing and added some much needed punch to the dress. I know it was draped nicely and all that but to me, it was plain. I think the last three standing will be Mondo, Andy and I thought Gretchen would be the third but now Im not so certain. Of course Mondo will win, did I detect a note of professional jealousy from Christian Seriano when he was critiquing Mondo's look? He was very polite and easy on the remarks with the rest of them but he reserved his praise when it came to Mondo. Let me say this here and now, if Gretchen wins, I will eat my sewing machine!

Re: Project Runway: There's a Pattern Here

Funny, I for one will miss Valerie, I think she was funny, self deprecating and an all around good egg. I think her farewell speech to the other designers was profound and heartfelt and I feel that her designs were good at first but she just lost her way or ran out of ideas. I think a lot of the malice left with Ivy, she kept the "pot stirred" pretty much all of the time with her crappy attitude and lack of talent. I didn't care much for Gretchen's pants, I thought the back looked like a diaper somehow, I liked her print but would have liked to have seen it smaller or various sizes but I wasnt crazy about her blouse. I sure feel sorry for the other designers, I think if I were in their shoes, I would feel the handwriting is pretty much on the wall with a talent like Mondo to go up against. I'm sure they will inject a little drama into the Mondo storyline but he will win hands down in the end, no one else is even in his league. I said before he was the tortured artist type and now I know why. I hope coming out with his illness gives him some peace and that a weight has been lifted. But I do have to say, his design this week was similar to the jackie O look last week, except with pants this time IMHO. I know I would look HORRIBLE in high waisted pants but if you are skinny and young and gorgeous then those are the pants for you! I think Christopher will be the next to go, his pants and top were BORING! Funny about Andy's blouse, if he had nixed the shorts and vest and changed the collar and made that blouse go all the way down into a little swing dress, he may have had something there. I don't think the blouse looked sad, I think the shorts and vest dragged it down. I have to wonder if Andy is getting discouraged with Mondo's consistant wins and maybe thats what makes him think he really wants to go home. I think none of them hold anything against Mondo, its just that he is in a league of his own. I even felt a pang for Gretchen as she talked about how hard life is for her and her family, I hope this show gives her a big jump start in the industry and she ends up in a better place. Hopefully a little less bossy though. As far as the cheating episode coming up, I hope its not Michael C. My husband says there is something very shady about Michael C and he comes across as a poser. I disagree but I am a horrible judge of character. Still, I hope its not him.

Re: Coffe and tea dye for a second chance.....

Lovely! You must be very proud and you should be!

Re: Project Runway: Race to the Finish

Im thinking about putting my sewing machine away and forgetting about it all. I honestly don't know what coture is, I can see that right now. I am surprised to find that I liked Aprils looks the best. I thought Mondo's dress looked like something out of Alice in wonderland although the ready-to-wear was very nice. How does that translate into something you can actually wear? Andy's "ensemble" looked like the creature from the black lagoon goes disco, and his ready-to-wear has been seen before. Gretchens robe thinggy was very dated and old looking to me. She looked like a haggard hausfrau on her way to the market IMO.
I was NOT impressed with her ready-to-wear either, seen it! I guess I better keep my day-time job and continue to count beans because I didnt think any of them had anything remotely coture but apparantly, I am wrong. Ivy was no surprise and I did not think Valerie's was that bad. Ivys was the same dress only one was long and the other short. Both poorly made and ill fitting. Ivy should have gone home long ago, she is no designer. What happened to Valerie? She was so confident and creative at the beginning of the show and the first few episodes and now, she is this sniveling mess who doesnt have enough confidence in her little finger to carry on with the challenges. I still think Michael C. might surprise us all. He may be in the top three after all. Hes not the tortured artist soul Mondo is but his stuff is still kind of cute. I know Mondo is going to win but I've seen some cute things from Michael C and I think his workmanship is pretty darn good. Even if you COULD make three more dresses out of that ridiculously long train of his. The judges laughing at the designers behind their scorecards was inexcusable and it belittles THEM not the designers. They make fools of THEMSELVES when they pull tricks like that and no one is impressed with their obvious lack of tact or grace.

Re: Project Runway: A Rough Day on the Runway

I'm glad to see Mondo's talent was finally recognized, I honestly believe Mondo will win Project Runway. I thought Andy might be a competitor after last week but the M.C. Hammer pants and vest he did was just awful! Andy said he prefers to have an Asian influence on his garments so I guess he could aptly name this ensemble Shank-Hi Surprise after seeing the backside of this forgettable mess.
I hate to admit that I liked Gretchens outfit, I see she wisely dyed that black and white zebra print to a more subtle brown. You know, Gretchen reminds me of the scarecrow on the Wizard of Oz and he was always my favorite and so I really liked Gretchen at first because I always thought of the scarecrow when I thought of her but She's not the scarecrow any more, she's just crow. Michael C no longer has my respect after the brown nosing he did, hes just pathetic. I don't know what rose colored glasses Michael Drummond was looking through last night but they clearly clouded his vision to be honest. They said Jackie O, not Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. I liked Chris's dress and I don't know what jacket anyone could have come up with to go with that dress. I have to admit Ivy did better last night, her toilet paper trench-flasher coat was not impressive but the outfit underneath was decent. Whats with all the palazzo pants this show? Anyway, I still dont hold out much hope for her. I had to smile, outerwear is her speciality? Really? Oh well, I guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.

Re: Project Runway: What's Mine is Yours

I don't understand what you mean. Why should Threads be ashamed of the designs shown on Project Runway? Threads is not producing that show, they just have a comment board for readers to air their humble opinions.
I agree that there is some pretty pathetic stuff on P.R. this year but why is Threads responsible for that?

Re: Project Runway: What's Mine is Yours

I'm sorry but Michael D's dress would have placed in the top three with or without the help of Ivy's sewing the garment. If that were not true, then, why does Michael C consistantly win with his "sloppy construction" techniques? I felt that Mondo and Michael C were practially best friends when the challenge ended and Mondo was pleasantly surprised with michael's sewing abilities. I cannot stand Ivy's mall "style" but I am glad she was not eliminated. She would have had the consolation of "knowing" it was all Michael D's lousy construction techniques that caused her to lose. Ivy needs to understand she will be sent home ( and soon ) because she is no designer! She has excellent construction abilities and she is with no doubt a tailor, that being said, she is with no doubt NOT a designer either. Her snotty attitude is the icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned. Did anyone notice Gretchen giving Cassanova "design advice"? She is 4 for 4 now isnt she? I couldnt agree with Cheryln more on the winner, I kept telling my husband it looked like a negligee from Fredericks of Hollywood and that I wouldnt wear that disaster ANYWHERE! I noticed the "shorts" underneath looked like a pair of granny bloomers that were drooping on the model, very unflattering IMO> I think Andy should have won hands down. My husband said the only reason April won is because Koors was in the sewing room, saw Aprils nightey beforehand and went to bat for her with the other judges. He loved the camel toe remark by Tim for next week so who knows, maybe I have a new PR viewer!

Re: Project Runway: You Can Totally Wear That Again

Well, I can't say it was a surprise, oh wait, yes it was, this was the worst dress yet that peach has put out. She was living on borrowed time and I don't think many would disagree with me when I say her ousting was expected. Mondo should have won.....period. I think the judges are letting their hearts rule their heads when it comes to Michael C, not that his dress wasnt good because it was. It didn't touch Mondo's IMO. Maybe the judges already have Mondo chosen as one of the final three and want to let some of the other designers know what it feels like to win before they are canned. I am disgusted with the way the other jealous designers are treating Michael C, they are BUTT WHISKERS!! I think the whole story Ivy came up with about Michael C telling everyone not to vote for her came from......IVY! She saw that NO ONE liked her snoozing, losing, snoring, boring funerary attire all the while noting how everyone was filling Michael C's jars with buttons so she made up a lie. See, she can't admit she has NO talent and should never have been on the show in the first place as you can buy ANYTHING she "cough" DESIGNS at any mall in America. So she comes up with a handy little story about how Michael C is discrediting her. Which is rich since she said she didn't know if he was lazy or ignorant last week in front of the judges. I know if Gretchen ( who should be in the final three ) continues with her endless critique of Michael C, she will be going home the first time the judges can find ONE thing wrong with something she puts out there. So far, it looks to me like it will be Mondo, Gretchen ( if she can keep her opinions to herself for one minute ) and even though valerie put out that awful dress last night, I still see potential in her but Im not certain. So far, it looks like Mondo and Gretchen for sure in the final episode.

Re: Project Runway: There IS an "I" in Team

I have never seen a shirtdress the judges liked, and if memory serves me correctly, I believe there has been more than one shirtdress that was the designer's waterloo at the judging.
I thought team lux's stuff was a snore and I would have sworn Ivy designed every piece if I had not watched it myself. None of it looked well made, it was all sloppy and looked dated and old to me.
Three cheers for military and lace's team! Although I thought Mondo should have won, I knew it would be Cassanova after the primadonna meltdown he had. It was SO predictable!

Re: Project Runway: Hat's Off to You

You know, I know Michael C's dress was no miracle of inspiration but that hat! Looked like a giant upside down cockroach on the model's head! I was very angry to see Ivy and Mondo's poor attitudes when Michael C won. WHO DOES IVY THINK SHE IS? You can buy her uninspired looks off the rack at any J.C. Penneys yet she went on and on about Michael C's dress! This girl REALLY needs to get over herself! I disagreed with the judges on Christoper's jacket and thought it went very nicely with the hat. The leggings were a bad idea but I liked the jacket. Maybe if he had added some black tulle for a bottom to the jacket and nixed the leggings and had some nice heels, he might have placed high. I DO agree that Kristin needed to go home, not only was her stuff sloppy and unattractive, it was not well made. I don't know HOW Kristen even got on the show in the first place. Now, I'm going to show my age here, I REALLY LIKED Cassanova's dress! I thought it was a classic and yes, I've seen it before but it sure beats the snores Ivy sends down the runway. I hate to admit it, but, Gretchen's ensemble went well with her hat. I would never wear it but I'm sure there are thousands who would. I really was not a fan of very many of the hats, a few maybe but not all. I thought Heidi looked totally ridiculous with a gigantic cabbage rose on her head, an upside down cabbage rose to boot. I did feel sorry for Kristen getting the orchid hat she got, I think the best place for that hat was the garbage can but still, Kristin needed to go home.

Re: Re-use Wool Coat

I LOVE what you have done with this coat!! I always appreciate anyone who can take a useless garment and recycle it into something lovely and usable! Three cheers for you!!!!

Re: Project Runway: It's a Party!

Well, I have to say, I'm glad to see that Andy's masterpiece won, he richly deserved it and cudo's to his helpers! Sadly, I have given up on peach, I was hoping someone closer to my age could actually win P.R. but it wont be peach. She has no imagination and lacks creativity. Peach had a gazillion ways to go on this challenge and could have produced something remarkable and brilliant but instead, she gave us a tribute to Hello Kitty, complete with a H.K. purse. Peach clearly sews for a younger tween group and so far, most of what she puts out looks like a home-ec project. Peach will go home and soon. Then there were the awesome napkin dresses, both were lovely and showed real talent from the designers, bravo on those dresses! Next, Cassanova's salad bar on stilettos entree, I think everything but the kitchen sink was on that dress, it was busy and unappealing, look out A.J. you have competition. Gretchen's cowgirl stripper ensemble was overrated and in my opinion, should not have been in the top three, although I did like the blouse and thought it odd that no one commented on it. I couldnt decide with Ivy's dress, I was torn between expecting the stay puff marshmallow guy to pop out of there or to just go ahead and look for the trunk from Mr. Snuffleuffagus from Sesame Street. She took a lot of time and effort with the dress, it was just too puffy and the wrong color. so far, I think Gretchen and the girl with the black and white napkin dress look to be in the last three standing. Too bad Gretchen already has a big head, her stuff is nice but she's no Vera Wang just yet and she needs to keep her advice to herself. I agree with Cherlyn on Cassanova's "language barrier" problem, he's milking it for all its worth.

Re: Project Runway Season 8, Episode 2 Recap

I have to say, I feel the red dress was the winner by far. I liked the jumpsuit but I have seen it before. Is it really that far from modern day prison garb? Imagine it in bright orange with handcuffs. Still, I think it was different in a good way from the perennial dresses. I think
Gretchen looks like a finalist already. You know, I felt that the caped crusader get up was the worst but the infinity dress was a close second. Jason blaming his model for his failure was just wrong. First he goes on about how she worked it then it was her fault because he lost, so, which is it? I really hate the stuff that comes from the girl who purposely makes mistakes but "good mistakes" as heidi called them, that stuff is an embarrassment. I am not impressed with the girl who has her own line already, same old, same old. I hope peach hangs in there, I am happy she's not twenty something and worried for her because she's not twenty something and puts out some pretty pedestrian stuff. I think Mondo will do well but all in all, I don't think there is a lot of competition this season. We'll see.

Re: Counterpoints Jacket (Collage It! Template Set 2)

This looks like pieced leather and its great. I would never, in a million years have guessed it was sweatshirts!

Re: How to make a Chrysanthemum flower

I always look forward to your flower designs and I hope you continue to keep putting them out for all of us, they are always inspiring.

Re: Project Runway - And Sew it Begins

I agree with everything Cherlyn said and for all the same reasons. I could NOT believe Casanova got to stay and McKell was sent packing! That being said, I also have to say what a terrible thing it would have been for Casanova to be elimated due to the destruction of his incredibly expensive pants. I just bought a refrigerator for less money! French doors and freezer on the bottom! I hope he doesn't sit down and calculate how many hours he had to work just to pay for a single pair of pants! Still, that abomination he made wasnt enough material to string a kite tail with. I was sad for McKells 9 month old baby and I thought to myself, she wont stay even if she keeps winning, I know few women who can leave a young baby for long periods of time like that. I wish McKell luck, she looked tired and sickly and I hope life treats her and her baby well. I can honestly see Casanova staying for a few weeks because there is a distinct personality there and he is entertaining. As for the rest of them, who knows? We'll see.

Re: Weight a Narrow Hem with Thread

How perfectly clever! Thank You for such a great tip!

Re: Project Runway - Season 7 Finale

I was hoping Seth Aaron would win but my fear was that they would choose Emillio whom I did NOT think should win. I didn't think Mila would win because she had to fight for third place to even show at Bryant Park so that was a no brainer there. I like Mila's look, retro is in style these days but the nineties are not. Emillios stuff looked old, a couple of those dresses could have been made by any fashion student and about the only standout thing for me was that gown. I went online and looked at Jays collection that he showed and I have to say, he has some interesting stuff. I don't like Jay because he just couldn't stop running Mila down and never stops whining. I know Mila's sensibility is black and white but then again, so was Coco Chanels. That being said, Mila WAS stuck in color block land. I find it interesting that not one word was said about how black doesn't photograph well and don't use black because you can't see the detail and blah blah blah. I saw a LOT of black and not one judge commented on it. Last year, it was all about not using black. Go figure.

Re: Project Runway - Finale Part I

I REALLY liked Mila's coat and the dress underneath. I didn't much care for the houndstooth checked tunic top or whatever it was but I DID think Mila's collection showed more classic lines and is much more wearable than anyone elses. Mila pleasantly surprised me and I hope she does well at Bryant park. I didn't think Koor's was very surportive of Mila's work and his praise of Jay was unfounded. I thought Jay had some interesting things and I liked the pocket dress or top or whatever it was but it wouldnt look good on most of the population since most of us do not wear a size 2 and live on diet water all our lives. Then Jay had some costumes right out of the sc-fi channel. From what I've seen of emillio, he sure doesnt deserve to win, his stuff looks dated in a bad way and is this the same person who has continually won the challenges on P.R. all season long? I bet Seth Aaron will come up with something interesting, his stuff is a bit "out there" for me but all of his sci-fi gothic space gear is always well tailored. I hope he doesn't take Tim's advice to heart too much, while he may be "out there" I don't relish the idea of him putting something on the runway like "Aunt Bea meets June Cleaver" sort of stuff. Even a goth Judy Jetson is more interesting than aunt Bea!

Re: Project Runway -- Welcome to the Circus

Frankly, I wouldnt be caught dead in any of these get-ups. Put a powdered white wig on Seth Aarons model and George Washington would be on the cat walk. Mila's looked like Beetle Juice clothes while Jay was Michael Jackson all over agin. Anthonys was Scarlet Ohara and Emillio's was her cousin Mellie. Maybe its me but I DO NOT see how Emillio's dress was such a hit. I would not wear such an eyesore to even a circus. I guess Im more subtle than that. The red material on the bodice was confusing while the bottom looked like pure can can girl to me. I did like the way he began the stripes as one solid color and then had them spread out lower down the dress. I liked the kick pleat in the back of Mila's costume and I liked Jays pants. I like Anthony but that dress was pure pollyanna. I see some interesting stuff coming from Jay but one thing I don't see is a cohesive collection, hes too "out there" as far as focus for that. With Maya gone, I think Mila will edge him out. I believe Emillio will win although I dont see why hes so smug, he's already an established designer, its just more of the same for him and a win will be just another day. I would like to see some real home sewers on the show and no one whos already established, that takes away the element of surprise for me. Anyway, I wish them all luck, they all work very hard and deserve all the high fives they can get.

Re: Project Runway - Sew Much Pressure

I loved Anthony's dress and liked Emillios as well. I didnt see Maya quitting, it was a real surprise, I had her pegged as one of the final three, maybe she thought she might be among the top three as well and just wasnt ready to go that far yet so I have to respect her choice. What I didnt and dont respect is Seth Aaron's comment for us all to F__K OFF if any of US thought it was easy and didnt like Maya quitting like she did. For ANY program to allow a contestant to tell the entire viewing audience to f--k off is just a sad indication of what new lows the entertainment industry will stoop to. Secondly, how does Seth know what ANYONE was thinking? It really threw me to hear that kind of verbal abuse in my own home and I was shocked and angered by his remark. They ALL know what is expected of them when they try out for the show so if Seth Aaron cant make the cut, maybe HE should just throw in his scissors.

Re: Project Runway - Hey, That's My Fabric

I really loved emillios ensemble too, I thought the collar was a real standout and I love vintage styling so the jacket was right up my alley. I was sorry to see Anthony go because he is so funny and bubbly and adds a lot of interest to the show but I never expected him to be in the top three, he does keep making the same dress. I hated Mila's fiesta in a citrus can get up she cranked out. The dress was so stiff, I thought the model was going to fall flat on her face. I no longer see her in the top three. Jay's presentation was "RETURN OF THE LIZARD MAN" to me, and I didnt care for it at all.
I will say this for Seth, the man is a tailor, no one can argue that point. He marches to the beat of a different drummer but he is a costumer and lots of his stuff looks like something the ringmaster at the circus would wear. However, I see him, Emillio and Maya in the top three.
I think Emillio will probably win this year but Seth never fails to surprise me and who knows what the man will come up with over the break? We shall see.

Re: Vintage Inspiration

Love this article! As a collector of vintage clothing myself, I'm always happy to see a fellow "addict"
I have a mourning suit I love but my velvet pieces are not in nearly the great shape as this cape!
I never fail to be amazed at how tiny these garments are compared to todays modern sizes. I dont know how waist bands as small as these could fit anyone. But still, I love looking at them!

Re: Project Runway - Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

I was AMAZED at how Jonathan's dress complimented his models skin tone, I was apalled at how sloppy the top looked and the haphazard sling on the back. As far as Jay goes, someone down at the UPS store needs to keep that guy out of the packing area! His model looked like she stepped into a mess of brown packing paper and and tape and just twirled herself up in it. Am I the only one who thinks Anthony's dress looks pretty much like his Heidi dress? I have to give Mila credit for trying to think outside the box on her stuff, Koors was so snarky about it that I wanted to shank him a good one! No, it wasnt particularly creative but I see from next weeks previews that she has already gone running back to color block land, better safe than sorry I guess. Then there's Amy, I STILL think Amy has talent, but shes taking far too many risks and this last one was a full blown 4 alarm hot mess! I would like to see her calm down SOME but I still think the judges are not fair to her. As far as everyone doing an amazing job in the short time alloted, I think thats a given. Its understood before you try out for P.R. that this is the format of the show, if they werent talented, they wouldnt have made it on the show. There is NO ONE who doesnt deserve a medal for what they crank out in record time but its all part of the game. The blogs give us "armchair P.R.contestants" a chance to critique and think what we might have done differently if we were in that same situation. I dont think anyone means disrespect to the contestants, its all in fun and thats what makes a blog interesting.

Re: Project Runway - Nuts and Bolts

Fiberann, you are making me blush! But, while I'm blushing, I'm headed over to that web channel, I didnt know about that. thanks for the tip!

Re: Project Runway - Nuts and Bolts

I think this week was a bust. Emilio should have been sent home. Period. His less than truthful "I didnt want to make a dress like everyone else" was believed by no one except that guest judge. Amy got hosed, Mila was her usual color block self but her outfit was okay. You know, the rope and washers spoke of a nautical theme to me. If I had come to the realization that I was running out of material and time, I would have used muslin which is allowed and made a tank top and shorts or a casual skirt. I would have taken some of that pink string ( which should have been navy) and wrapped half of the washers in that. I would have taken the rope and untwisted it ( all rope is two or three ply ) which would give me at least twice the amount I started with. I would have then made a macrame overlay for at least the tank top tied together with the pink and silver washers. I might have taken two washers and used them as grommets to thread narrow shoulder seams through. I might have used the washers as grommets to line the hem of the shorts and threaded the rope through them as a trim. I didnt even see an accessory on Emilios "outfit" but I would have taken some of the washers and made a chunky bracelet or belt. It wouldnt have won but it would have at least been a bit more respectable than what he threw at the judges. Amy's outfit should have placed, it was innovative and a lovely piece of work. The hersheys kiss was gaudy and some of that other stuff with all the tin looked like baked potatos. I think the only reason Emilio was kept is because he keeps drama on the show. He is the only one tearing everybody elses stuff apart right now so they need him to keep it interesting.

Re: Project Runway - Week 6: Mini Models Take the Runway

Okay, this is getting scary, once again, I agree with the judges, I must be going soft or something. I have to say, I just LOVED Seth's whole presentation, I loved the childs jacket and even when he was only halfway through the adults jacket, I was salivating over it! I'm all for black and white if done in a non penguin-skunk fashion. Speaking of Mila, I didnt even mind her adult outfit, the childs was too pebbles and bam-bam for me and I thought it looked cheap and poorly made. I really liked the whole ruffle detail Jay had with both of his outfits but I thought the colors were a bit ominous for a little girl and the pockets on the childs top made it look like she was wearing a bathing suit to me. Loved Maya's yellow jackets and I just HATED Jesse's childs dress, it looked like the home ec project from HE-- nothing about it was cute or whimsical. Then there is Amy who I think is very talented. You know, I know the pants werent Bryant Park bound or anything but the judges ripped her a new one over them! I think Amy has a penchant for sixties retro and those colors were used together then Im sure, and it certainly beats Mila's whole 80's color blocking style that we see over and over and over again. The childs outfit Amy did was something skimmed off the local garbage truck but those pants at least took a risk and there were a few presentations that looked like they ran down to wal-mart and grabbed something off the 75% off rack. Lastly, I would have liked to see the little girls all get their hair done and fussed over a bit more than they were, I know the show was not about them but when they came out on the runway, their hair looked as though they had combed it themselves and they didnt have socks on. I know that may be very stylish today but as the mother of a now grown little girl, I just HATE to see little girls wearing dresses without socks or tights.

Re: Project Runway - Week 5: Run for Cover

Well, first, let me say, I again agreed with the judges decision. Anthony's dress just screamed Heidi Klum! Do I think he is the next P.R. winner? NO, his stuff is too much costume and not enough real fashion. I guess you could say that Anthony is living proof that even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once-in-a-while. I think the mummy like ruffle looked sloppy and hurried but the color and style of the dress was clearly Heidi. I didnt realize it, but Mila IS repeating the whole color block thing over and over. I think she should be checked for color blindness since the judges SAID we need COLOR, to stand out from the newstand. Her dress was bland. I think the real winner should have been Jesse, but again, -AFTER THEY SAID NO BLACK- his dress was black, maybe its their hearing that should be checked.
I really feel that Jeanene is ready to get the axe but shes getting some real competition from Jonathan for last place. I dont know what he's on, but he really needs to cut the dosage! That monstrosity would scare small children! Amy dissapointed with her "hankie" dress and Maya's dress looked like someone at the picnic smashed about 16 paper plates over her head and left them there. I didnt care for Ben's dress either, the colors were ugly and even though the back was cute, there was something matronly and outdated looking about it, I felt the belt confused the look even further. Once again, I think some of the cuter outfits were considered safe and didnt get much of a nod. Lastly, I dont have any idea how Anna ever made it on the show, her lack of experience or maybe taste or both stood out like a sore thumb. I was proud of her for holding her head up high when she left though.

Re: Project Runway - Week 4: Hearts and Flowers

Wow, this week was, how should I put this? NOT VERY IMPRESSIVE. I agree with the judges this time however, Amy's dress moved beautifully and her model looked positively etheral in that dress. I didnt feel that Jesus's dress was THAT awful, I've seen Kors crank out worse but it was Jesus's time to go. Before I say this, let me say that Anna's dress would have made ANYONE look HUGE, no matter how skinny. Her model is about my size. That being said, this dress made the model look like a sumo wrestler in drag! All that was missing was the giant diaper and the little black pony tail. Maybe thats why Kors was a little less critical of this dress than Jesus's, he was probably afraid the model would put him in a headlock if he said too much. Moving on, I think Mila and Amy look like real contenders for Bryant Park, Mila seems to be a particular favorite of the judges. Her dress didnt do a lot for me save the fact that I was tempted to stand up and say the pledge of alligence or at least hum a few bars of the Star Spangled Banner but thats about it. I liked the top of Jonathan Peters dress, I thought it worked well for his skinny model. I think the rest were pretty much forgettable except for Maya's dress, all that was missing was a torch, a crown and Ellis Island.

Re: Project Runway - Week 3 - Iconic Inspirations

I'm sorry, I probably was bad and spoke too soon of this design. Everyone knows penguins live in the SOUTH POLE!

Re: Project Runway - Week 3 - Iconic Inspirations

I have felt sorry for Mila since her model dumped her the last time and I was hoping she would win. Not with this! It reminds me of the movie "The Fly" where the guy gets into the machine to beam himself to another part of the room not knowing a fly is in the machine with him. When he comes out, hes part person part fly. Picture this scenario with a penguin instead. This abomination was so unflattering I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants when I saw the model wearing it. You know, the judges must really be hard up for a pair of pants instead of a dress if they think this was a winner. Can you imagine going to dinner or to a public function with this on? If you can, I suggest you NOT go to the zoo lest you be mistaken for a penguin or a skunk and get thrown into a cage with one of the critters! Those bat wings were a winner alright, if you plan on flying to the north pole to join the rest of your colony! Geesh!

Re: Create Intricate Fabric With Pin Weaving

I LOVE this idea! I can't wait to try it!

Re: Project Runway Returns

Loved the first episode, looks like lots of talent according to all those photographs they showed. I just LOVE Ping, she's a living doll! I also loved the way her outfit moved on the runway, it was different and maybe not all of it in a good way, still, it was interesting. I'm happy with who won and oddly, I think the loser was an appropriate choice but a surprise in the end. In the beginning of the show, she was telling about all the awards she had won and I thought, oh my, these people are going to be blown out of the water by this woman, it will be a bloodbath! Then, she's the first to go, who knew?
I did like the outfit from the guy who looked like a circus ringmaster the day of the runway show, but the red zipper was overkill for me, still, it was cute.
I have to say, I see much more talent this year than last, these folks all look like they could have beaten any one of the contestants from last year. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season and can't wait to see what these designers pull off!

Re: The Trousseau of the May Queen

Simply stunning! Thank You for sharing these beautiful gowns with us, I can't stop looking at them!

Re: Project Runway Season 6 Finale - Tim has a meltdown

I was not surprised that Irina won, I dont care for her but her win was not unexpected. While Carol Hannah'a clothing was wearable, Irina's was edgy, different and she had the total package, helmets, bags, gloves, you name it. Her collection was polished and sophisticated. It offered no color variation I can't say even one piece was pretty but her presentation was well thought out. I personally liked the pleating and the workmanship in her collection. I feel that Carol Hannah should have come in second, not third. I loved her first dress and one of her last dresses that was made of many bits of tiny fabric was amazing! That dress had such movement! Each section of that dress moved in unison with the main fabric body and it was captivating to watch that dress go down the runway. Carol Hannah designs more for real people like me (not 20 yrs old and not model thin) rather than the young, razor thin models that P.R. seems to prefer. I would have LOVED to have seen Carol Hannah win but I hope we will see more of her. Then there's Althea, what became of Althea? Other than her 13th look, the beige pants, her collection was ..... less than impressive. I could NOT believe this was the same person who had sent so many stylish garments down the runway. She said she had been watching SI FI flicks and that was what inspired her. I suspect she must have been watching "Invasion of the body snatchers" because the stuff she brought to B.P. was not by the same Althea I watched all season. I will say this for both Althea and Carol Hannah, they both showed great class when they didnt win. They were gracious and smiled and Althea stood and applauded Irina after she was declared the winner. I am proud of them both for that. Irina was clearly angry when M.K. told her that her theme was not new and Nina made the comment about the all black collection. I think C.H. and A.H. have more class in their little fingers than Irina has in her whole body. Also, Irina needs to remember, this is a contest themed reality show with emphasis on the show and not on the contest. With the exception of Christian Seriano, Im not aware of any former P.R. winner who has actually become ultra successful in the fashion industry.
With all that said, I still enjoy watching and knowing Im not alone in my addiction to this ridiculous show! ;-)

Re: Project Runway Episode 13 - Feel the Burn

I did find Nina's comments on not using black interesting because if anyone remembers, Christian Siriano's collection was nearly 100 percent black with a smidge of off white and one piece with some brown in it and he won.
I understand he is doing quite well for himself and is being pegged as the next Marc Jacobs.
That said, Nina will be judging the final three and I don't think she will appreciate that Irina didn't take her advice. The frou frou dress C.H. made was fashionable I think but I think another color would have suited it better. Funny about the black remark by Nina, Coco Channel made her mark in the industry using black and white and its been a hallmark of good taste since that time. Bottom line, Nina is one of the judges and I would have taken her advice.

Re: Project Runway Episode 13 - Feel the Burn

Wow! Poor Carol Hannah! The poor thing is soooooo sick, I don't know how she is hanging in there! I noticed that while Althea and Irina were both saying the appropriate things, they couldnt keep the smiles off their faces! I guess it IS a competition like they said and the fashion industry is clearly ruthless.
I never thought I would see myself writing this but, if the peeks we have had are indicative of what comes next week, Irina looks like the clear winner. Choke, cough, sputter....
It's not that C.H. and Althea's things arent good, they are, but again, they look to be more of the same. The few things I have seen of Irina's are fahion forward and chic. She appears to have more talent than what she was able to present on the show. I still don't like the snake but as I said, if the few peeks we got are representative of what is to come, snakes rule. >-(

Re: Project Runway Episode 12 - Who Goes to NY Fashion Week?

Last night was no surprise to anyone as far as I'm concerned. I was shocked to see the normally sweet and shy Gordana morph into an Irina clone and claw at poor Carol Hannah who only asked that there be no arguing. I was disgusted to see Gordana kissing up to Irina and I can't say Im suprised and now, not even sorry to see her go. Her dress was a good interpretation of the painting right down to the brush strokes but was again gray. No shock, she even chose a gray painting. The dress was nice but no flash of inspiration and not new or even intricate. Christopher was a no brainer. I know Irina has her fans but I feel she is a good seamstress but not an inspired designer. I did not care for Irina's dress at all, I agree with Nina that it was matronly on the bottom and it just looked like she strung it together at the last minute with some twine she found on the floor somewhere. I will say this, at least she took a risk which is something she normally does not do so I will give her an E for effort. I agree with her that some of Althea's stuff looks somewhat sloppy and unfinished at times but Althea is a better designer than Irina, however, her sewing is not nearly as good as Irina's. I feel that Carol hannah is a mix of the two, a good seamstress and a good designer and I think she should win. I have the feeling Althea will win but I like Carol Hannah. I thought it was interesting that Irina's face fell when she saw Carol hannah had been named one of the finalists, I think Irina thinks Carol hannah might be some competition for her. I did not know Carol Hannah had no formal training at a fashion design school till last night, that makes me root for her all the more. Anyway, I would like to know what has become of the former winners of Project Runway, where are they now? As the last episode blogger said. I really would like to know if they have achieved success or did they just go back home? I also would like to see some different challenges such as an economy themed show. The designers could go to a thrift shop or the goodwill and re-make an outfit to fit with today's styles. Maybe even something formal, who knows? I think its very relevant considering the recession. In the end, if Irina wins, I for one will not be happy for the nasty little shrew.

Re: red summer dress

I LOVE everything about this dress! The lines are classic and all you have to do is look at it to see it looks great on anyone who wears it!
I DO see one tiny little problem with it however......
I would HAVE to have one in every color!

Re: Project Runway Episode 11 - Make it feel good

I have to say for the first time that maybe, just maybe, Irina finally knows how it feels to get the short end of the stick. The IDEA of both her and Althea's jacket was nice but the final product was baggy and sloppy and totally unwearable. Something a little more proportioned would have been ideal. I DO feel that Althea took her idea from Irina and it was ironic that Althea won using Irina's idea >-)
I'm SO glad Carol Hannah stuck to what she knows because its way too important now to veer off her strengths. Even Irina knows that. Carol hannah should make her pants outfits for Bryant Park and just get to the final three before she takes a big risk. Hey, it has worked for Irina so far! Christophers dress was one of those old fashioned music box ballerinas dancing atop a mountain of toilet paper. Had he left the ballerina, he would have been fine. But then, it would have been too similar to the first look. I personally believe Gordana has multiple personalities! This woman can make a dress one week that is just beautiful and the next, a fashion abomination! I felt her suit looked like that of a female prison warden circa WWII Germany. I totally agreed with Heidi on this one. As for Logan, his Judy Jetson dress was so bad, it was embarrassing, even for him. He said he doesnt design for ninety percent of the population, that his stuff is limited to certain tastes. If thats true, his "career" is over because designers design for the general public, NOT space aliens.

Re: Project Runway Episode 10 - Talk to me

Once again, Christopher hangs in there! WHY? He has GOT to be the worst designer and yet, he remains week after week! I was amazed with Gordana's dress and felt she should have won, I don't think its fair they deduct points because she apologized for changing her look, why cant she change her mind? Everyone else does. I was not blown away with Carol Hannah's dress but it was better than a lot of the other looks. Then there's Irina, who knew inspiration could be had as easily as a short trot away at the local Goodwill store? Pass one in any shopping center and they are teeming with 80's cowl neck sweaters and the outdated sleevless vests. I kept looking and looking for the stirrups on those pants! Can you say NOT NEW? I don't like Irina because of her sharp tongue and her air of superiority but as much as it pains me to say this, her workmanship is pretty darned good. I wont call her a Gordana but she's close. Not inspired, just a good seamstress. I think Gordana has talent she's not putting out there because if she stepped up, she could easily win this season! Biting my tongue here but Althea's stuff is starting to look a lot like outfits she has already sent down the runway. Im just tired of Logan, his stuff is a yawn and it seems to me that he just doesnt try all that hard. He's cute but not a real contender.

Re: Project Runway Episode 9 -- Let the sequins fly!

I simply can't believe Shirin was sent home! While I agree her dress was a total loser, it was her first time on the bottom three that I can remember. Christopher however is a regular on the bottom three and deserved to go home! I don't know if the judges are trying to keep the boys in there a while longer or if they are afraid he will boo-hoo all over the set and short out the lighting if he is voted off. I liked his stuff at first but it has gotten worse and worse with each passing show. Shirin is talented and usually does good work. It wasnt fair. Irina's dress was the usual snore fest, no surprises there. I predict that Christopher will go home next ( if he doesn't, he should ) and the last three standing will be the obnoxious and undeserving Irina along with Carol Hannah and Althea. I also believe Althea will win. Logan is cute but his stuff doesnt measure up to the girls work. I like Althea and I think she will win but Carol Hannah has that "small town girl with a big dream" air about her and it would be great if she were to win. If that lizard Irina wins, it will be a crying shame!

Re: Project Runway Episode 8-Mentors and Serendipity

My only question is this, why is it that every time Irina makes one of her usual predictable outfits which would be considered "safe" if done by any of the other designers, the judges fall all over themselves praising this stuff? The dress when made by Irina, is called "age appropriate" if its made by another designer, its called matronly and ages the person who is wearing it? This dress was no masterpiece, the best thing about it was the dye job. The rest was pretty standard fare. Given the amount of fabric she had to work with, I feel its uninspired at best. Its clear that Irina is going to Bryant Park but I feel she gets off the hook pretty easily. I will miss poor Epperson, he's a sweetie and his dress was far better than Logan's fashion disaster. Perhaps its because Epperson has been on the bottom three so many times? Who knows. Poor Shirin had NOTHING to work with and I think she did a great job with nothing. I am glad Gordana won, she does very good work and her work is no safer than Irina's, she's just not looked upon as favorably for some reason. Maybe the young attractive designers are given a little more slack than the older ones?

Re: Project Runway Episode 7 - Blue for You

Once again, an agreement that the runway showing is way too short. I know the show wants drama but I no longer care for Irina after listening to her trash some of the other designers. She is smug and condescending and while her work is okay, I am not blown away with it. I saw the interview Louise did and she said the camera men are always asking " does this person bother you"? or how do you like your room mates? She said she never had anything bad to say and therefore, got little to no camera time and that is sad. I also believe the people who run the show are the ones taking the bobbins and thread from the machines in order to get the contestants to argue and thats just such a cheap shot it is disturbing. They have the basis for a good show but their insistance on turning it into a squabbling run-of-the-mill reality show may ultimately be its unraveling.