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Re: Project Runway Episode 9: "It's All About Me"

I loved Fabio's print. Beautiful. But the garment design wasn't strong enough to enhance it. On the other hand, Elena's print was pretty weak, but her jacket design saved it.

Re: Project Runway All Stars: "The Business of Fashion"

I love Mondo's use of fabric, and his design does work for many body types. If someone wants, they can throw on a belt. I think the look is very versatile and with something retailing for that much money, you would want to be able to wear it on many occasions. I even envision it under a blazer at the office.

Re: New Fashion Design Degree Program Launches

I agree that extensive knowledge of sewing is unnecessary to a designer. Two different disciplines really. While I admire those who sew well, beautiful seams or even great fit on a bad design gets one nowhere.

Re: Project Runway 9: "Finale - Part 2"

I am so glad Anya won. Her prints and colors were outstanding. Her designs have a beautiful flow about them, and the fact that she used her fabric choices in ways not seen before tells me they liked her for her originality. Congratulations to her.

Re: No Halstons Here: Project Runway Episode 10 is "Sew '70s"

I have to hand it to Anya. She may not be the best designer, but her prints are winning the awards. I feel for her because not having that sewing experience has got to create lots of anxiety. Viktor came off like a real ass. I can tell he's a skilled sewist, but I'm not in love with his esthetic nor his nasty competitiveness.

Re: Project Runway 9: "What Women Want"

I adored Anya's look. She is not afraid of prints and she's willing to take risk. I think Bert's look is skanky although I'm sure it's well-made. As for Olivier, I had to laugh at him, but in the end, even though he felt very uncomfortable making a garment for a woman with boobs, he did well. I like the design of the top, and I think it fit her well and looked contemporary. Viktor's skirt was very cute, but I didn't care for the sleeves on the blouse. Something oddly shaped about them was disturbing, and it looked very dated.

Re: Drawstring Placement

I wish I had received this a few days ago when I made the mistake of making the top of my dress too blousy. Had to take out the casing and resew it. I used elastic in mine, and it was very simple.

Re: Project Runway 9: "Go Big or Go Home"

I also did not like the very dated turquoise top paired with the tan trousers. Awful colors among other problems. I think they got kudos because they worked with chiffon. Anya and Olivier's dress was interesting but their fabric choices didn't read well on tv. It looks much better in a photograph. Nice structural top.

Re: Project Runway 9: Come As You Are

I love Bert!!! Another oldie!! Anya's pants are what saved her. They were beautiful and fit especially well in the back, but she should have been called out for reusing a design in the top. Bad, bad. If she truly is a beginning sewer, she's brilliant thus far.

Re: Oscar Fashion 2011

The Givenchy looks like a pink shield on her chest. You can see the stiffness, they must have had to use multiple layers of stabilizer. Very unattractive. The circular shape just doesn't work on a bodice.

Re: What sewing topics would you like to read about in Threads?

I am currently working with some lovely, fine knits that tend to be tough to handle at the finished edges (i.e., wrinkly, stretched out, etc). I have a serger, but, some information about finishing edges, perhaps artful and creative would be nice.

Re: Project Runway: Season 8 - Finale Part 2

I've been down on the designers for the most part all season, but in the end I think Andy could have won if he had put a ball gown or another dress in his line. His beautiful soft metallic fabrics were gorgeous. Mondo's ability to put patterns together is wonderful, but really, I don't see myself ever wearing anything he put together. Gretchen was just plain awful. I even like brown, but her styling was drab and those under (over) panties were grotesque. What was she thinking. Don't know what happened to the talent this season, and I was even disappointed in Heidi who I felt liked clothes too tight and too short . . . on the edge of skanky. Really, Heidi. Jessica Simpson looked fat in that dress . . . very unappealing and a bad color for her. Nina and Michael, ugh.