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Re: Three Ways to Attach Boning

As a costume professionnal I have used many different kinds of boning over the last 30 years. Any time I put rigilene or poly boning into a garment I cut the end into a curve and then I melt the ends together over a flame. This prevents the ends from poking out of the casing and poking the wearer. I have had to alter many costumes that people made without finishing the tip of the bones and I've had to remove these bones and replace them with properly finished bones. I would never put in spiral or steel bone without properly finishing the tips.

It would be helpful for your readers to have this information before they end up getting poked by a piece of boning.

Re: Check out the new issue of Threads

Putting a needle through a spool of thread like the picture on the cover is a big faux pas because it breaks the thread. I would expect this magazine to know better.

Re: Do You Have a Sewing Question for Threads?

I just picked up Issue Number 144 and I was quite surprised to see the major faux pas on the cover of a magazine about thread. You should never put a needle through the middle of a spool of thread because it breaks the thread and when you go to stitch with this thread it will break. I have been sewing for over 40 years and working as a theatrical costumer since the mid 70's and this is one of our pet peeves when a novice stitcher comes in and uses the spool as a pincushion. Please tell your readers that this is not a good idea, but is something I am sure the stylist on your cover shoot did.
One other thing that will also help when sewing is to always stitch in the direction that the thread comes off of the spool. This should keep the thread from knotting as often.