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Sarah McFarland, CT, US

My role as editor is a unique chance to combine journalism experience with my excitement for creating clothes and accessories. I have been preoccupied with crafts since I was a child. I always have many projects in the works, and possess a fabric and yarn stash that grows more enormous every year. The crafts I devote the most time to are sewing and knitting. Not only do I enjoy the unique look of clothes that I make for myself, I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when someone notices an item I made. At Threads, I look forward to discovering, learning and sharing the techniques readers need to accomplish the sewing projects of their dreams.

craft interests: crochet, embroidery, fashion, gifts, knitting, paper-crafts, restyle, sewing, origami, crewelwork

Gender: Female

Member Since: 01/05/2010

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Sew a Caddy for Your Sewing Machine Cord

Keep the cord and foot pedal together in a fabric holder.

Sew on a Chunky Knit Collar

Add a cozy sweater collar to a jacket even if you don’t possess knitting skills.

Quick Tips for Sewing Under the Gun

The steps I take to set up for speedy sewing

Celebrate National Tape Measure Day on July 14

Enjoy another July holiday, this one to appreciate a worthy measuring tool

Change a Sleeve Pattern to Add a Quilted Cuff

See Angela Wolf's pattern change for the SewStylish 1467 jacket

Tips for Sewing a Pickstitched Lapped Zipper in a Faced Edge

It's easy to install a hand-stitched lapped zipper in garments. Here's how to do so with a facing.

Imagine Sewing 1,000 Dresses: Upcoming Film Explores Charity for African Girls

Independent filmmaker seeks crowdfunding for The Little Dress: A Journey of Hope documentary

Easy Faux Leather Tassel

Learn how to cut, roll, and stitch a tassel for a bag or keychain.

Pat's Custom Buttons and Belts for Sale

Owner Pat Mahoney says she's ready to retire after 40 years

More Images from Louise Cutting's Sewing Room

Contributing Editor Louise Cutting loves to collect sewing memorabilia. Browse through photos of some of the fun and interesting items found in her sewing studio.

Project Runway Season 12: Episode 13, "Finale: Part 1"

An elimination leaves four designers to show at NY Fashion Week

Project Runway Season 12, Episode 10: "Project Runway SuperFan!"

Project Runway SuperFans inspired and wore this episode's designs.

Project Runway Season 12, Episode 8: "Having a Field Day"

The designers create activewear for Heidi's New Balance line

Project Runway Season 12, Episode 7: "Shoes First!"

The designers had to "step it up" this week in a shoe-based test

Project Runway Season 12, Episode 6: "Let's Go Glamping"

Project Runway designers go "glamping" or "glamorous camping."

Project Runway Season 12, Episode 5: "YOU Choose Your Materials!"

Team friction rises in another unconventional materials challenge

Project Runway Season 12, Episode 4: "Tie the Knot"

Thousands of ties, two marriage proposals, and one violent tantrum

Easy-to-Alter Space: Connie Crawford's Studio

Connie Crawford found her ideal studio and outfitted it with custom sewing furniture.

Project Runway Season 12, Episode 3: "An Unconventional Coney Island"

There's drama as teamed designers sew Coney Island game prizes

Project Runway Season 12: Episode 2, "Million Dollar Runway"

The designers are inspired by $30 million in jewels and diamonds

Saving Lace: An Interview with Mimi Prober

Designer Mimi Prober’s dresses are a study in reclaiming delicate materials.

Add a Quick and Easy Elastic Waist to a Skirt

Don't want to put in a zipper? No sweat, here's a fast, stretchy, alternative

Hot Tips for Better Pressing

How do you get great results when pressing your sewing projects?

Project Runway Season 12: Episode 1 "Sky's the Limit"

See all of the designs from the Season 12 premiere.

Create the Perfect Sewing Space

Three professionals share what they love about where they sew.

Project Runway 11, Episode 14: "Finale, Part 2"

Care to guess which designer won Project Runway's 11th season?

Armhole and Sleeve-Cap Seam Worksheet

Print out this handy worksheet to record armscye and sleeve-cap dimensions.

From Drab to Decorated

A studio transformation makes a sewing instruction space more open and inviting.

Project Runway Season 11, Episode 13: "Finale Part 1"

One more designer gets eliminated after Tim's home visits

Project Runway Season 11, Episode 12: "Europe, Here We Come"

Whirlwind trips to Europe inspire the final five designers

Project Runway, Episode 11: "Finally On My Own"

The designers sew "editorial" looks for a Marie Claire cover

Project Runway Season 11, Episode 10: "The Art of Fashion"

The teams make avant-garde and RTW looks in the HP challenge

Book Giveaway: "The Essential A-Line"

It's the skirt every girl needs! Win this awesome book!

Project Runway Season 11, Episode 9: "He Said, She Said"

The designers create spring RTW for a Lord & Taylor challenge

Project Runway Season 11, Episode 8: "Take It All Off!"

The designers dress (temporarily, at least) a male dance revue

Project Runway Season 11: Episode 7, "A Sticky Situation"

The designers make duct-tape dresses for a tough audience: teenagers

Project Runway Season 11: Episode 6, "Senior Fling"

Some designers excel, while others come to tears, in a challenge to create looks for mature women

Project Runway Episode 5: "A Little Bit Country, a Little Bit Rock 'n' Roll"

Leather and lace and fringe and denim... in the latest episode, the designers had the opportunity to create a performance look and a red-carpet look for Grammy-winning country artist Miranda...

Project Runway Season 11: Episode 4, "The Ultimate Hard and Soft"

Hardware and flowers combine in this unconventional materials challenge

Project Runway Season 11: Episode 3, "Surprise Me"

The teams design two looks to help Heidi sell her perfume

Project Runway Season 11 Episode 2: "Spin Out"

The designers sew uniforms for Susan Sarandon's Spin ping-pong nightclubs

Project Runway Season 11: Episode 1 "There is No I in Team"

A fresh crop of designers and a season-long twist on the show formula - Season 11 is something different

Save Your Fabric from Pulls and Snags

Here's a sewing room solution for a tricky fabric problem.

What's Your Sewing Storage Solution?

Read tips from real sewers, and share your own!

Project Runway All Stars Episode 12: "Go Big or Go Home"

It's the finale! Who won Project Runway All Stars Season 2?

Project Runway All Stars, Episode 11: "Couture de France"

Paris shopping, Valentino garments, and a last-minute challenge made this episode exciting.

Mood LA Moves: Check Out the New, Bigger Location

Famous Los Angeles fabric store has a new address, more space and features

Project Runway All Stars, Episode 8: "Flapper Fashion Face-Off"

A 1920's themed challenge creates one-on-one designer face-offs

Project Runway All Stars, Episode 7: "An Unconventional Nightmare Before Christmas"

In a non-fabric challenge, the designers create looks from holiday decorations

Project Runway All Stars, Episode 6: "Green Dress for the Red Carpet"

The All-Stars designed dresses made with eco-friendly fabrics

Project Runway All Stars, Episode 5: "You've Got Male "

The designers create androgynous and avant garde looks for male and female models

Project Runway All Stars, Episode 4: "Made in the USA Today"

The designers make looks based on fan photos from USA Today readers

Project Runway All Stars, Episode 3: "Up Your Aerosol"

The designers work with graffiti artists to create bold art-to-wear

Project Runway All Stars Episode 2: "Put On Your Dancing Shoes"

The designers try to remember the '70s for a disco Nine West challenge.

Sewing Gift Suggestions

More notions, machines, and other present ideas from the Threads staff

Project Runway Episode 13: "Finale, Part 1"

The final four designers stress out in Season 10's penultimate episode

Project Runway Episode 12: "In a Place Far, Far Away"

Who's going to Fashion Week?! An avant-garde challenge weeds out one more designer.

Project Runway Episode 11: "It's Fashion, Baby"

The designers must create outfits for babies

Project Runway Episode 10: "I Get a Kick Out of Fashion"

The designers get to dress New York City's famous dancing Rockettes

Project Runway Episode 9: "It's All About Me"

The designers create their own prints on HP computers. Anya and Mondo guest-judge!

Project Runway Episode 8: "Starving Artist"

The designers earn fabric money by selling their work on the streets of New York City

Project Runway Episode 7: "Oh My Lord and Taylor"

Dresses for a famous department store cause designer meltdowns and a surprise ending

Project Runway Episode 6: "Fix My Friend!"

Who wants a makeover? In this episode, the designers help "real" women find new looks

Project Runway Episode 5: "It's My Way on the Runway"

Joanna Coles, Marie Claire's tough Editor in Chief, judges looks for working women

Project Runway Season 10: "Women On the Go"

Two designers left voluntarily, one came back, and everyone had to face a Michael Kors-themed challenge

Project Runway Season 10: "Welcome Back (Or Not) To the Runway"

Designers from seasons past return - as models!

Project Runway Season 10: "Candy Couture"

Dylan Lauren (Ralph's daughter) is the guest judge for a sticky challenge.

"Project Runway": Anniversary Party in Times Square

It's here, the 10th anniversary season of "Project Runway"

How to Make a Striped Origami Belt

Try this striped variation of a SewStylish accessory.

Suit Yourself: Gertie has a New Online Sewing Course

In her new online course, SewStylish author Gretchen Hirsch shares how to make a vintage-inspired skirt suit

Video: Designers Create Golden Cloth from Spider Silk

A British and an American artist collaborate to make the world's largest pieces of spider-silk fabric

Sew on Lace Trim for Texture, Color and Detail

Apply an array of lace trim for a fresh take on a basic garment.

How to Sew a Sleeveless Scarf Top

Turn two chiffon scarves into a sleeveless top with a bubble-look hem.

Sew a Sweet Cummerbund Belt

Sewing expert and SewStylish author Gretchen Hirsch has an easy-to-make belt

There's More to See in this Great Sewing Studio

Additional images from Katrina Walker's sewing "cabin"

How to Make Fabric Clocks

Got a minute? It doesn’t take long to create these cute timekeepers.

The Talk is Pleating with Designer Babette Pinsky

Babette Pinsky is in the Designer Spotlight in Threads no. 159. Learn more about the pleating she uses in her designs.

Enter the Dare To Make It! Holiday Contest

Our sister site,, is hosting a great competition for handmade gifts and decorations

Elvis' Fabulous Upholstered Pool Room

A famous room at Graceland is lined with more than 300 yards of fabric

Premiere Date Set for 'Project Runway All Stars'

13 designers get a second chance to compete; series starts January 5 on Lifetime

Sneak Peek at "It's Sew Easy" Season 2

The PBS sewing series resumes in December - here's what's coming up!

Meet the Fabrics of the Future

A new book explores the possibilities for textiles that save lives and look amazing

Calling all Designers: Bendel's Hosts Open-See Event for Women's Accessoires

Grab your handbag or accessory samples and get your work noticed!

No Halstons Here: Project Runway Episode 10 is "Sew '70s"

Most of the designers missed the mark on a sophisticated '70s look

Project Runway Episode 7: "Can't We Just All Get Along?"

The short answer: No. Squabbling had a high cost for some designers in this dramatic, two-team challenge episode.

Project Runway 9: Come As You Are

The new season has finally arrived. Who is your favorite so far?

"Project Runway" Announces Season 9 Designers

20 have been chosen, but only one will win. Season 9 begins July 28.

More Sewing Misadventures

More tales of sewing disasters - and a call to share your own stories

Finally! Project Runway is Ready to Roll

Are you ready to watch? Lifetime announces Season 9 to premiere July 28

"Show Your Support" and Embellish a Bra

There's time to make a stunning entry for the annual bra contest at the American Sewing Expo

Download a Cutout Design from SewStylish Summer 2011

Here's a free cutout design featured in our new summer issue. Download it and try the technique yourself!

New Sewing Show, "It's Sew Easy," Starts June 30 on PBS

Find new projects and tutorials on this new national sewing show

'Project Accessory' Begins Casting Soon

Have you heard about the accessory-themed "Project Runway" spin-off?

What Makes a Sewing Space Great?

What would you like to learn about the sewing workspaces of authors, experts, and your fellow readers?

This IS Your Grandmother's Sewing Machine

In the exhibit "Tools of the Trade," the University of Alberta has assembled a fascinating collection of notions and more.

Create a Swirled Bias Sleeve

Here's how to piece and twist a bias sleeve

A Forgiving Bias-Cut Sleeve

In an online extra, Denise Severson shares a technique to make a pieced and bias-cut sleeve.

Are You In or Out? "Project Runway" is Casting Season 9

The deadline is April 15 to send in photos of your garments and a personal video.

Sew and Win: There's Time to Enter the ASG 2011 Creativity Contest

Seven Simplicity patterns are the starting point for this American Sewing Guild contest

Add Your Expertise to WikiProject: Textile Arts

Contribute your fiber arts knowledge to the online encyclopedia

Video: Designer Charlotte Todd Auctions Kate Middleton's Catwalk Dress

British designer sells Kate Middleton's charity fashion show "dress."

The Blog for Men Who Sew (And the Women Who Sew For Them)

Meet Peter Lappin, creator of "Male Pattern Boldness" a men's sewing blog

Suggest a Designer for the Spotlight

Whom do you want to hear from in the Threads interview series?

What are Your Favorite Embroidery Software Features?

New embroidery software creates precision cuts as well as stitched designs.

A Few of Your Favorite Notions

Members of the Threads community posted pictures and details about these adorable sewing notions

The Lady and the Cocoon

A Chinese empress is credited with silk's discovery in a popular legend.

The Dresden Shepherdess: Create a Bridal Hat

Create a headpiece that's perfect for a not-too-traditional bride, or change the fabrics and make a special-occasion hat.

Make Faux Feathers from Fabric and Wire

Create realistic feathers by following designer John Koch's steps in this tutorial.

Make a Bow With Tails - To Trim a Hat or Embellish a Garment

Learn to make a fabric bow with tails in this post on John Koch's hat embellishment technique.

Try Your Hand at Hat Trimming: Bows Without Tails

Learn author John Koch's method for making structured fabric bows without tails, with more hat embellishments to come! Part one of a four-part series.

Share Your Sweetest Notions

Do you have a notion you prize because it's cute?

Pulling Teeth: Tips to Shorten Zippers

Sewing instructor Jacque Goldsmith shares quick solutions for trimming too-long zippers

Holiday Tips: Bake, Sew and Wrap Ideas from Threads Readers

Some holiday-type hints, drawn from Threads readers' tips

Do You Have a Soundtrack for Your Sewing?

Tell us what you like to listen to - music, books or movies - while you sew.

L.I.F.E. Bags Support Kenyan Women and Children

Bags handmade in Kenya offer women a means to support and improve the lives of their special-needs children

Look Online to Find Local Sewing Charity Projects

Feel like sewing for someone else this holiday season? Sites like will point you toward groups that need your help.

Take a Free Trial of PatternPal, an App for Sewing Supplies

Comment on this post to get one of six free-trial codes for PatternPal, a sewing app for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

Find Inspiration in Amazing Artisan Textiles

"1,000 Artisan Textiles" features works to spark new ideas for anyone who sews

Novi Report Part 2: Fashion Challenge at the American Sewing Expo

ASE Passion for Fashion design challenge focused on Motor City classics

Novi Report Part 1: Snapshots from the American Sewing Expo

A look back at workshops, fashion shows, and shopping at the 2010 American Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan.

Video: How to Sew a Three-Thread Rolled Serged Edge

Watch Kayla Kennington's online video tutorials to master a neat hemming or seaming technique.

Sewing Books Crop Up for the Kindle

Yes, there are sewing guides to read on the Kindle, and they're getting better

Enter the Simplicity Halloween Costume Contest

Make a costume from a current Simplicity pattern for a chance at prizes from Simplicity and Jo-Ann's Fabric and Craft stores

We Love Sewing all Year, but September is National Sewing Month

Celebrate with free projects, contests, and giveaways during sewing's month in the spotlight

Add Your Input to the Sewing Group and Gathering List

You can help build our list of sewing organizations and events

Design on the Half Scale

The Center for Pattern Design explains the advantages of working small

Fabric U Puts a World of Fabric at Your Fingertips

App for iPhones and iPads offers is an on-the-go guide to fabric

Test Drive a BERNINA to Win a BMW

Try out a new BERNINA 3 Series sewing machine and enter a sweepstakes to win a car or cash.

New Book Looks at Rare Luxury Bags

"Exotic Skin Handbags: Alligator & Crocodile" is an amazing look at beautiful bags from the past

ASG Names Shirley Adams 2010 Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee

The American Sewing Guild honors a sewing educator or team each year, adding their name to the Sewing Hall of Fame.

The Wackier Words of Sewing and Fashion

It's fun to trace the etymology of odd and amusing sewing terms.

Share Your Fabric Stash Busting Projects

How do you cope with the challenge of finding a purpose for every bit of fabric?

Simulators Let You Sew Virtually with Bernina's 8 Series

New programs let you experiment with advanced sewing machine features

Share What You've Been Sewing

Post your project photos in Threads' online Reader's Closet galleries

Playing with Pegboard

Clear sewing-table clutter with a wall-mounted organization system

Competition Puts the Spotlight on New Handbag Designs

See the chic and creative nominees for the 2010 Independent Handbag Designer Awards

See Sewing Rooms and Fabric Stashes on Flickr

Online photos offer a look at thousands of sewing projects, storage, and spaces

iPod App Tracks Your Fabric Stash

One little program offers a way to sort and search a mountain of material

A Call for Closures: Send Your Stories to Threads

We're looking for reader essays about sewing to end each issue on a personal note

10-Year-Old Designer Creates Her Own Fashions for Kids

Love of fashion inspires a very young designer to create and sew her own line.

Sewing Goodies (Ideas, Sales, and Projects) for Mother's Day

Buy Mom sewing supplies or stock up to make something for her yourself.

"Raster" Prints and Images to a Giant Scale

Play with a program that enlarges images in a big way  

Why Wallpaper When You Can Use Fabric?

This quick, easy - and temporary! - home decor technique can enliven bare walls

I've Pieced It Together: Web Sites Offer Full-size Patterns

It's a breeze to download a PDF, print it, and assemble the papers into patterns as big as life.

Spring Sewing Projects - What Do You Plan to Sew?

Taking a different tack this year, I've planned exactly what I want to finish sewing before May.

A Time to Sew, A Time to Mend

Some reasons to appreciate the old-fashioned tools and skills of mending.

Starter Machines and Beginning Sewers

A super-cute sewing machine sparks memories of my early sewing experiences.

A Green Purpose for Your Denim Blues

Through Sunday, March 14, Gap will give you a discount for donating denim items to be recycled as home insulation.

Fresh Start for a Sewing Space

Taking advantage of the rare opportunity to have an organized sewing space.

Protect Your Handbag Investment

If you appreciate fine handbags, here's a quick project: Make a cotton cover to safeguard an expensive accessory.

Measuring with What's at Hand

Threads readers are ingenious when it comes to discovering measuring tools in everyday objects and body parts.

Fashion Films on Netflix

Need a glamour and sophistication fix? Netflix has a growing supply of films about designers and the fashion industry, many available for instant viewing.

Seeds of a Sewing Library

I'm seeking suggestions for indispensable references - electronic or print - on sewing and fashion.

Exotic to Everyday: Brazil's Passion for Fashion

Fashion Week in Sao Paulo, Brazil, featured plenty of fantasy and extreme looks. Check out some runway images and learn about the pulse of daily style in Brazil.

No Ruler, No Problem

An old toy saved the day when I tried to alter a pattern without my sewing tools.

Ruffles Rule on the Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet

Check out some of the fashions from the rainy red carpet at this year's Golden Globe Awards.

A Super Bowl Sunday Sewing Retreat

Haberman Fabrics, a Detroit-area store, will host a 13th annual Super Bowl Sunday sewing retreat. The event benefits a breast cancer charity. Sew all afternoon, and if you're a football fan, you can be home in time to see the game too!

recent comments

Re: Sewing-Related Events in September 2017

Hi! The giveaway is here:

Re: Inspired by "Simple Stitches, Complex Design"

It's wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing how you applied the techniques from the story - Sarah Mc., Editor

Re: Free Pattern: Make a Curved-Top Tote

Hi ustabahippie and ZoeHowell, I think the idea of resizing the bag and adding interior pockets is brilliant. I deliberately kept the how-to information simple for the post, but the design is easy to customize. (I plan on doing a smaller, fringed version myself!)

Re: Book Giveaway: "The Essential A-Line"

The winner of the giveaway is Lovi!
I'll have another giveaway for visitors on Wednesday, April 3. Thank you for entering!

Re: Book Giveaway: "Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing"

And the winner is .... BEV59! Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who entered. I just wanted to add that we have a special interview with Gertie in our Fall 2013 SewStylish, available in early August!

Re: Project Runway Season 11: Episode 4, "The Ultimate Hard and Soft"

Dear Cherlyn and Sews4fun, Hi, I'm Sarah McFarland, a Threads editor, and I work on this weekly post. There's no intent to let the blog languish - it has just been that I don't have cable television, so I try to watch and post about the episode during the workday. It's proven difficult with obligations in the office, plus holidays and business trips for work. I see how important it is for you to have a more timely post about Project Runway, however, so I'm going to find a quicker solution for you and the other readers. Thank you for reading and commenting.

Re: Video: How to Stitch Together Seam Allowances

Hi user-1141318, since the seam allowances are going to be sewn together, it's quite permissible to just press the seam as sewn. Thanks for commenting!

Re: Video: How to Stitch Together Seam Allowances

Dear ustabahippie, Thank you so much for watching and commenting. In the print version of this technique, you wil see we do also address using straight stitches to sew the seam allowances together. As this was just a demonstration on a knit fabric, we used a zigzag stitch for visibility. Stitch length and width adjustments for various fabrics are important, you're absolutely correct, but it wasn't within the scope of this segment to address all of the possibilities. Again, thanks for viewing and remarking!

Re: Video: How to Sew a Single-Fold Clean Finish Seam

Hi everyone! I'm Sarah, the editor who demonstrated for the videos. I wanted to thank everyone for their feedback. We appreciate that there is more than one way to sew this type of seam finish. We sewed the seam first, but you can use a different sequence to achieve the results. The advice about using a manila strip or other means to buffer the allowance during pressing is excellent, thank you for reminding everyone of this prudent step. There are many types of seam finishes, and in the coming weeks, you'll see more presented here.

Re: Make an Embellished, Denim Fold-Over Bag

Hi Donna, I can tell you about the finished size. The completed bag is a very roomy 22 inches long and 18 inches wide. There is about 3 inches depth at the bottom boxed corners. The zipper/fold line is set 8 inches below the bag's top edge. I'll add this information to the post text. Thanks for asking! - Sarah McFarland, issue editor

Re: Create a Swirled Bias Sleeve

Hi again - I was able to add more detail about planning and creating the spiral in the sleeve. Denise plans a few additional images to cover the confusing part - we'll add those soon. Thanks!

Re: Create a Swirled Bias Sleeve

Hello! I've contacted Denise, the author, to figure out how best to clarify the instructions. The steps are all there, but I can see now that more detail would make the technique easier to follow. I'll post another comment after the post is updated. - Sarah

Re: Make Faux Feathers from Fabric and Wire

Dear sarasew and everyone: I contacted John Koch about his fabric preferences and he sent me an update which I've added to the post. He also gave me a tip for adding "flaws" to your feathers to make them look more realistic. Check it out, the information is added to the post. Thanks for reading!

Re: The Dresden Shepherdess: Create a Bridal Hat

Dear MMCM: KJRas' comment is correct - the pod (the convex hat base) is beneath the brim you see in the photo. The round area at the hat's peak is the pod's top. I don't have access to the hat today, but I'll take a few additional photos - including the underside of the hat - so that it is clearer. Thanks for reading!

Re: Make a Bow With Tails - To Trim a Hat or Embellish a Garment

Dear PeechyMe and JB5 - It does mean "one and a half inches." I'll edit it to spell out the measurement. Thanks!

Re: Pulling Teeth: Tips to Shorten Zippers

Dear kkkkaty, I'm sorry there's not an accompanying photo for this particular step, but step no. 3 in the first section (Shorten a closed-bottom or separating zipper) mentions adding new top stops with needle-nose pliers (and possibly coloring them with nail polish to match the zipper color). Thanks for asking; I want to make sure other readers know about that step too.

Re: Take a Free Trial of PatternPal, an App for Sewing Supplies

Hi! Just wanted to say I just sent out all six codes I had to give away. Please e-mail me at if you don't receive an e-mail with your code! Thanks everyone for reading :)

Re: Find Inspiration in Amazing Artisan Textiles

Hi Suzannity! If you see this - I wanted to let you and other readers know that Mesee showed me the "Alabama Stitch Book," but Jennifer Stern Hasemann covered it in a CraftStylish post - Thanks for reading and the recommendation! - Sarah

Re: Video: How to Sew a Three-Thread Rolled Serged Edge

Dear CathiTheWeaver - thank you for the catch on "needle" in the third paragraph! I fixed that slip - thanks again

Re: Share What You've Been Sewing

Hi Zeshuregi - I saw your comment and sent you an e-mail. I'm afraid the images are still small for print resolution. I sent all the details and I'll help you get something that will work - Sarah

Re: iPod App Tracks Your Fabric Stash

Hello! I want to thank you all for reading my post about the FabricStash app - and to answer as many of your questions as I can. Here are some that have come up:

SkyMom asked if the iPod Touch or the iPad have a camera. Currently, of the three devices (iPhone, Touch, and iPad), only the iPhone has a camera (there is speculation on the Internet that Steve Jobs has a unique iPad with a camera... but he's the head of Apple!). If you have an iPod Touch (as I do) or an iPad, you will have to take photos with a digital camera, save them in iTunes and in FabricStash, draw your stash images from the Photos app.

FabricStash allows you to have two photos for each fabric - Loscoz had an excellent suggestion, to take a photo of the end of the fabric bolt - nabbing the fiber content, width, etc., with a snapshot.

Lou19 said it would take her months to catalogue and photograph her stash. I hear you! I always think of organization as, well, a path of least resistance activity. It's wonderful to be organized as long as it doesn't cause more effort than looking for something! I'll tell you, I have gradually been cataloging my older fabric. FabricStash has been most useful as a tool when shopping - because it's all right there - so mine contains mostly recent purchases so far.

NancyinA2 asked if it were possible to input the data about your fabric on your desktop or laptop to avoid using the tiny iPod "keypad" (if you can call it that). No, unfortunately, not that I am aware of. I know others have mentioned Word documents with imbedded photos as a desktop solution for tracking a fabric stash. I am going to do some research and see if I can find a good desktop utility to track fabric. Please let me know if you have any to recommend!

Re: Protect Your Handbag Investment

Hi, I just wanted to respond to artcat's comment about using a serger for this project - artcat, you are absolutely right! I have a confession to make. My first serger machine is still in the box at my new apartment. I have been sewing for years with the most basic mechanical machine. It makes me feel good to be able to produce just about anything with a basic machine, but I am excited about catching up with the times and using more advanced tools. In the future you'll see serger projects from me, and in the meantime I hope any reader feels welcome to adapt my simple project to their equipment!

Re: Protect Your Handbag Investment

Thanks, Skymom, for the stuffing recommendation! I'm not satisfied with the density of tissue paper and I do worry about the acid content. T-shirts are a great alternative, so I appreciate your recommendation.
I'm also an avid knitter and sometimes I store yarn for a future project in a larger handbag - it cuts down on the amount of storage space I need! I have to label everything, though, or else I have trouble finding that project material when I'm ready to use it.