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Katy, TX, US

craft interests: crochet, embroidery, gifts, holidays, quilting, restyle, sewing

Member Since: 11/24/2010

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Re: The Perfect Blouse DVD Giveaway

Many years and even more pounds ago, I made and wore a flirty skirt that looked amazing on me and made me feel equally amazing. Even my husband remembers that skirt!

Re: Book Giveaway and Interview with Quilting Expert Joan Ford

I have trouble with the miters on corners. No matter how many times I try, the corners are not sharp.

Re: Threads #178: Check out our latest issue and enter to win!

I've stopped wearing skirts because I can't find any that fit and look nice, so I'm really looking forward to "Skirts that Flatter". Thanks.

Re: Enter Our Huge Quilting Giveaway

My first quilt was for my granddaughter's layette. Good thing she loves me, because the quilt was made with more love than skill. I did better for my grandson, but I still have way too much to learn.

Re: Win a Copy of the All-New The Couture Skirt Book & DVD Set

I've gotten out of the habit of wearing skirts, but with this book I think I could find the time to make some new skirts and let the world see that I have legs.

Re: Enter Our Three-Book Giveaway!

I have been making baby blankets and afghans for numerous babies of friends and relatives. These books would offer many opportunities for different projects.

Re: Enter Threads Storage Solution Giveaway Sponsored by

I would love to be able to organize my stash and be able to find what I want at a moments notice. Each of us has our own method, but with a little help from a container system, I could improve on my system.

Re: Christine Haynes Pattern and Book Giveaway

I would love to make the Derby Dress. Sounds like a great addition to my summer closet.

Re: Cheryl Kuczek Pattern Giveaway

With a young granddaughter, i can see making these bags over and over as she grows.

Re: TWO Book Giveaway: "Sew Fun" and "Sewing School 2"

My grandkids always want to be doing what I'm doing. With these books and some quality time, we can make memories together to last a lifetime.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Threads Sew Smarter, Better & Faster"

I keep an office supply carousel on my sewing desk to hold all the little items that I need to access to while I'm sewing.

Re: Magazine Giveaway: Threads #171 (February/March 2014)

I have many books that I use, but none is used more than my Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing. Only someone who loves to sew will understand the various bookmarks, penciled notations and reminders that are found in my well loved tome.

Re: Enter the Teach Yourself to Sew Giveaway Sponsored by Janome

I can sew but I'm always looking for a better way to make something unique.

Re: Book Giveaway: Dressmaking: 200 Q&A

Measure twice, cut once. Pin and baste.

Re: Magazine Giveaway: Threads Issue 168

Breakfast at Tiffany's is a classic but I love the period fashion like the gown Helen Mirren wore in Excalibur. Call me crazy.

Re: Fabric Giveaway: Celebrating Grand Central Terminal's 100th year

I was in New York and in Grand Central Station a lifetime ago. I loved watching all the people. Some were in a hurry and just passed on through. Others were sightseers and just lingered to catch the view. But through it all pulsed an energy that was amazing.

I don't know if The City Quilter was even around when I was in New York, but you can count on the fact that when I get back up there, I will certainly make it a priority to visit.

Re: Win a Copy of Smart Fitting with Kenneth D. King on DVD

As I've aged, I find that more and more RTW items need major alterations. I would love this book and DVD set to guide my alterations.

Re: Enter to Win a One-Year Subscription to Threads!

I love to sew and would like to be able to learn more about the craft and brush up on old skills. There are so many things I feel I still need to learn and this subscription would be a big help. Thanks.

Re: Book and DVD Giveaway: Claire B. Shaeffer's "Couture Sewing: Tailoring Techniques"

I would love to win a copy of Claire's book and help my tailored suit jackets and pants go from drab to fab.

Re: Magazine Giveaway: Sew Home

My family room is in dire need of a makeover from ceiling to floor and windows and walls. This book would be great inspiration.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Improv Sewing"

I would love to add this book to my library. I am really looking for inspiration for mother/daughter items that don't make mom look like an overgrown kid or the daughter look like she is wearing her mom's outfit.

Re: Magazine Giveaway: "Threads" Issue #165 (February/March 2013)

I like blind stitching hems. I'm not sure why it is relaxing, but it's just soothing to me.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Quilt Love"

I made a quilt for my son when he went to college years ago and one for my granddaughter. I am in the process of making one for my grandson. It is my gift to them.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "The Art of Fashion Draping" by Connie Amaden-Crawford

I would love to drape an unstructured jacket and I think this book would be just perfect to help me learn all about the design.

Re: Book Giveaway: Summer Mystery Reading for the Sewing Enthusiast

Reading and sewing. Two of my favorite things so I would love to win. Thanks.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: A Field Guide to Fabric Design

I would love to design fabrics to make one-of-a-kind clothing items for my granddughter. She is such a little princess and deserves her own special outfits.

Re: DVD GIVEAWAY: Industry Insider Techniques with Louise Cutting Volumes 1-4

This set of DVDs would be like getting years worth of sewing classes in one box. Being able to refer back to the DVDs would be helpful in those late midnight hours when I'm trying - for the umpteenth time - to get something 'just right', and I would love to win. Thanks.

Re: Book Giveaway: Heart-Felt Holidays & Baby Times

With grandchildren and great nieces and nephews - not to mention co-workers - these books would be in constant use. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "Famous Frocks" by Sara Alm and Hanna McDevitt

I love the styles of Audrey, Jackie and Farrah and think they are both beautiful and classy. Unfortunately, I'm built more like Danny DeVito so I'm not sure any of these styles would work for me.

Re: Giveaway: Threads Insider Membership

I love getting insider tips to make my projects seem more professionally finished. I consider myself to be more of an intermediate sewist, but really like the tips and tricks for those of us without a serger and using the basic sewing machine.

Re: Giveaway: SewStylish Spring 2012 Fashion Sewing Guide

I could spend hours on each and every article but my first choice would be "Get on a Roll" and then "Express Pockets". Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Re: DVD GIVEAWAY: Threads Magazine Archive, 1985-2011

Every issue on one DVD? This could save hours of searching through past issues, eliminate the dry mouth and stained fingers that come with turning hundreds of pages, do away with eye strain, eliminate paper clutter on bookcases to make room for more fabric stash... and the list just goes on. Owning this DVD is a must for all these reasons and more. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: "Quick Stuff to Sew"

I want to make my daughter a special little clutch to go with her oh-so-special dress. I will also be making doll clothes for my granddaughter's 'babies' - because every dolly needs clothes that can be taken on and off umpteen million times.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "Couture Sewing Techniques" by Claire B. Shaeffer

This book would be an absolute treasure to add to my library. Thanks.

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: SewStylish Fall Fashion

I would love to see the vibrant fall colors for office attire. Muted shades are great and have their place, but I really enjoy seeing the colors POP!

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: A Guide to Fashion Sewing

While some of my sewing skills are advanced, others are intermediate. I think this would be a great book to use as a reference - especially for those senior moments when I find it difficult to remember what my sewing instructor told me over 40 years ago when I first began to sew.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "Underwear Fashion in Detail"

How awesome is this. Makes me long for the days when temptation was part of the seduction. I think I could do some major damage with projects from this book.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Threads Sewing Guide"

WOW. What's not to love about this book? It would be an asset to any reference library for all your sewing needs. I think it would be the perfect 'go to' book for many of our questions.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Embroidery Companion: Classic Designs for Modern Living" by Alicia Paulson

My favorite embroidery is the hand embroidery my sister-in-law did on a paif of jeans for me when I was in high school. The jeans are years old and many sizes too small now, but I will never part with them. The TLC that went into making them is what embroidery is all about.

Re: Book Giveaway: "1,000 Clever Sewing Shortcuts & Tips"

My mom taught me that the seam ripper is my friend. Besides removing seams that are not where they are supposed to be, it has a host of household applications as well. I keep one in each bathroom for removing those annoying clothing labels and have occasionally used it to remove the elastic band from my granddaughter's pony-tail.

Re: Giveaway: Teach Yourself to Sew Magazine and DVD bundle

As I make gifts for family and friends, I don't accept their comments stating that "I could never do that." I happily show them how the item was created and help them create similar items. It is so much fun to see the pride on their faces when they see the finished product and I feel I have gifted them twice.

Re: Magazine Giveaway: "Quick Stuff to Sew"

What a wonderful book. Thanks for making it available to win.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Horrockses Fashions: Off-the-Peg Style in the '40s and '50s"

Wow. What a treasure this would be to add to my collection. Thanks.