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Re: How to Make a Floating Shoulder Pad

What a great tutorial! I have struggled with sheer blouses and this seems like the perfect solution! Seems like it would go well with sweaters too, so that the shoulder pads don't look "dropped off".
Thanks Louise.

Re: Project Runway Season 10: "Women On the Go"

Dmitry's was fabulous. I'm disappointed that so many chose to use black. Black has been one of my pet peeves on pattern envelopes also. Details do not show up!! If they want neutral colors they could choose dove or darker gray or gunmetal blue -- even a dark wine. Stop with the black. Who wants to go to a party with everyone in an LBD?

I am actually confused by the judges comments and choices. One week they like designs that are instantly commercial, the next week they want "fashion forward", then it's young, urban, couture, etc, etc. I think it confuses the designers-- it certainly does me.

I think the designers do a remarkable job of "designing on the fly." Not all designers can do that though, and it adds to the stress that many of them feel. "Make it work" is like looking for the ripcord while hurdling to the ground!!

Re: DVD GIVEAWAY: Threads Magazine Archive, 1985-2011

Years in the military, as a wife, through 14 states and 4 foreign countries have taken a toll on all my back issues of Threads. When we finally "retired", after years of Threads withdrawals, I finally managed to re-purchase most of the back issues on-line. I still am missing many of the recent years--people just won't give them up! Having a DVD of ALL the issues would certianly be easier.

Re: A Pretty Blue Coat

Wow! Cute coat. I always have wrinkles around the waist in my purchased clothes. The horizontal darts would be a great and stylish way to get the correct fit. Inside the garment for subtlety and outside for fun! Thank you--Thank you.

Re: Staying a Neckline and Armhole

I forgot to mention how invaluable Kenneth King's instructions always are. It really moves my sewing to a more professional level. Thanks!

Re: Staying a Neckline and Armhole

Pamrod. Is the silicone strip you are talking about clear elastic? If so, it can be purchased at most large sewing stores in different widths.

Re: Project Runway: A Rough Day on the Runway

I am confused as to which age group Project Runway is trying to please? 20's and 30's? I think alot of the designs are too young for the 40+ and some are too old for the 40-.
Mondo's was very nice, but I think Ivy hit Jackie O's style better. I don't think Jackie O would ever wear that combo of patterns. I also liked Andy's pants (I would never wear them, but 20's and 30' would), but definately to showcase his style not the Jackie O challenge.
I agree, the judges are rude.
If you go to Elle Magazine website, you can see fashion week takeouts of many designers including Michael Kors. I think HIS miss the mark in most ccases for current and inovative.

Re: Add style and flair with pleats

For heaven's sake people get on with it!! Who cares what they're called -- this is a great way to solve fitting problems and make a fashion statement by one of the country's best known sewing designer/instructors. I appreciate her explaining where to start these *** and which way to press them!