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Minneapolis, MN, US

craft interests: crochet, embroidery, fashion, gifts, sewing

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Re: The Gathered Camisole

The is smocked fabric, I believe.

Re: The Gathered Camisole

Wow. love it!

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: What advice would you give to someone learning to sew?

Use your hand wheel. Always raise the take up lever to the very top (it also raises the needle). Then raise your presser foot. This will allow you to be able to pul your sewing from under the needle easily. Pull it about 6" and let the threads relax before you cut them, leaving that 6" tail. If you do this you will not have to rethread the needle hundreds of times.

Re: Using Buttons as Embellishment

I've been using buttons to decorate clothing for years - but never quite in that over the top way. And, yes, this is over the top.

Re: A Glimpse of a Project in Progress


Re: Prom Gown and Evening Bag

Lovely. Good for you for not following a pattern and coming up with something even better.

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: Quilt Your Stash!

I probably have 100 yards of quilting cottons from scraps to yardage. But since I made 87 Little Dresses for Africa, I can at least tell I have made a dent in the stash.

Re: Upcycled Silk Necktie Skirt

"Your" skirt is adorable. You could probably find a boutique to sell them for you.

Re: Fashion Scarf How-to

I believe it is a "presser" foot not a "pressure" foot. I've seen similar scarves with extremely light fabrics and threads appliqued or couched to them.

Re: When downsizing, consider a new home for your stash

Theater departments and civic theaters may also be happy to get your bounty. I donated many craft books to the library. I teach Somali women to sew and I am doing a good job of using my stash to teach them. Check craigslist. There are often requests for everything sewing related.
And blessings to Robbie Fanning. I still miss the "Creative Machine" magazine after all these years.

Re: Front Edge and Shoulder Pads for Fantasy Fur Jacket

I believe oak tag board is similar to any poster board that you can buy everywhere.

Re: Turning Pillowcases Into Dresses

I have made and sent 87 such dresses made out of my fabric stash. And I still have way too much fabric. The dresses can be adorable. I also use my bias tape maker to make the tape needed to bind the armholes and make the ties. This uses up more fabric and saves my having to purchase bias tape. I really don't care what ideology may inform the handing out of these dresses. I just know that my work is a blessing to a child somewhere.

Re: Retro floral hat and tote

Great use of the fabric!

Re: Crazy Shirt

I'd want to wear it too!

Re: What Makes a Sewing Space Great?

Since we moved to a smaller location, I no longer have a dedicated room but have to share it as a guest bedroom. The first thing I would change would be to get rid of the carpet!! One of my storage options is a garbage can that serves as a base for a circular lamp table. My husband made a flat top for it and I cover it with another piece of fabric. It holds a lot. And it is not too difficult to get at the stored fabric inside.

Re: Simple Bust Adjustment

It doesn't add length and I usually need that also.

Re: Happy Valentine's Day...

Lovely jacket - especially that tiny waistline!!

Re: Aqua dance skirt

This is gorgeous!

Re: Modification on Ribbon Clutch

This is really cute. Isn't it fun to use up what you already have? Even a couple of layers of the same fabric would help give it a little stability.

Re: SewingLove

Very very nice.

Re: Button Placement

This is exactly what I have been doing for years.

Re: Circular Vest

Instead of cutting the armhole slits in the middle, I would cut them a little higher. This way the cape can be worn in either direction. Worn with the slits higher will make for a smaller collar and longer over the hips. Worn with the slits lower will make a shorter version with a bigger collar. Something to play with in a muslin.

Re: As a sewist, what are you most thankful for?

This year I am most thankful for the 10 women who gave me 11 sewing machines to sew with the Somali women I teach. While they may not be the best things on the market, I have been able to get 10 of them working and have kept them working and they are put to really good use. Most of these are machines that sat in someone's closet for years and I can imagine them smiling and purring along happily now when they are used by some very grateful women.

Re: What's Your Favorite Non-standard Sewing Machine Foot?

For years I hemmed bridesmaid dresses and used the little rolled hem foot all the time. It was a life saver. I have kept my old adjustable zipper foot and use it instead of the unadjustable one that came with my machine. I probably have 25 feet and use the blind hem when I need to.