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Re: Close-Fit Duct-Tape Dress Form

I made one of these back in college 6 years ago (fashion design student). i wore a turtle neck and my mom wrapped me with duct tape, it looked SO good. we wrapped my legs so could fit shorts on it and also did my shoulders and down my arms to the top of my bicep. it worked out great and we called it my mini me. however about 3 years ago the glue from the tape started to gum up my pins. i couldn't drape final fabric on it anymore b/c it would gum up my material. i could only do muslins on it. I sorta stopped using it and threw it away a few weeks ago. just an fyi for all you duct tapers that you'll probably have to make another one one day. but until it gets all messy-it's the best for those who can't afford a dress form!