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craft interests: sewing, making jewellery

Member Since: 01/03/2009

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lace festival 2006 part 2

after taking some photos, we had to prepare the gallery place for the exhibition.

lace festival 2006 part1

When we attended lace festival first year in 2006, our task was just to take some photos and to have a close look to beautiful hand work of idrija women.

lace festival idrija 2007

here are some photos from the same festival only one year before. our task was to recreate old collar patterns (papirc)  into something fresh and new.


I do some jewellery in my free time. Take a look!

lace festival Idrija 2008 part 2

some more photos from the lace festival.enjoy!

lace festival Idrija 2008 part 1

This project took place in Idrija, small city in Slovenija, where lace was and still is an important part of life there. Our job was to create a lace dress in a new modern way. Project lasted for 8...

print screen

This was a T- shirt print screen project. All of the t-shirts were made with no patterns, just by using a 'moment inspiration' and some materials that were left from other projects.

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Re: lace festival 2006 part 2

u have to attend some kind of lace school, where they teach u first only basic techniques and than after taking some kind of exams u go into higher level.and u have to refresh all your knowledge from time to time if u want to still keep a license.

Re: lace festival idrija 2007

thanks all of u:D

Re: Paper-Tape Dress Form

i tried with patex tape and it also worked out.

Re: Embellished Tulip Skirted Dress

it's really great. i like colours very much. keep on going like this!

Re: lace festival idrija 2007

this is hand made lace.

Re: Red Crochet Taffetta Top

tnx for sharing this, i really like it! it' s so feminime....

Re: Frosted Florals

the colours are gorgeous!

Re: print screen

Thax for encouriging me:D

Re: lace festival Idrija 2008 part 1

i am finishing fashion design and this fashion show- project was a part of a every year festival in idrija. soie, all 7 dresses are still on the exhibition in idrija:D U can see more about the festival on i think that there is also a competition in different lace techniqees, because mrs. Mira ( nice lady that did a lace), took place there and won the competition in ome of the categories. if u need some more info let me know. i will definatelly post some photos from the same festival two years ago, where our concepts were collars.

my email address is:

Have a great time!

ps: Lepo se imejte in pozdrav v LA! Če boste še kaj v Sloveniji, se lahko srečamo ali pa gremo skupaj na festival.Tudi jaz živimi v bližini NOve GOrice!


Re: lace festival Idrija 2008 part 1

hi tricone, the dress is made from silk scarfs, dyed in red wine. if u color silk with natural materials such as tea, wine,carrot, camomile, different herbs colours stay.boil water and put material into it ( put material into naylon socks or something similar),than leave it for about 10-15 minutes and gently put it's good if u prepare also hot sour water bath(use vinegar) and put it there for about 10 minutes or so..than first wash it with hot water and then finish by using cold. be careful at wringing, because it can easily torn and than dry it on air. good luck at dying!

Re: Elegant Golden Living Room Windows

it' like in old castles, bravo

Re: Linen Wool mix

it's nice, sure the lady was happy

Re: Video: Embellishing with Paint Sticks


what kind of paint sticks do use? Textile ones?