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Member Since: 11/07/2012

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The White Witch of Narnia

The White Witch of Narnia made from a McCall's pattern.  Silver satin and white crushed panne.  The crown is from a Butterick pattern with glued on jewels.

Absolem the Hookah Smoking Caterpillar

Based on a footie sleeper but substantially modified. The challenge was to make it look like a caterpillar and have him still able to walk. The bands on the back were done with zigzag cut fleece...

The Mad Hatter

Vaguely based on a number of different patterns, and a lot of studying of a large movie poster.  I really enjoyed trying to recreate the little details like the thread spool sash and the stitching...

The White Rabbit

The white rabbit costume and the vest were based on Simplicity patterns, with some modifications. The pocket watch was my own design, and the beginning of the costume - the challenge of making the...


I modified a commercial pattern to create this Tinkerbell costume for my niece; not your typical Tinkerbell, more a flight of fancy.  Made of satin and shear fabrics with wire formed wings.

Make Way for the Queen's Guards

The fall after a summer trip to England my nephews wanted to dress as the Queen's Guards for halloween. I used a basic Simplicity pattern for a "marching band uniform" and then used photos to modify...