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Nuevo Progreso, MX

I am a retired school teacher living in Mexico with my husband. We do have a house in Dallas and go back and forth.I am currently working on putting together a small studio where I can get back to sewing again. I am in the middle of copying and Oscar de la Renta gown for my granddaughter.

craft interests: embroidery, fashion, quilting, sewing, home decor

Gender: Female

Member Since: 05/19/2013

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Dupioni silk blouse

These days I have more time than money for sewing so this blouse was made from Dupioni scraps from many wedding gowns that I made many years ago.  The front is made from 4 inch squares that I cut...

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Re: Designs of Downton Abbey

They are all lovely but nothing I am tempted to copy. I just love copying designer clothes.

Re: Designs of Downton Abbey

They are all lovely but nothing I am tempted to copy. I just love copying designer clothes.

Re: Charming Cleo: A "Shining" Star

In a Threads magazine, maybe the most recent, I saw a jeweled collar done with buttons. It was nice but the kind of buttons used are expensive and that particular collar would have cost a lot of money. My guess would be at least $100. Your collar is much prettier and I am sure more cost effective. I love it.

Re: Semi-Formal One of A Kind

I had the opposite problem as my daughter was tiny. It started me on an entire lifetime of sewing. Hope you are enjoying it as my as I do. the dress looks very nice and lots of fun for a teen.

Re: Spring Denim Chambray Shirt


Re: Braving The Rains

Love it.

Re: Tennis Formal Dress

I too love copying things I can't afford. It is very satisfying.

Re: Tennis Formal Dress

I too love copying things I can't afford. It is very satisfying.

Re: Spring Wedding


Re: Promptness is Pink Skirt

Very cute

Re: Book Giveaway: "Patternmaking Made Easy," Third Edition by Connie Crawford

I love to sew and I am quite good at it. My problem is fitting so I think that if I knew how to make the patterns I would have to study the body more and in this way understand why things do and do not fit. I am on my way as I am currently taking a Craftsy class on making a bodice sloper.

Re: Simplicity Patterns: Early Spring 2014 Review & Givewaway!

1467 is the dream pattern. The top looks so simple to make and easy to wear and yet at the same time it could be dressy. the pants and the skirt basically the same but easy to fit and then if you want to go to work or dinner that adorable jacket would dress it all up. I could even see this as an elegant evening outfit with the skirt floor length and made in some silky fabric. I love it.

Re: What Sewing Machine Do You Use?

I learned how to sew on a Singer Futura and I liked it just fine but it flat wore out after just three years. I then bought a Bernina 830 which is the love of my life. When my pedal broke I bought another Singer which I use now and again but my son came up with a way for me to use my Bernette serger foot for both the serger and the sewing machine so I am back to mostly using the 830 again. In the 30 years I have owned this machine I have never had an issue with the tension. It is always perfect. It purrs beautifully and after all these years it is still an amazing machine. In 1983, I think, I paid $1,200 which was more than we had paid for our car at the time. I think the same would still hold true today. But you buy one and you never have to buy another.

Re: It's a winner!

That looks like a really fun dress and you are so lucky to have a flat enough stomach for all those ruffles. Wish I did. Going to look at your blog.

Re: Gown for a very English wedding

I love it. Did you really travel to your wedding on a double decker?

Re: How to Reshape a Neckline

I am not a techie but you could try cleaning up your computer and trying again. Run whatever software you use to make sure you have no viruses and then try again. If you do not have a program then try using Malwarebytes Anti-malware. This is a free program and although you can use the paid version the free one is just a week behind the paid one. To run a full scan will take at least an hour and a half but it might be worth it.

Re: Video: How to Sew a Pickstitch

I used to go to the high end shops looking for ideas to copy when I noticed a Valentino dress had a hand inserted zipper. That would have been in the 80's and it is the only way I have ever inserted a dress zipper since. When you do it this way you never have to take them out. I do machine stitch the zipper to the seam allowance on the inside.

Re: Saving Lace: An Interview with Mimi Prober

When I looked at the work involved I absolutely appreciate the skill. Amazing work but I just don't care for the dresses personally.

Re: Enter to Win an Oliso Pro Smart Iron!

Oh my gosh, I want this iron. Always press seams as you go when dressmaking. Use a press cloth if you think the fabric might shine and be careful pressing seams that have been serged in case they show through, especially on the likes of taffeta. Always press the double parts of the fabric first. When I finish a shirt I iron the inside back yoke first followed by the outer part, then the back, followed by the sleeves. Next comes the inside of the button bands and a run over on the back of the pocket before doing the fronts and outer part of the bands. Collar comes last with a little spray of water or starch doing the back collar first and then the front. In this way you will never get a wrinkle on your collar of cuffs.

Re: Close-Fit Duct-Tape Dress Form

I am planning on making one of these tomorrow for my granddaughter so I have been watching one how to video after the other. This one is interesting but I am surprised how tight the tape looks. It is so tight that it looks like a dress made using this form would not fit that lady. Help? What are others thoughts on this especially if you have already made one?

Re: Re-Create Pleated Edging

I think that this could be used very nicely to edge a quilt.