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linda snyder, Port deposit, MD, US

I am a retired RN who sews daily - mostly garments

craft interests: fashion, sewing

Gender: Female

Birthday: 09/22/2017

Member Since: 12/22/2009

recent comments

Re: How to Interface Jackets: Lessons from an Yves Saint Laurent Garment

you asked if we had used these techniques when interfacing a jacket before and my answer is a resounding yes! Several yesrs ago I purchased Kenneth Kings book Cool Techniques. Every one of these techniques are well described including many pictures. He made it very easy to follow all these steps and so have you. In addition King also had details on how to make shoulder pads and sleeve heads. You are both very talented!

Re: Couture Techniques for a Better Fitting Waistband

Thanks so much for including covering a snap with a bit of lining! Sew Simple!!!!! Linda S

Re: Video: How to Attach Hooks, Eyes & Snaps

Thanks so much to Susan K., from one Maryland gal to another. I've learned so very much from you. Linda S.

Re: Making a Side Seam Read True

Very simple explanation. We seem to make things harder than they actually are. We over fit and over think our muslin issues. Its always about the basics, isn't it?

Re: Video: Two Techniques for Edges

A little difficult to see what Pam is doing during the mitering process. I had to watch several times to see just exactly what fold 'where those lines meet' meant. Is there another you tube video anyone is aware of that shows the fold a little more clearly? I think I have it, but would like to double check. Otherwise, good tutorial for the shirt hem. Thanks.

Re: Giveaway: SewStylish Spring 2012 Fashion Sewing Guide

Many of these articles appeal to me, but the ONE I'd have to decide upon is ""Copy That. Trace the fit of your favorite sleeve and darts." I have learned that the most effective method of creating garments that fit is to copy something that you know DOES fit.

Re: Project Runway All Stars: Return to the Runway

So very glad to see some of my favorite designers back on PR. Hoping that the producers see that its the design process that sells the show and not the low-rent drama so many reality shows need to survive. One of my favorite underdogs is Jerell. He has some great ideas that often have been overlooked. I believe Michael and Kenley have a lot of talent. They have chosen a great group of all stars. To answer your question, yes, I love that there are new judges - just what PR needs. I too, miss Tim Gunn.

Re: A Fix for a Baggy Seat

Thanks so much for this easy to do 'fix'. Once again, your ability to explain/teach shines through. Linda in MD

Re: Video: Make Your Own Dress Form, Part 1

The making of a dress form has certainly come a long way to protect the person being taped. Great instructions, as usual. I can see how this would be a wonderful addition to any sewing room.

Re: Project Runway 9: "Finale - Part 2"

I won't repeat what others have said that I totally agree with, but will reiterate that I'm sick to death of the drama. I don't like reality TV and have no use for a show based upon pitting one against the other. PR did not evolve as a reality show and it seems that most of us who are writing here agree that we will not watch if this continues. Such a waste. The after show is even worse! I thought 'behind the scenes' would show us a true picture of the process of building a collection, not more of the same snookie TV.

Re: Dickens Holiday Party Outfit

Absolutely fabulous!

Re: Steampunk Coat

Incredible! Love this.

Re: Fantastical Wedding Jacket

Not really a fan of this for a wedding jacket, but then again, I didn't have to wear it. I won't be showing it to family and friends for the rest of my married life like this poor guy. It has nothing to do with the marvelous construction. It just should have been worn in a different setting.

Re: Project Runway 9: "Finale Challenge"

I, too, am disappointed in the offerings this season. And I'm sick to death of the producers' need for drama. That's maybe what sells to the general public, but this show was embraced by the sewing/designing public who watched for the construction behind the scenes which is all but gone. The original audience who brought the show to this point are all saying the same thing. We really aren't interested in watching drama, drama, drama. And, one last point, Burt should most definitely have been in the final four. He's got class but then, again, I don't think he was exciting enough for the producers. What a shame. Send this show back to Bravo...

Re: Front Edge and Shoulder Pads for Fantasy Fur Jacket

I have learned so much from your articles but mostly from your books and CD's. Thanks for devoting so much time to teaching all of us. Linda S in MD

Re: Creating Perfect Bias Fabric Loops

Absolutely wonderful presentation. Thanks so much Susan K. from another Marylander.

Re: A New Improved Seam Roll

Terrific idea! I'm making one this weekend! I always fight with my seam roll as it takes a stroll right off the ironing board. No more! Linda S in MD

Re: Fantasy fur, installment 2: Creating a slit pocket in the fur

Once again, you've wowed us into speechlessness! I await Part 2 to help me understand how this 'attaches' to the remainder of the garment. I'm having trouble envisioning how this part will work. You surely do think outside the box! Thanks, Linda S in MD

Re: The Fortuny Jacket

Absolutely marvelous. Nothing tacky about it at all. It takes big ones to go there. Linda S in MD

Re: Sewing with creative materials

You would, Kenneth! wish I was about 25 years younger, I'd so rock that jacket in Maryland!

Re: Unconventional Buttonholes

Creative and inspiring for 2011! Thanks for continuing to provide garment making ideas!

Re: Sewing findings on securely

Sooo worth the extra minute to do it the right way. Kenneth King's books have made me love hand sewing again. I recently re-read Susan Khalje's Bridal Couture book and I got the same sense of appreciation of hand work.

Re: The Bullfighter's Jacket

I can imagine you wearing it - bet you looked great! Thanks for sharing this wonderful treat with us! Linda S in MD

Re: Staying a Neckline and Armhole

Once again, you have wowed me. Good old common sense on this one that never entered my mind. I have stayed many garment lines but never with silk organza. Makes lots of sense! Thanks again, Linda Snyder

Re: The Fortuny Shirt

I so hope that you are keeping all these tips in a notebook somewhere so that someday you can pull them out to write a fabulous 'how-to' book that we'd all love to own. Your furry friend, Linda S in MD.

Re: Organza beaded "feather" edge

You have two of the most creative hands I have ever seen when it comes to manipulating fabric. Truly remarkable, Linda in MD

Re: Working with Embellished Fabrics, Part I

Oops, should have double checked that I spelled Khalje correctly!

Re: Working with Embellished Fabrics, Part I

As usual, Susan Kahlje taught a rather complex subject matter in an easily understood way. I look forward to Part II. We are very lucky to have you! Linda S from MD

Re: Perfect Pleated Edging

Would you use a ruffler attachment for poly organza? I've never tried but i've used the ruffler attachment many times to make small pleats in home dec fabric and in garment construction.