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I just started sewing and I love it. I wish I had much more time to do it.

craft interests: fashion, paper-crafts, sewing

Member Since: 04/11/2009

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Pink ruffle shirt/dress

Hi everyone. I'll take suggestions. I took the elements of my favorite shirt and make it into a shirt/dress-ish thing :D I tried rouching the bottom but the cotton knit is so stretchy and...

Funky fun silver sleeveless hooded bolero

My own design. Not meant for seriousness. Strictly fun only. I bought this tank top and I had to have some sort of jacket for it.  I'm new at sewing. I'm having a blast.

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Re: Project Runway: Season 8 - Finale Part 2

Victoria North. You NAILED the unseen. I'm impressed! I really like the angle you have in this article.

as for my opinion, the show is a farce now. It's all about the drama and no longer about true technique, out-of-the-box thinking, and fair & real-critique judging. ALL of the regular judges are mean, too opinionated, hipocritical, out of touch, unprofessional and full of themselves. I thought Bravo was the drama-pushing station. I didn't think Lifetime would be as bad. Oh well.

I would have loved to see all of Michael C's collection (I was in awe of his color/fabric choices. It would have made a fabulous "one color" runway collection).

Why did Gretchen make it past the 3rd show? ??? I respect her as a person and as a designer, but, yuck. I was routing for Mondo but his collection wasn't all I was hoping it would be. It was very nice, though, for sure. Andy's was awesome. I would wear all his stuff (and Mondo's if I could get away with it. Probaby too young for me).

Re: Project Runway: There's a Pattern Here

I think April keeps getting robbed. I love Mondo and his's work but, to me, it wasn't all that "new". Especially if they're looking back to previous stuff. Just mixing patterns. Woo hoo. he's done that before with the same bold then b&w prints.
I love Valerie. She's so sweet and real.I'm glad she represented Cleveland so well (I'm from Cleve too). But, I knew she was next on the axe-list. I do agree with Sew4fun that Christopher will be next.
I do not understand what they seen in Gretchen. I agree with everything she says, she's got good advice, she means well, she's a good leader, she's a good person but it's tvland that makes her look mean. After saying all this, I don't get her clothes. At all. They think she's a good designer. I just don't see it.
I really hope next week's clothes that they spit out aren't as boring as this weeks (except April's and Valerie's weren't boring. Sure, Val has done hers before, but it ain't boring ;) )

Re: Project Runway - Season 7 Finale

i am thrilled to see Seth Aaron win. I love his style. i would wear his stuff. I could wear his suits at work, in a heartbeat. but i absolutely loved the shiny black/yellow plaid pant outfit. I'd have no place to wear it but I would buy it. love it.
I didn't see anything cutting edge with Emilio's stuff. Nothing i haven't seen before at all. I had stuff in my closet like that that I gave to good will about 10 years ago. Maybe I should have kept it. Sure, it's nice but that's not what this show is about.
I'm so glad that Mila won over Jay. I love Jay's style (but not character!) but i saw his collection which wasn't cohesive at all. Nor strong. i was surprised. They made the right choice there.
Mila is a great person. Classy lady with great taste but I didn't care for her collection. I've seen it before too.

It was a very intersting runway show since I'm so used to models walking down any runway half-naked. I'm so glad they looked warm!!! Clothes everyone could wear in cold climates! What a concept. What was also interesting was the experience that the finalists had. I don't recall on other PR shows that the contestents were this qualified. Not past PR's, PR Canada or PR Australia. It was refreshing to see true professionals trying to make their dreams come true. It makes for a more realistic, grounded show.

Re: Project Runway - Sew Much Pressure

my prediction: Top 3: Seth Aaron, Emilio & Jay. Jay will win (but I'm rooting for Seth!).

Re: Project Runway - Sew Much Pressure

my prediction: Top 3: Seth Aaron, Emilio & Jay. Jay will win (but I'm rooting for Seth!).

Re: QUEEN OF HEARTS - Costume for Alice in Wonderland Children's Theater Production

completely fabulous

Re: Pink ruffle shirt/dress


Re: Wonder Woman returns!

cute!!! you forgot the cape??? doesn't she wear one?

Re: The cast of 2007's Surf's Up - Cody Maverick, Big Z, and Chicken Joe

LOL!! LOVE it! Me & my hubby love that movie!!

Re: Needle Me: Pick the right needle and thread

by golly there is. I just did a google search. I will have to get some of those now (because I have metallic thread!! I just can't get away from metal ;))

Re: Needle Me: Pick the right needle and thread

there's a "Metallica" needle??? Lol. They were my favorite band when I was a kid. I didn't know they ventured into sewing! Ya lost me on that.

Re: Project Runway, Episode 6 Goes to the Movies

I agree with you both.

Re: Tailored Linen Suit and Shoes

Amazing! I love the flair sleeves and back. And I've never heard of covering shoes. Boy, that is totally awesome!!!!!! I want to do that now but don't know how!!!

Re: My Fantasy Wedding Dress


Re: Quilt for Rachel's Vineyard Weekend

Oh how nice! I'm so excited for you. Always fun to learn something new and have it turn out perfect :)

Re: breast cancer awareness dress

wonderful. I love it.

Re: Frosted Florals

love it

Re: Yoga mat carrier with matching eye pillow

love the fabric

Re: Satin brides maid dress I copies form the ones the other bought

fabulous! I'd be so proud!

Re: Infrared

:D My husband has wall art inspired by infrared satellite pictures! Fun to see it as wearable art too!

Re: Prom Dress

fabulous job! Thanks for sharing your story!