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Re: Two-DVD Giveaway: Sarah Veblen's Master Skirt Pattern Series

Would like to fit a skirt that fits my big waist and straight "no hips" silhouette and that doesn't look dowdy.

Re: Book Giveaway: Practical Guide to Patternmaking for Fashion Designers - Menswear

Have never made men's clothing except for neckties...years ago. Would like to make jeans for my husband, that would not be baggy in the rear!

Re: Book Giveaway and Interview with Shea Henderson

The first sewing project beyond safety pinned doll clothes was in junior high home-ec, a zipped up the back sheath dress, which I did not finish by the end of class. I was in 8th grade, most of my other classmates were "big 9th graders" who would not give the 8th graders time at the sewing machines. My Mom (love her!) marched down to the school to discuss my failing grade on that dress. She assured the teacher that I WOULD finish the dress on my own, at home, and convinced her to delay the final grade for a week. Well, I sewed and ripped many seams on that dress, but got it finished with my Mom's guidance and ultimately received a B for the final grade. The other 8th graders were also given extended time to complete their dresses. I actually wore that red broadcloth dress on into high school! I am grateful to my Mom for many things, including teaching me to sew and to love fine fabric. But most of all is that she always stood up for me and was and is a constant cheerleader for all of my life's projects.

Re: Huge Four-Prize Giveaway to Inspire Your Sewing

One of the most challenging projects was "The Two Hour Tulip Bag"...a purse, in 3 sizes. Simple right? No, not when you decide to sew it in a thick vinyl, and make the smallest size. Instead of two hours, it turned out to be my "Two WEEK Tulip Bag". It was cute, but way too small, and I had to buy rivets and a rivet tool for the handles as my very strong machine just did not want to sew through 8 or 10 1ayers of vinyl for the straps. The end result was cute, VERY CUTE, and I gave it to the daughter of a co-worker...she loves it!

Re: Book Giveaway: Hand-Stitched Home - Signed by Susan Beal

Have always loved the lore and lure of Pendleton. Would love to have this book!

Re: Pattern Giveaway: Simplicity SewStylish 1542

The jacket with the long shaped shawl collar looks like a winner!

Re: The Bag-Lady Giveaway: Four handbag books and a quilted bag to carry them all!

The handbag I want to make is a leather bag with a retro vibe, like the one Kenneth King showed some months back. It is my DREAM PURSE! Maybe these books will help me figure out how!

Re: Enter Threads Storage Solution Giveaway Sponsored by

Some of the cubes would be great to stack my fabric in, instead of "storing" it in piles on the floor under my cutting table.

Re: Paper-Tape Dress Form

I made a paper tape form about 7 years ago at a "More The Day Before" class at one of the Original Sewing and Quilt Expos. It was a class of 18 or 20 people and working in teams of two, in about 6 hours we all had dress forms completed and drying. We wore a clear plastic dry cleaning bag over our underwear. A little time with a hair dryer and then bandage scissors were used to cut the forms up the center back. We quickly and carefully taped them back together and hung them on hangers to finish drying. After getting mine home I sprayed it with clear craft sealant inside and out. Bought an old floor lamp at a thrift store, pulled out all the wiring (there was no shade to remove).The two "arms" of the lamp that held light bulbs held up the form in the shoulder area. I stuffed in a few crumpled newspapers up into the shoulder area, just to provide a more stable surface where the form rested on the lamp "arms". I loved using that form, unfortunately lost it when my house burned. As soon as I can talk a friend into it I plan to make another one!

Re: Book Giveaway: John Gillow Textiles Titles

My Mom and I found a little quilt shop in a tiny town in Alaska during one of our cruise ship port stops. We weren't even looking for it, and there it was calling out to us as we walked around the little town! When we got back to the ship and told my husband and Dad about our "find" during our walk, they just laughed and said we had built-in fabric beacons!

Re: Book Giveaway: Artist/Rebel/Dandy: Men of Fashion

How refreshing to see men who care about how they look!

Re: Enter the Teach Yourself to Sew Giveaway Sponsored by Janome

My goal is to offer to shorten the hems of my coworkers' pants that I see dragging on the ground.

Re: Win a Copy of Serger Techniques on DVD!

Love my air-jet threading serger, but am sure I don't know how to fully utilize the capabilities. Hoping this book will help!

Re: Book Giveaway: Dressmaking: 200 Q&A

Preshrink everything! If a garment can't go into the washer, I'm probably not going to be happy with it, so I buy very little that isn't washable. I use zippered mesh bags (from a dollar store) to prewash zippers or any trim. Zig-zag or just straight stitch alowg both cut edges of new fabric before washing and drying it. Then when it is added to my fabric stash, if I see the stitching along the edges, I know it is ready to cut out. No guessing about how it will look when washed!

Re: Enter to Win an Oliso Pro Smart Iron!

Tip: buy a yard of silk organza in white, ivory or a light beige. Yes, use REAL SILK! It can take high heat and gives really good visibility of whatever you are pressing underneath. Cut the yard in half and you have 2 press cloths, use one for pressing and one just for fusibles. Zig-zag or serge along the cut edges to prevent ravelling. How to remember which press cloth is for fusibles? Use a bright color thread when you sew around the cut edges, to designate the "fusible press cloth". Use a thread that matches the organza for your non-fusible use press cloth.

I iron almost everything. I prefer to look "well-pressed", not just "wrinkle-free out of the dryer".

Re: DVD Giveaway: Design Your Own Wardrobe with Mary Ray

Mary Ray is a phenomenal designer. She is also most gracious and generous with her knowledge as she teaches. I had the pleasure of meeting her and taking a class. I would love to have this DVD to benefit from even more of her experience and talent!

Re: Enter to Win a One-Year Subscription to Threads!

What a treat! When the new issue of Threads magazine arrives in my mailbox each month, I immediately scan it from cover to cover. Then later that night, after everyone else is in bed and the TV is turned's my time to really read it. A chance to win it free for one year would be terrific!

Re: Magazine Giveaway: The Best of Threads Fitting

The armhole is my biggest fitting problem.
I rarely see this addressed in fitting classes.
My shoulders are narrow, and my arms are not very big around, the the armhole opening (armscye) is always too tight.

I'd like to learn how to make this fitting adjustment.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "All Sewn Up"

Yeah! quick to sew gifts...I need this book!

Re: Book Giveaway: "The Big Book of Flax"

Yet one more book I want to add to my libray!