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Re: How to Reshape a Neckline

I'm disappointed that this article doesn't address altering the neckline facings. I mean, surely if one alters the shape and construction of the neckline, one would need to alter the facings as well.

On a different topic, I purchased the most recent issue of the "Fitting" book. Again, it seems that the editors left out something very basic and important to anyone trying to learn how to alter clothing and patterns to actually fit one's shape...there was no section on how to fit hips and thighs. Granted, there is an article on how to measure for pants, but nothing on how to alter patterns so they actually fit.

Lots about shoulders and arms, but my problem areas are hips, bum, and thick thighs.

Re: Cut Longer Facings for Better-Looking Garments

Perhaps I'm just more of a novice sewer but I would've liked to have had more details shown and explained. I'm not quite sure how this went from "cut longer facings for better looking garments" to changing a straight cut facing to a curved one.

Re: Firming Up Fabrics with Gelatine

Could you please clarify the instructions? In one phrase, it says to 'introduce 1 tsp. of gelatin to 1 quart tap water' but later on, it says to add 1 qt. of boiling water to the 1 quart of *hot* water.

Should the first quart be hot tap water, just regular tap water, what?

Thanks for the tip and for the clarification. This tip would've saved me a lot of time, frustration and grey hairs last year when sewing a special occasion dress for my daughter.