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Re: Book Giveaway and Interview with Shea Henderson

Even though I learned much from my mother, the first project I remember completing on my own was in junior-high (seventh grade) home ec. It was a white bib-apron with a gathered skirt and long ties that criss-crossed and tied in the back. Every seam had to be basted before we could stitch it on the machine, and we had to embroider our name on the bib part. I remember being disappointed with my uneven embroidery. The prominent place it occupied spoiled the whole thing for me. The next year we made a dress. I loved the cotton pique (pe-kay)fabric I chose, and remember a group picture with us all wearing our finished work.

Re: Download Threads Classic Garment Sewing Skills onto Your Tablet

Me too. I would like it on my computer.

Re: Understanding Thread Tension

I had a problem with top threads breaking.
Solution: My machine held the spool horizontally (not vertically) and when I used a larger spool, the end cap that held the spool in place was too small. It allowed the thread to catch in the little slash on the rim of the spool and everything stopped.
When I used the larger end cap (supplied with the machine)the problem was solved.

Re: Win a Copy of Serger Techniques on DVD!

Learning is my way of being inspired to try new things. I need to be inspired to use my serger. Thank you.

Re: Enter to Win an Oliso Pro Smart Iron!

My tip:If you are teaching a child to use an iron, it is safer to have them mist or spray the fabric, rather than use the steam feature. Also make sure the ironing board is positioned at their waist level.
I will use the new iron to iron both personal items and sewing projects.

Re: Book Giveaway: Dressmaking: 200 Q&A

When I start a dart at the tip, I put a pin where the point will be in the fabric. The pin is perpendicular to the sewing line. I position the fabric so the pin will be behind then needle but the needle won't lower into the fabric just yet. I lower my needle to the right of the fabric (not into it) then I snug the pin that is in the fabric up to the needle, making sure that the folded dart is also snugged up to the needle with the thread tails positioned to the right. I lower the presser foot, pull out the pin and when I start sewing, I gently pull to the right on both the thread tails. This also pulls the fabric fold for the dart under the needle so that my first stitches are just barely catching the fabric. After that I sew the dart legs to the edge of the fabric as usual.