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Re: Video: A Neckline Binding for Knits

Sooo helpful!! I hope the zigzag or stretch stitch works as well for those of us without sergers.

Re: How to Pretest Pattern Changes with "Minipats"

I love this idea, and I REALLY love the moms who are doing this for their kids' dolls. That is so sweet! But I must be dense because I'm surprised no one else has asked this do you enlarge them?? I can see doing it on a xerox machine, but how on a home printer?

Re: How to Create Echo Stitching

Boy, what rude comments, user-248785 and LizKelley. You didn't deserve the polite response you got from Ms. Cutting. Thank you, Louise, for showing us this. BTW, today I used another of your techniques that I learned here and it worked brilliantly. Thank you!

Re: Non-Traditional Wedding Gown


Re: Pattern Review: Marfy 3039 - Trousers

Where's the review? This is just a description.

Re: Draft Your Own Pattern for Pants that Fit

I sure wish someone would answer the ease questions!

Re: Mother of the Bride Dress- DIY!!!

Wow, beautiful job! Really gorgeous and it fits you so well!

Re: A Measurement Chart of Your Very Own

You can increase the font size of any page by pressing the Control button and the +/= button. But a link to a larger illustration would be helpful so we could print that too. Thank you for the chart, but did you have to say "stuff into your purse"? I already have way too much stuff stuffed in there!