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Re: Second Annual National Serger Month Celebration and Giveaway

I do own a Brother 1034D serger and I use it to sew with stretchy fabrics. However, I would like to see videos with creative ideas for embellishing projects with it. This is something you don't find easily.

Re: Video: A Neckline Binding for Knits

Love this video...Sarah is thorough in her teaching, I love her videos, this video is what I really needed. I have cloned an old T-Shirt to make one for my husband. However, I chose a sweatshirt style cotton...not a wise choice because I tried to do the neckline and the fabric does not stretch much. However, Sara mentions here how to estimate the right amount of fabric you will need and where exactly you should stretch the binding. Brilliant!
Not afraid anymore!

Re: Clone Yourself A Dress Form

I saw this article on the print magazine a few years ago... and I decided to make one dress form with the help of my husband, it was quite a process, but he did a great job wrapping me... and it looks great... and it makes much easier draping fabric and making adjustments as am not that experienced with pattern fitting, I find it really challenging. My dress form is made of duct tape, I did not dare using other material. I just did not do a good job on defining the shoulder seams but is something that can be fixed. Thanks for sharing your projects... I posted a picture of my dress form in my blog