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Victoria Seymour, Victoria, BC, CA

I have been sewing off and on since I was a teenage, but my mother was an amazing sewer and would often complete my projects while I was at work, or say that the material was too nice for me to ruin. It was great having her sew for me, but now that she is gone I wish I had sewed more on my own and learned more. Now I was to get back to sewing and learn everything I can. I'd like to learn tailoring and fitting, maybe even try drafting. I have promised a young friend that I would make her grad dress in four years time, so I have some time to learn so she and her dress will look like a million.

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Re: DVD GIVEAWAY: Industry Insider Techniques with Louise Cutting Volumes 1-4

When my mother was alive, she would help me with my sewing and was always able to get me out of a jam. Since she has been gone I haven't sewn much, but recently decided that I wanted to get back to it. I'm a little rusty and love looking at Threads videos to get inspiration and help when I get stuck, it's not like I can ask mom. Louise does a great job explaining techniques and a collection like this would help so much with my confidence and provide concrete examples of how to do things. Would love to win this, and keep growing

Re: What comes first in your sewing concept--the garment or its embellishment?

For me sometimes the material comes first, I see something I love and my mind goes in a 100 directions trying to decide what the final project will be, then it's finding the embellishments. Other times I can be at a craft fair and a fancy button or trim catches my eye and I'm off to search to fabric stash to see what can be created with my new find. It's great to use your imagination when you create, I think that's why I love to sew