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Oakland, CA, US

craft interests: fashion, gifts, knitting, paper-crafts, restyle, sewing

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Re: Video: How to Attach an All-in-One Facing

I am going to do this right now!!!

Re: Video: Adjusting a Sleeve for a Forward Shoulder

I can't wait to try this But I, too, wonder if the shoulder notch will match the shoulder seam, or will the seam have to be moved forward at the sleeve end?

Re: Video: How to Straighten Fabric Grain

If these instructions don't seem easy, or don't work at all, your fabric most likely cannot be straightened. I would return a cut like this for a refund.

Re: Video: How to Straighten Fabric Grain

Good, clear instructions. I always preshrink first.

Re: How to Sew an Invisible Zipper in a Knit Garment

I leave the entire seam open below the zipper and sew it after applying the zipper. Where in this article did you mention closing the seam below the zipper? Did I miss something?

Re: Fall Fashion Forecast Extra: the Midi Skirt

I am of average/short height and weight and have several "midi" length skirts, especially for fall/winter. They are slim or slightly A-line and look great with boots. I only wear flat or low heel heights, feel very "chic" in my longer skirts. At 71, they are quite elegant, in my opinion.

Re: Free Pattern: Make a Curved-Top Tote

Got it! Thanks.

Re: Free Pattern: Make a Curved-Top Tote

Can't click to enlarge the pattern It goes to an error page.

Re: Free Pattern: Make a Curved-Top Tote

Very nice. I'm thinking of making it 1/2 size; and that inside seam between facing and lining is a perfect place to insert a pocket, even with a zipper closure to stash things more safely with only a magnetic closure at the top.

Re: Start to Finish, an Embroidered Fortuny Frock Coat

Absolutely the best coat ever!! I hope you will be wearing it every day!!!!
I don't have much patience for embroidery, but have a black knit dress I thought I'd get rid of because I find I'm not wearing all black anymore, so I found a book of instructions for ribbon flower embroidery and will do that around the neck of the dress, so I can still wear it!

Re: Quick to Make: Strapless Jumpsuit

At least this one makes it easy to go to the bathroom!!!

Re: Vote for the Winner of the 2015 SewStylish Spring Fashion Challenge

I voted for the wonderful paisley halter dress because it was so beautifully fitted.

Re: Embellish Panties with Shadow Appliqué

I have made one pair. They're cotton with no embellishment. I find lace to be too itchy.

Re: McCall's: Early Spring 2015

I love the color blocked top. I love a jumpsuit but would love a design that made it easier to use the restroom, to be blunt.

Re: Don't forget to Vote for the Winner of the 2014 Fancy Fabrics Challenge

VERY tough choice. I wanted to vote for all of them. Chose the handsewn Regency gown because it was handsewn. The tutu would have been my other choice, knowing how much knowledge of dance as well as sewing goes into one of these.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Suede to Rest"

I love to read mysteries while I eat! Doesn't bother my digestion at all!
Love to win the book.

Re: Book Giveaway: Hand-Stitched Home - Signed by Susan Beal

Would love to win this!

Re: Big Sew Stylish Giveaway: Books, Sketching Panels, Pincushions, and more!

I'm inspired by what my friends are wearing, by people in the street, by fashions in Vogue Magazine, and by my own imagination and fabric stash!

Re: Vote for the Winner of the 2014 Threads Halloween Costume Contest

That was a very hard choice. Wanted to vote for the Princess, and the Wizard of Oz as well.

Re: Pattern Giveaway: Simplicity SewStylish 1699

Good luck everyone. I won this pattern giveaway once and never received the pattern despite sending my address twice! <:~(

Re: Enter Threads Storage Solution Giveaway Sponsored by

My living/sewing space is all in one little studio apartment. So I could use the smallest of these organizers to great advantage!!

Re: Project Runway Season 13: Episode 3, "Welcome to the Future"

I'd love to know what the jacket in Kristine's design looks like. More views of each design would be appreciated, for those of us who don't have cable tv. Yes we still exist!

Re: Simplicity Pattern 1466 Giveaway!

I was actually told via email that I'd won a pattern a month or so ago. Never received it, although I emailed my address twice.
But I'd like to make this one in linen, top view B and pants, size 10-18.

Re: Video: Use Elastic to Space Buttons

Yup, something seems to have been left out here. This instructor is usually spot on.

Re: TWO Book Giveaway: "Sew Fun" and "Sewing School 2"

I have two 8-year-old friends who are learning to sew. I love teaching them! They'd love either of these books.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Threads Sew Smarter, Better & Faster"

Keep your sewing machine cleaned and oiled!!!

Re: Apply Elastics to Your Garments

I, as well, think stitching the foldover elastic with a zig zag stitch would be appropriate, if you want the elastic to stretch. I'd use a multistitch zig zag.

Re: Video: How to Sew a Figure-eight Stitch

This is a lovely hand stitch and I'll probably use it. It would be nice to see a left handed demonstration now and then for us lefties. It makes it easier than always trying a mirror image!

Re: How to Create Echo Stitching

I love this look. I probably could have figured out how to do it myself, but might never have thought to. Might just try it on the jacket I have cut out now.

Re: Second Annual National Serger Month Celebration and Giveaway

I've had my serger way too long to not know how to do the many things possible! I need this DVD!

Re: Simplicity Patterns: Early Spring 2014 Review & Givewaway!

1467 Looks like a very useful pattern. I love the little top with the skirt. Easy to make and easy to wear.

Re: Video: How to Bind a Sheer Edge

Great tip. I especially like the use of the pointer to support the commentary. Such a small thing, but so very helpful.

Re: Where Do You Most Frequently Shop for Fabric?

First fave is Stonemountain and Daughter fabric store in Berkeley, CA!! After that I'm lucky enough to have Piedmont Fabrics, Silk Road Fabrics, Discount Fabrics, Britex Fabrics, and many others right in the Bay Area. My only regret is we don't have Mood!

Re: Bust Dart Pressing: Cup Size is a Factor in Which Technique You Choose

I love the technique of pressing bust darts up. I had just learned to do this for a C/D cup when watching a video on fitting the full bust. After 60 years of sewing, what a revelation!

Re: Vote for the Winner of the 2013 Fancy Fabrics Challenge

It was a very difficult choice among the McQueen top, the Lady in Red and the Exquisite Prom Dress. I had to finally choose the prom dress, because it was a beautiful example of both expertise and a labor of love.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing"

I've always admired Gertie's skills. Would love to have this book.

Re: Palmer/Pletsch Launches Satellite Locations

I'd love it if they would come to the Bay Area, but I guess that's too close to Portland. Guess I'll have to come there to take a class! I find their fitting methods to be the best I've tried so far! Been at it for 60!

Re: Enter to Win an Oliso Pro Smart Iron!

I have replaced the original padding on my ironing board with a preshrunk wool blanket, then with a heavy cotton cover. It holds the steam and sends it back through the garment I'm pressing.
I would use that new iron for everything. I sew for my family and myself, and would love to have a fresh, new modern iron.

Re: Enter to Win an Oliso Pro Smart Iron!

I have replaced the original padding on my ironing board with a preshrunk wool blanket, then with a heavy cotton cover. It holds the steam and sends it back through the garment I'm pressing.
I would use that new iron for everything. I sew for my family and myself, and would love to have a fresh, new modern iron.

Re: Project Runway Season 12: Episode 1 "Sky's the Limit"

I LOVE that the judges won't know who designed which outfit until after the judging. Then they can't play favorites. I know it happens! And having Tim Gunn on the's about time! Too bad he can't comment.

Re: How to Identify Fabrics with a Burn Test

I almost always did this for my beginning sewing classes.

Re: Dress Forms Can Be a Sewing Room Essential

I made a duct tape form in a class twice. The second was to re-fit after some weight loss. It has made it possible for me to finally be able to fit my back! I discovered that I need a smaller size pattern, a full bust adjustment and a shorter center back neck to waist than commercial patterns. What a difference it's made in my satisfaction level with the garments I make for myself. Now "she" just sits in my closet with a plaid shirt on. The duct tape forms tend to "explode" over time, so it'll need adjusting if I decide to use it again.
Can't bear to let it sit out for other eyes to see! It's me, undressed!

Re: Enter to Win a One-Year Subscription to Threads!

I've saved all my Threads, finally donated them to the library when I received my DVD. But I've gotten a few printed ones since the DVD, so still love taking them to bed with me.

Re: Win a One-Year Threads Insider Membership!

I'd love to win.

Re: How to Sew Inseams

I always teach beginners to put the longer side next to the feed dogs and allow them to ease the little bit of excess into the shorter side, which is on top, under the needle. This works so well when easing a sleeve cap, too.

Re: How to Interface Jackets: Lessons from an Yves Saint Laurent Garment

I love the look of a sleeve header, but have never been able to get one right. How's it done?

Re: How to Reduce Collar Bulk

Terrific idea! I'll make another shirt just to try it. I had just about given up on shirts after my last one. Thanks.

Re: Project Runway Season 11: Episode 6, "Senior Fling"

Too little time, that was the problem for the better designers. And Tu has to be the next cut. Amanda shoud be ashamed of her dress. She needs to go home too.
I loved the winning pants suit, even though the fit was a bit off, too little time, again. But he had the best model to work with. Benjamin's little lady probably had not a clue what looked good on her and loved having a designer make something special for her. Of course she loved it. I'm on the fence over the team approach. It's life, but I also like to see the individual efforts win on their own.

Re: Quick Tip: Button Placement Inside a Vertical Buttonhole

Great idea. Thanks.

Re: Oscar Fashions 2013

Jennifer Laurence should have had more practice walking with that gown! And Kristen Stewart's dress stood out from her bust in a very ill-fitting way, looked so very messy.
I loved Hallie Berry's gown. Thought most of the huge ball gowns were too over the top, and the dresses were wearing the women.

Re: Sewing Getaways in 2013

Wish I could afford one of these!

Re: Video: How to Stitch Together Seam Allowances

It would have been helpful to have mentioned that the second stitching line was a zig-zag and the stitch length and width adjustments that would be necessary depending on the fabric. All that is not so visible in the video. Also, the second stitching line can be straight stitched as well with good results, depending on the fabric.

Re: Take the "What's Your Style" Personality Quiz by BERNINA

Wow! I came out romantic, but I'd never make that pattern. The questions were too general, and most had 2 or 0 answers that applied to me. Yes, it could have been a better quiz. But thanks for the offer!

Re: Making a Side Seam Read True

Great advice. I can't wait to try on my last pair of self-made pants to check out the side seam fit. I hope they "read true" but glad to know what to do next time if not. Thanks Mr. King!

Re: ASG Honors Claire Shaeffer

A well deserved honor for Claire Shaeffer. I use her Fabric Sewing Guide all the time!

Re: How to Move a Dart

On moving the dart down. I should have mentioned that you'll have to fill in the space above with pattern paper. Not to leave a big hole in your pattern! <:~)

Re: How to Move a Dart

Hi user 1111732,
Moving a dart down is pretty easy. Just draw a rectangle around the whole dart, cut it out and move it down to where you want it. Then clean up the edges. There are some wonderful books out there to help you with fitting the bust. My fave is "Fit for Real People" by Patti Palmer (I think.)

Re: Book Giveaway: Summer Mystery Reading for the Sewing Enthusiast

Looks like fun reading.

Re: Enter for Your Chance to Win a SUEDEsays Pattern!

I, too, would love to win a pattern.

Re: New SewStylish Pattern

I love Cynthia Rowley's designs, but most of them are not for my 67 year old body! That 1783 pattern with the fly front just adds too many extra layers of fabric on the tummy. But I suppose I could change the zipper to the side. The blouse is fabulous with the edgy color scheme for the binding.
I'm busting my butt sewing for summer, but picked up some paisley stretch corduroy that will make some great jeans for fall/winter in the Bay Area.
Happily sewing,

Re: A Look at Exposed Zippers

I like the exposed zipper look on the front of a garment, but not on the back, unless it goes all the way from the top to the bottom. But I can't imagine sitting on it, so one is only going to wear this to a cocktail party where you'd stand up the whole time!
I appreciate the gorgeous construction and finishing detail on this dress. I hope someone is going to actually wear it!

Re: Project Runway All Stars: "Finale Part 2"

Mondo, absolutely!!

Re: Video: Two Techniques for Edges

I love when I learn something new, after 50+ years of sewing!!! Not clipping the seams after making the miter, to add weight to the corner...brilliant!!!

Re: Project Runway All Stars: "Patternmaking for Piggy"

I missed it last week, so glad to see these photos. Kenley and Rami certainly got the Miss Piggy style best. Michael's was too much for a human and not as much fun as the other 2. The rest were an abomination, except for Mondo and Anthony. How could they decide who was going home among Mila, Austin, April and Gordana. All were so not Ms. Piggy!

Re: Charles James

That grey dress is so subtly wonderful, I'd like to try to copy it. I'd wear it as often as I could. Wish I knew the exact fabric from which it was made.
I, as well, don't appreciate the inappropriate comment on Ms. Jolie. Not on this blog, please.

Re: Project Runway All Stars: "A Night at the Opera"

Thank you for repeating this episode, now I know what Jerell's dress looks like, a monkey's maternity dress! And Mila's...snore.
I think Kenley's dress was adorable. But out of all of them, I think the best should be those gowns that a woman could actually sit down in the audience and enjoy the opera! Come on, would you enjoy sitting down in Mondo's or Kenley's? That should always be a consideration when designing for a night at the opera. Or do some of these people forgo the actual performance and stay out in the lounge to be admired? Never having been a gala attendee, I wouldn't know!

Re: Slot Buttonholes

I love this buttonhole! I have 1930's coat pattern that has this buttonhole between the collar and coat front. It looks lovely and I put a statement button there. I needed to cover some very large snaps with lining fabric to put between the buttons to prevent gaping. Worked like a charm. And covering large snaps was kind fun too.

Re: Tangerine Tango

Wow! Who'd have thought so many would take this so personally? I wear the colors that look best on me, which don't happen to include tangerine, but I do love the color. I hope I can find some prints that include it as a small accent along with colors that flatter my skin tone.
Calm down everyone, Pantone does not dictate to us what colors we can wear. Only the slaves to fashion. And tangerine will look great on the bathroom wall, or somewhere.

Re: "Baby, it's cold outside"

A few of these coat patterns have already made it to the "ugliest pattern" lists. But I love the Marfy patterns. I have a gorgeous Marfy coat pattern I bought a few years ago, self-belted with a full bias skirt, to make in plaid. I've been intimidated to begin, because I have to make up all the instructions.
I made a 1930's coat in luminous lavender wool for this winter. It's got antique buttons from my mom's collection. Nice and warm for Northern CA.

Re: Creating a Minifacing

This is a really great tutorial! I use organza, too, for lots of projects, most recently to interface a collar on an almost sheer blouse. I especially appreciate the photos in this article. As a visual learner, these helped me really see and internalize the instructions. Thanks so much.

Re: New Fashion Design Degree Program Launches

Having graduated from fashion school in pattern making and clothing construction, and then worked for various designers in costume as well as fashion, I feel that anyone who really wants to be a designer, who is able to work well with her or his team, should at least be familiar with the fundamentals of clothing construction. Then you won't waste a lot of the pattern maker's and stitchers' time arguing about what is and is not possible! In theater and fashion, time is a huge issue!

Re: When downsizing, consider a new home for your stash

I'm looking forward to having time to go through my stash and cutting SEVERELY! I have a great place locally to donate. But first, I want to throw a fabric swap party, so my sewing friends can choose what they want before I donate.

Re: Patterns: Wide Leg Pants

I made New Look 6873 (above) in lightweight medium gray pinwale stretch corduroy and they are fabulous! I have been longing for wider legs and waists back at the waist. I love low-slung skinny jeans, too, but it's just time for something different.

Re: Video: How to Apply Elastic

That was very well presented. I learned something, despite years of sewing experience. Thanks to Judith for another inspiring presentation.

Re: Project Runway 9: "Finale Challenge"

I think Anya really has vision and taste. She will probably do well at fashion week, but I wonder who will sew her line? If she has to do it herself (is that the rule?), then she's in big trouble. I think Burt should have stayed. He might have surprised us all. Poor Kim, she just melted down and couldn't pull herself together. She had all her models wearing her own hairstyle and it looked SO BAD! Josh will hopefully grow up and be less full of himself, if he doesn't try to emulate Michael Kors! I like Viktor the best. He's my choice to win it.

Re: DVD GIVEAWAY: Threads Magazine Archive, 1985-2011

I'm not sure I could part with my shelf-full of Threads Magazines! But I might be able to do so if I only had that DVD! I would love to win it!

Re: Project Runway 9: "Image is Everything"

This was the first time I fell asleep during PR! I agree it was time for Olivier to go home. Victor is racking up the wins. Anya was in the bottom 3!! I agree, the tunics looked messy and how do you mess up an unfitted tunic for a flat chested man!!!!!

Re: Project Runway 9: "All About Nina"

So, Anya is a plant, or something? A shill? A cheater? And I didn't think her jumpsuit was top 3 material at all.
I would have put Anthony's and Bert's in the top 3, although I thought Bert's needed a little jacket for day.

Re: Piece a Binding then Machine Applique it in Place

Very, very unique and creative. You'll love wearing that!

Re: Christine Haynes Announces New Pattern Line

I'm always glad to see another pattern designer launched! I wish I could see larger versions of the 2 new patterns. They look like they'll be perfect for my beginning sewing classes.

Re: Project Runway 9: My Pet Project

the birdseed dress...most definitely.

Re: A Pretty Blue Coat

I wish I'd been reminded of the pick stitching around the edges before I donated my red wool coat because I couldn't get the edges flat enough! That would have been the solution. I must have had a senior moment when I forgot I could do that!

Re: More Sewing Misadventures

I, too, have learned the serger lesson the hard way. But one of my worse mistakes was cutting a piece of beautiful 1-way stretch silk jersey in a pattern that called for 2-way stretch. The pattern was all ruched up one side, so it never fit comfortably, pulled to one side at the neck and armhole and looked so awful that I cut it apart and pieced it back together, patching and leaving raw edges. It looks ok, but I'll pay close attention to the fabric requirements from now on!

Re: Finally! Project Runway is Ready to Roll

I'm not to sure that PR's target viewer includes any of us who comment here! They seem to be more interested in targeting the kind of viewer who also watches "Jerseylicious" or "Bridezillas"...shows that show people at their worst.
I have loved PR despite it's drama, because I know how hard these contestants work. I don't always agree with the selection of the winner and don't appreciate the increase in snarkiness from Michael Kors and Nina Garcia and even from Heidi Klum. I thought at least she would be above that. Oh well, I'll watch every episode...

Re: Sewing UFOs

SO GLAD to see so many others with so many UFO's! I have piles of them. Sometimes I get started on re-purposing something and need to buy something to finish it. So there it sits until I remember to pick up that little item. And forget about it for YEARS! I recently started to go through this and have to say, I'm almost as bad as the person with the plaid skirt started in 1959! Maybe that skirt fabric should be made into a throw pillow!

Re: From Botch Job to Beautiful in an Afternoon!

That was a beautiful success! I love "upcycling" thrift store treasures. I teach this kind of re-purposing in a very fun class and will surely recommend this link to my class this weekend.
I'm kind of sorry for the young gal who was so defensive about her uneven stitches that don't show on the outside of her garment. It's so satisfying to put something on and see the inside, as you do so, looking as lovely as the outside. But we don't all have the same aesthetic when it comes to finishing. Just have to accept that fact.

Re: 'Project Accessory' Begins Casting Soon

I can't wait, that is, for both shows' inspiration and just plain enjoyment.

Re: Dance costumes sparkle with hand applied embellishments

Guys, you have to click on the little box in the lower right corner of the video to get "full screen." Then press your ESC button to return.

Re: What Makes a Sewing Space Great?

Windows, light, lots of wall and floor space. Music and talk radio. When I spend a lot of time alone sewing, I need to hear live conversation!

Re: Creating Perfect Bias Fabric Loops

Beautiful, and so clear. I love having this link to share with my beginning and intermediate sewing students. Thanks.

Re: What will you be sewing this summer?

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area it seems to be endless winter. Still too cold to think of summer clothes. I'm making jeans with male pattern boldness, and straggling along on some summer tops, but can't get motivated when I'm still wearing socks and sweaters!

Re: A New Improved Seam Roll

Great idea! Just the ticket and I'll look for the right stuff at my local lumber yard today!

Re: A Nice Little Suit

This suit is perfect for someone tall and thin, with a very flat tummy! How lucky to find it second hand. It's always a lucky opportunity to appreciate the workmanship that goes into a special garment like this.

Re: What fabric do you love to sew with most?

What a question! So hard to decide! I love to sew with linen and silk noil(spelling?). I love wool coating and flannel. I like the way these fabrics respond to the steam iron, like sculpting with fabric. My only hesitance would be my worries about how animals are treated in the production of wool and silk.

Re: Online Shopping and Resource Guide

I've bought fabric from Marcy Tilton because she has the best quality and taste. I just found some black stretch denim with 3% lycra at, suggested to me by a member of the jeans-making group on "male pattern boldness." A fun blog!

Re: Simple Bust Adjustment

I don't see how this can work unless only a tiny bit needs to be added. I always need to increase the length in a FBA. And without a dart, how can you avoid the front flaring out below the bust point? Is that what closing the bottom is actually doing, creating an invisible vertical dart?
In knit patterns that include different fronts for 4 cup sizes, I've seen the fronts lengthened and a "bulge" in the side seam that is eased into the back. Pretty easy in stretchy knits.

Re: Australian Woolgrowers Dress Prince William

I, too, love wool and love to work with it. My only hope is that the sheep are treated humanely. I worry about that. Anyone?

Re: Book Giveaway: "Draping Basics" by Sally M. Di Marco

I learned draping from a master draper, Sr. Lopez, at College of Alameda in California in the early 1990's. It was one of the best creative experiences I have ever had. Now I can look at almost any garment and figure out how to make it, just by draping muslin on my dress form! It is like sculpting in fabric and so meditative. When I'm finished with the muslin, I just true it up and use if for a pattern. What joy!

Re: Museum Exhibit: "His and Hers" at the Museum at FIT in New York City

Sorry that posted 3 times! My computer seems to be possessed.

Re: Museum Exhibit: "His and Hers" at the Museum at FIT in New York City

I watched a program last night showing what women movie stars have worn on the "red carpet" almost since the beginning of the Oscars. During the '70's was the only time women wore pants.

Re: Museum Exhibit: "His and Hers" at the Museum at FIT in New York City

I watched a program last night showing what women movie stars have worn on the "red carpet" almost since the beginning of the Oscars. During the '70's was the only time women wore pants.

Re: Museum Exhibit: "His and Hers" at the Museum at FIT in New York City

I watched a program last night showing what women movie stars have worn on the "red carpet" almost since the beginning of the Oscars. During the '70's was the only time women wore pants.

Re: Facing a Facing

Lovely idea to use the organza for the facing and the interfacing. I love the method for finishing the unattached edges first and teach it in my beginning sewing classes.

Re: What's your state garment?

I admire the creativity of this project, but I too am really disappointed in her choice for New York. It is a State, not a city that she is supposedly trying to represent. I grew up in Syracuse and traveled throughout the state. If she'd seen the mountains, lakes and forests of upstate New York, maybe she'd have had a better inspiration for her garment than garbage. Yuck!

Re: McCall's Sees "Fresh and Fabulous" Changes for Spring 2011

I can't even adequately express how great it is to have "A, B, C, D" cup size patterns! Now I can just cut my size and not have to make those complicated alterations! Yippee!!!!!!

Re: Share Your Sweetest Notions

Wish I had a photo of my tiny ivory handled drafting tool that I use as a point to hold difficult fabrics while sewing them on the machine. It's too cute.

Re: How to Make a Piggyback Pocket

Sweet detail. Do you cut the lining on the bias as well?

Re: Book Giveaway: "1,000 Clever Sewing Shortcuts & Tips"

So many tips....which one is my fave?
When top-stitching corners without thread ends to get you going after turning each one; keep a double threaded needle handy and run it through the corner before you get there. When you've turned the corner you can grab the threads and make sure your machine doesn't bog down on those first few stitches. Learned this from an Honduran professional seamstress who could make a welt pocket practically blindfolded!

Re: The Kermit-Green Jacket

FABULOUS IDEA for my recycling/upcycling class! You always come up with the best techniques...just when I need them.

Re: Magazine Giveaway: "Quick Stuff to Sew"

I love to use these magazines in my recycling/upcycling sewing class.

Re: A Clever Finish Makes a Single Layer Reversible

I have a gorgeous piece of blanket-thick Italian wool that I plan to make a throw blanket for my nephew and his family to use in their tv room. This finish will be perfect for the edges. I really didn't want to use cheap-o blanket binding!
Thanks for the idea.

Re: Do You Have a Soundtrack for Your Sewing?

I like to hear live human conversation while I'm home alone sewing. So I always listen to NPR, although sometimes I'm in the mood for Mozart, if it's a difficult project!

Re: Project Runway: Season 8 - Finale Part 2

I, too, was disappointed that Mondo didn't win. I thought his were the most exciting designs, and that's what a fashion SHOW is all about.
Gretchen's fabrics and styles for her blouses, skirts and dresses were very pretty, although her color choices were so limited. But those short shorts were awful, they remind me of old fashioned men's swimwear! Only children under 12 could wear shorts that short in public! What is she thinking? Would she wear shorts like that?...she designs what she wants to wear, according to her statement. Couldn't imagine her daring to put those on, unless they're her!

Re: Create a Custom Dress Form

I've had a duct tape dress form for 3 years and it's the best thing I ever did for fitting my self. I recommend it to anyone who has fitting issues especially with a full bust and small back.

Re: How have you organized your stash?

I sew because I love clothes that fit and because it is my form of meditation.

Re: Our Friend, Fred Bloebaum

I met Fred at a party. A friend told me, "You have to meet this woman!" Fred and I went into the ladies room and forgot to come out for over an hour, we talked and talked. She introduced me to PACC and I took her "Fitting the Bust" class, which gave me great information to use in my own fitting and to pass on in my own sewing classes. Luckily we lived in the same community and saw each other frequently at sewing related functions. I will miss Fred so much.

Re: Book Giveaway - Sewing For Children

I'm about to be a grandma for the first time and I would love to win the book!

Re: Video: How to Sew a Dart

Good lesson for sewing a dart, as far as it went. I'd have liked to have seen the instructor using a pressing ham to finish the dart. And the pinning was done with the fold to the left on a few of the examples, while the sewing was done with the fold to the right. This can be confusing for beginners. I would also not teach beginners to lift the presser foot with the needle up when grabbing the thread end to use as a guide. I want to use this link to enhance my beginning sewing classes, but I don't want to have my students re-do the darts in class.

Re: The Circular Ribbon Flower

FA..BU...LOUS!!!! All hail to Kenneth King! I can't WAIT to try this!

Re: Book Giveaway: Successful Serging

RubyInGA, once you've tried a serger to finish seams, you'll never be happy until you own one! Cuts your seam finishing time in half, at least. Try them out and get the best one you can afford!

Re: Book Giveaway: Successful Serging

Now that I've read a few comments, I realize lots of other sewists are in the same boat I am with their sergers!
(I also realize why we call ourselves sewists rather that sewers! ugh!)

Re: Book Giveaway: Successful Serging

I've had a serger since 1989 at least! I have only used it for finishing seams (SO thankfully!) and for rolled hems. I teach sewing to beginners and try to introduce them to seam finishes on the serger as well as the "old fashioned" seam finishing methods. I would LOVE to know how to use my serger for some fun options. Hope I WIN!

Re: Book Giveaway - The Complete Photo Guide to Ribbon Crafts

My New Year's sewing resolution will be to finish all the projects I have cut out over the last year! They are all neatly packaged in zip-lock bags with thread and pattern pieces cut out and altered! Now if I can just get motivated to sew for myself!
I'd love to win this book too. I have recently gotten interested in Origami and other paper crafts. Ribbon craft would be a great way to make embellishments for clothing.
Good luck to me!

Re: As a sewist, what are you most thankful for?

I'm MOST thankful for my old Bernina sewing machine. I used to be wardrobe supervisor for a local ballet company and when I left this job my boss gave me this old machine because she was replacing all the machines. I took it to get it cleaned and tuned up. My mechanic said "What were you sewing with this?" It was full of mud! It's been serving me well for 12 years and still going strong. Happy Thanksgiving.

Re: How to Embellish Buttonholes with Embroidery

to "nancy in maryland". Why not try leaving out the buttonholes and using snaps? Sew the buttons on the outside and forget the torture of trying to sew buttonholes in this difficult fabric. Good luck!