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Re: 10 Better Sewing Habits

Agree with divaweava. Assess your table and chair height and adjust to the most comfortable and do not skimp on a comfortable supportive chair, took me quite awhile to figure that one out after backaches, neck aches and raging headaches. Most of us just use whatever is a spare in the house with seat pads to cushion, not the way to go!

Re: Using Buttons as Embellishment


Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "Underwear Fashion in Detail"

I have the extreme privilege of having been born as the last generation that actually know women who worn a corset. When it was the proper thing to do! My grandmother would not go out of the house properly dressed. My mother took to have my budding 12 year old body fitted for one of those horrible rubber girdles because it was the proper thing to do. I left the fitting with modesty barely intact clutching a "training bra, girdle, garter belt and stockings, not quite sure if I was really ready to become a woman. Panty hose,underwires, padded,and pushup bras, breathable girdles, panty girdles, spanx, knee highs and thigh highs were to follow decades later, always in the name of being proper. Finally braless and girdle free I realize it is the inside person that makes a woman properly dressed. With the passing of my generation all these memories, changes and perceptions of womanhood will be gone to live only in books such as this one.

Re: Video: The Sewing Machine Serenaded On Screen

THE THREE AMIGOS when Martin Short tells an old woman at the sewing machine "Sew like the wind old woman". An expression my husband uses when he peers into the sewing studio when he hears my machine running.