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My name is Stephen White, I am a college educated professional with a background in writing and editing. I have written and submitted thousands of articles, and have been published on websites and in print alike.

Reading is one of my hobbies also when I was a student I described myself as book worm since I eally love reading anything that caught my interest now that I am a little bit busy I have less time for books but I still reads a lot I browse the internet of course because I am online daily so I still have time to read I considered this hobby of mine as an important one and played a great role in the development of my knowledge had it not been my great interest for reading I think I could not be an advance learner student.

I write quality unique original articles on just about every niche out there I research then write 350 500 and even 1000 word articles press releases or reports ebooks up to 5000 words and give them back to you as soon as posible.

Member Since: 02/05/2013

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