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Philadelphia, PA

longstanding, long suffering, thrifty repurposer. self-taught sewing since adolescence. love using vintage fabric and hacking patterns, learned on a treadle a neighbor discarded. won my first electric machine in a Make it with Wool competition. professional, leisure and art clothing.

craft interests: fashion, quilting, restyle, sewing

Member Since: 06/15/2010

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Renaissance Sentry

This Renaissance sentry costume was constructed using heavily texturized cotton upholstery for the mid-knee outer doublet, brown wool baise for the mid-calf pantaloons and hat. Simple muslin with...

recent comments

Re: Renaissance Sentry

such a complex construction could only be justified for an adult who truly looked the part!

Re: Steampunk Witch

you have the right look for this costume!

Re: Infant Octopus Costume

good for a sedentary contestant!

Re: Tiger Lily from PAN- Halloween Costume Contest

one would hope that costume would fit her forever, as much time as it took! i know the feeling!

Re: Video: How to Use a Tailor's Board

Wow! There are some really irrelevant posts here, somebody must have hacked in or there's no moderator to eliminate this doody. I love my velva & needleboard for frequently used high nap fabrics. I also love a press mitt and a silicone press sheet that allows me to see through to how steamed on or in materials are behaving as I'm applying them. I have friends who say they'd love to sew, but as soon as they say they can't stand ironing I tell them to find another teacher, that ironing is the single best way to produce a well-made garment that few to no people recognize as hand made!

Re: Gift to Sew: Easy and Classic Wool Scarf

numberless gifts = a fave "edge" for me is to tightly zigzag a plushy wool that just swallows the stitching and then fringe the long and short edges. King's idea will work well for my less boho friends! Thank you

Re: Sewer vs. Sewist

Hey! Let's not overthink this - we're needle artists!

Re: Sewer vs. Sewist

i am not hidebound about titles and words, so standing on ceremony is not my motive for preferring the simple word sew. If I want to indicate the breadth of what I love about quilting, sewing and the constellation of tricks and artistic tendencies I have, then I say that I am a needle artist, since my interests are broader than any one "thread," as it were. I say I love the needle arts or I pursue the needle arts. Never once has anyone I've used this phrase seemed puzzled by what I'm saying about my abilities. There.

Re: Threads #178: Check out our latest issue and enter to win!

what person, outside the Emperor, wouldn't want to check out the NEW power suit? please may it be so, a new take is long overdue!

Re: Book Giveaway: "Suede to Rest"

one of my favorite materials is ultrasuede, and the reversible "kite" coat i made from a hesitant cousin's stash is a staple. broadening my repertoire to use this resource more often would be a long held goal

Re: Video: How to Stabilize a Thread Spool

DOH! Love these "obvious" solutions! I'll be trying to find a "bearded" one at a thrift/antique store. Clever!

Re: Win Tickets to ASDP's 2014 Fashion Show

Philadelphia has become my home in the last decade, and there's definitely a unique fashion take here i'd love to see up close and personal!

Re: Pattern Giveaway: Simplicity SewStylish 1699

i love the peplum top paired with simple pants - it looks like it would flatter all body types, not something easy to stylishly accomplish!

Re: Enter the Teach Yourself to Sew Giveaway Sponsored by Janome

i want to truly say that i've received mentoring for my sewing passion. such would be the case if i won this prize!

Re: Enter Threads Storage Solution Giveaway Sponsored by

i went to this company's website. what a rollicking remedy to disorder and dismay - not to mention disinheritance! would love to spend a cool hun here!

Re: Simplicity Pattern 1466 Giveaway!

why, i'd put my curves into the (W)women's size range and use a luxurious wool to create this dress. i love the shaped hem, and might maybe use it on the dress as well as the featured top, making it a bit edgier than the dress interpretation! thanks, maybe i'll be the random marauder on this one.

Re: Video: Two Great Marking Tips

i too have nappy fabric marking challenges. there's no uniform way to mark a fabric, even as there's no uniform fabric. even though it's a pain, i will use thread on my highest nap wools or fleeces. i also use crayons on my tissue patterns, they leave an indelible mark and when i'm altering a pattern, i want to be able to replicate my careful adjustments again. sometimes crayons work on fabric too, if it's thick enough!

Re: Enter to Win "Bag-E-Bottoms" Bag Liners

this would so end all the "wool gathering" of materials i've been doing to try to find a great bottom for my bags. oh puhleez, put me outta my misery!

Re: Second Annual National Serger Month Celebration and Giveaway

i once was able to see Pamela at a presentation and would love to have something beyond that memory to stir my creative juices!

Re: How to Sew a Sweater Using Knitted Fabrics

i found a lovely panel of all wool rust garter micro stitch knit. it proved just enough to make an asymmetrical boho Tilton sweater top. while i didn't combo it w/any other fabs, i did use a cayenne serged stitch to join the seams, left to view at the front and raglan sleeve lines. i didn't hem, but merely used the serger to finish the pocket, collar, hem and sleeves! gawjus

Re: A Quick Fix for a Baggy Blue Coat

i'm glad i'm not the only thrift store junkie! have recently rec'd a lovely coyote fur coat a friend's pup "eviscerated," w/lotsa retrievable fur. may put strategic grommets hither & yon to make a wrap also. you inspire!

Re: Mega Quilt Giveaway

Greatest quilt moment came when a silver & gold paddlewheel design, all made from 40s/50s fabric found at thrift stores, went to my in-laws for their 50th anniversary. my spouse traveled from HI>OH to give them the quilt and filmed them when they opened the box. my mother-in-law cried to receive it! When they passed, my BFF visited us from NY and fell in love w/it while staying in our guest bedroom. Now, she's got her own Manhattan apartment, whose color scheme is planned to complement the quilt. Now that's an heirloom!

Re: Book Giveaway: "Quilt Love"

one of my favorite quilts was one made from 30s-60s fabric, mostly in grey and gold. it was a paddle wheel pattern w/octagonal corners. my spouse saw my initial fabric choices and said it seemed "monochromatic." while it was a subtle palette, it turned out to be lovely and surprised us both. when his parents celebrated their 50th, it seemed that the silver and gold aspects were very apt, and they enjoyed this quilt through the end of their lives, when it again reverted to us. a longtime friend who stayed in our guestroom was so smitten with it that she now has it in her painstakingly appointed NYC apartment. soon, she'll be moving, and she plans to make all the colors in her new apartment reflect the colors in that quilt she loves so much -- a better compliment one could scarcely wish for!

Re: The Colors of Spring 2013

i must be ahead of the curve in this -- these are my faves! on some levels, many of the choices are but a subtle shift from last year's. and when i find i may be wearing something i'm happier w/than the season would dictate, i just use an accessory that resonates w/a particular color advocated and voila! i'm up to date.

Re: Project Runway Episode 6: "Fix My Friend!"

Clearly, the response of the client should not govern everything a designer chooses to create for the client. On some levels the designer should know bodies well enough to know what will not only FIT but FLATTER!
i did think the look Fabio created for his well-built toughie fit her looks, her body, but pushed her out into a fashionable, flattering arena.
It helped that the judges told some of the designers that their lengths were simply too short. What was adjudged a failing design might have proven successful with the mere addition of a few more inches.
And some of the fabrics! Listen up! There are so many choices available that, even with monetary restrictions, one can go from rags to riches by strategically choosing to cut from a better cloth, uplifting the outcome substantially.
I hesitate to name favorites because that's so subjective. So is the response of the models to their garments. There are looks i think succeeded that were not highlighted by the judges. And, for instance, Dmitry's, while it drew praise, made that poor woman look like a sausage to my eyes!
As for Ven; his disgust for the model was so apparent that it should alone have disqualified him. I thought the elimination and saves were off.

Re: DVD GIVEAWAY: Industry Insider Techniques with Louise Cutting Volumes 1-4

i teach neighborhood pre-teens who bring their machines to my front porch. being able to reinforce what i'm helping them learn w/something slick & visual would be entirely helpful!

Re: Sun hat for the gardener or beach comber

i do a favorite similar to these but which an elongated back brim to protect from sun!

Re: Book Giveaway: "The Big Book of Flax"

wonderful fabric, so tactile and versatile. it even smells distinctive!

Re: Enter for Your Chance to Win a SUEDEsays Pattern!

a win would be nice, if not i'll buy!

Re: Create a Travel Wardrobe

first, as they say, good minds think alike! i do usually take jaunts, but often to NYC, where style, color and POCKETS! matter alot. sometimes i'll build the planned pocket into a seam, but after i've first placed a hip patch pocket on the outside. i make a necklace purse for easy access to tokens, coins or commuter cards i need ready access to, carry a small handbag w/a mesh shopping bag inside for when i find something i must have from or for my gadabouts.
i make reversible jackets when it's cold, kimonoesque gossamer weights for when it's warm but the temp might drop or i want some evening drama

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: Quilt Your Stash!

some might consider my stash shameful. but i do work on quilts w/old fabric. and because i strongly adhere to a self-imposed edict of using only "found" fabric, not something i buy retail in fat quarters or coordinated mixes, it can sometimes take me years to find the fifth fabric or a right combination of prints. and i know this, my spouse who often makes assemblage sculptures, can totally relate to my "habit." in fact, so much so that he built a special closet so that i can "catalog" my hoard and be aware when critical mass is reached in a dearly held project!

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "Famous Frocks" by Sara Alm and Hanna McDevitt

wowza! this is some lookin' good serious stuff!

Re: Giveaway: SewStylish Spring 2012 Fashion Sewing Guide

despite the fact that i've used a serger for finishing edges for many years, and venture sometimes into other uses, i would love to unravel the mystery of all a serger can do, so that's the topic that most interests me

Re: Finally! Project Runway is Ready to Roll

just give me the straight, no chaser vers. i'm a purist, it's all about the sewing. personalities should take a back seat, it's trashy when the program devolves into this "material."

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: Spacesuit--Fashioning Apollo

I had begun my first semester in college, having crossed from the midwest to the northwest on the first commercial flight I'd ever taken. Because I was on a full scholarship and had broken some ground to reconcile racial hostilities in my HS, our city's newspaper paid for my maiden voyage. I arrived in the west with $2 in my pocket, not enough to find my way to the campus. Some fellow students whose flight away had been significantly delayed took pity on me and drove me back to campus. My belongings all fit in a footlocker, and their canned food from a summer of smoke jumping in Alaska kept me fed until the dorms and cafeteria formally opened. For two days I warmed those cans up with my iron! Watching those astronauts land made me realize that all leaps are staggering and while not all of them merit TV coverage and a nation's exultation, each of us contributes to the wealth of the world.

Re: "Eco-Fashion: Going Green" now on view at FIT

tried to see this last weekend in NYC. went there from Philadelphia. the surly museum guard barked that the gallery does not open until noon! a good thing to mention when discussing an exhibition, so others can avoid similar disappointment.

Re: What's your worst sewing disaster? How did you resolve it?

i made a very curvy girl a prom dress from electric blue panne velvet. it was a gorgeous pattern -- princess seams with gigantic, trumpet sleeves that would draw the eye to her most flattering spots. again, the velvet ironing challenge -- i let the iron linger in the front of the v-neck a bit too long. there was an impression that was a bit too obvious. so i tore out the facing, took some bias cut silk charmeuse and turned the edge out to create a beautiful wrapped, finished edge. once i treated the sleeve hem the same way, the entire dress was bursting w/drama in all the right places! whew.