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Muskego, WI, US

Sewing since my age was a single digit... primarily a garment sewist but I do quilt and bead and do other crafts. Currently a member of the American Sewing Guild. I love fabrics, and I think even the simplist patterns can look fabulous if the fabric is right.

craft interests: embroidery, fashion, knitting, quilting, restyle, sewing

Member Since: 09/09/2009

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Re: DVD GIVEAWAY: Industry Insider Techniques with Louise Cutting Volumes 1-4

I'd love to win all the hints on DVD so I can refer to them when I'm sewing at odd hours of the evening and night. It would really improve my techniques. Thanks for the opportunity!

Re: Giveaway: Threads Insider Membership

My sewing room is bulging with paper in the form of books and pages torn from magazines, magazines themselves, patterns, etc. How great would it be to be able to pare down the paper and have more room to actually work!!

Re: Dust Off your Sewing Machine

Funny, that's nearly the mission statement of American Sewing Guild "Advancing Sewing as an Art and Life Skill". 20,000+ members who love to sew! Sewing relaxes you, releases your creativity in a world that can supress it, and has been proven to lower blood pressure and increase happiness.

My granddaughters are all Fashionistas and so far have not been able to out-design me, although they try. I sew for myself, for my daughter, for my grandkids, for my friends and the people I care for. I make quilts and bags and all manner of garments.

My only rule is no ugly fabric unless it's cut in tiny unrecognizable pieces on a quilt or garment, when it can add just the right color or texture.

With the popularity of shows that promote reusing, redesigning, remaking, maybe people will get back to learning life skills.

And nothing, I mean nothing in the world, beats sewing with friends of ANY age who help, encourage and support your creativity!

Sew something!

Re: Mystery Sewing Machine Foot

It looks like an old fashioned ruffler foot -- I have several old Singers from the 50's and before, and those feet had that fork. Check with a Singer dealer or Google them. Thank goodness for new machines!