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Debbie Florez, Riverside, CA, US

I sew...a lot!

craft interests: fashion, restyle, sewing, Bridal

Gender: Female

Birthday: 07/12/1963

Member Since: 08/03/2011

recent comments

Re: Video: An Alternative to Clipping Seam Allowances

Have been secretly doing this for years - now I don't feel so guilty about it! A very helpful technique for corsetry and lingerie work. Thanks again!

Re: Serger Darts for Knits

YESSSSS!!! I have been secretly doing this for years and feeling so guilty! Thanks for giving me permission to keep the sewin' goin' !!!

Re: How to Finish Seams on Chantilly Lace

One more method that is very discreet yet extremely strong: set your serger (if you have one) for a rolled hem, and join/finish your seam all at once. This seals in those edges that ravel and the small stitches really reinforce the 'open' areas of the lace motif. Play around with your settings - I like to ease up on all tensions and lengthen my stitch, so delicate things won't pucker. May not work in every case, but I never worry about these laces pulling apart!

Re: Video: How to Bind a Sheer Edge

Rolled hem on the serger? I live for a beautiful lettuce edge; just sayin'...

Re: How to Make a Hidden Button Placket

I used a similar technique for adding pocket flaps to a shirt for an electric company worker. For obvious reasons, they can't have anything that might catch onto wiring, like buttons/buttonholes. Our inspiration was the closure of an army fatigue jacket and they turned out beautifully if I do say so!

Re: A Trick for Working with Raw Silk

Does anyone ever use that raw edge as an embellishment? After so many years of using silk chiffons, it's only now that I have stopped hating the ravel and begun to admire it. Check out Kate Haxell's 'Twenty to Make Fabric Flowers' where raveling is a must!

Re: How to Dye Silk Organza

I have used vanilla extract to 'warm-up' the stark white elastic loops for a natural colored (button/loop back) Bridal gown with great results when coffee/tea wasn't quite the right shade. Thanks for the salt idea!

Re: Video: More Fashion Illustration Basics from Yelen Aye

My family and I are truly amazed by the transformation in my Fashion sketches since I have begun studying Yelen's tutorials...thanks so much! I will continue learn more...Debbie Florez from Your Wildest Seams

Re: 10 Better Sewing Habits

I have found that by keeping several projects going at once, I can switch from a difficult step on one garment to another fresh project and keep the work going without getting frustrated. Later, what seemed difficult is easier solved. Also, keep a fun project nearby to get the creative juices flowing...makes the boring projects easier to complete! Debbie Florez of 'Your Wildest Seams'

Re: Four Serging Techniques

This is for mjdevaney: Try looping one or both of your needle threads around the tension disk 1 or 2 extra times. A older gal showed me this trick when she taught me to use my new serger (years ago). Experiment & you can really shir up those fabrics!

Re: How to Use Pins the Right Way

Now you have me over-thinking this...I rarely pin, but when I do, I use the least amount of pins possible to get the job done. I can't stand any distortion in my fabrics; I like the fabrics to 'marry' each other, and sometimes too much pinning prevents this natural ease. Also, I adore fabric weights for the type of work I do. Thanks again!

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "The Colette Sewing Handbook" by Sarai Mitnick

This book is so similar to the garments I make everyday - I would die to have it...thanks

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "Couture Sewing Techniques" by Claire B. Shaeffer

I would love to improve my handsewing techniques now that I have the patience to appreciate it. I have had no luck finding any reading material on the subject of handwork and could so use this book!

Re: Singer turns 160 years old

That type Singer treadle (cover) is the first machine my brother & I goofed around on. One peddled & the other 'sewed'. My second machine was an old Singer converted from treadle to motor. Put it on layaway & made five $5 payments! A lot back then. It only went forward & backward, but I made everything with that machine. The Singer I own now has run almost every day for the last 22+ years! I'll keep it even after I upgrade pretty soon here! Singers are hard workin' ladies!

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "Underwear Fashion in Detail"

I would soooo love to own this lovely book! I have a habit of 'building' undergarments into some of my very heavy, elaborate dresses as a means of eliminating the extra bulky layers. thanks, Debbie Florez of 'Your Wildest Seams'