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Creative Mind

i am an artistic person and having a huge art loving mind,
you can check my blog for more interesting things

craft interests: embroidery, fashion, gifts, holidays, knitting, paper-crafts, quilting, restyle, sewing

Member Since: 04/06/2010

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DIY Leopard Print Earrings

Make Leopard Print Earrings of your own matching dress! I hope you will Enjoy my tutorial ! Visit my blog post for the complete tutorial...

Rosette Headband Tutorial

If you want to make a Rosette Headband, Head over to my blog post where you will find step by step of Rossette & Headband both tutorials! Have fun :)

Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

Check the tutorial of this Beaded Bracelet over at my Blog post;

Handmade Recycled Bracelet Tutorial

Check Out the tutorial of this recycled bracelet at my blog..visit here;

My Hand Embroidery

Check my Embroidery at my blog

Rosette Tutorial

DO you want to see this ROSETTE TUTORIAL...VISIT my blog....

Sweater Restyle Tutorial

This is a simple sweater restyle...i hope you will like it..if you want to see its tutorial...visit my blog & check it...

Sweater Restyle

Its the simple restyle of my an ordinary will find its tutorial at my blog..

Wool Embroidery Tutorial...

This is a unique technique of embroidery,with a hook & wool thread...i hope you will like its dont forget to see this step by step tutorial at my blog...

Silk Fabric Creations

My aunt has gifted me some nice fabric,i made some pillows,floor cushions & a table runner as a simple home accessories..Now you have to suggest me what can i make further with this fabricsome...

Tote making effort...

Its my simple tote...I just try to share its tutorial...You can find its tutorial at my dont forget to visit...

Weaved cup matte tutorial

Its very easy weaving technique...almost no sew process...You will enjoy to make...check out at my blog

Headband Restyle

its very simple restyling of a hairband...enjoy....



Antique Sequences Patch Handbag

this is a hand prepared fabric patch, i use some antique sequences on it and now i can use it for designing of my other accessories also check my blog for more...

Antique Sequences Patch

This is a fabric based patch,i use some antique sequences for its can design your shirt's necklines; belts and handbags also,with this type of patch.hope you like it...for more...

metal motives on fabric patch

This is a fabric based antique patch, i use some old jewelry pieces for its can also use your extra jewelry and convert it into a fabulous can use it on your shirts, belts...

fabric patches stole

this is handmade stole,i cut some geometrical designs and prepare a patch then stitch on stole,i use some beads and sequences for decorating my stole hope you like it,you can reply on my...

zardosi work by hand on sheffon fabric

this is my handmade embroidery work of beads,crystals and sequences with colorful thread on a shirt piece,i use a hoop frame for making this project,hope you like it..YOU CAN ALSO CHECK MY...

silk painting on shirt

this is a shirt piece,i work on it very carefully,silk paint is not an easy job...really this was a time taking project!!you can check my blog

embellished table napkins

this is my own handmade embroidered table napkins,this is 2nd time i am entering in any contest,this time i hope i will succeed..otherwise as you wish...

tie and dye men's shirt

this is my own designed tie and dye shirt,this is really nice work and results are always wonderful and different..hope you like it,you can also check my...

ribbon weaving cushion

this is my own project of hand weave on a cushion..not much difficult to make,you can also try

stenciling paint floor cushion

its a fabric cushion,and i made a stencil and try to do somthing decent.. you can also check my blog

ribbon weaved hand bag

this was a simple hand bag,i weave and decore this with ribbon and ribbon flowers..hope you like it..!you can also check my blog

hand embroidery on a shirt piece

this is a hand embroidery shirt piece.material used for embellishment is beads,sequences and zarri thread you can also check my blog

decorative jute mirror

its my handmade decorative mirror,on jute fabric,you can also check my blog

silk painting on shirt

this is my own design of silk paint,its on sheffon febric,you can also check my blog

glass paint and mosaic

this is a glass paint with glass mosaic is my own design of flower for spring,you can also check my blog

wall hanging

this is a picture of asian village and i prepare by hand with different stuff of fabric,beads,weaving,glass and wooden mosaic and so many things also,you can check my...

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Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: Threads issue #158

I will Love to have this amazing copy! its always cool to enter in this giveaway!
keep rocking Threads Magazine!!!

Re: tie and dye men's shirt

Sorry I read your comment late! if you want to control the pattern, make proper pleats then thread tightly & knot it perfect! after dye you just wash it & dont open until it gets dry! then you will enjoy the perfect result :)

Thank you

Re: Sweater Restyle

@ Soxfan999
You can click the link above- My own design "Creative Mind" -
but if you cant find then check this link of my blog post;

Thank you!!
feel free to write me more

Re: Debys Jacket Challenge Entry

How nice..the color is cute & stylish dear :)

Re: Rosette Tutorial

Thanks Thomy dear,i feel the thread experiment is an easy way to combine fabric twists

Re: Book Giveaway: "Girl's World" by Jennifer Paganelli

I will love to have this giveaway..I have a niece of almost four years old..she always love my creative gifts,so i will like to make so many wonderful stuff for her with the help of this awesome book..i wish this time i won the giveaway....

Re: Sweater Restyle

Thanks This2that..what a name..hmmm...i also like reuse & recycling..its always good...

Re: Book Giveaway: "Embroidered Textiles" by Sheila Paine

Embroidery is my favorite thing to do...i have done many variations in embroidery & some embellishments embroidery with crochet hook...isnt it different??you can find its tutorial at my can also see my embroidery stuff at my blog...
so i want to say...i realllllllllly neeeeeeeeeed thisssssss....Thanks......

Re: Enter to Win a Threads prize package from BurdaStyle

I will love to have this...waoooo...nice offer...

Re: Enter to Win a Threads prize package from BurdaStyle

I will love to have this...waoooo...nice offer...

Re: Sweater Restyle

Thank you dear,i read your comment at my blog & it was sweet..its good to know that you like my other creations at my blog..
Stay blessed...

Re: Magazine Giveaway: "Quick Stuff to Sew"

I love the super sweet magazine...i wish i have this..hmmmmm....i can wish...

Re: MAGAZINE AND DVD GIVEAWAY: "Teach Yourself to Sew"

waoo..i will love to have my Threads it...i wish it comes very soon in my hands..aahaaaa

Re: New Book Looks at Rare Luxury Bags

These are really nice...adorable

Re: Red meets glam

Its looking so nice...wonderful

Re: The Wackier Words of Sewing and Fashion

Hi, I like these links.really interesting...

Re: Learning to Sew A Regency Dress: From Scratch

These are awesome,but i cant access your Etsy page!!!what,s the reason!!!
wish you best of luck.keep it up...

Re: Thread Bars

Its really great...admirable!!!

Re: Share What You've Been Sewing

Hi Sarah,I am still waiting for your e-mail reply about that embroidery didn't inform me yet about its publishing...

Re: See Sewing Rooms and Fabric Stashes on Flickr

its really so nice and interesting. Thank you for sharing

Re: New Summer 2010 McCall's Patterns

Hi Nicole,these patterns are superb, excellent, awesome...really love it...such a nice colors schemes and prints as well..
thank you for sharing!!!!

Re: 10-Year-Old Designer Creates Her Own Fashions for Kids

i can,t see this video....!!!!!
some error is here...

Re: Antique Sequences Patch

Thank you dear for your appreciation, i left these products incomplete because i want to give you an can use these ideas as your desire.anyways tell me which product you want to see complete?? i will try to finish that can also check my blog and then tell me there...i am adding another finished project post of this patch for you :-)

Re: How to Hemstitch by Machine

it's so good and simple also.thank you so much for sharing...

Re: Museum Exhibit: "American Woman" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

very well...keep it up madam!!!!i will try anyone of them...

Re: embellished table napkins

Thank you so much for can check more work on my blog;
hope you like it,try older posts

Re: Sewing Perfect Matchpoints on Intersecting Seams

really its very nice...

Re: My creative work

wao... its amazing, so cute.keep it up your good work, pillows are so nice. do you have any blog?

Re: Spring Projects

its so nice & best for my niece,i will try soon..thank you for sharing!!

Re: Sewing Goodies (Ideas, Sales, and Projects) for Mother's Day

all these are it,specially mug-based organizers are superb.thank you for sharing all these,
a best present for sweet MAMA

Re: Cute pinafore dress

its so colorful...good effort
its me aquarius...

Re: zardosi work by hand on sheffon fabric

and these crystals and beads are stitched by hand,not pasted..
i use a hoop embroidery frame for making this whole project in one trip

Re: zardosi work by hand on sheffon fabric

Hi Chatelaine03.thank you so much for admiring and appreciating my work.i will try to write an article about its making,now you can also check out my this is as under..
I am sure you also like my this embroidery work...
A little description about my design is..
this is my own handmade design,first i make a design on a paper with pencil,then i use tracing sheet,then paste the paper on fabric with paper tape,then trace the design and that's it..
after that i start work on my project,and with the help of ALLAH ALMIGHTY its over within 15 days only.
hope you understand my description,if not then..sorry !!

Re: silk painting on shirt

thank you so much for liking and admiring my work,i will try to post picture of whole the shirt,but now i m adding some more images specially for you..hope you like these zoom images also,try to inform me then!!

Re: hand embroidery on a shirt piece

Hi Maureen001,you can also check my another work,this is the link;
thank you

Re: hand embroidery on a shirt piece

Hi Maureen001,thank you for admiring my work,i have recently completed my studies of textile and fashion designing,i can do several types of embroidery.its my hobby,the above design is my own pattern & tracing.this is my handmade embroidery,i use a crochet type needle hook.i use a hoop frame of 2'/4' and arrange the fabric on it,and then complete my shirt project in one was not difficult to handle,this project is my one week effort and you can see..
if you need any help about your October wedding project,you are always welcome..!

Re: silk painting on shirt

thanks a lot for admiring my work,so nice of you!!!silk paint is such a tough type of work but first of all i complete my paper work and then its little bit easy for me to design on a fabric,this fabric is so silky,that's why it was difficult to handle

Re: Fabricated Frames washable, sewn, fabric photo frame and other items

really such a nice frame.decent one..!!

Re: Creations to date

hello,you ask about my wall hanging base,today i read comment and now i am replying,i use cotton fabric for the base of village scene wall hanging..want to ask more..??thank you for admiring

Re: wall hanging

hi madam sorry for late reply,i use cotton fabric for base,and then i paste so many materials on it,then it becomes mosaic