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Mark a Dart and Learn a No-Tie Finish

Oct 20, 2009

Victoria North and Matt Berger

Judy Neukam tells us why sewing darts is skill number 1 in her article “5 Essential Skills” from Threads #145. In this video, Judy makes sewing a perfect dart look simple with two easy tips. You will learn how to mark a dart without using a lot of tools, like chalk, wheels, or markers, and also how to finish a dart with her no-tie technique.

Read more from “5 Essential Skills” in Threads #145.

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  1. shelly123 March 28th

    great stuff, speedy way of doing darts

  2. User avater GreenTrunkDesigns June 16th

    I seem to always be sewing darts so this tip was very helpful!

  3. Sewgurl58 February 19th

    Just created my profile, and looking around the site, found this fabulous video on darts. Genius, I've been making darts without marking for years, but I relied on my eye to get a straight line, your laying a thread line is the best. I also like you method of securing, rather than back stitching, thanks tons for this tip

  4. User avater Kim2cat February 16th

    i always used the "clip and pin" method, but did not know of the "needle thread and back stitch" ..thanks for this wonderfully simple completion

  5. maggyblack November 7th

    Hi there, this is pretty much how my tutor taught me to make a dart. The only difference is what you do when you get close to the point of the dart. She taught me to do the last stitch or two right on the point of the dart to prevent that little bubble you sonetimes get and then to sew off the fabric for two or three inches and leave the longish thread tail without trimming it. It works a treat every time even for a newbie to sewing like me!

  6. kacyb November 5th

    I loved this video. what a great idea. I actually do the clipping but the finish was great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks for the great idea. kacyb

  7. User avater Berniecamp November 4th

    This is great. I can't wait to try it out.

  8. Sainsbury November 4th

    Hi Judy I just love your sewing tips and your DVD's. I can't get enough of them it feels like I have my own sewing teacher here with me. Thank you.

  9. hotdotyuki November 3rd

    I was always taught to make a dart from the point to the seam. The reason was to have more control making a dart that doesn't come to a peak but is a gentle one more in contour with your body. Also with this method I can sew a dart with no need to back tack by bringing my bobbin thread up and use reverse threading of my upper needle. But I do like your use of the end thread to guide your sewing!

  10. cjbauman464 November 3rd

    That is very cleaver. I hate marking darts and tieing the ends. I will use this on my next project.

  11. sistacheryl November 3rd

    I have always done it this way with darts and everything else. I don't own marking pens, etc. It makes my sewing less complicated and faster.

  12. mynick November 3rd

    Have been doing this for the past 60 years. Learned it from my mother who used it since 1922. Works great every time. I use clips and/or pins for marking everything on a pattern. Saves time, doesn't make a mark that can't be washed out but inadvertenly picking up the wrong marker. In fact, I don't have a marker, except for a #2 pencile, in my sewing room.

  13. mynick November 3rd

    Have been using this technique since I started sewing over 60 years ago. Learned it from my mother who made all our clothes (sons and daughters) since 1922. I use pins and/or clips for marking everything on a pattern. Why mess with anything else.

  14. Stormee November 3rd

    I was already clipping and pinning but I like the needle thread part. I will use this method from now on. Thanks

  15. bebrown November 3rd

    Good grief! Why did this never occur to me. Thanks a bunch for the tip.

  16. User avater memarino November 3rd

    I've always done a similiar variation of this and felt quilty that I wasn't "following instructions". Thank you for taking away my quilt!

  17. sewanista November 3rd

    This method is a fantastic improvement on all the fussing and bothering I was taught, and I did darts this way for ages. Then I realised that I can avoid using anything at all, except the notches and the pin.

    The feed dogs will take the fabric straight back if there is no impediment to doing so, so I have drawn a line with permanent marker directly from the needle forward on the bed of the machine. It helps to have a large flat area - I always sew with the quilting table on. I then secure the notches together for a stitch or two, and put the pin marked dot on the line. As I sew, I make sure the dot stays on the line. I can sew a dart with one finger now, and I don't have to worry about holding a thread straight.

    However, for darts that are longer than the machine table, I do use this method, and secure the thread halfway with a pin.

  18. Katielynne November 3rd

    Man, is this going to speed things up (and make it much more fun) when sewing darts! Thanks, Judy

  19. User avater BirgitdeBoer November 3rd

    Masterly!!!! I was already halfway there with the clipping and the pins, but to use the needle thread and the stitches in the seam is great addition. Thank you!

  20. User avater bubbecraft November 3rd

    Darts have given me headaches since I started learning to sew (about 7 years ago). This is looks so easy and I can't wait to try it on my next "darted" project!

  21. kathidahl November 2nd

    I have been making darts in this way for many years. It is nice to see the method affirmed on this site.

  22. Tatyana October 23rd

    Thank You very much for this useful instruction!

  23. grnmabrn October 20th

    have worked in sewing plants for years and I love your ideas . I now sew for coworkers and you have helped me alot thanks

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