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Giveaway: Teach Yourself to Sew Magazine and DVD bundle

Teach Yourself to Sew magazine/DVD combined set.

We are giving away two Teach Yourself to Sew magazine/DVD combined set includes both the Teach Yourself to Sew magazine and the Teach Yourself to Sew DVD. Two lucky winners will receive this fabulous set, which also makes a great gift.

How have you helped spread the word about sewing? We developed the Teach Yourself to Sew series in an effort to reach out to new sewers and help share our passion for sewing. As a result, we’ve heard from hundreds of sewing newbies. We’d love to know how you are sharing your sewing skills with others.

Simply leave a comment on this post explaining how you have helped to pass along your love of sewing, before the deadline—11:59 pm, Sunday, December 19—and you could be one of the TWO randonly-selected winners. The winners will be announced on Monday, December 20.

Good luck!


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  1. User avater
    eclark2 | | #1

    I'm a retired home economics (FACS) teacher, so I've taught many beginning sewers. However, this past fall I taught three neighbor girls how to sew. We started with nine-patch pillows and moved on to pajama pants. Then the girls bought fabric and patterns for Halloween costumes (without my input). That was a challenge, but we finished them the night before trick-or-treating!

  2. User avater
    SewLimitless | | #2

    I have really begun telling people why I sew, not just that I do sew. I love the creativity and being able to make things that I really like. I have helped some homeschoolers I know by giving them pointers on some of their sewing projects and offering to teach them more skills if they want. I was also interviewed by my college-age daughter about my creative process in sewing.

  3. User avater
    WillaMcNeill | | #3

    I am not a new sewer (sewist?) by any means. Been doing it off and on for more than 50 years. The girls in the family have watched and begun to get on the band wagon.

    Most of what I have done is garment construction. Most of what I do now is smaller quilted projects. Did have the chance to reintroduce a friend to the world of fabrics, threads and notions that I find so (sew?) exciting. She has been a painter of watercolors and is looking for another creative outlet.

  4. sewvanessa | | #4

    I am passing along my love of sewing as a graduate teaching assistant at a university. We tell our students about the Threads teach yourself to sew web videos so they can use them as a resource. The videos are clear and easy for the students to understand. I love to share my love of sewing and creating.

  5. JillKay | | #5

    I love sewing with stretch fabrics and I love machine knitting. I have encouraged my machine knitting friends to knit lengths of fabric and sew them up using stretch sewing patterns. Because stretch fabrics are so forgiving and easy to fit for new sewers I have been able to introduce sewing to both my daughters-in-law and to several friends at work. I belong to a group of women who do fund raising for our local hospital. Whenever I take along something I have sewn, I take along the pattern and instructions so that others are encouraged to sew it up too.

  6. emmyt | | #6

    I love to sew and machine embroider. I have started to teach my youngest granddaughter to sew. She has made several items, starting with making simple 9 patch quilt blocks. However, recently I helped her make a knit shirt with embroidery and a simple dress. I think she like the embroidery the best. I hope she continues with this, I know she will enjoy it into her future as I do.

  7. JennyLorna | | #7

    I am still very much on the receiving end of advice and tuition but I have recently made friends with a non-sewer who's daughter wants to learn! So far I have given her some beginner sewing mags and a simple pattern to get her going. She and her mum have got the fabric and cut out the pattern pieces and next week I am going over to help them with the assembly! I'm very excited to be involved helping an even more novice than me to start sewing! She is 13 years old and really keen.

  8. snowm | | #8

    I work with girls ages 8 - 11 at church. From time to time we do service projects. I try to do something that includes sewing so that they can be exposed to it and hopefully see how useful and fun it can be.

  9. tzipi | | #9

    First I must admit that I am a jack of all trades and master of none.
    I recently switched careers from working as a physician to working in real estate-. BIG SWITCH! Part of my new career involves getting our name and company out there as much as possible so people recognize us. So I blog on an amazing, very very large website called Active Rain which is probably one of the biggest if not the biggest real estate networking sites.I want to connect there with as many as people as possbible so I decided to blog about my real passion- which is sewing and creating fashion. As part of my blog I spoke of my love of sewing and how it is such a creative outlet for me and I asked Vicky North if it is possible there to share the video clip series on How to Sew as my way of encouraging new people to sew and helping them get started.
    So of course she agreed so that is my ongoing contribution.

  10. B2FL8D | | #10

    None of my friends own a sewing machine. Now that I've made a couple things and mended a few of my own clothes their children now bring their items to me and ask "can yous fix this" I giggle and tell them yes. It's usually a torn back back, shorts, a hem and maybe a button or two. Their always amazed. I think kids (mine included) don't have a clue how things used to be and that someone someplace actually made the clothes and items they wear and use everyday. I'm still developing my skill and would love to own this DVD.


  11. nehmah | | #11

    I taught both children the basics of repair. (They had to leave home, sooner or later.) I am now setting up to teach the last two grandchildren how to sew. The older girl has already designed a simple shift for me to make. No child, regardless of gender, should leave home without knowing how to replace buttons, and re-sew a hem or seam that has "magically" come undone. Nehmah

  12. WaikoloaWahine | | #12

    I encourage newbies by telling them how I saved money in my younger days by making clothes and toys for my children. I also tell them that a homemade gift is better than a store bought (imported) gift. I can recycle old t-shirts by sewing them into throw pillows. Sewing is relaxing and soothes the soul.

  13. User avater
    olebat | | #13

    When students ask me to repair or alter their band uniforms, or second hand prom gowns, I offer to teach them so that they can do for themselves. Whenever I go somewhere, I make a point to have a needle arts project in progress. People of all ages watch in fascination, and I offer to teach. Over the last couple of years I've been collecting donated sewing machines and having them serviced for the 4-H kids to use. Now, there is a demand for parent-child sewing classes, for which I am currently working out the logistics.
    Recently, a mom asked if I could coach her daughter to sew something for a competition at the end of that week. We all beamed at her blue Ribbon that weekend, and her dad asked for advise on purchasing a new machine for a family present. Those are the moments which touch my life, when I know I have touched the creativity in a child. I wing-it, based on what I know from the school of Hard Knox. Even I could use more coaching, so I'd have more knowledge to share.

  14. sewing_couture | | #14

    I started Sewing Couture as a result of becoming absolutely incensed in the changing room. Once again I could not find a thing that fit—neither in the petite section nor the regular section (whatever that means). After hours of fruitless search I just started crying wondering what was wrong with me, my hips to wide, my torso too short, thighs too wide, legs too short—it was a combination of one or more of these for every pant I tried on. The only ones that came close were the Ralph Lauren polyester rayon pants that hugged my hips too tight and were barely enough to float over my thighs. That week I had to give a lecture and I was in dire need of new pants, so I shelled out the money.


    The site aims to take the reader through all the ins and outs of the fashion sewing process; from the basics of sewing the simplest garments from patterns to Draping to Couture. Though it is only in its infancy, I hope to develop this site fully. I AM defiantly still learning and Threads is one of my greatest inspirations!

  15. User avater
    mlssfshn | | #15

    I trade hours worked and teach my interns to sew and pattern make. Being an independant fashion enterpenure is not an easy task, there is only so much a full time working mom can do. My interns are mostly fashion design students who feel there degree is lacking some important skills if they don't want to enter the corporate world. I get help with marketing, photshots, fashion show, and SWAG; they get skills that will inhance their career.


  16. jss3 | | #16

    When my eight year old daughter asked me to teach her to sew I did the only thing I could remember from my gradeschool home economics- I got out the yellow pages and started to dial numbers in search of sewing lessons for her. I signed her up not realizing that I too was soon to become a sewing apprentice. As a kid I was an "athlete". My gross motor skills were prized by all, whereas my fine motor skills were ignored. I grew up believing I didn't possess a feminine bone in my body. I was a jock. My daughters sewing lessons changed that! Her enthusiasm for learning to sew was contagist; and soon I found myself gathering resources, venturing to fabric stores, and eventually testing out my memory of home ec! Heads bent low, machine humming, thread spinning, and seam rippers ripping we struggled together. Being the adult however meant I was "suppose to know how to...." Two years later I'll still learning and we are still creating together. But the best part is now her playdates become sewing lessons as we help other little girls, and some big ones too like me who never thought they could call themselves SEWERS, learn to sew! People are shocked when we give them our home-sewn gifts. Course I never tell them which parts my daughter sewed and which were done by me- can't have them noticing her lines are a lot straigher than mine! I AM A SEWER!

  17. ayounie | | #17

    I pass on my love of sewing to anyone who will listen! I have many friends that I have helped learn to sew and can't wait until my kids are a little older to learn more skills. I also love passing on my creations and my love for handmade things. Thanks!!!

  18. User avater
    smfsprout | | #18

    As I make gifts for family and friends, I don't accept their comments stating that "I could never do that." I happily show them how the item was created and help them create similar items. It is so much fun to see the pride on their faces when they see the finished product and I feel I have gifted them twice.

  19. yarnbball | | #19

    I have been teaching my 2 girls ... now 22 and 26 how to sew by getting them excited about making Christmas gifts. They see how easy it is to whip something up and have been asking lots of questions & trying some things out!! YAY!

  20. 3fluffyladies | | #20

    I been sewing since junior high school. I love to remake old clothing and draft new patterns. Doing this gives individuality to my clothes. I often take small projects with me to work on while waiting, this le3ads to comments from others and a chance to share my sewing skills and ideas with others.

  21. queentroll1955 | | #21

    I have beeb teaching my daughter to sew for the last few years --I also have been teaching her some of the simple sewing techniques(hand)---. we even bought a sewing machine together- She is finding that there is great pride and savings in sewing !! Plus she is very artistic--and she realizes it you can't find what u want--make it yourself!With clothes and home projects!!!

    Mary & daughter Heidi
    queentroll1955 from Iowa

  22. User avater
    Bellbird | | #22

    I worked with a young woman who had been left to raise her 8 year old daughter alone. As her financial circumstances were now dire, she could not afford to buy new clothes. She told me how her good clothes to wear to Mosque were becoming shabby and how she wished she could sew. I took her through the wonders of choosing a simple pattern, modifying so it had a more modest neckline and choosing fabric. I then bought my sewing machine into work and every lunch time we would shut the door to my office and sew. She has now bought a simple sewing machine and loves sewing clothes for herself and her daughter.

  23. User avater
    angelap | | #23

    I try to encourage my daughters & grandchildren to sew. I took my granddaughter to a sewing class for 3 days when she came to visit. Now she's caught the bug. So I gave her a pattern pack made for kids to sew & some fabric, thread & the correct needles. Now that she can use the sewing machine, just having the supplies will entice her to sew. She loves things that she's made for herself. They quickly learn that you can have something special & unique if you make it yourself. I hope at least one of them will grow to love sewing as much as I do & will make the heirlooms for our family's future generations.

  24. Mummsie | | #24

    I volunteered for the first time this summer to help 4-H young ladies to begin sewing. It was such a warm feeling.

  25. yuut | | #25

    When people ask me about my clothes or costumes, I let them know they don't need to be afraid. Give it a shot and if it doesn't come out just right, try something different next time. It is all about the magic.

  26. User avater
    elizabeth001au | | #26

    Im taking on 2 sewing students (not paid) to share the knowledge. This DVD would be a help with that.

  27. lmoss | | #27

    I haven't been sewing for too long, but when I show friends and colleagues the few items I've made so far, I always get such a positive response! So, I've been encouraging people to join me in this great learning process; hopefully one day, that will turn into a regular sewing circle...

  28. User avater
    bowlady | | #28

    I love to sew. I sew for my children and grandchildren. I am going to open a fabric and craft shop in my little town where I can teach sewing lessons to some of the high school girls - as this program was cut from our school. I am going to help some of them make their prom dresses.

  29. User avater
    hhalberg | | #29

    I love to sew! As a Girl Scout leader, I have enjoyed teaching my Cadette troop how to sew skirts and my 3rd Grade Brownie's how to make their Junior vests. It is great fun to see the girls create their own garment! I was also lucky to have two daughters that took what little knowledge I gave them to create their own garments. I am now jealous of my youngest daughter because she got a degree in Costume Production and can drape and draft her own patterns!

  30. TerryinJax | | #30

    I made sure that both of my sons had a basic knowledge of sewing. No one should be helpless! I am getting ready to pass on a lot more to my daughter-in-law, who has just expressed an interest in learning to sew. I am giving her some basic supplies and books for Christmas and am really looking forward to the process. I learned from my Mother and since I had only boys, this is the first opportunity to really share the knowledge.

  31. dianesews2 | | #31

    I enjoy sewing is posted on my facebook page. I am just trying to teach myself the fine art of quilting. I recently lost my job (my employer filed bankruptcy and closed abruptly) and am getting back into sewing and embroidery after several years.I tell everyone how much I enjoy sewing -- usually whether they want to know or not. LOL

  32. RhondsinVegas | | #32

    I was visiting my family back east and took time to teach my niece (God-Daughter) how to sew euro shams on the sewing machine I sent her last Christmas. We went over the manual step by step, measured, purchased fabric and notions, etc. They were gorgeous and everyone was impressed. I call and e-mail to help with her continuing sewing education. This set would be the perfect gift for my darling niece.

  33. gerrietutty | | #33

    I have always tried to help new sewers with tips and methods. I share the new things I learn with everyone I know who holds a needle. Inviting new sewers to make small projects with me.

    [email protected]

    Geraldine Carlisle
    2570 fm 1069
    Rockport,Tx. 78382

  34. User avater
    samlilypepper | | #34

    When my daughters were young, I sent them to sewing classes to try and wet their appetite for it. Unfortunately, they didn't continue with it, much to my disappointment. But, now I have granddaughters, and I sew their costumes, party dresses, other clothes, doll clothes, quilts, and I knit sweathers, hats, etc. One of them is 6 now and she is ready to learn how. We like to do crafts together and I'm so looking forward to introducing her to the sewing machine. My oldest daughter is off-work right now for medical reasons, and she is ready to learn knitting and sewing.

  35. User avater
    Skyblue712 | | #35

    I taught my daughter and some of her friends. Next in line is one of my nieces.

  36. one_who_crops | | #36

    I love to sew, but I am not that great at it. I learned to sew from reading books. I use fabric in my art work as well as my art dolls. I also make some of my clothes (easy to make items). I even taught my niece to sew one summer, which was really a task since she spoke mostly spanish and I didn't speak spanish at the time. I also posted about this giveaway on my blog: http://theothersideofchar.blogspot.com/
    because I think everyone should learn to sew (at least the basics).

  37. Sillydilly | | #37

    My daughter-in-law is now hooked. Before she and my son got together she could not sew. When they come over she always wants to know what I am doing and wants to see it. She thinks it is really neat and wants to know how I did it and wants me to show her how. She borrows books from me all the time and always talks to me about her projects and wants help when she gets stuck. I have her hooked all the way that is for sure.

  38. cathycreations | | #38

    I am by no means a "seasoned" sewer even though I have a sewing business. I make purses and accessories. Nothing hard about. The summer when I was 12, I taught my 8 year old cousin how to cut out a pattern, thread our gramma's old machine and to sew straight stitches. I could only tell her what I had learned from Home Ec the year before.--She grew up to be a sewing/embriodery diva. The things she makes are outstanding!

    I make people clothes from patterns but I struggle with making them fit properly. I closely follow Threads' directions on fit/draping etc. I want to become a sewing diva. I want to become comfortable with new/different techniques.

    The skills I want to become proficient with are Alterations and complex repairs. I try but I don't like my product-I am sure my friends and family just tell me I did a good job to make me feel batter.

  39. jomac30 | | #39

    I put sewing on hold for about 30 yrs while working. Now I've started sewing again and I love it. I'm teaching my granddaughters to sew and they enjoy designing their outfits. I think we could all benefit from the DVD set.

  40. longarmer | | #40

    I have been working with 4-Hers for 21 years. I just started the 22 year this Sept. I taught my three kids-two daughters and a son-to sew while they were all members of 4-H and have helped teach numerous kids over the years. I really enjoy working with the kids and find that most of the mothers like to stay and learn also. I only wish that I could get more kids involved....competing for their time when they are involved with sports. Two of my first 4-Hers are now helping me as leaders and it's great to see how they have blossomed with their sewing skills-and still learning. I am now moving on to my teaching my 5 year old grandaughter how to sew and she is having fun too! She has even asked me to teach her to quilt and she wants to use my machine (APQS Millenium longarm) and I told her not for a while yet. It's always encouraging to find such enthusiasm from younger kids. I will say that my son went on to our State 4-H Fashion Revue and received the top honor. Yes, he was the only male, but he was always more precise then the girls when it came to sewing and his carpentry. I can say that when the year comes, I will truly miss sharing my passion with those 4-Hers.

  41. User avater
    azbarbara | | #41

    I love sharing sewing with anyone who will listen and find it easy to begin the conversation when I'm wearing something that I've made. :)

  42. myMarilyn | | #42

    I have been teaching beginning sewing classes at JOAnn stores for 7 years now. I teach them for kids, teens and adults. It is so encouraging to see how many people want to learn to sew. Lots of kids are taking them and get so excited at making their own clothes, gifts, etc. The pay is very minimal for this but the rewards are priceless.

  43. User avater
    ShiningStar | | #43

    I am the one who wants to learn. I haven't had a chance to share a love of it yet.

  44. User avater
    MrsBuckeye | | #44

    My mom was an A+ seamstress who had the most patience in the world teaching my sister, myself and our kids. Now it's our turn to pass on this wonderful passtime to our creative children/generation.

    Any friend or neighbor who is willing to learn ... is like an open canvas - how can you say no :)

  45. hilarychad | | #45

    I am just learning myself, but I did teach my friend how to make a slipcover with no pattern! I would love to learn so much more and share it

  46. Betina | | #46

    I've been sewing since I started making doll clothes at the age of 6. Since then I've never stopped, but neither of my daughters were interested in learning, and since they stopped teaching it at school, I was disappointed that they would never acquire this basic lifeskill. However, my elder daughter got married this year, and I made her bridesmaid dresses. Two of her bridesmaids were so impressed with how I was able to accomodate their crooked spines into sheath dresses, they have asked me to teach them to sew, so they can have clothes that finally fit them. My younger daughter is involved in an historical reenactment club, and needs costume pieces which are hard to come by, so is wanting to learn how to make them herself. So I've now started holding sewing classes in my home once a week, where all three girls come over and work on their projects, taking turns using my equipment. Also, I'm now teaching my 9 year old stepdaughter to sew, by using her 18" American Girl-type doll to inspire her creativity. She's anxious to learn how to make new fashions for her doll, so I believe I have another generation and a half coming along in my wake as budding sewers. It makes me feel really good to pass along the ability to express one's creativity with fabric and design.

  47. melitauro | | #47

    I am past the beginner stage in sewing for a long time, but I admit I need a lot learn to bring me to the next level. Done some easy projects like purse, skirt, shorts with elastic, curtains, pillowcases for me, my family (husband, two daughters and a granddaughter) and our home. I am keen on learning to make more intricate projects like pants, dresses, coats, and jacket by browing the web for sewing tutorials and sewing blogs.

  48. Janie8 | | #48

    I am new to sewing and have been trying simple projects. My daughters and son have been impressed with what I've been doing and have decided to learn to sew right along with me.

  49. User avater
    shadowssilk | | #49

    I have worked at Fabricland for 8 years now. Each and every day, a new sewer comes in and asks for help. With a brand new sewer, I often ask alot of questions and I give alot of basic information about fabric, thread, needles and whatever else is required at the moment. With the different levels of sewers, I still offer the same level of courtesy and information. I often have other co-workers come to me to help their customer or ask me what I know about a product, a fabric or where they can go to find what they are looking for.
    I offer good customer service, for only through the successful venture of the sewer, will they move forward onto more challenging projects. The success of my customers, is my success.

  50. ibis2657 | | #50

    I have been spreadin' the news, about sewing. Every time I make something, I show as many people that I meet.I show them how I made it, even loan patterns and give sewing lessons and tips. Sewing rules!!!

  51. yummyridgernr | | #51

    I have been sewing for years, my 17 year old son loves it. He's pretty good he is still learning. He has even shown his teacher a thing or two. I like being able to have time with him even though he thinks he knows more than I do!

  52. smiley45324 | | #52

    I usually talk about various items I have made to family friends and co-workers. It is sad how many people have never tried to sew. I bought sewing machines for two of my daughters that expressed the desire to learn to sew. One of them started right away. Now the other is starting to use her machine, after 3 years of having the machine! I am thrilled!

  53. elvira2759 | | #53

    My mother was brought up in an institution with catholic nuns. they taught her how to sew, and she loved it.

    Eventually, when we left our country and came to America, it served her well. she made a living out of sewing, and supported us with the money she made.

    It was great that she worked, as many hope to do, doing something she loved. I also enjoy sewing and crafts, and so does my sister.

    I can never have the talent and grace my mother has for sewing and crafting, but i love it, not only it entertains me, but it's my inheritance, and i will pass in on, with God's grace.

  54. JDHnz | | #54

    I started teaching myself to sew because of the desire to get clothes that fit me better than RTW, as I am a 6'4" tall guy. It has been a slow process, but along the way I've helped friends with their own projects and repairs to shop bought clothes which has saved them from being thrown away.

  55. sjpetty | | #55

    My mother was a wonderful seamstress, so I struggled to sew as well as she did. I made most of my clothes through high school, but with college, marriage, becoming a mother, full time nurse and going into the military, I no longer found the time to sew. Now that I'm retired from the military and home life is quieter (although still working full time), I've updated my machine, bought a serger and am happily making my own clothes again.
    I now have a wonderful 5yo grandaughter, so at Halloween when I visited I took her to a fabric store, let her pick out some patterns and fabrics for clothes for her favorite doll. They are all ready and will be under her tree for Christmas. I'm hoping this will spark her interest to learn to sew as she grows up.

  56. missBolivia | | #56

    I'm a begginer myself, just finished a 5 week session to learn how to sew and I'm so excited it's contagious!!! Three of my friends now want to take the class and start sewing, I tell everyone how much fun it is and I hope many more will follow.

  57. luvtosew01 | | #57

    I do a lot of community sewing projects. One of my favorite charities is New Borns in Need. I make 18" tote bags that are filled with essential baby clothes and supplies and given to in need Mom's by hospitals and health departments. When a group of young professional women wanted to learn to sew I cut out tote kits made from donated baby appropiate fabric for each gal to sew. We met at one home and set up our machines so that each group of two shared a machine. I demonstrated eah sewing step and by the end of the evening I had 8 completed bags for donation and eah woman had a sense of accomplishment plus a pattern and the confidence to make a tote bag on her own in the future. It was a Win Win evening for everyone involved.

  58. User avater
    rcarl | | #58

    As a stay at home mother, I taught myself to sew when my children were young. As my children grew I would volunteer mend and sew for their schools. All three of my children can sew and use these skills to decorate their own homes.

  59. JoyK | | #59

    I am just starting to teach some friends to sew. It's a wonderful skill to pass along and we have fun learning it at the same time. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great resource!

  60. attagirfit4life | | #60

    I learned to sew in home ec classes 7th - 12 grades. I was lucky to have had 2 excellent teachers that taught me well. I made most of my clothes and many of my 2 daughters clothes while they were little. As a homeschool mom and historic reenacter I made the costumes that accomanied the girls required year end projects (which always seemed to be about womens fashion in history). I taught them the basics when they began to show interest in making their own costumes.
    Today my eldest daughter is highly respected in her circle of amature historic costumers and so far beyound my sewing skills, she now teaches me!
    We hope to start a beginners sewing class Feb-Mar for kids at church who would like to learn the basics of sewing.

  61. Iwannasew | | #61

    I have been teaching 4-H sewing now for 30 years. I love passing on my knowledge to young people. I also teach the basic sewing class for a university. Yes, some schools still offer and require this as part of their Family and Consumer Science curriculum. Many of my students don't have any knowledge of sewing before they take my class. At the end of the semester, they are all amazed at what they have accomplished. I have three children that I taught to sew when they were young. All three went on to earn college degrees in Mechanical Engineering. I believe that learning to sew taught them valuble pre-engineering skills. That's my story and I sticking to it!

  62. budgetb | | #62

    I love to sew but am sure I can always learn more. I learned to sew in junior high and have been sewing ever since. It relaxes me and a lot of people say it makes them tense. I need to get back into it , as i haven't done much since my husband passed away a couple of years ago.

  63. suki146 | | #63

    I've been trying to show my 7 year old granddaughter how to sew. Always looking for new ideas and projects for grandma and granddaughter to work on together !

  64. smonakey | | #64

    I'm back to sewing after an almost 20 year hiatus & feel like I'm learning the basics all over again. My mother will be retiring at the end of the year & she & I are planning on learning the basics together.

  65. User avater
    CW_MissEllie | | #65

    I started sewing for my Barbie dolls, turned to sewing as therapy through the years. Now I think my youngest daughter has started walking in my shoes. She makes all her own belly dance costumes. Nice to see the legacy continuing!

  66. BJsews | | #66

    I have been sewing for around 40 years. My boyfriend and I do Ren-fares and belong to a group that dress in period costumes and teach and learn skills from days long gone. I make a lot of our "garb" for my boyfriend and I, and my neighbor was inspired to buy a sewing machine to make her nurse scrubs. I also got her interested in "Threads" and she is now a subscriber. I love the different ideas that Threads has for finishing clothing to give them that extra touch.

  67. msewwhat | | #67

    I bought a gently used book entitled "Kids Can Quilt." I browsed through it, looking for a quick and easy sewing project for my grandchildren, because I like to plan a supervised activity for them when they visit. I saw a cute little pin cushion shaped like a lady bug. This required using flannel fabric and simple whip stiches to complete. To my surprise all three children ages 5, 8, 8 (twins) were thrilled to "sew" this project. Our visit flew by and the highlight was our "sewing" project. It was the first time any of them had ever held a needle and thread. Needless to say I can't wait for our next "sewing lesson"/visit.

  68. User avater
    MorningRose | | #68

    There is a young couple, just starting out with very little money, that my husband and I 'adopted' several years before they were married. I purchased her first sewing machine after she asked to use mine and get help to make a holiday table runner. I have continued to give her lessons and help her as needed. She is ambitious enough to make table runners, recieving blankets, baby wash clothes and even stuffed animals. Her mother used to sew, but never taught her, so I'm the one she comes to for that kind of help.
    I've introduced her to the online learn to sew series, and I think she would love to have the series to refer to at any timem.

  69. User avater
    KarenJ | | #69

    I've been sewing since I was 5. Over the years I've tried to teach my daughter but when she was younger she lacked the patience to sit at a sewing machine for more than 5 or 10 minutes. Finally over the past year (she's 17) she's been ready and willing to learn. Last week she invited a friend over and I helped them make pillowcases. Now her friend wants a sewing machine for Christmas!

  70. ZainabRae | | #70

    I started sewing when I was in 8th grade. That summer, I became a cheerleader for a local community club, we girls had to buy or make our uniforms. I chose to make mine. The pattern was complicated and my mother helped me and it increased my love of sewing. In 9th grade I made a 3-pc skirt suit. Later in life I had made other articles of clothing and crafts to pass along to others. I now have a 15 yr old daughter who I have taught a few things too as well as a neighbor that is now sewing and will come over for advise and to borrow my sewing machine. I am wanting to start an instructional sewing class on Saturdays for kids. This is a great craft that may die out if we dont continue to pass along our love of sewing and show others how much fun and rewarding it can be.

  71. grumpytulips | | #71

    A friend and I are exchanging crafting lessons. I am teaching her to sew and embroider, and she is teaching me how to make jewelry, knit, and crochet in more complicated shapes than a rectangle! I'm really exited to teach her as that always cements lessons in my own head and you always discover something new while sharing!

  72. gypsysue | | #72

    My grandkids love working with me in my sewing room. They even have their own stash (all my 'leftovers'). This year the 8-year old made a vest with grandma just coaching; the 6-year old and I made a sun dress (with the 8-year old supervising the cutting); and the 3-year old had a great time making his own fabric using all the decorative stitches. They had a great time and grandma got lots of hugs.

  73. hclehnig | | #73

    Over the years, I have helped to teach my 4 kids to sew, as well as several friends who started out with a project, only to find out that they really enjoyed sewing! What a joy !

  74. Megsp | | #74

    Well, I haven't yet passed on any sewing knowledge, because I am in the (very) early process of teaching myself how to sew!! I just had a baby girl... My unexpected first, and my only... and she will be 5 months old on Christmas Day! I am learning to sew and to knit, and am excited about making things for her :) Winning this would probably help a lot...

  75. YvonneMary | | #75

    I learned to make the most of my sewing machine from my Mum and naturally passed it onto my daughter. She became really hooked when I upholstered her secondhand three piece suite and made her first curtains. Since then, she hasn't stopped making her home really personal. And that's not all, she discovered the advantages of making her own wardrobe and being able to look great at a minimum cost. Next, I'm hoping she'll follow me in making things for her family when it arrives. Sewing is a skill well worth having. YvonneMary

  76. hclehnig | | #76

    I truly have enjoyed helping my 4 kids and someday my grandchildren learn to sew. It's wonderful to see what they create !

  77. RiaAndTiggy | | #77

    I've only been sewing for about a year and am really enjoying the process and especially just using my sewing machine. I really love using my creative mind to produce a unique piece of clothing made with care and love.
    I belong to a running club and have recently been making alterations to some of the running shirts when people want them cut shorter or sleeveless, etc. I've also made seasonal tablecloths for the club which are used at our social gatherings. I don't have children, however, my mother used to sew a lot and made me and my sisters clothes when we were younger. I definitely appreciate a mother who enjoyed sewing.

  78. krazyk56 | | #78

    I love to sew and stichand have since I was 5/6 making barbie clothes. I love threads mag. and vogue patterns but I had 2 boys so needless to say i was thrilled when my first grandchild was a girl who is now 5 and she loves to stitch and sew with me. I hope i can inspire her to be creative and love to caress the fabric with enthusiasm. I hope she ciontinues throughtout her young years to be interested in the arts and work with her hands. thank you for the opportunity

  79. SewingStew | | #79

    Last Christmas I gave my new daughter-in-law her first sewing machine along with several beginners sewing notions and a few basic sewing machine lessons. Because she and my son live in another state, I pointed her to your website and Teach Yourself to Sew. (Of course, we also exchange emails for extra sewing advice when needed.) The next trip they made home to visit she brought along a beautiful lap quilt that she had made for her disabled father's birthday. She had designed it herself and I couldn't have been more proud of her progress. Since then she had made several other gifts for her family members and even made her husbands Halloween costume this year. With my son being a college student, they must live on a limited income and sewing has really helped them to save on their expenses and given her a creative outlet. This year she is getting your Threads Archive DVD set as she loves my Threads magazine collection that I have saved over many many years. With your excellent help and mine, I am so happy that I got to pass my love of sewing on to the next generation in our family. I know that she will likewise be a lifelong avid lover of Taunton Press sewing products. Thanks for all that you do!

  80. bfreemanmom | | #80

    Over the last 4 weeks,I have been teaching a good friend of mine's grand-daughter how to sew. Neither my friend or this young lady's mom know anything about sewing. Her father's grandmother gave her an old sewing machine which works beautifully. This young lady is a quick and enthusiastic learner. We only meet once a week for an hour to an hour and a half and the time flies by. She has learned about her machine, the termonology, sewing in straight lines and the difference between the right side and wrong side of fabric. It is a joy to teach someone who is so excited and eager to learn. She is a third grader and a good student. She has made two pillow cases and a no sew fleece blanket for her mom, Mema and her baby sister. It reminds me of my learning experience when my mother taught me. Who says that the younger generation doesn't want to learn the things the older generation has been doing for years. Thank you to all who share their knowledge with the new generation of eager sewing enthusiast.

  81. linc1029 | | #81

    I am an AgriScience middle school teacher at a Title 1 school. I have always wanted to teach sewing but I was planning on doing this when I retire. At a school where Family and Consumer Sciences (Home Ec)no longer exists, an opportunity presented itself through a grant from the music teacher. She included the purchase of 6 new sewing machines for Costume Construction. I invited my AgriScience students to join me after school to learn how to sew. To my amazement I had about 12 students attend the first class-- boys and girls. None of them had any experience sewing. They began by stitching patterns on paper. No thread in the machines. From there they made tote bags from material that I had been saving over the years. You know the saying: "She who dies with the most fabric wins." I was well on my way.
    As word got out about the class new faces would appear. Many of the students that attend regularly are not my AgriScience students. About 10 tote bags have been successfully completed. After the New Year we will attempt to make pajama bottoms.

  82. kmactutorsews | | #82

    This past year (year 50) my simmering passion for sewing erupted with my taking the Trained Sewing Instrucotr Training through the American Sewing Guild. I approached the local Sew n Vac store with the Winky Cherry classes which are geared for the 5-12 year old age range. You see I started to piece together clothes for my baby doll from pajamas my mother had relegated to the garbage. From those cast-offs, my passion began and I thought it was now my time to find out what fed my heart and soul -- sewing and teaching.

    The thrill on the faces of my young friends when they thread their first needle, take their first stitch and finally make their first project (a felt bird) is like no other feeling. This is an esteem builder for all in the circle around the table.

    Watching students progress from the hand sewing classes to the machine four patch class has been the highlight of my career to date. With each new technique and the floods of questions and light bulbs moments, my world is brighter and more fulfilled.

    Today, I received my first handmade, student stitched ornament from the skills she learned in my class. A little white angel -- that says it all!

    This summer sewing camp will include clothing patterns and the use of Kwik Sew patterns, these young students are all excited to have more than just and hour or two at the machine.

    My amazement at the skipped generation of sewers never ceases to boggle my mind. My students are now turning and teaching their parents. And pebble in the pond ripple effect continues ......

    Keeping Them In Stitches, Miss Mac

  83. suzannity | | #83

    I'm not a professional teacher. But I love to sew and I love to tell people about it and encourage them whenever I can to sew or do other needle crafts. My knitting friend said that she had been wanting to learn to sew and I happened to have a heavy old Singer I wasn't using. She was very happy to take it off my hands and has told me about pillowcases, a quilt and other household items she has created. Another knitting friend said that she wanted to learn to sew but thought it wasn't "her thing" since a severe bobbin knotting followed by actual machine fire in high school home ec. If I win the magazine and DVD bundle, she's the first person I will loan them to if not give them. Whenever someone says to me that they used to sew, I tell them about Threads and how joining the ASG has made my life happier since I started sewing again. I'm also very vocal with family and co-workers about the ASG and my sewing projects.

  84. User avater
    thesearethebesttimes | | #84

    I've started a small family sewing circle that incorporates the mothers and grandmothers who know the craft with the children and grandchildren who don't. They can pass the knowledge down. Most of the related females in my age group elected not to take Home Economics or any related classes (as I did). Consequently, we didn't discover sewing until later in life. It's nice to learn something from our elders and spend time with them.

  85. SewVB | | #85

    I am new to sewing myself - so I have actually been viewing the Teach Yourself to Sew series but I have also been sharing my learning with my nieces ages 5, 6 & 7 who have a passion for all things crafty and love to sew along with me.
    Their mothers have sewing machines that sit unused in the closet, so when I come over we work on small kid-friendly projects that they can be involved with and see the finished product in one afternoon.

  86. SusannahRodana | | #86

    I am sharing with my granddaughter the items I sew and hope to get her more interested in sewing. She is starting a small project now, she would really benefit from the Teach Yourself to Sew series.

  87. B_Love | | #87

    I have 4 children, 7 and under. I trace lines for them to trace with needle and thread, and I'm going to let them make a drawstring bag to put their treasures in.

  88. Tru | | #88

    I got friends together to focus on being positive and creative and having an actual creation in their hands. I called it the "Anti-Procrastination Group". We got those projects, unfinished, out of the back of the closet. I had 2 sewing machines and many supplies and other projects to choose from.
    When people got stuck (where the item would again go into the closet) we all got laughter and solutions instead. No problem could be too small, that we couldn't make it smaller.
    We all met in a therapy group, but this group brought us closer to life. It was wonderful to see how much joy each received with these little creations of their own making.

  89. User avater
    mommyof8 | | #89

    Being a single mom, you just don't think you could find the time, but my girls love the clothes I make for them. I also made a costume for Halloween that I wore to work and now several of my coworkers and I are planning on creating a sewing club at work. Our skills range from beginners to beginners. I also had coworkers ask me to make panchos for their family and one even asked me to help her pick a sewing machine. I love sewing so much that my daughters have just completed their first pillows.

  90. User avater
    hgrimsman | | #90

    Sewing has always been something I've wanted to be really good at, but it seems that just now, all of the sudden, I'm not afraid anymore. I have my grandmothers old Necchi sewing machine and it works wornderfully! My little sister recently had a baby so I have been encouraging her and showing her simple things you can wip up in no time. Spit clothes, hair bows, and I made a stocking for my new little neice. It seems to be inspiring my not so crafty sister to be crafty. Having a baby before Christmas put their family a little tight for gifts, so she is now crocheting dish clothes for everyone. I am making cross stitched coasters and made dolls for my other neices. iTs fun to pass on tips to others and get them in on how much fun sewing can be!

  91. needles&pins | | #91

    A subscriber to Threads for a good while now, I must confess I've been away from sewing for a lot of years. Life and other pursuits somehow got in the way. My mother first shared her love of sewing with me when I was about 12. Now in her 80's, she's hesitant and thinks she's 'lost her touch'. I doubt that. So,this winter, together, we are embarking on a renewal of a much-loved hobby. She will share her long-time knowledge of the skills and I will share my revived enthusiasm and interest in all the new fabrics and techniques.

  92. User avater
    nick0166 | | #92

    my 3 yr old watched me sew her a dress and became entranced that she could make dresses for her dollys are now wants to sew! Yeah, a tradition passing onto another generation!

  93. msum | | #93

    Learning to sew, for me, has always been about sharing. It's such a powerful thing. Adult women shared what they knew with me when I was growing up, and my best friend Jane and I used to share ideas and techniques (she was always way ahead of me). I still learn more every day about sewing, and I'm grateful to be able to share it back out. I'm encouraging my two step-daughters, who are just starting to learn to sew, and I've taught some of the basics to the little girls I mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters. Last year I organized a Costume Guild at Langham Court Theatre here in Victoria, BC, for those interested in costuming and getting involved in our shows. We gather to share what we know: our current workshops are on developing slopers. I'm also organizing and cataloguing the theatre's collection of vintage and recent patterns (600+ so far) as a resource for our costume designers. Someday, that might include one of the girls I'm sharing with now. I hope so.

  94. mommydoc | | #94

    I love to share my homemade things as gifts for family and friends.

  95. 4u2cme | | #95

    I have a community based group of young sewers. We meet a Saturday once a month. The girls must bring their own sewing machine but the lessons are free. My only request is that after they learn to sew, they will teach someone else to sew. The girls enjoy the classes and it is very fulfilling for me. I also moderate a group of "old" sewers. We meet once a month and we help each other make pattern selections, fabric selection and help with fitting needs. It is a fun way to spend the day with fellow sewers.

  96. everettkat | | #96

    I have shared my sewing with family and friends giving them things, sewing for them, but the thing I love to do most with sewing is to sit my grandson/daughter on my lap and just have them start sewing with me at the machine. My 8 year old grandson can sew almost as well as his mom. This is how I learned to sew by sitting on my grandma's lap. Grandson's last project is recycled jeans place mats and a tablecloth for the picnic table. Son-in-law is not thrilled with his son learning to sew, but he wasn't thrilled the first time he asked me to iron his shirt and I told him no but I'd be glad to teach him how to do it. Granddaughter at 3 can now feed the fabric while it is being sown. We took scissors away when she got a little to creative with her bangs. I have taught classes at church and the senior center too.

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