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2011 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet Fashions

Which was your favorite dress at the Golden Globes? Your least favorite? Did anything spark your sewing imagination? See more of the dresses at Moviefone.com.



Anne Hathaway


Michelle Williams


Jennifer Lawrence



Julianne Moore


Claire Danes


Natalie Portman



Scarlett Johansson


Catherine Zeta-Jones


Helena Bonham Carter




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  1. User avater
    Scheri | | #1

    Scarlett Johansson

  2. LizInVa | | #2

    Anne Hathaway and Scarlett Johansson. Both dresses are simple but elegant, and suit their figures and coloring perfectly. Poor Helena Bonham Carter, who so often portrayed elegant women of the past, looks like an urchin who found her clothes in a dumpster, and couldn't afford a hairbrush.

  3. Stitichy | | #3

    I really like Scarlet Johansson's and and Jennifer Lawrence's - perfect.

    I liked the style of Ann Hathaway's but feel the choice of fabric was all wrong - needed a more elegant fabric.

    Claire Danes' was okay in its simplicity and light weight fabric - works well with her frame.

    I like the style and color of Catherine Zeta-Jones', but the fabric looked overwhelmingly heavy.

  4. User avater
    natsnasus | | #4

    I liked all but HBC's also. I think Michelle Williams looked cute, but maybe too cute..I don't like what Julianne Moore wore as far as the huge "other' sleeve. I liked the pink color on her, but the dress was all wrong. And then there was Tilda Swinton....OMG !!! FUGLY!!!!

  5. User avater
    Malika | | #5

    Claire Danes was absolutely ELEGENT! Hands down the winner.

  6. warbaby | | #6

    Too many dresses overwhelm the wearer. Jennifer Lawrence would be the best example. Natalie Portman's dress is striking and leads you to look at the whole woman. Clare Danes is simple but not distinguished. The many beigey colors, even with metallic or sequin touches are too neutral and fade into the background. Catherine Zeta-Jones wears her dress well - not every woman could carry it off. I like that one best. Helena Bonham-Carter looks ready to go onstage as Eliza Doolittle. (She'd be great, of course.)

  7. cranger907 | | #7

    Have to agree with the comment about the beige-y dress colors. At least in the photos, most of those women look washed out. And who is styling these women? Julianne Moore's dress would have been better w/o the distraction of that necklace; HBC was clearly channeling her inner Betsey Johnson, but maybe she should have picked just one thing-shoes, dress, or hair, but not all three!

  8. LaurieDiane | | #8

    Ann Hathaway gets an A from me but like an earlier post I don't care for these soft beige colors...they just are not all that complimentary. Scarlet Johanson's dress is beautiful too.
    But for the Golden Globe Awards...Claire Dane hit it on the nail. A+ from me on that look. Julianne Moore...not liking that look at all just too high on the neck and too much fabric.

  9. User avater
    artfulenterprises | | #9

    None of the above! Although Catherine Zeta Jones was stunning as usual, my favorite dress of the evening was Olivia Wilde's ("House") gorgeous confection of chocolate brown tulle with cascading gold sequins that were thickly applied at the bodice and began to thin out about 3/4 of the way down the skirt. What in the world was Bonham-Carter thinking???

  10. Mariesainte | | #10

    None of these dresses made me swoon, tho the details are nicely done--sequins and embroidery are so versatile. I don't understand the hems on the floor. Is there something I am missing? Why would one not want to be able to walk or dance???

  11. sherih | | #11

    I'm old. Fashions these days aren't particularly flattering or well constructed. None of these dresses does much for the wearer. We need to go back to the old ways of construction and if these stars must pay a fortune for a dress at least they can have one that makes them look fantastic!

  12. grendelbean | | #12

    Anne Hathaway: She knows how to carry herself (posture) and the sleek dress is well fitted. I do not like the upper sleeve which looks to my eye like a cross between a cutesy puffy sleeve cap and large square shoulder pads; either way, that design element detracts from the sleek, elegant look of the dress. The color is unremarkable, not even a pretty “nude” or beige color; just blah.

    Michelle Williams: This fabric and design are too “little girl” and with her hairstyle and her posture, she is carrying herself that way as well. She is lovely but this dress and her carriage do not do her justice. The basic dress design is ok, but the fabric is unattractive.

    Jennifer Lawrence: I don’t know who this woman is but I think the dress fabric is attractive and interesting and I like the wide, black straps and the bodice of this dress; the rest of the dress – as do so many formal dresses “these days” – looks like an odd flamenco dance dress and the design just doesn’t appeal to me. That’s subjective though and I don’t have any real design issues with this dress; just doesn't appeal.

    Julianne Moore: Absolutely the worst look of all. A “what was she thinking” look. I find nothing whatsoever attractive about this dress or her presentation of it. I think the color is wrong for her coloring, but the whole design is just truly ugly, in my opinion. That horrid sleeve! Why?

    Claire Danes: A little severe looking overall, I think. The dress appears to emphasize her square shoulders and the high neckline kind of makes her head look “perched” on top, giving the whole look a very geometrical design – the round head, the square shoulders, the v-to the waist and the long rectangle of the skirt. I don’t think this dress was well suited to her appearance and emphasized the severity of her appearance a bit.

    Natalie Portman: No comment.

    Scarlett Johannson: This looks like beautiful fabric, delicate and vintage – don’t know whether it is or not – and is a beautiful dress. It’s very pale and she is very pale and I think some jewelry – maybe a beautiful pearl necklace and earrings – would have been pretty. The tattoo is jarring against this beautiful, delicate dress, and not in a good way. The tattoo seems to mock the dress, in my opinion.

    Catherine Zeta-Jones: Beautiful fabric and color, especially with her coloring. It is a gorgeous choice for her. I love the dress except for the large folds at the waist/upper skirt. Somehow those folds take it from elegance and richness to Scarlet O’Hara using the green velvet drapes to make her gown. Because of Catherine Zeta-Jones’ appearance, she risks evoking that association anyway but overall, she looks beautiful and this color is HER color, for sure. A regal, classy look and she carries it off very well.

    Helena Bonham Carter: She likes to look outrageous and she often succeeds. She is petite so maybe this is her way of “transcending” attempts at a “fancy, grown-up” look. I don’t know – I just don’t think that wearing shoes of two different colors necessarily qualifies one as “artistic”, which I think is her aim usually. Artists are artists, and many artists just wear jeans and a t-shirt, not having to prove their “difference” or “artistic-ness” other than through their art. I think she is naturally very beautiful, but I don’t think the dress is, nor the shoes. To my eye, this is just a tacky look for the sake of making a tacky look which implies a disdain for the whole process.

    So, favorite? Favorite DRESS is Scarlet Johannson’s. Favorite overall LOOK is Catherine Zeta-Jones’.

  13. Luvtosmock | | #13

    By far, my favourite look was Annette Bening; it was classy, fit beautifully, was attractive and age-appropriate. She looked divine, and even better, comfortable.

  14. Winterpeg204 | | #14

    I quite liked Claire Danes dress. It would look nice long or short. It reminded me of Vogue Designer dress patterns from the 70s....tailored and classy. The other dress I liked was the one worn by Jane Fonda.

  15. User avater
    FineTexan | | #15

    I did like Natalie Portman's dress. Who can resist pink and red and a rose? It hung beautifully. Too cliche but I still liked it. Scarlett Johansson's dress looked gorgeous with her skin even though they were almost the same color. All floaty and feminine. Her hair looked so good on her and played up her features. Katherine Zeta Jones' dress was too heavy but still elegant and looked beautiful on her. Helena Bonham Carter was fun and very pretty in a promish way. Her face and hair helped to make it a good look. The two BIG stars...Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman were tasteful and subdued but beautiful still. Julienne Moore was a JOKE! The big pouffy sleeve that went through her necklace. Tackiest of all.

  16. faygele | | #16

    Scarlet Johanssen stole my breath away when she entered the stage to present the Golden Globe, so much so that I don't know to whom. She looked ethereal in her gorgeous gown.
    Helena Bonham Carter looked like she had a bird's nest in her hair, it was not at all a good look for anyone. And I think that Angelina Jolie's dress was grossly overrated, as usual.

  17. ElizaDolittle | | #17

    Claire Danes' dress was absolutely perfect.

    Catherine Zeta Jones, Olivia Wilde, et al. ho-hum.

    Julianne Moore - What possessed her? She looks like she's wrapped in an old chintz curtain!

    Michelle Williams - It looks like an old bedspread, and by the expression on her face, she realized it too late!

    Helena Bonham Carter - Kudos for not being 'styled' and doing her own thing! It is Vivienne Westwood after all. (Would have preferred red, black or blue shoes though. Preferably of the same color. ;-)

  18. WinterBV | | #18

    I found most of them completely unattractive, lacking great design and construction details, fabric choices that tried to have pizazz fell completely flat and TOO many shoulder pads that hailed back to "Dynasty" and Joan Crawford. I wondered, too, about the dragging hems. Too often women's clothing becomes the design equivalent of bound feet - and we know what comes of THAT!

  19. MissHajj | | #19

    Halle Berry DEFINITELY! She NEVER has to go over the top to look amazing. She doesn't need gaudy accessories or makeup either. I loved her gauzy dress (though I don't wear the color black) and I will be creating many, many light and airy looks like hers for this coming summer!!!

  20. User avater
    Scheri | | #20

    Ann Hathaway

  21. User avater
    JunkQueen | | #21

    Oh my, where to begin? Most of those women's taste seems to be all in their mouths. My word, it's an assault on the eyes to look at those pictures. That said, Claire Danes would be my choice for best.

    Julianne Moore's dress looks like a bad bride's maid dress run amuck. Hers is the worst, in my opinion. Most of the others look like a middle-school budding designer's work, and it'd just be redundant to enumerate the faults of each creation.

    And other than that, I have no opinion. :)

  22. User avater
    Jay_B | | #22

    Elizabeth Moss looked beautiful in dark green.

    One of my biggest wishes is the death of the beige/skin tone look. I don't think anyone looks good in these "non-colours".

  23. User avater
    Stitchy | | #23

    They are all boring. I like that people are moving away from black. It's not enough.

  24. ladygrania | | #24

    Anne Hathaway has a nice way of always looking elegant. I was totally unprepared for the number of dresses that were taupe, beige, tan, whatever you want to call it. Too close to skin tones for photography or TV cameras.

    Claire Danes looked gracefully sophisticated.

    I don't know what Sandra Bullock was thinking, that dress hung like old grannies nightgown.

    Angelina Jolie looked great in that shade of green but the design left something out to make her a standout.

    Helena Bonham Carter and Halle Berry should have been advised that Halloween has been over for 3 months.

    How about the men? Most looked like they just rolled out of bed. Depp needed to comb his hair and Bieber needs to buy a pair of grown up shoes.

  25. azrial | | #25

    Helen Mirren, who I noticed hasn't been included in many of these "polls", looked absolutely stunning in her gown. It was perfect for her coloring and the fit was very flattering. She gets my vote as best dressed.

  26. User avater
    IggyJingles | | #26

    I don't agree about Tilda Swinton's dress. Certainly she is not a glamor queen, but she does have a strong persona and her own individual style. I liked that her garments were very simple. They did look boxy especially at the waist, but that is her - she plays up her own androgenous look and is hardly a bombshell type. What I liked about her blouse and skirt was the evidently expensive high quality of the fabric - sleek and a beautiful sheen on what looked like white and pale yellow silks, especially on camera. I thought there was a beauty in the quality of the tailoring also. But not for every actress, that's for sure!
    Someone who looked good when I saw her being interviewed was Selena Gomez - she's young of course, but she looked cute and appropriate in her formal gown.
    I didn't care for Natalie Portman's dress, mainly because I thought it looked like a sarong tied and then a rose pinned to the neckline - I mean the fabric looked thin and cheap on camera to me. It seems that it looked much nicer in person from the enthusiastic response from other commentators who were there. She's so pretty anyway, and her shoes were adorable if a huge risk.
    I agree that Jane Fonda looked good and age-appropriate - but was that peek of nipple at the bustline under the illusion?
    Some people grumped about Jennifer Love Hewitt - I liked her pale blue/white sculptural dress and big updo, which she needed to not be overwhelmed by her decolletage.
    I wish Halle Berry had worn a different skirt. I loved the top and she definitely has the figure for it, but from the hips down it was two looks fighting each other.
    I feel like Angelina was all covered up to hide her arms and shoulders - I think she may be too skinny for health, for what ever reason. She looked...fragile under there; the shape of the dress makes me think of Nancy Reagan.
    Milla Jovovich looked like old Hollywood glamour to me, in her silver. She stood beautifully if that makes sense. Her dress wasn't the best, but not too bad despite the gathered skirt from the knee.
    The big trends I noticed - more updos than in prior years, more ponytails, more shoulders (oh Julianna, oh dear), fewer mermaid/fish tails (although those that did appear were huge) and more straight skirts with dangerously high front slits. High front slits appeared in full skirts too. I'm sure that some people at tables close to the stage saw "London and France" a few times, because some of the girls didn't seem to know how to just walk in their gowns.
    Oh yeah - Hailee Steinfeld looked just right. I also liked Kaley Cuoco when she presented, very pretty.
    A word to Diane Warren - OK I know you're not an actress and I think men's tux wear on women can look great - but, just like the guys, your jacket and pants should be tailored to fit you, and your shirt should be pressed(see comment on Tilda Swinton.)

  27. MsShawnPhx | | #27

    All of these women are beautiful, but what were they thinking? Scarlet Johanssen looks like the Bride of Frankenstein, Catherine stole Scarlet O'Hara's drape dress off the floor, Ann Hatahway looks like she got her dress from the Dynasty/Dallas costume trailor, Claire Danes & Julian Moore stole their dresses from Barbie, Natalie Portman needs to rip off the flower, Helena Bonham Carter looks like she dug around the bottom of her closet for any old thing from the 80s hell her shoes don't even match, Jennifer Lawrence looks like she's wearing a rag, and Jennifer Williams looks like she should be on Laugh-in. Ray Charles could've done a better job dressing these women.

  28. Kyubi09 | | #28

    Bizarrely for me this year, most of the outfits were major misses. There was a lot of 70s/80s retro going on which has never been that appealing. The overstuffed shoulders are an interesting look for a futuristic space opera, but in real life, they look silly, and they make stick thin women in real life look even more like walking skeletons. I think Anne Hathaway pulled it off best, but even covered, her arms are frightening to look at.

    Another major miss was the types of fabrics being used. So much stiff shiny satin out there, almost all of them either too stiff to see the wearer beneath, or of a variety that wrinkles if a gentle breeze hits it. (I'm looking at you Julianne) If you're going to do a soft fit, it has to be in soft forgiving fabric.

    My worst had to be Halle Berry wearing Spanks as outerwear with a shear sarong at the waist. Ugh! Claire Danes got a runner up, because the dress turned her into a 2 dimensional paper doll... one without any style. Too boxy, too flat (this is commenting on her chest btw, but actual contours of her entire look), and completely unflattering on her.

    My favorite was Natalie Portman. Her dress maybe isn't everyone's cup-o-tea, but it was such a soft romantic look, and clearly a reflection of how she felt, and wanted to look. Good for her.

    I also liked Helena Bonham Carter's FU to the style police again. She doesn't look bad (the dress fits, it is a flattering cut and the hair/shoes accessorized in her own way), but she doesn't conform either. I respect that, even if I wouldn't be comfortable stepping out in the exact same look.

  29. Kyubi09 | | #29

    Oops, meant to say my comment on Claire Dane's flat dress was NOT commenting on her chest but on actual contours of her entire look.

  30. KBTsewer | | #30

    Well, these have to be some of the most boring dresses seen in public.There wasn't one I really liked enough to think 'If I was ivited to a 'posh do' that's the kind of dress I'd like to wear!!!'

  31. KBTsewer | | #31

    I really must press these keys harder.My previous comment should have read 'invited' NOT ivited.

  32. User avater
    EvaDress | | #32

    Apparently, common sense and taste was OUT this year in Golden Globe fashions. I have seen enough to inspire me to sew something at least TASTEFUL!!

    Out of the lot, I feel Jennifer Lawrence really didn't do too badly. I rather like the gradient result due to the texture throughout her gown. Milla Jovovich was ravishing in her draped frock as well.

    Anne Hathaway looked nice and I understand the demure nature of her backless gown a la 1930's, but not sure the puff sleeve style was 'today' enough to go over better.

    Michelle Williams gets the most unflattering 'gown' award, indeed.

    Angelina Jolie=way off in wearing that green monster.

  33. joycerenee | | #33

    Olivia Wilde (shame no photo here) was stunning.

    Loved the old Hollywood glamour of Hathaway and Angelina Jolie.

    Michelle Williams looked ready to run barefoot on stage for the cast of Hair in that flower power 60s number.

    Gotta agree with the Scarlett O'Hara curtains look comment about what Zeta-Jones wore. Actually, the fabric looked almost like some sort of weird astro-turf.

    Scarlett Johansson needed a stronger color and a a different dress. Looked like her great-great grandma's wedding dress.

    What was Julianne Moore thinking? Bad color, bad design, and worst of all, a bad fit. Her designer did her a huge disservice.

    And yes, Helen Mirren, was fabulously beautiful, tasteful and elegant.

  34. funkified | | #34

    Anne Hathaway is just simple and beautiful and the dress is elegantly fits-she does have my vote.

  35. User avater
    kdlorente | | #35

    Does Julianne Moore's dress remind anyone else of that scene in Disney's, "Sleeping Beauty," where the fairy godmothers try to make Princess Aurora a birthday dress?

  36. TrishaTo | | #36

    I like Jennifer Lawrence dress its exciting and fun, Catherine Zeta-Jones dress is just perfect! I love the fabric and color! Scarlett Johansson's dress is very elegant and beautiful also!

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