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Oscar Fashion 2011

Oscar winner Cate Blanchett wearing Givenchy Haute Couture.

Each year we wonder who will take home an Oscar and, more importantly, what they were wearing while taking that long walk down the red carpet. Hollywood’s biggest stars arrived at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards in style. As usual there were some hits and some misses, but overall the stars looked glamorous on their big night. Which was your favorite dress of the night? Host Anne Hathaway had a number of wardrobe changes as the night wore on. Which of her looks did you like best? Here are just a few of the gowns seen on the red carpet. Let us know what you thought of Hollywood’s biggest night in the comments below. 


Amy Adams (nominated for The Fighter)


Hailee Steinfeld (nominated for True Grit)


Florence Welch (performed nominated song from 127 Hours)




Jennifer Hudson (past Oscar winner)


Mandy Moore (performed nominated song from Tangled)


Melissa Leo (Best Supporting Actress winner for The Fighter)




Mila Kunis (presenter)


Reese Witherspoon (past Oscar winner)


Cate Blanchett  (past Oscar winner)


Marisa Tomei (past Oscar winner)



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  1. lucy brecht | | #1

    EEK! I thought Cate Blanchette's dress looked like a Victorian doiley gone wrong ... or perhaps the cover of a pillow that didn't make it as a pillow! And the horseshoe shapes on the skirt! EEK Cate always looks gorgeous but not last night ( and I'm even An Australian by birth)... and what about all the fabulous Aussie designers she could have been wearing!

  2. LadyCarol | | #2

    Seeing the flow and elegance of Cate Blanchette's dress as she glided across the stage is a tribute to Givenchy. Chiffon and lace make a beautiful blend. Those of us who appreciate vintage fashion can appreciate the timelessness of her dress, along with the modern touches that made it sparkle. I study both the dresses I love and I dresses that don't appeal to me. Quality and appropriateness with the strength of creativity make Cate's dress my favorite.

  3. peggyv | | #3

    My favorites were Reese, Amy, Mila and Jennifer's dresses. Hailee looked like an angel. I didn't care for Cate's dress at all. That circle on the bodice was very unflattering.

  4. doublechecker | | #4

    When I see these women I did not judge just the style of the dress but the style of the person who chose the dress. Cate Blanchett: Givenchy: Style, grace, classic. the dress is beautiful. It looks modern with a classic embellishments that accent Cate's very thin figure. My only suggestion for Cate is the color makes her look blanched. I would have choosen a darker share of lavender. Several other actresses picked very classic elegant clothing: Amy and Reese. Jennifer chose a greate color for her skin tone but style is too much fabric and the top looks like a bikini top, the bottom does not accentuate her figure since she has lost weight. It just does not go with her beatiful face and voice. Now, Mila,Mellissa and Florence, why even bother to take their photos? Marisa Torme: the top of dress is dramatic, then you see the purple poof. She has a very dramatic style. I would have suggessted to skip the purple poof go for the drama of the rich royal blue color and finish the dress with a silky kick flare. Then add beautiful classic not chunky ruby necklace and earings set in rich gold. Probably tell her to at least to curl and poof her hair. The Photo of her just lacked her dramatic talent and style. The dress you wear to an award ceremony should show off a woman's femininity with classics designs that fit the woman not the designer who will embarress you on the Red Carpet in front of a national audiance. Dresses that can be reproduce for the common regular woman always have classic elements of dress design not stupidity. Most people were horrified with Lady Gaga(Hello!) womb dress at the Grammy's. She has no style or grace. I would never recommend to anyone to listen to her music after her stupid stunt. You reward people who have the talent and understand that modesty is more mysterious then revealing your sexy body on national television. Woman are about sexuality not sex. Hailee had the right style and grace for a teenager. Modest, Classic and beautiful design. that's it. Enjoy finding you very own classic mysterious style.

  5. User avater
    IggyJingles | | #5

    Am I the only person to note the real problem with Marisa Tomei's dress? It was 1950's vintage (not a repro) but clearly she was NOT wearing vintage underwear. They used to be called foundation garments for a reason. If she had a proper long line strapless bra, it would have fit right at the bust line instead of her bosom being just a tad too low at the bust point.

  6. SewLucky09 | | #6

    I loved what Anne Hathaway and Sandra Bullock wore,though not shown here. Out of these pics, I like Melissa's, Amy's, Hailee's (looks like my prom dress), and Reese's dresses best. All of the others had something I would change. Cate's is too stiff on top, the circle thing is weird and the splash of yellow is out of place, but the bottom half is OK, it flows well and is a good color. Jennifer's shows too much boob, if her top was different it would be a perfect dress, the color is very nice and vibrant. Her top could still have the plunging neckline but just not be so wide to show the inner sides of her boobs. Mila's is also very nice except for the cleavage. Maybe I am a prude...lol. I could never wear something that revealing even if I looked like Mila. Marissa's would be ok if there wasn't so much fabric coming out at the bottom. Maybe if it were shorter or just different. I like Mandy's and Florence's dresses in general but they are very pale and blend in with their skin, color would have been nice.

  7. pakrat | | #7

    Poor Kate Blanchette. The dress she wore makes it look like she has a yellow skin-eating disease creeping over her shoulders. I believe she found this one on a runway in Paris. She should have left it there.

  8. User avater
    Kim2cat | | #8

    Reese Witherspoon - what a beautiful dress - perfect for her, too

  9. Ceeayche | | #9

    Of course we all have opinions! Here are mine!

    I love love LOVED Jennifer Hudson's vibrant orange choice. My only misgiving is that the tape could have been used more appropriately across her breasts. The styling was so striking on her lush curves.

    Not pictured here, but I thought Halle Berry was flawless, the dress, the luminous skin, the understated jewlery and the chic short cut all worked in perfection.

    Hailee Steinfield gets my applause because she was age appropriate (style, color, accessories, hair). The dress she chose was definitely retro, but with the styling and her radiant smile it all looked fresh somehow.

    And, Natalie Portman looked wonderful. So glad she didn't choose black. She looked young and fabulous and pregnant.

    Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon each looked impeccible. All clearly WORE their dresses, the dresses didn't wear them. They were classy and elegant, but vibrant!

    Liked the column of navy sequins that Amy Adams chose. Not so much her hair and jewlery.

    Some one said it earlier Marisa Tormei needed foundation garments... and the hair could have been more fitting that type of dramatic gown.

    Florence Welch's hair nor dress worked for me. They looked mid seventies Gunny Sacks. And Oprah's dress was ill fitting!

    Not sure what Mila Kunis has done (my bad), but the dress she wore was lovely. Would need some filmy lining underneath were I to sport it!

  10. DKCB | | #10

    I liked the idea of Cate Blanchett's dress, but seen in photos it had some lumpiness within the circle and just did not seem to work out in reality as it must have in the sketches.

    Reese Witherspoon was styled so well as a total package - not too much, just right. In contrast, Amy Adams's hair, dress and jewelry were too busy.

    Unlike every one else I thought Hailee Steinfeld's dress just a tad too low cut and the bodice fitting was a bit too loose. Similarly, I would have liked to see slightly more coverage on Mila Kunis and Jennifer Hudson. Even Florence Welch's dress could have been saved by exact fit. (Is that the same dress 1970's singer Karen Carpenter always wore?)

  11. AmandaLdesigner | | #11

    Cate Blanchett's dress reminds me of the story of how the numeral Zero was invented. There is nothing there, so we draw a circle around it to show nothing. Not that I think Cate Blanchett has no assets up top, but this dress simply does not flatter her figure, or anyone else's I would think. I like the bottom half on Mila Kunis's dress, but the top leaves much to be desired, and nothing to the imagination. Hailee Steinfeld is beautiful, and this classic elegant dress makes her shine.
    Florence Welch has a problem with vertical proportions in this dress. Most of the reviews I saw just said she looked dumpy or some such. The problem is with too many horizontal layers, and the break-points fall at the wrong place.

  12. Size7N | | #12

    Cate Blanchette's dress horrible; should frame a picture of her grandparents and hang it in a Victorian home; lousy color on her, too. And what's with the armhold extensions??? Givenchy should know better than to design a monstrosity like this...
    Amy Adams - very classy and the navy looks great on her!
    Hailee Steinfeld - again, very classy and age appropriate, she looks so adorable and grown up but not too much.
    Florence Welch - nah, lousy color too pale, and not liking those tiers; bodice doesn't complement the bottom of the dress...
    Jennifer Hudson...superb color on her, but waaaayyy to low in front - detracts from her beauty...don't need to gild the lily...
    Mandy Moore...Nice sleek dress, no extra doodads, think the bodice should have continued all the way down to the floor, seems like it was cut off, gives an unfinished look...
    Melissa Leo...nah, style is fine, would be much better in maybe a satin, possibly black, or satin with chiffon overlay, or a black lining with a teal overlay of embroidered? chiffon lace? Needs to be airy looking...white Crochet isn't the way to go with a high-end venue like the Oscars and not on a blonde...
    Mila Kunis (whoever she is)...like the color, some of the drapiness, too low, and bottom seems too in pieces, doesn't flow...
    Reese Witherspoon...very classy lady and the dress matches! Looks superb on her, but I would change the bodice trim to maybe a teal, royal blue?, or some type of beautiful brocade in teal, red, royal blue, purple just to give the finishing touch...blondes need to stay away from white...one classy lady...
    Marissa Tomei...really like the bottom, the purple is o.k. but the top, not so much...looks like a bathing suit...should be all one color, out of chiffon, just don't like the two extremes of fabric and one body-hugging style vs. the sweeping ball gown bottom...

  13. mdbaker | | #13

    The Givency gown that Cate Blanchette wore was simply stunning. Original and unexpected, yet visually arresting.

  14. DelilahLisa | | #14

    Cate Blanchett Givenchy dress was awful. It looked like some sort of coat of arms was missing from the shield on her breast. I'd be having nightmares if I had to wear that dress.
    I liked most of the other dresses.

  15. lindalouise | | #15

    My favorite was Halle Berry's dress & it is not even on here?

  16. russellgibson | | #16

    I am starting to think that the awards show is a dress show
    really not to fond of any of these dresses...they do not
    come close to fashion week clothing worn by fashion models.

  17. User avater
    jocarito | | #17

    I simply adore watching the fashion show of the red carpet. It so amazing to see the choices the stars pick to stun us (positively or not so positively). Without a doubt, I was stunned, pleasingly and horrifically.
    As a conservative, my favorites were Natalie Portman, Amy Adams, Hailee Stienfeld. I think each picked gowns that were appropriate in style, color, figure and age (Hailee).
    Reese looked very attractive and her gown was figure flattering but could have used some sparkle or contrast. On the other hand, Cate is such an elegant and stylish star who maintains a unique voice in her presence. I believe she kept true to her personal way of being although her dress just did not impress me. To be honest, the gown reminded me of a christening dress with a gigantic bib.
    In general, the other ladies who graced the red carpet did not impress me that much, especially those that nearly exposed whatever top endowment they have been blessed with.
    One last comment, I found Scarlett O'Hara's hairdo or lack of was just plain ugly.

  18. lindaII | | #18

    Cate's dress, I hope, will end up on the back cover of Threads some day. It is absolutely beautiful, a work of art. I would love to get a close up look at how it's made.

  19. Aspydelia | | #19

    My favorite was also not among these. I loved the Calvin Klein dress that Gwyneth Paltrow wore. I have no problem with the decolletage on the dresses... after all a Versace is a Versace and not something you'd put on the Queen Mum. However, I think Jennifer Hudson was a bit optimistic. Now what I'd like to see is a series of Threads articles revealing the construction secrets!!!

  20. User avater
    Deana | | #20

    Thanks for all of your varied thoughts on these Oscar fashions. I love seeing everyone's different perspectives--it's what makes the world go round. My personal favorite was Cate Blanchett's. It made me want to get up close and see the detail and figure out how those beautiful textural flourishes were made, and it stood out to me as something different, and artful from a sewing perspective. And, I loved the contrasting color. Overall, I think that all of these dresses and of course the celebrities in them, were stunning. There weren't really any low points for me.

  21. GladysK | | #21

    I love Cate's dress. It is so interesting. That's why everyone is talking about her dress far more than any other. I wish I could see a close up of the floral part. I wonder what it is made of and how that was done. I was immediately struck by the fact that the artist chose to add those bright mustard yellow flowers. I don't think I would have thought to do that, but it adds such visual interest and really sets the dress apart. I also really like the idea of the geometric circle in a square of the bodice, which is in compete contrast to the flowing lower half. It's a beautiful dress, and looks beautiful on her figure. I completely disagree that the color doesn't suit her. I also love Mila Kunis' dress. It's just so perfect for her. Could not suit her figure better, really enhances her natural beauty.

  22. DesigningPat | | #22

    I, too, disliked Cate's dress. Too much emphasis on her bodice front; it bothers me that it looks like something is missing. I have not seen the round front close to distinguish anything other than a blank circle. All other details in dress are fabulous, but the circle totally leaves me blank....

  23. eastpeace | | #23

    My favorite looks of the evening were Hailee Steinfeld and Jennifer Hudson. It's really easy to cross the line into dressing too adult with girls her age, but whoever styled her got it just right. I loved Jennifer's orangey red number. Orange is a color most people shy away from but it is one of my favorites. I hated Cate Blanchett's dress. The bodice makes me think of an empty photo frame.

  24. AnnKiepe | | #24

    I did not watch the Oscar (no TV) and I would watch the show solely for the dresses.

    Of the published photos, for a grown up lady, I like Sandra Bullock's red dress the best, not a false step anywhere on the whole ensemble. For a younger lady, Ms Steinfeld's dress was both elegant and age-appropriate (a rarity, of late.)

    About Ms. Blanchette's dress, whatever its merits or demerits, the color was all wrong for her: her blondness canceled out the very pale color of the dress and vice versa.

    Ms Kunis' dress, very nice, surely, but it made me think of a nightgown.

    Ms Jennifer Hudson's dress was very attractive, a little too revealing for my taste, but very well put together, and the color complimented her style of beauty.

    Ms Tomei usually is very elegantly turned out, but not this year, to my view, a miss in the color disparity of the bady vs flounce, and it turned a well fitted dress into...thrift-shop wear.

    On the whole, I prefer to see vibrant colors and elegant dresses that don't depend on excessive decolletage for attention; not too tight that the horizontal creases show (in satin especially;) not over-elaborate construction or fabric design.

    These are my opinions, not to be taken too seriously.

  25. sewsilky | | #25

    The Givenchy looks like a pink shield on her chest. You can see the stiffness, they must have had to use multiple layers of stabilizer. Very unattractive. The circular shape just doesn't work on a bodice.

  26. User avater
    tinafry | | #26
  27. Arizonawoody | | #27

    I thought Cate Blanchette's dress was wonderful, it just attracted me. My 2nd favorite was Mila's dress, very delicate and beautiful.

  28. User avater
    tinafry | | #28

    I have difficulty with judging clothes that are not shown in their best possible circumstances. I suspect Mandy Moore's dress looked a whole lot better in low light (I imagine it would have sparkled?). Having said that, I do wonder about the cardboard plate Cate felt she had to wear. There must be something in the message she was providing, but I'm not sure what it was. Maybe this is the feminine alternative to armour? and the horseshoes were for luck? Apart from that, nothing really grabs the attention, or lights my fire, even though they all look beautiful in their own way.

  29. User avater
    JulieAnnO | | #29

    Poor Cate, looks like the majority did not like her dress. I also did not. It looked like a cameo pin without the head inside. It did nothing for her. However, I did love her hair cut. Very easy to care for look. I went to the hairdresser today and had mine cut the same way. No one mentioned Nicole Kidman's dress. That was my favorite. Back to Cate, at least she had the good lady-like sense not to drop the "F" bomb like Mellisa Leo did. Leo's dress looked like a doily to me. Oh well, as I watched the Oscars in my sweats and tee shirt, I have to say that I would be happy to wear any one of the dresses if I could have the shape to go with it again. LOL

  30. PointPatou | | #30

    What, no Jennifer Lawrence? Her simple, perfectly fitting red dress was my hands-down favorite.

  31. puffinquilter | | #31

    WOW, the shoulder detail on Cate's dress is stunning. That would be so cool on a suit with long fitted sleeves. How about it, Kenneth King...how was this done? How would you do it with sleeves??? Any ideas?

  32. CharleneJ | | #32

    Calvin Klein's dress that Gwyneth Paltrow wore was gorgeous! Cate's dress was terrible. Halle's dress was beautiful, but a little to pale.

  33. sk27 | | #33

    Several look like the designers were trying too hard to create eye-catching gowns. They succeeded but for the wrong reason. The large orange dress is terrible and it is difficult to notice anything other than the two strange looking little breast bulges.

    The Hailee dress was age-appropriate and her entire look was adorable.

  34. Piecemaker | | #34

    Cate Blanchett's dress was lovely, delicate, and old time Hollywood glamourous. Was it different, unusual, risk-taking? It was all that and more. The first Oscar dress that I've found intriguing in years. Something unique.

  35. User avater
    RevDi | | #35

    Hands down my favorite was Ann Hathaway in just about everything she wore, but especially her first gown. It was stunning. Let's face it - she can wear anything. But that dress was gorgeous, and it should have been photographed and featured.
    I was so disappointed in Cate Blanchett's Givenchy. I truly wanted to like it, but the lovely overly featured an empty circle - it just needed something. And it was so washed out. Cate's coloring can be exquisite, but not with or in that gown.
    Hailee Steinberg was perfection. It was delightful to see a 14-year-old look like a 14-year-old, not a 30-year-old. Her gown was lovely, just the right length, and her makeup was lovely as well. I hope her taste level will continue to develop at this level!
    Jennifer Duncan's gown was beautiful, but I wish the neckline was a tad higher. I know she's proud of her new body, but the dress only made her breasts look artificial. The color, however, was stunning with her skin tone, and the cut otherwise was oh so flattering.
    I felt that Marisa Tomei's gown was a disaster. Yes, it was vintage, but vintage doesn't always mean good. Something just seemed amiss. The asymmetrical pouf wasn't flattering. I'm wondering if the purple tint on the skirt was actually discoloration of the fabric?
    I thought Melissa Leo looked lovely. Her dress was so different, and very eye-catching. And it seemed to reflect her personality.
    Reese Witherspoon was regal from the front. But, as my husband noted, from the side she looked like the Queen Mary. Perhaps it was the construction of the underlying foundation, perhaps it was her posture or the way she walked. Fortunately we only saw her for a brief period from the side.
    All in all, the gowns were very good. No real disasters.

  36. Golfgrrrl | | #36

    Kate Blanchett Dress? When she walked on stage, I really laughed so hard at her dress. It was the ugliest dress I have ever seen. I felt sorry for her that she did not tell the designer to start over, or give it to charity. Or just say NO TO THE DRESS...

  37. JolnK | | #37

    The dress Cate Blanchette was wearing seems to have created more buzz (in this blog)than any other. I think she could have chosen a better venue in which to showcase her gown. Each time she was on camera I found my eyes attempting to see the detail, that could only be taken in with detailed, close-up shots, or in person (as at a wedding reception!)This detail remains lost in quick, random, shutter releases, sometimes taken in less than ideal lighting. I'm sure the gown she wore (CB) was spectacular in person. That said, most red carpet atendees understand not only what is most flattering to them, but what is going to withstand the test of lights,(or lack thereof)camera, action,and even time...What woman among us hasn't purchased something beautiful to wear, in less than (our)perfect color, style, etc. and said "I don't care...I love (the amazing detail,color,have to have!)this dress! My favoritered carpet gown of the evening, was the beautiful red, worn by Ann Hathaway...STUNNING!

  38. ebd | | #38

    Mandy Moore's dress was exquisite. So beautiful. Jennifer Hudson's did not flatter her bustline at all! Cate Blanchett, what was that? Not fluid at all. I also liked Penelope Cruz's dress. It was stunning. It's all about the dresses!

  39. rayonclassic | | #39

    My favorite of the photos shown were Amy Adams and Reese Witherspoon. What was in the middle of Kate Blanchette dress inside the Circle. Bad choice.

  40. windyhill8 | | #40

    My impression of the 'gowns' on the appearing actors, were lacking something.Perhaps a little more fabric would be in order.Many viewers are female, and we are not interested in seeing almost of these women's assets flounced in our faces.
    I dont even remember the faces of some of the more extreme costumes!
    Why do these women let the bosses(men, obviously) dictate what they 'Must'wear?
    If anyone is interested, the more subtle designers, may even be more generous with their time and talent.
    I thought the only acceptable gown was the one worn be Helen Mirren!
    Perhaps the stars' would not have stumbled as much if there were more fabric on the top intead of the bottom of the 'costumes"-'
    Thank you

  41. SewLynn | | #41

    As one writer said ... "just say NO TO THE DRESS..." and, I would have to about 90% of what I saw. Whatever happened to simple elegance?

  42. DelilahLisa | | #42

    Today was Mardi Gras in New Orleans.At one of the parades last night a girl held up her "WINNING sign and got bombarded with beads! LOL Cate's dress would have been perfect to wear to the parades. Just write WINNING on her chest and she could have scooped up on more throws than she'd know what to do with.

  43. MStarr | | #43

    Funny how a fourteen year old girl shows more class than the adults around her. Yeah Hailee! Cate's skin color blended in to the dress, not very flattering, and the design was overdone. The drape and fit of Natalie Portman's dress was outstanding - very elegant and flattering. Jennifer Hudson looked great in that color, but the front was not a bit flattering to her very nice, new figure. It was probably meant to show off her accomplishment at WW, but the dress bodice looked contrived. I'm waiting for GaGa to start a stage show named "The Divine Miss G" -- Bette is so much better at being outrageous.

  44. DelilahLisa | | #44

    for all three of you who LOVED poor rich Cate's dress, I can make one for you. LOL
    And instead of rolling out the red carpet we can roll out a barrel of beer. (singing it)
    (hope I don't get booted out of here)

  45. User avater
    sewbtfl | | #45

    I didn't understand the meaning of the large hoop in the middle of the bodice of Cae Blanchette's dress! I don't know why a beautiful woman would want to make such a statement! Not appropriate at all.

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