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MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: “Designer Techniques”

Apr 12, 2011
Article Image

Leave a comment and you could win this fabulous special issue!

readers love to know about the special techniques used by famous fashion designers. We’ve printed lots of designer stories over the years, and have had many requests to put this information into a special issue. We listened! DESIGNER TECHNIQUES is just that. The articles give you a closer look at many of the brilliant designers and fashion icons who have set the pace for great style. The issue describes the techniques that have stood the test of time to make the designers famous. Among the designers included are: Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli, Issey Miyake, and many more. You’ll find inspiration on every page of this fabulous magazine, and you’ll be able to use the information to improve your own sewing. You’ll also develop a more savvy eye for ready-to-wear clothing! If you sew, or if you simply love fashion, you won’t want to miss this issue.

Tell us who your favorite designer is and why, and you could be the lucky winner to receive a copy of DESIGNER TECHNIQUES. Simply leave a comment on this post before the deadline–Sunday, April 24, at 12:00 midnight. The winner will be randomly selected on Monday, April 25.

Good luck!

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  1. User avater Stitcher75 April 12th

    I like Jessica McClintock. Her clothes are stylish, flattering and classy...not flashy.

  2. Wuf April 12th

    One of my favorite designers is Kay Unger....her designs are classic, feminine and flattering. I also enjoy seeing what new design Issey Miyake comes up with though I don't think I'm brave enough to wear them.

  3. sewingmomtoo April 12th

    I like Issey Miyake because of simplicity and crispness of his style lines.

  4. bekabug8 April 12th

    I love Madeleine Vionnet. The vintage designs are classic, and feminine. Even Vionnet now is pretty cool!

  5. Nic_ee April 12th

    This community shows me that I have so much to learn! :) I'm very excited

  6. jlynn April 12th

    I would love to read this magazine. I love reading about couture sewing techniques. I try to use a new technique in every outfit I make. Thank you.


  7. swooninglibrarian April 12th

    Diane von Furstenberg is my favorite. Not only are her clothes beautiful, she is such a great role model for young girls.

  8. dpog April 12th

    What a great prize! Thanks for making it available.

  9. JoyK April 12th

    I am always impressed by Madame Gres's designs. Her clothes are so beautifully sculptured and elegant!

  10. ginmaru April 12th

    My favorite designer is Clair McCardell. She was amazing in how she used unusual materials to produce American sportswear. I also love her use of denim in a unsuspecting way.

  11. ginmaru April 12th

    Clair McCardell for her distinctive American sportswear designs. Especially her use of unusual materials and closures.

  12. JeanAW April 12th

    Issey Miyake. His clothes are inventive and unique.

  13. HighToss April 12th

    I'm always looking to learn more. Thanks for having so many fun contests!

  14. holliebelle April 12th

    Zuhair Murad
    Absolutely every dress of his makes me go "WOW"

  15. carlina April 12th

    Natalie Chanin's comfortable and inspiring designs.

  16. helenmeck April 12th

    I would love to win this magazine!

  17. Connied April 12th

    It is all the little details that make the great designers creations. I would love to possess the knowledge to create these works of art.

  18. User avater jpadden53 April 12th

    My favorite designer is whoever designed the wonderful pants that Kathryn Hepburn wore. She is such a icon for strong women and her pants were just a manifestation of her spunk. God Bless the designer, whoever they were.

  19. Suki4 April 12th

    I have liked the work of Marc Jacobs for many years. The details are excellent and the colors bright and cheerful.

  20. Klaudia April 12th

    Wow what a great idea for a Magazine theme. I enjoy reading about designers and their ingenuity.

  21. Ayofemi April 12th

    I have been a fan of Stephen Burrows since I was 12. His designs are simple yet elegant and beautiful. I am glad he is designing again.

  22. MadeByMarnie April 12th

    My favorite is Chanel - classic styles that never go out of style.

  23. aussielady April 12th

    I don't pay too much attention to who the designers are, just if I like the style of the clothes. If I had to choose a designer that I have noticed that I liked, it would be Jessica McClintock. I would love to receive this magazine to learn new tips and techniques to make my own sewing to be even more professional looking.

  24. sewgramms April 12th

    Designers? I like them all-even the far out ones. I have a year to make a wedding dress for a grandaughter so I need all the help I can get.

  25. HeavenlyPrincess April 12th

    I don't usually pay attention to "big name" designers, so I don't know if this counts... But I really love April Cornell's designs.

  26. jdetrick April 12th

    Balenciaga is my favorite designer. His styles are timeless with cuts that are quite clever and flattering.

  27. User avater SewVegan April 12th

    I have to say Stella McCartney. Although she's not vegan, I admire her anti-fur and anti-leather stance and her willingness to stand up for the animals!

  28. User avater tusche April 12th

    Love Schiaparelli's millinery. Also. Claire McCARDELL for her integrating bags into clothing, i.e creative pockets.

  29. mllecheree April 12th

    Of the current designers, nobody can hold a candle to Ralph Rucci. And I do hope nobody tries because he's quite hot enough! The quality of the materials and precision of the techniques used to assemble the materials complement Rucci's artistic and architectural designs. I also admire his refusal to kowtow to the red carpet mentality.

  30. Lobolita April 12th

    I would love to have this! I want to include more professional techniques in my sewing.

  31. woodruff April 12th

    Cristobal Balenciaga for his innovative, unusual lines that so flattered a woman's figure, especially around the waistline, and which even looked feminine when his blueprint might be men's ecclesiastical garments.

  32. kea April 12th

    Karen Walker for designing casual and original clothing.

  33. Adventitiously April 12th

    I love Givenchy for classic evening wear! Would also love this magazine!

  34. Runa April 12th

    Chanel because her designs are still considered as classic and modern today as they were when they first came out.

  35. User avater JoaniesJosh April 12th

    I have subscribed to Threads for years, and would love to have a copy of the new designer techniques magazine. I love using new techniques in my sewing to produce more professional looking looking garments.

  36. Octavia April 12th

    I love Chanel because of the classic style that does not change, because you can go to a business meeting, dinner party for casual affair and look stunning. Also Issey Miyake for the fusion of Asia free motion and unique style which is outstanding to the point that your look will not be duplicated.

  37. guen April 12th

    YSL, nothing is quite like YSL, full of grace, style and elegance.

  38. User avater bmgPeke April 12th

    Even though grandma was a pro seamstress, there's still so much she never taught me. And there has to be a ton in here! Threads alone teaches me things she didn't teach me! I would adore to add this to my collection.

  39. lovebunny April 12th

    I like them all.........I have often wondered though why the models all have to be tall and THIN when we all know that the general public is NOT tall or thin. I would love to see some fashions for older women in brighter colours.

    I love making my own clothes and would sincerely love to know some of the designer's tips and tricks as well as some of their secrets.

    Thanks so much for listening.

  40. deb13 April 12th

    I would love to win this issue....I need all the help I can get:)

  41. dreamie April 12th

    Donna Karen, definitely. When I first started sewing many years ago the first time I saw her work I was hooked.
    I also loved Edith Head, which shows how far I go back.

  42. schmatta April 12th

    I'm a big fan of Issey Miyake and am struggling through the patterns he created for Vogue. When they work, they're marvelous. Love his couture creations too.

  43. Sergerqueen April 12th

    Every time I make a garment, I try to challenge myself to learn a new technique. This magazine is the perfect resource for me to experiment with new techniques.

  44. DHotM April 12th

    Vera Wang's creations are inspirational and completely recreatable for the home sewer. Her attention to slenderizing lines and fabrics that accentuate the design has carried her creations through the "age barriers" of fashion. I'm impressed that she continues to reinvent herself to keep her fashions in vogue.

  45. debc625 April 12th

    I have to agree with Olivia - Classic Chanel always!

  46. LindaBlueyez April 12th

    What can one say? THREADS magazine is UNIQUE! The best source not only for sewing techniques, but also for pure inspiration! I not only save all my volumes, but my wonderful sister-in-law sends me hers as well. So any Designer Techniques book the magazine puts together has to be a wonderful resource that I would cherish!

  47. jcappola April 12th

    I have saved many "old" Vogue patterns that are classic from major designers. One of my favorites is Diane Von Fustenberg. Her wrap dress never seems to go out of style and is as popular today as it was many years ago. The Designer special magazine is a great idea! Is this my "lucky month"?

  48. 2sonuamom April 12th

    Remember that Bishop Method of Clothing Construction also shows many embellishment techniques.

  49. dstme April 12th

    My favorite designer is Coco Chanel because her designs were timeless; as stylish and Chic now as when there were created years ago. She also encouraged the use of chains as hand bag handles and as weights in jackets to help them keep there shape.

  50. 4MyFun April 12th

    What a fun idea! I am new to sewing, but am loving all my classes, a mag would be great!

  51. TXSEWER April 12th

    You can never go wrong with classic Chanel. Would love to win the magizine. what a great idea!

  52. babn April 12th

    Love Chanel, always so classic. Never goes out of style.

  53. genevievep2 April 12th

    Would love to win. Always have a "why didn't I think of that before" moment every time I read your magazine. I sew for a living and I always learn something new or remember a technique that helps me in my work in each issue.

  54. User avater Nettie14 April 12th

    I love the classic lines of Chanel! They never go out of style.

  55. curlysuzieq April 12th

    My current favorite design era is that of the 1940s. Those patterns and styles are so classy! So while I have purchased several (well, okay actually more than several) of those beautiful garment patterns, a designer isn't listed. So, if you know one or several from that era, please let me know! I am always wanting to find new ways to improve my sewing whether it is with embellishements, designer techniques, or with beautiful fabric combinations. I would love to win this book!

  56. annybanny01 April 12th

    Love Love Love Vera Wang styles. Cutting edge difference always makes a statement while being classic at same time.

  57. idosew April 12th

    Sewing is so sexy!

  58. MarthaKB April 12th

    Like to incorporate designers' ideas... takes garments to a higher level.

  59. User avater thomy April 12th

    My favorite designer is me...I am not a real designer but have developed such a love for sewing after taking a long break. I have so many ideas and am trying new things since picking up Threads for the first time little over a year ago. It's a great inspiration to me to try techniques and learn things I never new. Recently I had to take my daughter's dress into a tailor for some alterations and enjoyed talking with the tailor about the work that needed to be done. I realized I knew from all the magazine articles etc., what options were available for altering her dress. Really neat. Thanks.

  60. Wendelizine April 12th

    My favorite designer is Carolina Herrera. She creates beautiful pieces in scrupmtous fabrics. The wearer looks like she has achieved her look effortlessly, and is completely comfortable with herself. Knowing that you look good, is a huge confidence lifter and Carolina Herrera's clothing provide this boost.

  61. littleGloria April 12th

    My favourite designer is Karl Lagerfeld - not so much for his actual designs but for the House of Chanel and his work keeping alive the five Ateliers d’Art: Desrues for ornamentation, Lemarié for feathers and camellias, Lesage for embroidery, Massaro for shoemaking, and Michel for millinery. Each December, a prêt-à-porter collection showcasing their know-how is designed by Karl Lagerfeld. Without these wonderful artisans, couture would certainly die.

  62. earlineb April 12th

    I like many designer's but Diane von Furstenberg I have loved forever, her style and colors are brilliant.

  63. cocogone April 12th

    Thanks for doing this issue. My favorite designer is Christian Dior. His clothes update so well and look so timeless. YSL always reminds me of the 1980s and poor Princess Di, but Dior is always chic and elegant.

  64. User avater SansSouci572 April 12th

    A magazine of techniques! I want one!

  65. momadd April 12th

    I really don't have a favorite designer. Just love incorporating all the special creative touches that aren't available in "everyday" clothes.

  66. 789abc April 12th

    What a valuable reference. I'm always looking up techniques in back issues. It would be so much easier to find everything in one issue

  67. MPurnell April 12th

    Looks like a wonderful and informative issue. Of course, all issues of Threads are a wonderful resource. Love the new issue, though!

  68. gda April 12th

    Thank you for all your hard work in putting this issue together. We may not all get to be famous fashion designers, but this is the next best thing. We have the opportunity to peek over their shoulders and incorporate their techniques in our work, how cool is that! Just can't wait to have it in my hands!

  69. User avater 416 April 12th

    My favorite designer is Marcy Tilton. She designs high-fashion garments that are eloquent and perfect for my lifestyle. She inspires me to make one of a kind garments and handbags. Her Parisian looks are transferred into wearable art designs. I would like to travel to Paris someday and visit all of the places she writes about in her blog. She continues to pass her creative techniques on to others in her workshops.

  70. tamcat April 12th

    I love Lois Erickson patterns, she designs with an edge and still fashionable for the (Normal/Average) figure type. She gives you so many ideas for creating your own special look, and I think this book would be such a wonderful addition,to help my sewing skills and creative mind soar.

  71. whoneedlesthis April 12th

    I have always loved Oscar de la Renta, his styles are so feminine, and even though I don't often wear dress up clothes, his are just so classic.
    I would love to have the updated version of Designer Techniques in my library of sewing books.

  72. User avater eeamende April 12th

    I am super excited about this publication and even if I don't win the giveaway I will have to pick it up. I absolutely love Elsa Schiaparelli, so I'm excited she is featured. Current fave designers include Alexander McQueen (may he rest in peace) and Betsey Johnson.

  73. beverlyj71 April 12th

    My favorite designer is Claire McCardell because she designed clothing for the average person and her designs are absolutely timeless. Her designs were really revolutionary for her time. I sure wish I could afford to buy some of her things. I think she was a really fabulous designer

  74. Kildaren96 April 12th

    I find myself drawn to vintage Dior and Yves St Laurent Vogue patterns. The designs are chic and never go out of style. Lately I've bought some Chado patterns. His look is more severe than I usually like, but they intrigue me. I haven't sewn any of his patterns yet though so we'll see if his designs are as figure friendly to me as Dior and Yves St Laurent!

  75. JeanneNS April 12th

    Chanel, my favorite classic! Those designs have stood the test of time.

  76. lvstosew April 12th

    My Favorite designer may not be a well know one just yet but i feel he will be my favorite is Santino Rice i love his designs and i feel he puts his heart and soul into it and makes such wonderful things for the american women to wear i feel he will become a great designer someday soon

  77. Lhen April 12th

    I love YSL and Oscar de la Renta. The clothes are gorgeous and classic. I don't have the budget, figure or lifestyle to wear them, but a girl loves to dream!

  78. Jeannieb April 12th

    I love the 40's, sewn lots of 3 piece suits from that time.
    old movies, Edith Head was the best designer, loved to watch
    her clothes. I've been sewing since I around 8 or 9 yrs old.
    I'd love to have more tricks of the trade. Never to old to learn more. Never can learn it all. There is always someone new to learn something new from. There is always a need to be reminded of something something too.

  79. User avater elizabeth001au April 12th

    Chanel...I am planning a classic "Chanel style" jacket. Love to explore and try out new techniques.

  80. Jeannieb April 12th

    I love the 40's, sewn lots of 3 piece suits from that time.
    old movies, Edith Head was the best designer, loved to watch
    her clothes. I've been sewing since I around 8 or 9 yrs old.
    I'd love to have more tricks of the trade. Never to old to learn more. Never can learn it all. There is always someone new to learn something new from. There is always a need to be reminded of something something too.

  81. moushka April 12th

    I adored Issey Miyake when he was still designing the collections. Such inventive styles, timeless but contemporary. I've kept all of my old IM patterns and don't ever plan to part with them.

  82. cands2010 April 12th

    my favorite designer is Suede!!! I love his ideas, his patterns, and just his way of thinking. I'm making a few of his patterns right now, I love the fact that not only can I make them for myself but for my neices and my sons' girlfriends. I love the fact that he thinks outside the box!! All I can say is he rocks!!

  83. period_draper April 13th

    What a great idea! I've loved Elsa Schiaparelli since I was in college -- her visual wit has yet to be matched.

  84. Bazarle April 13th


    I'm thrilled about the collector's edition of threads. I still have to learn a lot and hope to do it with this magazine!!

  85. maharani April 13th

    I used to sew until age 15. Now I am retired & I have a Sears 100 stitch machine, I want to get back to sewing & learn alll the new techniques. I had a hand rotating sew machine in India back then!

  86. RKentspeth April 13th

    There are so many wonderful designers that it's hard to pick just one!

    If I were forced to pick only one, I would say Christian Dior. His designs were lovely, feminine and graceful. They were also joyful! After the austerity of the war, the Dior style was a liberation for the feminine woman.

  87. IO64 April 13th

    I still have so much to learn and I love using desiger techniques, so I would love to win this magazine.

  88. VickiHalliday April 13th

    I love Threads, I'm so glad you have this website. I have a few old back issues of the magazine that I was given when I did a City and Guilds Course in Fashion Sewing about 10 years ago, and I still love pouring over them. Keep it up, Threads!

  89. kargi April 13th

    i am a german girl and i love giorgio armani .i admire his elegant,graceful cutted dresses.
    he belongs to the greatest ones of the haute couture.

  90. svc April 13th

    I love Givenchy and his designs for Audrey Hepburn.

  91. User avater LLaMona April 13th

    There are several designers that I like, but my all time favorite is CHANEL. I think her designs were classic and elegant.

  92. fashionistadc April 13th

    The best teacher in design is looking handling the real thing. I found a Chanel blouse at a thrift shop for $5 and have poured over it to make a copy! What a find.

  93. pattyv April 13th

    I'm looking forward to reading this publication. I love learning from the pros. Thank You Threads Magazine.

  94. ckartist April 13th

    My all time favourite designer of clothing I love to make and wear is Issey Miyake. I think I have every one of the patterns he's done for Vogue. I have recently been thrilled to see a new name or two who have obviously been influenced by his work and I buy them too. I love the way he cuts fabric and the puzzle-like assembly of the pieces. A couple of things I can't adjust to my size, I've made for my daughter! I've followed his work since the seventies (?!) when he popularized ultra suede!

  95. monarchlover April 13th

    I love Chanel. Her work is so timeless and for us ladies of a "certain age" that becomes more and more important.

  96. User avater squigglytwigs April 13th

    Wow...I don't know who is my favorite. There are many design elements represented by many designers that catch my eye. I can't say I have a favorite...maybe design in general.

  97. parrot April 13th

    My favourite designers would have to be Chanel and Jean Muir.
    I love the way Chanel took womens clothes onto a new 'easy, sophisticated' level and Jean Muir for her wonderful jersey dresses.Clothes from both these designers wouldn't look out of place today.

  98. tkdla April 13th

    I can't pick just one! The quality and variety of techniques is fascinating.

  99. vivienz April 13th

    I love the style and understatement of Armani, particularly his 'soft tailoring' look; this has inspired me to learn many more skills over the last 18 months and move from 'just' dressmaking to tailoring, too. As with so many experts in their field, his garments look effortlessly elegant, but we know just how much work has gone on underneath to produce these fabulous results.

  100. User avater sewold April 13th

    I like the early Edith Head designs - not that I could wear them! Just examining good clothes always is good for learning. I'm sure this would be a good resource.

  101. User avater mirela April 13th

    Oscar de la Renta, for all the red carpet elegance.

  102. watgirl April 13th

    Tom Ford is awesome.

  103. crookedlegs April 13th

    Thanks, for putting this all together! Just one reference really helps instead of having to pull out all of the pages I have saved.

  104. Felice1953 April 13th

    Chanel - hands down! Timeless, elegant and always appropriate.

  105. Neosha April 13th

    Chanel, yes! I remeber reading that she said all clothes depend on the shoulders. She had special ways of reinforcing shoulders. I even reinforce shoulders on the many aprons that I make!

  106. kover1 April 13th

    I love most designers for one reason or another but the one that stands out the most for me is Betsey Johnson because she is constantly thinking outside the box. Even if I can't really wear her clothes much anymore I absolutely love them!! Back when I was younger and thinner I would have lived in her clothes!!

  107. vic2025 April 13th

    Georgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta... I know that's more than one, but I love them all. I just love their beautiful, clean designs. They're just classic and elegant and beautiful.

  108. Busybeezy April 13th

    love Mondo Guerra from 'Project Runway'........WOW factor!....

  109. kimdesigns April 13th

    I love the couture techniques used by Susan Kalje. It is awfully hard to choose one though. I also love the pro looks from Louise Cutting and the techniques from Kenneth King. I think gathering them all in one magazine is an excellent idea.

  110. marymary April 13th

    This is like "Sophie's Choice". I don't know how to pick one. Madeleine Vionnet was a creative genius in the use of bias. When I read the question, she immediately came to mind.

  111. nonnadesign April 13th

    Valentina gets my top vote for her creative fashion design. She brought American Couture to front and center stage with her beautifully seamless and elegant designs that fell perfectly, and gave her models the look of floating rather than walking across the floor - very classy!

  112. UnaHagen April 13th

    Donna Karan is my favorite designer. Her styles are timeless, elegant, and oh, so classy. To own a Karan coat would be the ultimate fashion treat.

  113. User avater eMMb April 13th

    My favorite contemporary designer is Carolina Herrera..classy, simple yet stunning details. Historically I have many favorites including Dior, Givency, YSL, and Bill Blass.

  114. KimsIdleHands April 13th

    I wouldn't mind winning this. I could use the help. I have recently been asked by a local junior high school to help with costumes, PLUS I have a brand new grandbaby I want to create for.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE - Threads.

  115. RiaAndTiggy April 13th

    It would have to be Christian Dior. The designs in the 40s and 50s were so beautiful, feminine and impeccable. I would have loved to have worn those amazing gowns.

  116. sakina April 13th

    I would LOVE to add this to my library!

    Thank you for putting this together!


  117. sewrad April 13th

    Back in the 80's Calvin Klein was my favorite. I liked the clean sleek lines of his designs.

    There are so many new talented designers emerging today!
    Right now I am sewing Kay Unger V1183 in peacock double knit and Donna karan V1220 in emerald stretch cotton sateen. I know pink and lilac are the in colors right now, but I have got a thing for green and am working very hard to burn through my fabric stash.

  118. krazyk56 April 13th

    I have several but I guess all time favorite is chanel for its timelss,elegant,clean sophisticated look that to me never goes out of style always classic then edith head and dona Karan. I am and always have been attracted to vintage designers 1930-1950 era thanks for the opportunity

  119. ShellieT April 13th

    It is the designer techniques that make fashions have that special look. I look forward to reading the magazine for those tricks.

  120. Gwilt April 13th

    I have seen a copy of my friend's magazine and it is fantastic. The article about the designer Channel is brillant and she was a fantastic designer, I was attending a workshop run by Gill Arnold on the construction of a Channel Jacket.This was really informative and delightful to read.

  121. Shelly50 April 13th

    I can't wait to see this magazine. I just LOVE sewing and being creative. Very excited to learn new techniques to improve my skills. Who knows - maybe, if there's a Project Runway Season 10 I'll apply - don't have enough of a portfolio to try it this year.

  122. ajohn075 April 13th

    I saw the cover and my immediate response was "Ooooooo". I would LOVE to have this resource in my sewing library!

  123. Shelly50 April 13th

    Oops - forgot to mention favorite designer. Christian Dior - the original. Chanel - I love the jacket!!! Vionnete's drapey gowns - GORGEOUS!!! Although I enjoy contemporary designs, my favorites are 1950s and earlier.

  124. TRACIEJB April 13th

    What a fabulous idea! To have all of the designer techniques in one handy journal.... gotta have it!!!!

  125. Stitchintheditch April 13th

    My favorite designer is Trudy Gideon of Hot Patterns. She does both the designing *and* the pattern making. Now that's real talent. Her clothes are fashionable, stylish, and extremely wearable. Plus she's prolific - she comes up with new designs and patterns all the time.

    She and her husband Jeremy are a terrific business presence and an inspiration in the fashion industry.

    - Susan Spencer Conklin

  126. 55yearsewing April 13th

    I love to challenge myself to do something new and different with each garment I make. Designer techniques from Threads provide my best inspiration.

  127. sungpak1 April 13th

    I just subscribed to Threads. I am not in the process of getting back issue. I would love to have this in my collection.

  128. forbarb April 13th

    I am always looking for the "how do they do that".
    This would be a perfect addition to my sewing information.
    Thanks for the information, Barb

  129. rubicat April 13th

    I need all the help & hints available to me! I'm a self-taught sewist and I'm sure I have a ton of bad habits and I know there's an encyclopedia's worth of things I don't have any idea how to do. I can't possibly choose one favorite designer - there are so many talented people in the world and I enjoy them all.

  130. dianeintrunch April 13th

    It has got to be Madeleine Vionnet. Because of her we see a completely new dimension of fabric – not just a flat rectangle but something that can be draped around the body to give wonderful fluid designs. Modern designers John Galliano pushed her boundaries even further. Modern fabrics have encouraged the likes of Issey Miyake to dress the female form even more sensuously but in my eyes it was Vionnet who opened the door for the others to walk through!
    Being a mere moral, I would love this Designers Techniques, Collectors’ Edition in the hope it will inspire me to follow my instincts more and the bought pattern less!

  131. User avater MessyVirgo April 13th

    I love Threads for its basic features plus exquisite designer details. This would be a wonderful addition to my library.

  132. SuzyQCanuck April 13th

    Chanel: for her simple elegance

  133. User avater azbarbara April 13th

    Balenciaga. I love the clean lines, classical architecture and graceful structure of a Balenciaga garment.

  134. User avater azbarbara April 13th

    Balenciaga. I love the clean lines, classic architecture and beautiful sculpture of the garments.

  135. KathleenSews April 13th

    Madeleine Vionnet. I am in awe of her wonderful bias cut dresses. I'm not alone in my admiration, I am in the company of fashion afficionados for the last century. Madam Vionnet opened her fashion house in 1912. Her garments are timeless and many still look like they are on the cutting edge of fashion and can be worn today, to much acclaim.

  136. NadineW April 13th

    If I have to choose only one designer, it would have to be Valentino. His work is always so tasteful and elegant. I admire his ability to use fabric to the best of it's ability. I just don't quite get how the hand of a fabric will translate into a garment or a specific garment design. I love his work.

  137. Maggie77 April 13th

    I love the clean, simple design lines of Chanel which compliments not only the women but also the beautiful fabric used.

  138. julada April 13th

    My two favorite designers are my two daughters, Taylor 18 and Sarah 13. They have been sketching clothes they would like me to make for them for a few years. I love sewing and creating their designs, it fills my heart to make their creations a reality.

  139. julada April 13th

  140. sandystash April 13th

    Favorite designers are Paul Poiret, Edith Head & Valentina; they all 3 forged their own path, and the rest of the world eventually followed.
    Designer patterns and techniques take us out of the 'make it tonite, wear it tomorrow' mentality; and force us to upgrade our skills.

  141. liannemo April 14th

    Favorite designers? Agony to leave anyone out, but I boost the women: Miuccia Prada, Phoebe Philo, Isabel Toledo, and Clare McCardell!

  142. Newt2011 April 14th

    I would have to say Diane von Furstenberg because she uses color, and prints and nice flowing clothes that are very wearable... I also love Seth Arron from project runway last season! I look forward to seeing more from him and Mondo from this past season (he should have won!) It is very hard to pick one designer as we are lucky to have so many greats that provide drama, inspiration and the love of fashion..

  143. Elaray April 14th

    I like Elsa Schiaperelli. Her designs are often FUN!

  144. kundert April 14th

    I love the clean modern lines of Calvin Klein, but my favorite is Ralph Lauren. Lauren's work is all romance. He likes to mix textures, and juxtaposes masculine and feminine atributes into one look.

  145. dmc000 April 14th

    there are a lot of great designers out there, but I am a big fan of the late Claire McCardell!

  146. SewCountryLady April 14th

    So much to learn from so many great designers. Great idea for a special edition magazine.

  147. Vintage_Soul April 14th

    Roberto Cavalli is my favorite designer because I am fans of animal prints and his colorful patterns

  148. User avater Stitchinfits April 14th

    I like a lot of the designers, especially the masters that have been around for a while. My faves have to be Oscar de la Renta and Ralph Lauren... Both have designs that just make me feel so very feminine!

  149. Horse4Hmom April 14th

    My favorite designer is the later Perry Ellis . . . he was a fresh breath of air when it came to re-interpreting "the classics" in new and fun fabrics. What is even more sad is that he died of a disease that was persecuted and ridiculed. And now it is controllable and curable . . . what an incredible loss when just a few years later he most likely would have survived and lived to create a bigger impact on your fashion industry.

  150. suemari April 14th

    I like Claude Montana. I love his clean and interesting lines and I love that I can buy his patterns. Tres chic.

  151. tatter300 April 14th

    The dress on the cover is absolutely gorgeous and I love to incorporate new tailoring or couture techniques into my sewing. My grandchildren love the things I make for them, and I would enjoy using new techniques in what I sew.

  152. User avater annenet April 14th

    I'm a big fan of Tom and Linda Platt - just cutting edge enough and still wearable.

  153. User avater kvenkat April 14th

    I don't have a favorite designer per se but there are techniques or perspectives that I admire of many. Each designer takes a unique approach to clothing and I love the creative variety!

  154. User avater racu April 14th

    I like Carolina Herrena, her clean lines are so flattering!

  155. User avater racu April 14th

    I like Carolina Herrena, her clean lines are so flattering!

  156. User avater 2tango April 14th

    What a great idea for an issue of Threads. A few of my favorites are Isabelle Toledo , Jeff Koons, Vionnet, Chanel, Kenneth King just to name a few. All so inspiring.

  157. Barbyj April 14th

    I love a lot of different designers...but I would say Chanel, because of what she represents, as a symbol for women's emancipation, as a role model in her own life and determination, and because of her precision, of the way she would do and redo her own work and of the famous phrase that a real seamstress/sewer you would know by how the details of the finishing were on the parts of the dresses that are invisible to the eye...then Pierre Cardin for the grafic clean fresh lines...Sarli for the feminine elegance...but I could go on and on...I am an eager Threads affectionate still in the begginning!!

  158. loreal April 14th

    Don't know if I have a favorite. Probably Channel or anyone that creates a timeless and classic fashion.

  159. grnmtgirl April 14th

    I'm inspired by Coco Chanel's timeless designs and the bias masterpieces of Madeline Vionnet. I've subscribed to Threads for over 20 years and look forward to this special issue, win or not :) Thank you so much for a lifetime of learning and inspiration!

  160. fpenchant April 14th

    Jean-Paul Gaultier is a brilliant designer. He comes up with unusual silhouettes that reform the body in unexpected ways. Many of his clothes have an architectural, constructed quality that exaggerate the buttressing in women's clothes. Others are fluid, understated, feminine, sophisticated, sexy. His designs are outrageous and glamorous and use gorgeous materials, details, and tailoring. I also like that he has a consistent and original design "voice"--he explores certain themes that are dear to his heart again and again (such as corsetry, fetishwear, equestrian clothes, and menswear) but constantly presents them in a fresh way. As you can tell, I'm a big fan!

  161. jennieMB April 14th

    Dior would be my favorite, i love the gowns especially the vintage

  162. eurekamarijka April 14th

    Vivenne Westwood! The shapes, the textures, the color, the in-you-face rock and roll -- the genius of it all!

  163. eurekamarijka April 14th

    Oops - new keyboard, missed some letters! :-P

  164. User avater patsijean April 14th

    I love the designs of Tom and Linda Platt. Belleville Sassoon is another. Both of these designed patterns for Vogue Patterns, my primary look into fashion for many years as I did not subscribe to fashion magazines. Chanel has to be the all time classic. When I was very young, and too young to wear the designs, Balenciaga designs were much admired.

  165. Zippylady April 14th

    It is hard to pick just one favorite so I would say Chanel for her timeless style, Diane Von Furstenberg for her prints and wearability and Laura Bennett for her glamour.

    Thanks for this magazine!

  166. Helenm61 April 14th

    I agree with Stitcher 75, I love Jessica McClintock and
    Kenneth King - would love to have a dress designed by King.

  167. nicoleauroux April 14th

    Lee McQueen for his beautiful fabrics and visionary designs.

  168. WhiteRadish April 14th

    I buy 1970s Vogue Designer patterns on eBay. My overall favorite designer is probably Nina Ricci for line and structure, but the construction techniques and details used by Dior are often very interesting. For unstructured dresses, I like Belinda Belleville.

  169. soandsew April 14th

    I admire Coco Chanel. She believed in herself, had her goals and her designs are timeless.

  170. samty April 14th

    Yohji Yamamoto because of the amazing details and drape of the clothes he designs.

  171. betsyb2 April 14th

    Not sure i have a favorite designer - too many to choose from! But what an exciting issue. I can't wait to read it!

  172. flowersntea April 14th

    not sure on fav yet but would love to explore them all, this would get a great sourse of information

  173. AmyGail April 14th

    Natalie Chanin is my current favorite designer; she is just what we need for today. Her line of exquisitely embellished, locally hand-sewn clothing sets a new standard as it takes us back to a friendlier, less materialistic time. She also joins other designers who freely give the public a means to recreate a version of their designs for those whose budget prohibits their purchase. While I will always love the old designers like Chanel and Valentino, I can actually make and wear and be comfortable every day in a design from Alabama Chanin.

  174. AmyGail April 14th

    I forgot to add, April 25th is my birthday. (hint, hint)

  175. picknstitch April 14th

    Eileen Fisher. She edits designs down to their beautiful essence so they're elegant and simple at the same time.

  176. ThereseDK April 14th

    Issey Miyake is my favorite designer. I love his breadth -- outlandish that are pieces of art to timeless that only get better with time.

  177. User avater Knitnut April 14th

    I would LOVE to have this book! Just the cover has me drooling! Pick me! Pick me! PS - I love Chanel, but heck, I love them all actually!

  178. User avater TessaBear April 14th

    Vera Wang! Just love her lines.

  179. ninabernina April 14th

    Claire McCardell, I love the details and full skirts. A beautiful time in American Design!

  180. User avater Jen_NYC April 14th

    I think anyone who sews must be intrigued by Comme de Garçons (Rei Kawakubo)! I was fascinated the first time that I saw her clothes and the incorporation of "interior" details on the outside of garments. Rei Kawakubo's designs are more than just clothes, they express a kind of aesthetic about structure. It has inspired me, even with my own ordinary projects, to be conscious about the structure, including the interior details.

  181. ddesigns April 14th

    There are so many great designers.I love Coco Chanel. Her designs are timeless, her style classic. She is truly an inspiration to me.

  182. nistawoman April 14th

    i love coco chanel because the clean lines of her style look good on me

  183. pelicanmom April 14th


  184. flossie April 15th

    My favourite designers are Chanel and Louis Vuitton. I think both achieve simple elegance through clever technique.

  185. Nat1964 April 15th

    Madeline Vionnet because she described herself as a dressmaker, a technician of the bias, one of us, always striving to perfect her sewing techniques.

  186. User avater missb_2000_2001 April 15th

    My favorite is Byron Lars. His lines are sophisticated, edgy and urban.

  187. sewwot April 15th

    I love Stella McCartney
    She represents a sense of style and simplicity that the younger generation can relate to all with a social conscience that is so necessary today.

  188. Joen_Green April 15th

    The late Alexander McQueen - his detailing never failed to take my breath away. He will be missed in the fashion world. Another favorite is Chanel always classic and attention to fine detailing truly inspiring.

  189. User avater celticangel April 15th

    To win this magazine showing the famous designers techniques would be so unbelieveable to me. It would help my sewing in such a way that you wouldn't believe. This would be so outstanding to have this magazine.

  190. danalorz April 15th

    My favorite designer is myself. I can make exactly what I want in the size I need it and don't have to pay an arm and a leg for it!

    I do believe the key to good design is good execution, which can only come from good sewing skills.

  191. kehrhahn April 15th

    I like Oscar de la Renta for his classic, elegant style.

  192. User avater purduemom April 15th

    So many designers with so much to offer...I find it difficult to select a favorite. I am drawn to the interesting lines in Chado Ralph Rucci's garments. But what is not to love about vintage Chanel or the truly feminine designs of Madeleine Vionnet?

  193. Debachboyson April 15th

    As an 80 year old seamstress, I have had many favorites through the years; however, Coco Chanel has to be my all time favorite. I would love to have this "fashion bible" to share with my granddaughters.

  194. SewCindy April 16th

    My favorite designer is Balenciaga. He was an innovator and I love the Spanish influence in the clothing he designed.

  195. beth5646 April 16th

    My favorite designer is Issey Miyake. I absolutely love his unique and wearable designs. Every time I sew one of his patterns I am just amazed at his ability to make such unusual pattern pieces come together to make a beautiful garment. I just love it!!!

  196. jjdance01 April 16th

    I love Betsy Johnson! She is so fun and vibrant and out there!!!!

  197. PinnyLane April 16th

    My favorite designer is Coco Chanel. Although Paul Poiret is credited with freeing women from the corset, I think Chanel is the one who actually did. Poiret designed clothing that did not require a corset, but no one bought it. Coco Chanel made perfect modern garments. An 85 year old Chanel piece is still as fashionable now as it was in 1925, if not more so. A lot of great things came out of the 20th century - cars, airplanes, and Chanel suits.

  198. Rabia April 16th

    I have to say, I love YSL(especially his "Russian" period, Christian Dior, Chanel, Vionnet, Valentina, Madame gres...who can pick just one? Modern-day commercial designers, not so much; they mostly look like they have run out of ideas! I get my BEST ideas from THREADS, where the designs are driven by LOVE OF DESIGN and SEWING, and not the desire to grub as much money as possible by fobbing garbagy, UGLY clothes off on the public and calling it "fashion". Maybe Koos van den Akker comes closest to coming up with something unique AND well-made, to boot!

  199. meorens April 17th

    I hope the piece you ran on Andra Gabrielle is included. Fabulous designer; excellent piece.

  200. TheContessa April 18th

    As a student of fashion design and fashion history, I think Elsa Schiaparelli was one of the most innovative and insightful designers of her day. Her concepts were creative and she thought "out side" of the box. She was ahead of her time and her designs, fashions and concepts made her an icon of design. Her talents lend themselves to timeless inspirations.

  201. DeirdreNF April 18th

    Ralph Lauren - classic, simple, elegant

  202. nystyle April 18th

    I purchased my first dress designed by Teri Jon in 1988 after the birth of my third child. Fabulous design, great color combinations - my husband adored it. It will be my burial outfit.

  203. flygirl April 18th

    I have always liked Chanel. There has never been a more popular design than the Chanel Jacket. There are many other good designers and I appreciate their work, but Chanel is my favorite.

  204. User avater iatoak April 18th

    There are so msny designers how can one be chosen? This magazine would be wonderful to receive.

  205. shaniqua April 19th

    Not sure I have just one favorite, but I'm a big fan of DarylK because her clothes are cool and a little scruffy - easy to wear downtown.

  206. JoyGarratt April 19th

    My fave designer is Kay Unger. I find the patterns created have been classic, yet stylish for our time. She often has unusually flattering necklines and the rouching at the waist is so attractive.

  207. bchistorian April 19th

    Isseye Miyake is the designer I would most like to understand. I've made a dozen of his Vogue patterns over the years and they don't go out of style.

  208. User avater decoDiva April 19th

    Yes.. there are too many to mention but I would have to say
    Madeline Vionnet;classic, innovative. Ralph Rucci/Chado; again the innovation issue then kudos to ALABAMA Chanin..for their wonderful green sense of sewing, cooking and community. A business and designer that incorporates a neighborhood to everyones benefit and the clothes are extraordinary!

  209. Patriciasew April 19th

    My favorite designer is Valentino, his design elements and attention to detail is worth noting and striving for in my everyday garment sewing. As I sew I ask myself, 'Is this up to Valentino standard?'.

  210. User avater Jeannieart April 19th

    I love the techniques shown and used. I don't have a favorite designer that I am aware of. I do like crisp feminine styles.

  211. eewells April 19th

    issey miyake – innovative not only with his designs, but also the way they are put together. Other designers have finally taken notice, too.

  212. idosew April 19th

    Oh if only I could design!

  213. Kymmie924 April 19th

    My favorite designer is Betsy Johnson, her designs are fun and flirty plus she plays around with lots of different colors and patterns. Betsy isn't afraid to be different, I like that about her.

  214. withsprinkles April 20th

    Me. I know what looks good on my body and what fabrics to put on it.

  215. LizardHN April 20th

    Chanel is my all time favorite designer. I've read her biography, and fashion would not be what it is without her determination. We all know the classic Chanel jacket and the LBD! All Chanel! It would be an honor to have this magazine to not only learn her amazing techniques, but techniques of other famous designers.

  216. SewistStLouis April 21st

    Designer techniques is just the thing to enhance your sewing skills.

  217. RoseOK April 22nd

    I like Issey Miyake because his clothes are for real people.

  218. LDL April 22nd

    Clothing and costume design is a wonderland of visual and textural treats. Any field of endeavor which can simultaneously embrace the works of Chanel and Schiaparelli has to be filled with fun loving, wild-and-wacky, and creative people.

  219. lindak April 23rd

    Coco Chanel without a doubt.

  220. tricone April 23rd

    I like Chanel, for designing the classic Jacket, it has stood the test of time and is a must for every wardrobe. She considered functionality with practicality. The Jacket is also easy to replicate, as a basic pattern and is a good pattern to add add your own design on ie couture techniques etc.

  221. chasingdream27 May 3rd

    I cannot wait to begin my journey to designing my own clothes, I am checking out a couple magazines to subscribe to and I get the feeling that this one is highly recommended, what others would anyone suggest?

  222. User avater nightmoon May 13th

    Oh man, I read a post on a sewing forum about this issue and i looked high and low for it in the store to buy it and it was no where to be found in Jo Anne Fabrics. Sure wish I had a copy, or knew where to buy one.

    It would be a fabulous aid to my next gown... Vintage Vogue 8729. Take a look and you'll see!

  223. User avater nightmoon May 13th

    Oh man, I read a post on a sewing forum about this issue and i looked high and low for it in the store to buy it and it was no where to be found in Jo Anne Fabrics. Sure wish I had a copy, or knew where to buy one.

    One of my favorite designers is Edith Head. Love,Love, Love the 50's hollywood glamour look and feel of her designs.

    The new Designer Techniques publication would be a fabulous aid to my next gown... Vintage Vogue 8729. Take a look and you'll see!
    Posted: 9:45 pm on May 13th

  224. beth5646 May 23rd

    My favorite designer is Chanel--her designs are timeless. And I love the perfection. Just love it.

  225. bryzka June 22nd

    I don't have a favorite designer because all of famous designers are great but I've been looking for such an issue for a looooong time. My friend got it and when I saw it ask her for to read it since than I'm looking for it in stores and it is not available. If you tell me where to buy it I wouldn't hope to win it)))

  226. User avater scrandall January 13th

    I just got a Viking Diamond for Christmas and it has opened a whole new world to me in designing. This magazine looks like the perfect source for inspiration. Would love to win it!

  227. Suellen_Wilder January 18th

    I think this magazine could help me out with alot of info and ideas as I do sew but I want to start to design and make my own clothes. I want clothes to fit my personality and style and not be like everybody else. I want my clothes to be unique.. :)

  228. User avater eviej February 17th

    What a great prize to win! I'd love to know the ins and outs of a designer's thought and design processes! Hope I win this book! Thank you!

  229. user-734452 March 15th

    I LOVE Issey Miyake and Koos. Their designs are so wearable and look good on me! This magazine might take me to the next level which is where I am headed.

  230. Klaudia March 21st

    Would love to win this magazine! I want to design my own style.

  231. User avater JoaniesJosh March 5th

    I would love too win this book because of my love of sewing. I know I would get great ideas for my new projects this year.

  232. user-3719227 August 13th

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