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Project Runway 9: “The Art of the Matter”

Anthony Ryan redeems himself after facing elimination last week.

This week, the designers were challenged to work with art students to create the inspiration for avant-garde garments. Seeing the designers working with the kids was a nice contrast to the dramatic partnerships from earlier episodes. These art students could teach this bunch of contestants a few things.

After creating a painting with their student, the designers are given time to sketch a garment using their art as the inspiration for an over-the-top garment.

Olivier worries at the last moment about his dress staying up, and attempts to glue his garment to his model. This is clearly against the rules, and thanks to a quick save by Tim, Olivier is not eliminated this time. In the end, it is Josh C. who is heading home again after his short return to the runway. Anthony Ryan is the winner this week after a close call last week. 


Anthony Ryan: (winner)





Bert: (bottom 3)





Josh C: (out, again)



Josh M: (top 3)


Laura: (top 3)



Olivier: (bottom 3)





Season 9 Designers: (*eliminated)
Amanda Perna

Anthony Ryan Auld 
Anya Ayoung-Chee 
Becky Ross 
Bert Keeter 
Bryce Black 
Cecilia Motwani
Danielle Everine
David Chum
Fallene Wells
Gunnar Deatherage
Joshua Christensen
Joshua McKinley 
Julie Tierney
Kimberly Goldson
Laura Kathleen
Olivier Green 
Rafael Cox
Serena da Conceicao
Viktor Luna


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  1. User avater
    Stitchy | | #1

    Project Glue Gun. This season is really bad. Used to be my favorite show. I am hoping the challenges will get better or the designers will make something inspiring.

  2. sews4fun | | #2

    poor bert, no wonder he never made pants, he is really bad at making pants, I don't care for Kors and his snide remarks but he was a dead ringer on the tele-tubby remarks. I don't see bert in the top three any longer, he's a one trick pony.
    Me, I don't know much about art, I would have sworn Josh M's tree thinggy was a volcano, compliments of granny's old poodle skirt and a few leaves he got out of the back yard last fall.
    As far as Art, Laura's gown looked a whole lot like an ear of corn to me with butter melting down it, while it didn't impress me, I did get a bit hungry. Laura's stuff looks the same to me.
    Then, we have the winning curtains with black and yellow drippy things glued to them, who knew? Guess I wont throw out those old sheers after all!
    About the only one I saw who truly depicted avant garde was Kimberly's ensemble. Kimberly nails those challenges every single time and IMHO, she is about the only one who designs for real people. Even the office to evening outfit was realistic if not inspired. Very few of those pieces were avant garde to me, is there a word that is the opposite of avant garde? That would be the word to use in this case. I am beginning to think Kimberly might be starting to know how Mondo felt last season. I'm so glad to see that Josh M is now patting himself on the back for Becky's efforts as well, that guy is so full of himself I swear he's gonna explode any minute now!

  3. User avater
    thomy | | #3

    Anthony Ryans was the most inspired, creative, yet wearable. Berts was sad, but the worst was Joshs. Olivers was a poor effort and looked truly like half the dress was unfinished but would have been a wearable but dull garment had it been more balanced and complete. I liked Viktors as it was interesting, creative, constructed with skill and the colors were pleasing and cohesive and also a wearable garment. I am not overly impressed with the desingers overall yet. Think by now the cream would have risen to the top but have yet to see it.

  4. User avater
    kayle9 | | #4

    I'm of the opinion that the judges got it all wrong. The one who should be out is Oliver, and the winner should have been Becky.

    Anthony Ryan's dress was all concept and very little in the way of stitching. I can't get over how in one episode someone would be thrown out over the finishing details like hemming, yet AR gets a pass on the ragged hem of the dress. He may be color blind, but the judges seem to be biased in their own blindness.

    #Stitchy has it right, this has become "Project Glue Gun". It would be nice if the producers -- or whoever thinks up the challenges -- would require at least one challenge be completed without gluing.

  5. User avater
    Kukana | | #5

    I really enjoyed this challenge and thought there were at least some fun outfits and a few of them showed that they actually could do something. I thought the 2 that were really avant garde were Kimberly and Anya, the rest, not so much. I thought raving over a painted neoprene circle skirt was pretty wimpy of the judges....Of the top 3, Laura's was the best. Anthony Ryan's rag was just a bunch of pieces of sliced up georgette, and they were literally coming apart....he didn't finish anything! Why is it OK for one and not another. I remember (I think it was Kevin) getting eliminated for not hemming a red prom dress, and you could barely tell, this thing was ragged, and just as unfinished as Oliver's! I just wish they would hold the same standard up to everyone - that would truly make it fair. And let me just add that I split a gut when Kors made the Tele-Tubby comment! I mean really Bert, who would want to run around in those pants, with puff-balls stuck on them????

  6. User avater
    Soli | | #6

    I want my 90 minutes back.

    This season's a joke. Laura's dress looked like Daffodil Barbie; Josh M, are you kidding me? Top three? A circle skirt and an exaggerated 80's blouse? You knew Josh C was going to be out again pretty soon, because he had no idea what he was doing.

    To think that my friend has been turned down three times because they say her collections are too "costumey." Yet all on her own, she's showing at NY Fashion Week this year. Her clothes are a hundred times better than anything I've seen this season.

  7. PatsyS | | #7

    I'm hoping that one year, the producers will give the designers more time to create. I understand putting them under pressure to test their design skills. But, COME ON!! Give them 2-3 full days to complete a decent garment. You want them to be creative - give them the time! This one day nonsense is just that - nonsense.
    And Threads - why is Kimberly showing as eliminated??? Did I miss something completely?

  8. CherieNightOwl | | #8

    I at least appreciated this episode more than previous episodes this season. The avant garde challenge showed a more realistic assessment of the contestant's design and construction skills. I thought Becky's was almost there.... a bright lining would have been perfect. I enjoy watching Tim Gunn's Workroom videos on the PR website. He is a true fashion/sewing master and I enjoy watching his more detailed critiques.

  9. User avater
    lauriepie | | #9

    Agreed! (all above)

    So far, the only candidate making wearable clothing are Kim and Anya. (I wish Anya had been more forthcoming about the help she received on the jumpsuit she designed for Nina). Still, it was chic and she recovered nicely by dying the mustard fabric and accessorizing it with that belt. I liked this week's feather-trimmed dress too.

    Bert (minus those ridiculous pants and the crabby attitude) designs and sews beautifully, however, his aesthetic is very dated. I thought there was hope for him on when I saw that wonderful dress he made from his shorts, but the hair/ makeup styling was pure 80's.

    Anthony Ryan should have won for the bird-seed dress over Oliver's creation with the dog bedding (another "rule-breaker"). But if Anthony makes another funnel-neck dress I'm going to scream. This week's win for him was a fluke considering that everything seemed to be [poorly] glued on to a badly-sewn chiffon shift WITH NO HEM!!!! AArrgh!!

    Josh M's 0range/brown Halloween pinata and Oliver's ghost carwash dress should have earned both a ticket home, in Bert's car.

    I miss Mondo!

  10. Cherlyn | | #10

    I was not crazy about this challenge. I didn't really care for any of the looks. I expected more out of Bert ---- he is a major disapointment. For someone with his background, you would think he would know what to put on the runway. I was not a fan of Josh's look, so I was glad it didn't win. But come on, Anthony's was falling apart on the runway. The idea is what won, sure wasn't workmanship!

    I think ideas for challenges is hard to come up with anymore. I like it when they design for someone. Those challenges are interesting. When they do something odd like circus, avant guade, etc, the looks are not very good.

  11. KandiN | | #11

    My problem with this episode, and definitely this Season is not only the "designers" lack of imagination, but also the judging. They come up with these challenges then change the rules right after the runway show! Since when would any designer win with a look that is literally falling apart at the seams? Last weeks episode had a ribbon barely tacked on down the front and it won accolades by the judges (Anya's dress). And, this week it was supposed to be "avant garde", but they judged on wearability and mass appeal? Give me a break - Lifetime has ruined this show, which I've been passionate about since it first aired, and I've lost all respect for the "judges".

  12. User avater
    aislinnluv | | #12

    The only memorable "avant garde" creation, for me, in all PR history was the collaboration between Chris March and Christian Siriano. That dress was not only avant garde, it was also gorgeous and wearable. This batch of nonsense was fugly, full stop. Laura's dress did look like Harvest Barbie - the Corn Queen. Either the creations were unimaginative or they were just too mundane. Flaming poodle skirt... dirty curtains... kindergarten play mat complete with blocks... Is it possible to save this season of PR?

  13. abcameo | | #13

    Project Glue (Tim) Gun... Stitchy, that's really funny and on target! ;-D

  14. kwtxn | | #14

    I want to add my agreement with all those who are tired of the silly soap opera antics. Judge Michael is way too full of himself and a bit silly. Nina ditto.

    More TV time on how the designers create their garments would be ever so nice.

    Isn't it time models were allowed to smile! Their mad as the world, chop on the shoulder expressions don't really enhance anything.

    The show does seem to be going down hill. What a shame.
    This year's designers are a bit sad'; not quite up to snuff.

    karen trott

  15. knittingirl | | #15

    This weeks episode is Heidi's mantra in reverse - One minute you're out, the next you're in. Anthony Ryan proves that a competitor doesn't give up. Is anyone else bugged by the actual Runway? Large portions of the screen are blocked out with the designers name blocking our view of the designs. I would like a little more view of the finished projects.

  16. alaskapsych | | #16

    I have to admit a little confusion. It seems to me that Tim Gunn was in there like lightening (admittedly through the magic of editing) when Olivier was attempting to glue his dress to his model, but there appears to be no discussion of Anya's pawning off sewing on to her fellow contestants. If they have eyes to see glue, they don't have eyes to see someone else doing the actual crafting of a garment? It seems to be that there is much confusion afoot!

  17. User avater
    Jeanly | | #17

    I'm very disapointed with this season's show, for all the reason others have stated. So much so that I no longer have any interest in watching the rest of the programs. So sad.

    I used to really enjoy watching (and was inspired) by the designs that were created and how each person worked through the challenge.

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