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Project Runway 9: “What Women Want”

Josh M. wins for a second time with this classic look.

This week, the final nine designers were challenged to create looks for some unusual clients. The designers found themselves facing down a runway full of men, but this week wasn’t a menswear challenge (tune in next week to see that one). This time the clients were requesting looks for the women in their lives. The biggest challenge for the designers was trying to make both the client and the model happy, while fitting women with some real curves. Olivier especially seemed startled to learn that his model wore a DD bra size. 

In the end, Olivier was safe despite last minute sewing and emotional outbursts. It was Bryce that was sent home with his ill-fitting pink dress. The judges really liked some of the designs this week, and gave the win to Josh. There will be no more immunity for the rest of the competition. 

What did you think of the garments this week? Did you catch the commercial for Project Accessory coming in November? Do you think you’ll be tuning in for this spin-off?

Anthony Ryan: (bottom 3)


Anya: (top 3)


Bert: (bottom 3)


Bryce: (out)



Josh M: (winner)








Viktor: (top 3)


Season 9 Designers: (*eliminated)
Amanda Perna

Anthony Ryan Auld 
Anya Ayoung-Chee 
Becky Ross
Bert Keeter 
Bryce Black*
Cecilia Motwani
Danielle Everine
David Chum
Fallene Wells
Gunnar Deatherage
Joshua Christensen
Joshua McKinley 
Julie Tierney
Kimberly Goldson
Laura Kathleen
Olivier Green 
Rafael Cox
Serena da Conceicao
Viktor Luna


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  1. sews4fun | | #1

    First, let me ask, has anyone besides me had any problems posting on this board? I could not post on last weeks blog nor could I even read others posts, which I always enjoy. The editorial was by someone differant, not Vicky North, so maybe that was it, I don't know.
    Anyway....as much as I hate to admit it, I LOVED Josh's dress! It was so NOT Josh but I thought it was a beauty and that girl looked GREAT in it! I see the slobbering love affair with Anya continues, her stuff is acceptable just not the genius they seem to think it is, I see visions of Gretchen Jones all over again although I think Anya is better than Gretchen was.
    I knew Bryce would go home as I didn't see him showing at the New York Fashion week. Bert had some nice things at the N.Y.F.W. butI think they were all dresses, and I would buy every single one of them. Still, one note be it a nice one.
    I hated Viktors skirt and I thought it was too tight and ill fitting but I did like his blouse. I really didn't see a lot of terrible stuff this week and I didn't like all of it but I see improvement in the designers with this challenge. I was shocked at Olivers comments about big busted women ruining the line of clothes ( like we can help it ) and what he said about them just shutting up was IMO just....insulting to women everywhere. I still think they will give the win to Anya with her ( 4 months ) of sewing experience ( hopefully I am SO WRONG ) Laura had some nice things at the NYFW too but I thought Berts stuff was totally wearable and there's a big market out there for the Berts of the fashion world.

  2. alaskapsych | | #2

    Here! Here! I was so totally offended by Olivier's comments about bust lines too!

    I did like Josh's cocktail dress (rescinding former comments about not likely anyone from Team Nuts and Bolts making it to the bitter end). I was so so on Victor's outfit. Bert likes to channel a more graceful, dramatic time with his outfits.

    I really liked the color on Bryce's dress, but that's about where it ended. Even a good pressing would have helped (not saved it, but helped it).

    I'm a little lame on Anya's outfit. I can see the design quality of it, however, it isn't something I could or would wear.

    I, again, would like to qualify my statements about how I'm so very new to Project Runway. However, I can see there is a very fine line between design and marketability.

  3. User avater
    JenSSews | | #3

    Wow, I loved Anya'a dress and Victor's outfit. Both were beautiful, interesting, and suited the clients.

    Anya and Victor both out did Josh IMHO. Was he being rewarded for not being rude and pushy this week?

    Victor impresses me week after week with his excellent skills -- no time issues for him, and no interpersonal drama. His garments have been great!

    Anya always surprises and she's always creative.

  4. User avater
    Soli | | #4

    I'd like to know who Oliver thinks he's designing for? He doesn't know what he's doing when it comes to anything outside his little bubble. At 22 he's way too immature and what sort of school did he attend, because my teacher in the fashion department were all over the fact that the average woman is a plus size and bigger than a B-cup. My drafting and alterations classes were all about fitting to the real body, not the mannequin.

    At any rate, another week of mostly uninspired offerings. I agree with Nina that the sleeve on Anya's Gallerati gown was a bit much. I don't understand why they praise her so highly. It must speak volumes to this season's lackluster contestants that she's still around. I think that she and Viktor both did a better job than Josh's boring black dress, and that Victor with his separates and purse should have won. Not surprised that Bryce went home because that pink thing just didn't fit.

    The real women challenges are usually pretty good, but in all truth, Victor was the only one who came up with anything remotely interesting.

    Nope, not watching Project Accessory. I might watch PR Allstars, though, whenever it shows up. The chance to see Chris March versus Mondo is just too good to pass up. Truth be told, I used to look forward to Thursday nights and I totally forgot PR was going to be on last night. It was my husband who remembered. If it weren't for Tim Gunn I wouldn't watch at all.

  5. Cherlyn | | #5

    I loved Josh's dress too, but his self-centerness is a big issue with me. The dress was very attractive. I liked less flamboyant --- he always tried to overdo everythig. I was not impressed with Bert's dress. Boring! Anya's dress was pretty and I was surprised she got it to hang well. For someone that has little sewing experience, she is doing really well. I didn't really care for the one sleeve either, but the dress did show well.

    I think I liked watching this challenge just to see how difficult it was to have husbands try to discribe likes and dislikes of the wife or girlfriend. This was better than that circus challenge.

  6. bakertoo | | #6

    This was my favorite episode so far! This was a real life use of skills that a clothes designer/sewer will have to use in their career, listening well, and recreating a vision, while still using their own fashion ideas and incorporating those ideas into the garment, combing the two to make a wearable comfortable fashion forward garment. But really, the best part was hearing the men talk about their partners, trying to say what they liked, wore, what colors to use, what parts of the women's bodies to accentuate, the reason for a certain dress (the lost dress!), and which of the men was spot on, and especially how the designers used that information. Watching Olivier interact was just plain painful, and he was lucky to get two people who had some sense of compassion when they saw a pretty repressed and childlike personality-what a sad youngster he is! The garments they all created were, for me, just plain eclipsed by the whole idea of what we imagine ourselves wearing, and what other people imagine us wearing, and what really might look good. And the garments were for real women's bodies, and that was so interesting to see what the designers did with that part of the challenge. It seemed like they all (except Olivier, and maybe Bryce too) really enjoyed that aspect, and didn't have too much difficulty with the challenge of real bodies. And I can understand why Josh"s dress might be a disappointing win, but he went beyond his own ideas, and took the judges input seriously, and restrained his tendency to go ornament/bling crazy! They often seem so fickle-one week they want something, the next week they contradict themselves!

  7. Kitrtymom | | #7

    I couldn't believe Oliver..he was clueless how to even get started designing and sewing a dress for an actual client. Oliver..listen up.most women have boobs.not little tiny ones like the models you have fitted in the past.

  8. spacart | | #8

    I could imagine myself in Josh's dress. I do not think any of them would know what to do with a short 4'10", long waisted, over weight body like mine. I can just imagine the comments. I love the show and look forward to seeing it even though I know I would never be able to purchace their clothes. Living in the Bay Area if I had any height I could probably find a place to wear Anya's clothes -- if I grew 9 inches. She designs for tall women. Bert's clothes are classic. I think I could wear some of his clothes. He is a designer that could sell to me. I do not think he will win, but I hope he finds a good position when the show is over.

  9. User avater
    KarenGass | | #9

    So far, this was the most interesting episode. Where are the personality's? The Santino's and the Austin Scarlett? (am I the only one who misses their show? I really do) Even Gretchen had personality and you remembered who she was.

    I did like Josh's dress, especially with the teal shoes - gorgeous!!!! I do not like Josh, he is more emotional than my teenage daughter! Get a grip on yourself Josh!!!!

    I also liked the sleeve on Anya's dress - I think it balanced the long/short skirt, with the sleeve being on the short side. All I can say about her is she must be a sewing savant.

    I missed the commercial for Project Accessory, but I"ll try it out. And oh yes, I am watching Chris March's new show - I always liked him. What a laugh! :) Looking forward to next week!!!

  10. gbmclaughlin | | #10

    First: Do not read sews4fun's post unless you want to know who makes it to fashion week -- Did you have to post that?
    Second: I loved Josh's little black dress. It was lovely. My top choices to leave include: Bert--an excellent tailor but a very boring designer, with a seriously bad attitude. Olivier--again, fantastic sewing, but absolutely boring designer. I'm so very sick of his neutral palette. I feel like I'm looking at the same thing each week. His attitude this week was stunningly rude.
    Third: I absolutely hate the group challenges: and they are going to do their FOURTH one this coming week! Why? Why? Why?
    KarenGass: I miss Austin and Santino too! Loved their show!

  11. User avater
    Kukana | | #11

    Much better challenge this week, and we finally get to see which designers are actually creative. Victor should have won that challenge hands down - his outfit was creative and innovative, his use of color was devine, and the woman looked like a major Diva in it. It suited her to a t....that said, I did like Josh's dress, it's him I have the problem with. If you are going to be flamboyant, do it with style like Austin!!! I felt sort of sorry for Bryce, if he'd have used the first dress and just taken that horrible gray thing out, he would have been fine, put in some nice contrast piping and add a big of flair he'd have done fine. He just folded under the pressure. If you really think about it, there aren't a whole lot of people in this world that could create something in 1 or 2 days, let alone from scratch, and make it wearable. I admire all of them for getting out there and trying it. I know that I am way to much of an introvert to ever even try it. I too missed the project accessory - but am going to go find it!!!

  12. Suesew57 | | #12

    I had some problems with this episode.
    1) The designers were directed to make garments for women (with real bodies! and yes, Olivier had me shaking my head) based on input from the women's husbands/boyfriends. When the designers succeeded (as Bert did) in making clothes that the women loved, the criticism of the garments had nothing to do with how well the designers listened to their clients, and how well satisfied the clients were.
    2) The harsh criticism of the 'bottom three' garments was delivered with the clients in the room. The designers may (by virtue of signing up for Project Runway) have let themselves in for these caustic comments, but what crime did those poor women commit to merit such nasty treatment? They all (yes, even Bryce's client) felt pretty until the judges were through with them. I'm not a fan of the general trend (presumably intended to boost ratings) of reality shows to highlight and reward bad behavior (thinking of Josh here); to subject innocent women to those horrid comments from the judges is inexcusably bad behavior, in my book. I'm a garment & craft sewer, and am interested in the design process. Some of my sewing friends have been Project Runway fans for awhile; this is the first season I've tried to catch the show. Frankly, as badly as the designers often behave, I think the judges are worse. I've had my fill, and see no reason to continue watching.

  13. sews4fun | | #13


    All nine designers that were on this episode got to show at Fashion Week, Including Bryce whom I mistakenly thought was not there.
    I did not say who the final three were because I do not know that. Anyone who wants to see the designs shown by ALL NINE DESIGNERS can type in New York Fashion Week 2011 and click on browse designers, click on Project Runway and you will see ALL NINE DESIGNERS lines. As one who has been a fan of Project Runway since it's inception, I already know that the last 9 or 10 designers ALWAYS get to show their lines at Fashion Week. I would be willing to bet that many of the people who post on this blog are also aware of that as well. For those of you who were unaware of that, well, now you know. ;-)

  14. geogal | | #14

    I haven't been a fan of Oliver this whole season, and he really didn't help this episode. I've noticed in past challenges that HE CAN'T SEW FOR WOMEN!! He can't do breasts! Everything he has done, from that hideous dog bed "shirt" in the pet store challenge, to this one that he never gets the area around the breasts to look good. One side is higher than the other, one side puckers (take a look at this weeks...) Nothing about his top this week looks good! And yet, week after week, the judges talk about what good work he does! Maybe his work just doesn't translate on camera, but what I'm seeing is clearly not what they are seeing if they think his work is good. It's time for Oliver and his whining and whatever accent it is that he's got to go home.

  15. bakertoo | | #15

    One more thing! I hope someone from television land sees the idea of "Project Seamstress". What a good idea, because so many of us want to see what designers sew, and why, and how they go about that process. It could be fun!

  16. laxi | | #16

    What channel is Project Runway 9 on in Kamloops,BC? I have not been able to find it.

  17. sewsilky | | #17

    I adored Anya's look. She is not afraid of prints and she's willing to take risk. I think Bert's look is skanky although I'm sure it's well-made. As for Olivier, I had to laugh at him, but in the end, even though he felt very uncomfortable making a garment for a woman with boobs, he did well. I like the design of the top, and I think it fit her well and looked contemporary. Viktor's skirt was very cute, but I didn't care for the sleeves on the blouse. Something oddly shaped about them was disturbing, and it looked very dated.

  18. RAYMOND11 | | #18

    Finally It's out the designers don't know how to sew for men.
    I've been saying it since I started to sew its all about the women women women. What kind of designers don't know how to sew mens clothes? They should all be out.

  19. User avater
    CostumeDeeva | | #19

    Is it only me, or has Kimberly Johnson been listed as "eliminated" for the last 2 posts? Frankly, her design last week was pretty sad, but this week - the fit was embarrassing.
    As for Josh, he really doesn't know how to thank others nor give credit when due. HE did not edit the dress and keep it simple, it was his client who said no, no, no, to every embellishment he tried to suggest. Good for her sense of taste!
    I'm so over this show, I don't even mind missing on Thursdays anymore. I love Tim Gunn but they really need to get some DESIGNERS on the show. What happened to the Christian's and the Ulee's, the designers that made you go 'Wow, how did they DO that?" Since the LA season, it seems the winning wardrobes are street wear collections - I miss the fashion show!

  20. zaftig7 | | #20

    I thought that Victor's garment was much more imaginative and complicated than Josh's dress. I think Josh won only because he scaled back his normally 'crafty' approach to fashion.
    I think both Josh and Oliver should get the boot based on their disgusting behavior. They are both highly unprofessional. Oliver's comments about his model's cup size alone show that he has never worked in the real world.

  21. User avater
    lauriepie | | #21

    I'm still cringing about Bert's dress. Even Heidi could not convince that woman that she needed a longer hemline.

    For all of Bert's incredible talent (he sews and designs beautifully) he's not establishing himself as one to be respected as an authority on what is flattering to a woman in 2011. He let his client walk that runway with a very unflattering fit and dress length.

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