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Project Runway 9: “Image is Everything”

Viktor picks up the win for his fringe jacket and tailored jeans.

The challenge this week was to create looks for each member of band The Sheepdogs. The designers were broken up into teams, with each assigned a band member, but really this was an independent challenge.

Olivier has trouble fitting his client, who is much larger than his mannequin. For the second week in a row, he doesn’t know how to work with a real person, and is sent home. Viktor picks up another win with his pleather jacket and perfectly tailored jeans, impressing guest judge Adam Lambert.

What did you think of these seventies inspired looks? Were the designs this week too costumey or fit for rock stars? 

Team Harmony

Anthony Ryan:

Anya: (bottom 3)

Bert: (top 3)



Team Untitled

Olivier: (out)


Viktor: (winner)

Josh: (top 3)

Kimberly: (bottom 3)



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  1. User avater
    mjfiorini | | #1

    Oh my what a disappointing episode last week was. I think they all should have gone home and new contestants brought in. Oliver...wow...what a mess. and who puts braids on a grownassed man? OMG PR is really going down. it's no where near what it was in past seasons. Could be it's time to retire this show.

  2. User avater
    Kukana | | #2

    What an interesting challenge! It is about time that Victor won....his jacket was out of this world. My favorite all-over look, however, was Laura. Loved Bert's pants, and Josh's pieces were good, although I don't think the vest went with it all, it sort of muddled the look. Should have been a solid rather and stripe. And again, what were they thinking? Anya's outfit sucked - worse than Oliver's....way worse. She continues to get babied because she just learned out to sew. I was really looking forward to her look, but boy - it was awful. At least Oliver's look was wearable...sort of.

    I am not sure why they chose to do teams on this one, it really served no purpose...???? All in all it was a great challenge and fun to watch.

  3. sews4fun | | #3

    I am NO fan of pleather and when I saw Viktor carrying pleather I thought, ooookkaaayyyy Oliver is going to have some competition for the race to the bottom after all.
    Never, in my wildest dreams did I ever ever EVER think pleather could look that good! It looked like real leather from where I was sitting ( I know it was on tv and it may not have looked that good close up ) but I am just bowled over at how great that pleather looked! ( the jacket was nice too )

  4. Flanerie | | #4

    Well, PR brought us the term "advertorial," how about a new genre, the "advertepisode" ??? This week's show certainly fit that bill - could they have slipped in any more references to Garnier styling products? Also, the band playing, and the "advertepisode" for them. . .too much product placement. How much do you want to bet the band is backed by money from one of the PR producers?

    looking at the poor excuses for garments, all I could think of was how the musicians I know wouldn't be caught anywhere dressed in this stuff. . .

    Another disappointing episode. . .I've been watching some of the reruns from past seasons, and have been struck by how much more talented those designers are. . .I think this is just an uninspiring group and I can't wait for the all-stars PR and the accessory version. The best things in this season would be the bottom three on past seasons. . .IMHO. . .past designers seem to be able to sew much better, too.

  5. User avater
    aislinnluv | | #5

    I was a college student/hippie who made most of my own clothes in the 70s and I wouldn't have dressed ANYONE in most of those looks! Dreadful! Viktor's jacket was OK, for pleather. TYhe flowered shirt was spot on for the era, if 70s was really what everyone was going for. Kimberley's pants were... OK. Those "dashikis"? EW. I was glad to see the back of Olivier, however. His whining and stubbornness were really getting on my nerves. That, and his limited palette.

  6. User avater
    SewReel | | #6

    Another SO-SO (and I don't mean Sew-Sew:( PR episode. This is indeed a disappointing group. I was glad to see Oliver go. If you don't like boobs and you don't like plus sizes, perhaps you shouldn't be designing women's clothes! Just saying! I was glad Victor won, as he should have won before. I was also surprised to see how nice the pleather jacket looked. To Mjfiorini, no it's not time to retire the show...just find some good talent as we have seen in previous years! I still love the show and hope for a better season next year. Oh and the Anya love-fest continues...I can see it now from the previews and my imagination...she loses her money and must use muslin and the judges LOVE what she creates and go goo goo ga ga all over it! See you all next week for more PR comment fun:o)

  7. alaskapsych | | #7

    I really loved Victor's jacket. I'm trying to figure out how to do that to something for myself. And I know Pleather is a questionable medium, however, there are a lot of people who would much rather put on Pleather than the real deal.

    I loved Bert's braids on his guy. I think overall, this was an OK challenge. In my mind, Olivier was the biggest issue because again, he was having difficulty dealing with the real world.

  8. User avater
    Martykay | | #8

    Finally someone did not have time to sew for or help Anya so she didn't get finished. I wonder if the judges are aware of how much help she has been getting. From the dress that she had Becky sew that Josh won on to Anthony helping her to dye the fabric and Laura helping her.She was on her own this time.
    She has come up with some cute things though

  9. marg | | #9

    I think this year is one of the best. Though Burt has not been the best I still like him. I am sorry to see Oliver go. I am suprised he was let go. Anya is becoming quite a great designer. I like her designs. I would love to be able to see the workmanship on some of the garments. Maybe threads could arrange this.

  10. GreyBird | | #10

    All I could think of is that I don't remember the 70's look this bad. I do think Viktor deserved to win and Olivier deserved to go home (unfinished sleeves and a safety pin at the pants waist!!). The challenge was actually quite interesting. Generally, I agree with a lot of the posts, this group is just not that talented so it is a tough season to watch. I did like Bert's pants and the pigtails, at least, like Kors said, he provided a new old image.

  11. Tru | | #11

    It was nice to see Burt's effort at teamwork, even though there wasn't any need for a team. Baggy wrinkled pants and boring shirts are still just that, even when they are called 'custom made'. Think this was another boring contest. Burt's look seemed to suit the guy decently. The band seemed happy, no matter what they were wearing.
    I really think PR picked contestants this time by personality, sensing some provocative potential. Didn't work. Hope they go back to basic training and skill and imagination proven before being chosen for the next season.

  12. Stormee | | #12

    Can't wait til next season.

  13. SharonCarter | | #13

    I'm too old for this. Awful

  14. User avater
    SansSouci572 | | #14

    I have seen braids on grown men, especially from the 70's--haven't you? I thought he looked like a Viking too.

    I hope Viktor sells that pattern, for the jacket. When you really look at it, its just a basic pattern--but the braiding he did on the top was really nice.
    I would like to sew pleather if it looked that good. It has always scared me that it would look like Walmart if I tried to use it.

    I also liked Bert's design. The rest were really bland, and I don't see how the tunics looked so horrid, they are as easy to sew as a pillow case. No fitting, nothing hard about them. What was up with that mess?
    Some things were too bland, and some too garish with cheesy trims.

  15. User avater
    MorningRose | | #15

    This episode could have been great - designing for a rock band. Where is the glitz and bling? An upcoming band just can't cut it if they don't have a look. Althought I liked Bert's look on the singer - it didn't suit the style of the band, IMO.
    I really think Oliver blew it, since he is a mens' wear designer, how did he get this so wrong. I'm tired of his issues with time management, colors, and real people. This isn't the first time he spent most of his time working on an upper garment to get the fitting and details just right (in his mind at least), and left the bottom til the very end.
    This season seems to be targeted to ready to wear, even though that's not what the judges are saying.
    If I didn't like watching the general process of concept to product, I wouldn't watch anymore. This used to be about the custom, one of a kind item (unless the challenge was specifically RTW) and I miss that creative edge.

  16. samsstuff | | #16

    It was an interesting challenge. I definitely agree with the bottom three. Most of the looks have a kind of 60's/70's Simplicity/McCalls pattern, kind of look to them & aren't really the kind of thing musicians would wear, even retro folk rock musicians. I think Morrison or members of Led Zeppelin, when I think of 'musician style' from that time & these don't seem like updates, but more like caricatures or costumes. Just one opinion, though.

  17. knittingirl | | #17

    This show was a design disaster! Sorry:( Viktor was the only possible choice. I was in college in the 70's at U of San Francisco. The hippy style was awesome and I still enjoy wearing the shadow of that style. Where were the tunics. collarless shirts, and vests? I am looking forward to something, anything better this week.

  18. User avater
    ustabahippie | | #18

    This was the first time I fell asleep during PR! I agree it was time for Olivier to go home. Victor is racking up the wins. Anya was in the bottom 3!! I agree, the tunics looked messy and how do you mess up an unfitted tunic for a flat chested man!!!!!

  19. marthaq | | #19

    Did anyone else notice that Bert created a bad J Jill floppy/sad sack tunic outfit? Trust me, that musician does not need to cover his bum. Sigh...The whole episode made me cringe.

  20. User avater
    jocarito | | #20

    OMG!!!! Fell asleep and can see I didn't miss anything. The potential for this challenge was incredible, but the truth is these designers seem to lack SOMETHING!!!! I don't believe they are without creativity they just don't seem to know how to apply it to the challenges.
    I really don't understand what all the amazement with Anya is all about. Most of her work, up to now has been awful or lucky.
    I like Bert (except for his mumbling and grumbling) but, am wondering if he really has what it takes to break away from his safe zone and overcome his inner doubts and fears.
    So far, although she failed miserably this time, I think Kimberly is the most talented in an avant-garde sense. And even though I am not too enamored of Josh as a person I think he has done some interesting designs. The rest are quite bland except maybe Viktor when he allows his imagination to combine with couture design. In the competition prior to this one I thought his design was excelent.

  21. User avater
    MissSewAll | | #21

    Fashion 0, Music 10

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