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No Halstons Here: Project Runway Episode 10 is “Sew ’70s”

Anthony Ryan's three-piece outfit was for "boring girls who are in a cult," the judges declared.

Episode 10 began with the usual city-life, Atlas New York montage. Laura Kathleen said, “At this point, everyone knows how to construct clothing. So now it’s about having good Mood trips and a high taste level.” Or you could put it another way, as Viktor did: “I’m not worried about the challenges. I’m worried about the remaining people getting nasty. The tiger’s going to come out.”

This episode was titled “Sew ’70s,” and the designers were had to (once again) look to the past and create a modern look inspired by 70’s fashion.

The challenge information was shared by Tim Gunn and Heather Archibald, the lead apparal buyer for Piperlime.com. The winning design was going to be put into production and sold on the site.

As Heather explained it, the site’s customer is into trends and the site was looking for something reflecting the revival of the sophisticated ’70s. The examples were flared pants, tie-neck blouses, earthy colors, plaids, all for a strong and feminine woman. The designers had a dossier of ’70s images to review on their HP computers.

Tim stressed the sophisticated angle. Not retro, not vintage, not too literal. After pulling accessories from the Piperlime wall and sketching, all of the designers seemed to have concepts they were happy with. They set off for Mood with Tim – with $100 to spend and 30 minutes to spend it in.

Anya had a disaster at Mood – another “Project Runway” first in Season 9. Anya’s dress had no pockets. She tucked her money into her top, but somewhere between the silk jersey and linen sections at Mood, she lost it. You’d think with the camera crew or crews there, they would have known where she dropped it, but no.

She searched frantically with the help of the Mood employees, but could not find the money. Tim told her she could use muslin, as well as any money the other designers had left over and gave to her. Only Anthony Ryan had any extra – 11 dollars and change.

The judging

Kimberly left the runway straight away with a passing score.

Anya was named the winner, and her chiffon-backed print jumpsuit is available for $198 on PiperLime.com.

Olivia told Bert that they loved his little dress and they wanted to also produce and sell it on Piperlime.com. You can get Bert’s dress for $98 on Piperlime.com

Viktor was the last member of this week’s top 3. Everyone was impressed with both of his looks.

In the bottom 3, Laura Kathleen was told she was in, but to watch it. She really missed the mark on this challenge.

Anthony Ryan and Joshua were left. Heidi started with Anthony. His dress was a shapeless tent, she said, and the prints he’d chosen were unattractive.

For Joshua, she told him his works were over-designed as usual, and that neither look had offered a modern take on the ’70s. (Backstage a bit earlier, Joshua had complained about having to design for a decade he didn’t live throught. He was pretty aggressive when Viktor pointed out that he, too, hadn’t lived through the ’70s, but had made an effort to learn about the styles of the decade from movies and television. Joshua didn’t take it well when the others chimed in in defense of Viktor, saying that the point was as fashion designers they had to familiarize themselves with fashion history.)

Anthony Ryan was out. It was one of the most affecting PR goodbyes I’ve seen. Even Tim got choked up.

Do you think the judges made the right decision to send Anthony home instead of Joshua? Do you think it was fair that Anya won, and Bert’s dress was manufactured too, but Viktor’s great outfit went nowhere? How much do you think that the complexity of his design might have weighed in the decision?

Next week: The designers have to make dresses based on live birds.


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  1. User avater
    Stitchy | | #1

    I think Joshua should have been sent home. I wanted a three way tie with Anya, Bert and Viktor.
    I am waiting for Laura Kathleen and Kimberly to get their walking papers.

  2. sews4fun | | #2

    Looks to me like the final three will be Viktor, Anya and Bert at Bryant park. I believe Laura and Kimberly are fairly good designers but they lack what the judges like to call the WOW factor.
    I don't think anyone was surprised that Anya won, especially after last weeks previews of her losing her money. It wasn't a stretch to imagine she would dye the muslin and go with it. I did like her jumpsuit on tv but in the photos, not so much, it looks.......busy.
    I have to say, Josh is always good for a laugh, that abomination he sent down the runway was hysterically funny and I literally rolled when I saw it, it was absolutely comical! Who would wear that? Crusty the clown? I think even ole Crusty might back away from that one.
    I couldn't believe Laura was cracking on Berts stuff when she was a close second to Josh with that mish mash of great big jailbird stripes and hawian-print-goes-goth skirt. I suspect Laura's chiffon dreams of winning PR are about to unravel. That said, I do think Nina clearly dislikes Laura and that can't be good for Laura's score card.

  3. User avater
    KarenGass | | #3

    Anthony Ryans clothes were hideous. He should have been sent home. Joshua's clothes were equally hideous, somehow he drew the lucky button and stayed.

    I lived in the 70's - I never saw anything like what Laura put together - Never. And I lived in California, on the beach.... where else to get front seats at the fashions of the time? As for not living through it as a reason for failing...well, good grief.... we haven't lived through the Renaissance either, but we can sure make some awesome clothes to wear to a fair or event!!!

    I will be glad when Joshua goes home, he's more emotional than anyone I've seen, and he's annoying as all get out and his clothes are not that great.

    Anya, Bert and Viktor are my picks for Fashion Week - besides, they are usually the only ones I remember anything about!!!

    Mad Fashion starts tonight with Chris March - do you have it set up on your DVR? :) How come I can remember him from 'how many' seasons ago, but I can't remember what many of the designers have done this season? Are the pickings really THAT slim!?!?!?!

  4. CinderellaLollipop | | #4

    I think it's going to be Anya, Viktor, and Bert at Bryant Park. And I agree that it should be. Josh can sometimes design well, but is mostly too gaudy - over the top for my tastes. Plus, he is whiny, arrogant, and obnoxious. I'll be happy to see him go.

    Laura Kathleen and Kimberly have not produced anything that I've loved so far. Though I think Kimberly is a better designer than LK.

    As far as Anya goes, I love her taste but I think her designs are almost always very similar and overly simple. Maybe that's because she only started sewing a few months ago.

    Viktor designs some beautiful clothing, but he often bores me. Bert is the one I pick to win. He is innovative, fashion forward, can design better than most, and his garments are always impeccably sewn and fit wonderfully. Go Bert!

  5. User avater
    aislinnluv | | #5

    I think back to what I was wearing in the 70s and nothing the designers came up with was anywhere near as interesting. Most of the clothing on this episode was butt-ugly. Viktor's two outfits were exceptions - really lovely; I'd wear that jacket and those pants in a heartbeat. None of t he maxis or jumpsuits was particularly special. If you have boobs (I do), you'd be falling out all over the place. Who wants to have to use tape to keep herself in? Boring (but not cultish, Michael... WTH?) and ugly. I think the best designer there is Viktor and I hope he won/wins.

  6. Flanerie | | #6

    I lived through the 70s in southern California, and my favorite outfits back then usually involved wearing embroidered peasant blouses or some version of beach-wear- inspired casual stuff, a lot of white shorts - although I had a few jumpsuits, too - (one of my memorable sewing disasters was a gray velour jumpsuit that I thought was going to be so chic but made me look like a six-foot tall mouse. . .all it needed was ears and a tail! Needless to say, I didn't finish that one.
    At any rate, not much from this episode said 70s to me. . .I agree with the comment that Anya's designs look basicallyt good but very simplistic - sometimes the judges will tell a contestant "this doesn't look like high fashion, it just looks like clothes" and I wonder why they don't apply that to her designs. . .I think, though, that it will be her, Bert, and Viktor, and that the best will rise to the top when they have a chance to create their own collections.

  7. sewsilky | | #7

    I have to hand it to Anya. She may not be the best designer, but her prints are winning the awards. I feel for her because not having that sewing experience has got to create lots of anxiety. Viktor came off like a real ass. I can tell he's a skilled sewist, but I'm not in love with his esthetic nor his nasty competitiveness.

  8. peej2 | | #8

    I wonder what 70's they were referencing. Not the ones I lived through. I remember maxi dresses, moccasins, Levi's jeans and jean's jackets, chokers, nothing like they were wearing.
    I LOVED those maxi dresses...lace, empire waists, florals, crocheted scarves...
    AND what was that atrocity Bert came up with, he should have been out and I'm sure he's still there for the drama. He won't last.

  9. Cherlyn | | #9

    Why is it Joshua squeeks by when he acts like an overbearing jack--- in almost every show?

    I loved the direction Anya went with her top and the pants, but the top was pulling in front. I don't understand how she won over the tailoring of Viktor's suit. I loved Lauren's little dress too. Bert's little "booty" showing beneath the dazzling shirt dress managed to get enough notice to win a spot of recognition.

    I don't know if Anya has enough experience to make it to fashion week. She doesn't appear to have enough knowledge to me to make it. She has some missing skills that will be needed in the final week. I think Viktor and Bert have a spot; although, there have been times that I have questioned Bert's excperience. If Joshua would learn to shut his mouth and learn how to critique his own designs, he would make it for sure. He has the experience and the ideas; but his mouth turns me off. I like the blouse he made but those pants were awful!

    This season has been interesting and uninteresting. I cannot say it has been one of my fav seasons. I hope next season is better. I liked the newspaper challenge they had a few years ago. They should stay away from party stores, food, circus----anything that lends itself to stupid looks! I like the period or era challenges and inspiration from a place (ocean, deseart, safari, art, city scapes, etc).

  10. fiberann | | #10

    Where are the really good designers who can actually execute their visions? I'm missing people like Seth and Mondo. I love Viktor's tailoring skills, but why is it that people don't design to the challenge? Piperlime could never afford to sell that tailored jacket.
    I think Bert was right on. I remember having a little dress like that in the 70s--it was a Vogue pattern, and I wore it until the 70s gave out. And the chiffon top was also spot on. Short shorts, I remember those too, but not that much booty showing...
    Anya's taste in prints and designs that flow are wonderful, but she doesn't show much breadth of design, and I think her lack of sewing skills will show soon.
    I agree that it should be Anya, Bert and Viktor. Josh should go soon, and that would be not too soon.

  11. kmegamom | | #11

    I think that ALL of them pretty much missed the mark on a 70's look! I was making and designing my own clothes in the 70's, they were not far out fashions by any means, they were made after the fashions of the time, but I was very very tiny at the time and actually was very leary of having to pick clothes from the childrens department AGAIN as that was the only place that carried clothes that would fit me. I think the closest thing was the cropped top, sans the uneven hem. That outfit did speak of a lot of the tops that the girls were wearing back then. Even Bert, who did live through the 70's pretty much missed the mark!! I do think that Victors outfit was similar to some of the 70's outfits, he should have just flared the bottom of the pants a bit more, and YES, I do think that his outfit wasn't picked to sell on the Piper line store because of the intense tailoring and precise work that went into it! I think it is time for Joshua to go home!! He is such a cry baby, and every time someone tries to give him some help or constructive critisism he gets nasty and the claws (or should I say talons) come out!! I am way over him by now, he seems to think his outfits are all the best regardless of what the judges say!

  12. User avater
    thomy | | #12

    Where are the designers? Still? That said, I liked Laura's jumpsuit, Victor can tailor but can he really design? That horrible jumpsuit Anya constructed was waaaayyyy to voluminous and the print is not flattering. Just sayin.

  13. User avater
    mamarama | | #13

    Anya won not because hers was the best designed but because it was within the parameters of the challenge. And I wouldn't be surprised if that second garment was thrown in because the Piperlime folks HATED what they were seeing in the first garments. Meaning, nothing that could be produced quickly and cheaply enough (I'm talking to you, Viktor) to make a profit on their site.

    I am monumentally disappointed in these designers. As others have said before me, everyone one of these designers would have been long gone had they appeared on previous seasons as they are ALL somewhat mediocre.

    Viktor has mad skills, but I question the innovation and creativity of his designs. Kimberly makes great pants, but that's not enough to have a succesful line. I'm not certain if we've seen Berts true capabilities yet, he just might have what it takes if he starts taking this competition more seriously. As for Laura, well, being a great shopper with loads of money doesn't mean you have taste or talent. As to Anya, if she truly doesn't have the sewing skills, why is she even still here? And she seems to be, like Kimberly, to have a flair but be a bit of a one note in her designs. As to Josh, we all know exactly why he is still here and it has zero to do with his skill, talent, creativity, etc. He's all about the drama so they will keep him on as long as possible.

  14. JanetNVa | | #14

    Why doesn't Interweave Press sponsor a challenge and then make the idea for the challenge be a contest for us?
    I would like to see the concept of coture construction be part of it, not JUST, Wow Factor. I would like to see a technical score given after the judges inspected the garments themselves for construction techniques. Then combine artistic and technical scores to get the winner. I would love to see a magazine spread on that kind of contest.

  15. alaskapsych | | #15

    I was sorry to see Anthony Ryan go. I loved that accent! But, as the competition has progressed, he seemed to be losing vision of what was expected of him. Josh's designs are so totally not my taste, or anyone's as far as I can see. Laura Kathleen doesn't seem to be able to do anything except some floaty get up that can only be worn at a yacht party for the rich and famous. I'm not sure about Kimberly. Sometimes she has presented something very wearable, but this was not the week for it. The tailored top really fit badly. Anya seems to bridge the gap between elegance and practical. Victor has "some mad skills" to quote Mamarama. He puts together things that I would love to wear. I continue to root for Bert. But I would have preferred the hot pants to be in a lavender to pick up one of the glimmer colors of the glitzy skirt/top.

    Again I would like to say I am new to PR, and I don't know anything about the fashion or garment industry, but I'd think that the judges are looking for things that photograph well, have practical, yet fashion forward appeal, and can be mass produced or effectively created for the couture market and then retooled for a more mass audience.

  16. knittingirl | | #16

    My favorite moment was when Heidi responded to Michael re Burt's too short short's that she kind of liked them that short! Anyway, I thought Josh's designs were better than he got credit for. But really too much whining from him about not being alive in the 70's. Anya deserved the win. She has a real sense of style. Nobody makes it work better then Anya. I was happy to see a win for Burt. His dress is totally wearable. But what was up with the sour puss from Piperline. She looked like she was sitting on a pin.

  17. lapark | | #17

    i am surprised at how far bert has come...but i did like both his outfits this week...the shorts were just a tad on the short side and his dress was really simple...but both really showed the 70's i remember.i thot kimberly's top really resembled flowing tops of the 70' and paired with the skirt i thot brought it up to 2011...the fabric she used for her jumpsuit was pretty typical for the late 70's, as was the plaid joshua and anthony ryan used...i didn't see the 70's anywhere in anya's outfits...i have not trusted her from the moment of her audition interview...i may be way off, but there is just something about her...watch, she'll probably walk home the winner!

  18. ZulmyCortez | | #18

    In my opinion, I believe that Josh should have went home this week because his outfits were much worst than Anthony Ryan(not to say his were bad). Anthony Ryan should have continued because his designs were always really good.

    Fashion week will be Victor, Anya, and Josh. I might see Laura competing for that third spot with Josh. Kimberly, however, will not make it because she has always been safe. She never has wowed me or the judges, her pants are great but that won't get her to fashion week.

    I'm writing this after the episode "This is for the Bird." I'm SO happy that kimberly did win over Victor because he has the biggest head(after Joshua). He is hostile about EVERYTHING. In his eyes, everyone is trying to copy him because his clothes are the best, or so he says.

    But there is something about Anya that I find wierd. Not sure what it is. I have sewed for one month and let me tell you I'm not even close to PR material. If she does make it to Fashion Week, I will doubt if the work is actually made with her own hands....

  19. loisg | | #19

    I, for one, am very tired of these designers having to be paired off with another. I want to see their individual work in design, sewing, etc., not what they have to blend with another designer. I don't believe it is fair and it seems like you are doing it every week. Very disappointing.

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