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DVD GIVEAWAY: Threads Magazine Archive, 1985-2011

Oct 11, 2011
Article Image

The Threads Magazine Archive(1985-2011) could be yours!


Would you like to empty your bookcase of printed Threads magazine issues, but continue to benefit from the expert advice found within the magazine pages? Would you like to be able to search for that article you remember reading months ago in Threads, but forget the title and forget which issue you read it in? If your answer is “Yes” to either of these questions, then the Threads Magazine Archive is designed just for you. It’s a tool no sewer should be without. From one computer disk, you’ll find 26 years of information from America’s most trusted sewing magazine. That’s all 158 issues of Threads, starting with issue #1 and including all the issues through the end of 2011. It even includes advertising! You can search by author, by topic, by headline-you can even search every single word for that really elusive article. It’s a snap to find articles on every subject we’ve ever written about!

You’ll get the classic articles, timeless techniques, a wealth of information on the hottest topics, plus insight from our most popular contributors-all the expert advice you need to sew well-made clothes that fit and flatter. Best of all, you’ll know that every project, technique, and tip you find comes from a credible source, including iconic designers, renowned instructors, and industry professionals.

Simply leave a comment telling us why you think the 2011 Threads Archive is a must for you. Leave your comment on this post before the deadline-11:59 pm, Friday, October 21-and you could win a copy of the DVD. The winner will be randomly selected on Monday, October 24, 2011. The DVD won’t be complete until after issue #158 is available (early December), but the winner will be among the first to receive a copy!

Good luck!

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  1. mmiller00 October 11th

    Thank you so much for offering this giveaway. This would be a must have for my sewing library because there is so much information packed into every issue of Threads magazine. To own the entire set of back issues in one easy to access place would be a dream for me.

  2. JudyfromKansas October 11th

    I would love this DVD. All of that information in one place, please pick me. Judy from Kansas

  3. jessiebear October 11th

    Have coveted this DVD collection for a while! Would love to win it.

  4. DebCastle October 11th

    I have been drooling over this DVD collection for a long time. Threads is my favorite magazine of all time, and it has provided me with so much inspiration and advice. Being able to look at all the back issues I missed would be heavenly.

  5. delphinecoud October 11th

    OOooh that would be so convenient ! I keep ordering back issues one at a time when I found out about an article on sewer's blogs !!

  6. User avater kkkkaty October 11th

    This would be a dream come true! I do like my magazines, but when you need to find something specific the dvd would be so much easier!

  7. User avater WillaMcNeill October 11th

    Oh my, what a treasure this will be. I have many many years of the magazine but this would be so much better. I would actually go back and look up those bits I remember.

  8. Lobolita October 11th

    I would love to have this--I always find such useful info in Threads.

  9. sbsford October 11th

    I think I subscribed to Threads early on, then life intervened and I stopped sewing. So glad you're still out there. Gladder still that I've started sewing again.

  10. sews4fun October 11th

    I could sure use this!

  11. CherylTebo October 11th

    I have enjoyed every issue of Threads that I own. You have even inspired my email address. I would be delighted to own all previous issues on DVD. I may even put the DVD in my will for when I am gone and can no longer use them.

  12. User avater missb_2000_2001 October 11th

    I would love to have this collection. This volume of information in one repository would be infinitely helpful.

  13. Sew4Sanity October 11th

    I lost all but one of my sewing machines when our home was flooded during Hurricane Floyd's passing through in 1999. We had to fight to get our insurance company to pay out on our flood insurance. I acted as our lawyer. Beteeen the lawsuit and rebuilding, it was 5 years before we moved back home.

    As a result, I haven't sewn a thing since that September dsy. We lost all but a few possessions in that flood, including my sewing magazines, patterns and fanric. If I won this, I could replace all the issues of Threads I had. I love Threads and, before the flood. I bought it all the time. I can't remember if I subscribed though.

    Hope I win!

  14. Sew4Sanity October 11th

    I lost all but one of my sewing machines when our home was flooded during Hurricane Floyd's passing through in 1999. We had to fight to get our insurance company to pay out on our flood insurance. I acted as our lawyer. Beteeen the lawsuit and rebuilding, it was 5 years before we moved back home.

    As a result, I haven't sewn a thing since that September dsy. We lost all but a few possessions in that flood, including my sewing magazines, patterns and fanric. If I won this, I could replace all the issues of Threads I had. I love Threads and, before the flood. I bought it all the time. I can't remember if I subscribed though.

    Hope I win!

  15. User avater mrsdavis October 11th

    I'd love to have the archive DVD :). . .I'm definitely a "Threads Junkie," lol!

    Nancy Davis
    Round Mountain Alterations

  16. CherieNightOwl October 11th

    This would be an amazing resource to have. As a new mom and a lifetime sewing enthusiast I spend hours with each issue of Threads I have. It is so wonderful that Taunton produces this archive so that we could reference issues from the past, even ones that are out of print! Threads is the number one magazine for garment sewing techniques, and I would love to have this DVD.

  17. buckarina October 11th

    Oh I would so love to win this DVD. I am returning to sewing after a long absence -- you know, marriage, family, career, that kind of thing. And I have a lot of catching up to do! The good news is that nowadays, the online communities and resources I've stumbled on are so inspiring and motivating and instructive. You never have to sew alone or in the dark. Thank you Threads for being a part of this brave new "sewist" universe.

  18. 666seams October 11th

    I would love to own this collection! I browse through my Threads issues and am always inspired to create something new. The DVD would be a great way to store all the wonderful information that the magazines hold.

  19. ellarik October 11th

    Moving from a house to an apartment, we had to shrink the volume of our household. They've gotta go, honey, my husband said, referring to the 3 big boxes of ALL 150+ issues of Threads. I could not do it. Please, not that, I muttered... Now I have the 3 boxes cluttering the toilet (either that or the living room) and I can never find the proper magazine I want.... Sigh, maybe they should go ..... I'd LOVE to win the DVD!

  20. saucygirl October 11th

    I am adding my name to this very deserving list of members, hoping that maybe, just maybe I might win this DVD.My husband has told me no more books, patterns or fabric until I finish a few more projects(you should see my stash), but what I really lack is a reference guide for sewing, and the DVD is something he could NOT comment on if I won it instead of buying it!

  21. DrivesSewMachBest October 11th

    Please consider my simple request to win as I would give this away to my sister and thereby introduce her to THREADS!
    Thank you. I love THREADS so muc, I wish I had the finances to share it. I live in the "flood torn" part of the USA.

  22. hpsauce October 11th

    This DVD set has been on my Christmas list since it first was released. I love my paper copies of the magazine, but to be able to quickly search and find the article I need would be so much easier. It would save me phoning my mother continually and having her trying to explain over-the-phone how to execute sewing techniques (though I won't ever tell her that she could be replaced by a DVD set!!!!).

  23. SandyYH October 11th

    What a great giveaway! I devour each issue as it comes to my home and would love to own the complete collection!

  24. EasilyAmewsed October 11th

    Oh wow! It'd be so cool to win this. My MIL gifted me a 1 yr.subscription in 2009, and I've so enjoyed it in the past two years. Before then I went to read it in the public library or checked out MIL's copies when we visited at holidays. I'd sew LOVE to have the past Threads goodness at my fingertips!:)

  25. surfnsew October 11th

    I have been a reader since 1991, my husband would just love if I could get rid of those boxes of magazines. I'm trying to convert my life to digital so that would greatly help!

  26. Zeila October 11th

    I recently let go of all my old print copies of Threads knowing that I could replace them with the DVD. Please be my Santa Claus!

  27. cweygandt October 11th

    It would be fantastic to win such a vast collection of information on sewing.

  28. Sewnknit October 11th

    I would love to have all of this information in one spot. What a wonderful giveaway. Thank you!

  29. ano October 11th

    Wow! Great giveaway! As much fun as it's been assembling the full run of the print magazine, having it all on disk would be great!

  30. cinzanopaws October 11th

    yes please, toss me into the pile!

  31. squilter October 11th

    I have all the print editions (I'm a charter member) and love to go through them but with impending downsizing and an out of state move it would be great to have the DVD!

  32. User avater Robyn_sews October 11th

    what a great giveaway. I have copies of many of the issues as I have subscribed for a very long time but it would be nice to have it in one convenient location. And to have the early issues that I don't already have.

  33. User avater rakijaa October 11th

    I love looking through all my copies of Threads magazine, but I always end up distracted by the great articles I haven't read in a long time! Maybe this would help me cut to the chase, and find just the article I *NEED* at that moment? So sign me up for a chance to win this.....

  34. GodSewedFirst October 11th

    I plan to be buried with my threads magazines and will sew the ultimate outfit to go with them!

  35. moushka October 11th

    Wow! what a great promotion. Love my issues of Threads; I've got almost all of them back to 1985, but finding things is still a problem. The dvd is on my wishlist for Christmas.

  36. User avater Stitcher75 October 11th

    I'm glad you're offering this again. I've been saving my fabric money to buy this DVD set. If I win, I can use the money to buy fabric and try out the new techniques the DVDs have to teach!

  37. sarah92592 October 11th

    I would love to have this on DVD. Now that I am a senior I do not have the room for my back issues anymore. My apt is just to small.
    I always looked forward to the time when I would retire and have time to sew but now find myself with much less space and money. It would save me going to my sons to look up articles in the heavy boxes of my Threads magazines. Also since I have mastered the computer in later years, what a joy it would be to be able to type in a phrase and find that article I remembered in Threads. Thank you for putting these on disk ...what a great service for all of us!

  38. bekabug8 October 11th

    I have so few Threads issues and having them all on CD would be wonderful! It would help me so much in school too!

  39. Greta121 October 11th

    This collection would be fantastic for me as I am still learning something new every day. I taught myself to sew a year and a half ago and there are so many things that confuse me still! Thanks for the opportunity to learn and win!!

  40. SewSam October 11th

    Oh to have all that information handy with just a click or two! I've been saving my pennies but it certainly would be nice to win a copy of this DVD.

  41. User avater Rogues_of_Thread October 11th

    Wow - what an archive. I would be so excited to have this. I'm always looking at the listing for previous issues, wishing they were new again. (I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win...) =)

  42. seeingspotsusa October 11th

    I want one!

  43. User avater SandyChavez October 11th

    I want to be one of those persons that the attendees at the ASG national convention will stop to look at what I have made. I have just renewed my subscription for 3 more years after my inaugural year subscription. I learn something from every issue. Just imagine if I had TWENTY-SIX YEARS of issues to learn from. Yes, I would love to own the Threads Archives DVD and my husband wouldn't be mad at me for having a bzillion magazines stored in my sewing area .

  44. corinnekelly October 11th

    I would love to be the lucky winner! It would be a wonderful treat to have such easy access to past issues. I do have a shelf of past issues, but this would be a dream.

  45. SuzyQCanuck October 11th

    Pick me! Pick me!!!

  46. youwench October 11th

    My collection of 'Thread's' is looking pretty sad . . . . dog-eared, coffee-stained, and falling apart. I guess that shows that I use them . . . . ALOT!!! A DVD copy would mean that my issues would never wear out. Happy day!!!

  47. cathycreations October 12th

    I would absolutely "go bananas" if I won this archive!! I have it on my birthday list but I am afraid that no one can afford to buy it.

  48. User avater ShiningStar October 12th

    I'm looking forward to the Vintage issue. I think it was about two years back. I wish I had bought that one.

  49. Tailypo October 12th

    As a reference librarian I am all about increasing ease of access to quality information. The Threads DVD collection would surely augment, but never replace, my collection of Threads Magazines (which only date back to 1988!)

  50. Ladyripsalot October 12th

    Huge sewing library, but can't always find what I need. Threads Mag has always been my go-to source. With the DVD, I can give away all these books. Think of the extra space I'll get for more fabric, more thread.

  51. MaryDB October 12th

    I'd love to have the searchable Threads archive at my fingertips. I find myself constantly refering to my collection of Threads magazine copies, and it would be so much easier to have the information on DVD.

  52. sweetz October 12th

    Oh, my groaning bookshelves would be so grateful! Sometimes I spend more time looking for an article than I do sewing. Oh, please I would give my eye teeth for this DVD.

  53. lou19 October 12th

    I never top learning. The more I know the more I realise what there is to learn. Life is too short. But Threads magazine can help. All those experts. So many ideas and so much information.
    Thanks Threads for all your help.

  54. ivite October 12th

    Thank you for this offer. Anybody would be happy to win, so would I.

  55. olgainro October 12th

    Thank you for the opportunity to win the DVD! I would love to have it because, while a collection of magazines/books is still great,I find it easier to look for information on a computer.

  56. sewlikechanel October 12th

    Be still my heart! all I can say is Thank You! Being a self taught sewer, I need all the help I can get. Good luck to everyone.

  57. dessertgoddess October 12th

    What a coincidence! I was just going through my box of twenty years of Threads, and thinking it was time I re-subscribed! What a bonus if I could get it all on DVD!

  58. JDHnz October 12th

    This would be a great thing to have for a relative beginner like me!

  59. User avater thomy October 12th

    I love the idea of owning this treasure. We are never too old to learn and I still have a lot to learn. The idea of trying and mastering techniques I didn't even know existed is exciting and Threads is just the publication to help! Sounds like a good idea for an article...having a reader tackle techniques they have never tried before and then share their experience. Kind of like a technique review.

  60. VickiKate October 12th

    This would be amazing to own! Thank you for an amazing give-away!

  61. edie3350 October 12th

    I am someone who learned to sew in Home Ec in junior high schoo!! I made alot of clothes then and, when my daughter was little, sewed some of their clothes as well. Since then I haven't made any garments at all. I have kept my sewing skills alive with things for the house...pillows, curtains and shades, etc.. I am really yearning to make some clothing again. My daughter is now a young adult and loves vintage-look dresses and I would like to try mu hand at some clothes for her as well as trying to refurbish/redesign old clothes. My creative side is longing to come out. Access to all of the issues of Threads would be a wonderful way to be able to learn new sewing skills to broaden my horizons. Who knows, maybe it could really lead to something!

  62. nanabanana October 12th

    I find the older I get the more exciting it is to learn something new. It's time for this grandma to teach my granddaughter to sew. She already thinks I know everything... can you imagine how smart I'd look if I had your wonderful 2011 Threads Archive. Love your articles and hope to pass my knowledge on to future generations. Thank you for the chance to win this collection it puts a smile on my face. Keep up the good work!

  63. marye October 12th

    I am in the process of moving my sewing romm to a much larger space so that I will have a sewing studio. I am very excited abou the move & when I saw this give away I was even more excited to think that it would be a great plus to my new studio. I so much enjoy Threads site & magazine, keep up the great work!

  64. Valerie1 October 12th

    I would love to have all magazines in this set. I subscribe but I am missing the earlier magazines.

  65. Vearle October 12th

    Absolutely an excellent idea. Well done. This is a huge feat, lots of work to have compiled this DVD! A 'threads' library treasure! I will definitely order this! And put it to good use. Thank you!

  66. cocogone October 12th

    Another great giveaway from Threads. As much as I love to leaf through the magazines, DVD's will definitely weigh less, if I have to move.

  67. jennieMB October 12th

    oh so good b/c books and mags take up so much shelf space. I love how it's a dvd too b/c then I can look through it at night to get ideas.

  68. Llilleeloosmama October 12th

    This would be a lovely end of the year surprise!


  69. User avater punkydoll October 12th

    how amazing is this~~~ thank you so much for providing this giveaway to everyone!!!

  70. User avater Amanda133 October 12th

    Hello - I NEED Threads because I am just learning to sew for myself and want to learn to do it right the first time. Having access to this library will give me answers to my questions "just in time" to help me be successful and enjoy my new Hobby.

  71. User avater SophieDentelle October 12th

    Thread Archive would be such a discovery for me! I hear lots of things about this magazine but I am not abble to find it here (lost in my campain). I know I can mail order but I enjoy having a view before buying.

  72. User avater autodidact October 12th

    What a great give away. I've learned so much from your magazine.

  73. Megan_Tea October 12th

    I would love to get this! I hope I win.

  74. User avater Becca102 October 12th

    What a wonderful resource this would be! Being able to search a DVD would save lots of time over thumbing through my library of (well loved) books.

  75. BarbaraG97 October 12th

    Oh my goodness - I'd LOVE to have this. It's a must have for the sewest who loves to grow in their craft and provides information in a simple, easy to access manner. SO many neato projects too!

  76. missamae329 October 12th

    I've been eying this since its sale was much knowledge in one place...

  77. Linlu October 12th

    I'm in the midst of trying to cut down on clutter. Having this DVD would certainly be a help. Using it would be easier than building additional closets onto the house!

  78. bethw82 October 12th

    It would be absolutely amazing to have such an enormous collection of information organized in such a way. I'm sure it would greatly improve my sewing.

  79. User avater oregonrose October 12th

    What a wonderful prize! Please pick me!!!

  80. Diahn October 12th

    I have been wanting this ever since it came out. I would love to own it.

  81. LoracC October 12th

    This would be so cool to add to my library. I don't own all those back issues and it would be wonderful to have them. Thanks for the chance.

  82. Kerrykatiecakes October 12th

    I would love to win this - if only all the magazines I love would do this! My shelves runneth over!

  83. Urusuru October 12th

    I started reading Threads in the 80's, skipped issues, sometimes years. I kept a few precious issues but I have put them in secret safe places that I can't remember when I want to refer to them. It would be nice to have everything digitally stored. Then I can catch up on the issues I missed. I will probably misplace the disk but at least the collection will stay together and not be all over the house.

  84. mommaviv October 12th

    This would be just the thing for me. I am so starting a bit later than some in my jouurney to get a beyond rudimentary sewing and this would be an amazing resource to own.

  85. VioletSilk October 12th

    What a great idea! I've wanted to own the DVD since it first came out. Threads magazine is the best and offers such a variety of articles and concepts. I carry them around with me where ever I go, for perusing if I'm tied up somewhere. Hate to be bored. The DVD would make it so much easier.

  86. LizardHN October 12th

    It's really awesome that y'all are offering this as a giveaway. :) I've spent the past year and a half learning everything under the sun about sewing from my instructor and mentor, Sue. Always thought I would be within 30 minutes of seeing her, but my husband was relocated several states away. Having this would be amazing for me because I'm not familiar with anyone around here. In a sense, this would be like having her 20+ years of knowledge at my fingertips. I would really enjoy every bit of info just like I adore every bit of my subscription to Threads! :)

  87. __J October 12th

    new to sewing and this would be a GREAT treat to have in my arsenal!

  88. gsandoval2 October 12th

    I'm a beginner sewer and could use the advice!

  89. annsunny October 12th

    I would love this. I am in the process of trying to improve my sewing skills, and this would be perfect to help with that goal.

  90. sewingfanforever October 12th

    It would be great to have so many Threads issues on one convenient DVD. I have been an avid reader of Threads magazine since the 1980's, and Threads has only gotten better with time. When I got married, my husband and I moved quite a few times, and I stupidly got rid of many of my back issues of Threads magazine to make moving easier. It was one of the worst mistakes I've ever made. It would be so great to have all those issues of Threads back again!

  91. vwren99 October 12th

    I would just LOVE to win this!

  92. nycam327 October 12th

    I would love to win this prize. I'm on the beginning side of learning and I know this would help the process.

  93. ACTilson October 12th

    So need this. All the info - none of the clutter. Perfection.

  94. sarashalom October 12th

    Wow! What a generous gift! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  95. Madly October 12th

    Thanks for this great giveaway! What a space-saver this would be! I would really love to have all those tips & articles at the click of a mouse :) And my husband would love his shelf-space back!!

  96. User avater Kathrynn October 12th

    I would love to win this dvd. Please pick me.

  97. dustyj October 12th

    Wow - this resource is phenomenal! I will definitely be buying the DVD if I don't win!

  98. SoniD October 12th

    I would love to win this DVD. I am a self-taught sewist and I consider myself a beginner. I need all the help I can get and this set would definitely help me. Thanks for the opportunity!

  99. Michie1954 October 12th

    I have just recently discovered the delights of the Threads magazine and having the back issues to read would be a real treat! Thank you for the chance to win.

  100. sewinggeek October 12th

    Oh, my gosh, I would love to have this set! I have a lot of the magazines, but do not have all of them. This would complete the set for me.

  101. taffycat October 12th

    I have all of the Threads Magazines, except Number 1.I look for it where ever I go that has old magazines. I would be so happy to win the DVD. Then I would gain a whole shelf to store my patterns on.

  102. withsprinkles October 12th

    To win this would be about the greatest thing ever.

  103. greenbp October 12th

    I think it would be wonderful to have for reference. I have just recently started to sew again after many years. I think it would be very valuable to me.

  104. LCW172 October 12th

    I would love to win this prize!!!! Pick me please!

  105. Tabbykte October 12th

    It's always great to have a reference piece went searching for that special technique! Plus having it organized like this saves room so you can have more fabric!

  106. hanihoney36 October 12th

    I would LOVE this! All the issues in one source! I am getting back into sewing after several years and I truly would appreciate having all the tips and guidance on making my creations professional- not home made!

  107. renaissancesun October 12th

    I have been eying the DVD collection for a while. I have been trying to rid my house of stuff, and dust, and this would be a great way to help... and all the issues? Wow! That, and I carry my laptop with me everywhere, and I would love to be able to peruse threats wherever I am stationed.

  108. SueBee256 October 12th

    This dvd would help me improve my skills. To have it all in one place, easy to find would be fantastic.

  109. DebbieY01 October 12th

    Oh my, how I would love to win this! Such a wonderful prize and a fantastic resource. Awesome!

  110. User avater maravill October 12th

    Wow, I just started subscription but would love to have access to all the past issues. I am sure I have missed many great tips, lessons and ideas from those issues I missed.

    Love the magazine.

    Esther Medina

  111. GigiandLena October 12th

    I would love to win this... It's been on my list for a while.

  112. ankhangel October 12th

    I'd actually like to get this for my mom. She loves your magazine but can't always find it where she lives and can't afford a subscription. We try to get her one at Christmas but don't always succeed. She is an avid crafter but sewing is her love. She is finally just getting time to do it again now that she is no longer taking care of my grandfather. For her to have access to something like this would make her so very happy.

  113. bermbroro October 12th

    What a wonderful resource this would be....would love to have it!

  114. User avater Spin2Knit October 12th

    I've been an avid Threads Magazine collector for more years than I care to say out loud. I had to leave my whole collection in Puerto Rico when I had to leave. Someday I hope to get them back... but the opportunity to get this DVD collection would definitely help to ease the pain. Thanks for offering the drawing!

  115. User avater SewingSteph October 12th

    I keep trying to find the money to buy this, so winning it would be truly awesome!It would help me easily research techniques and tips I need to sew well. It would be a real time saver in a busy woman's day!

  116. Tempest61 October 12th

    I was a subscriber to Threads previously. The magazine is chockful of very helpful articles. Getting this DVD will mean a great deal to me as I have just renewed my interest in sewing and want to start a sewing guild in my area. Most people have lost interest in sewing, preferring instead to purchase clothes. Sewing is such a wonderful and relaxing art that now that my interest in it is revived I feel the need to pass on my knowledge. What better way to do that than with a Threads archive!!

  117. elisee October 12th

    I love Threads Magazine, but my children are starting to accuse me of hoarding! This would go a long way to eliminating the magazine collection!

  118. dam17 October 12th

    I just can't say enough wonderful things about Threads Magazine. If only it would come each and every month but when it does get here I can't wait to savor every page. I have every issue from several years ago and wouldn't trade them for the world. So informative and easy to read and can't wait to see what's on the back cover. Thank you for all your hard work and please never go away!!!!

  119. tinapickles October 12th

    This is an AWESOME give away! For the love of all that is holy, please choose me! :)

  120. juneng October 12th

    I love Threads! Been following and buying Threads for years! I had been moving house often due to work so I am unable to subscribe. Will go quite a distance just to buy the latest issue in the city. I love all the creative ideas and encouragement through the years. Nothing compares with the quality and knowledge I had benefitted from Threads. Congratulations and thank you for producing such an amazing publication.

  121. somethinglisa October 12th

    I only discovered Threads a couple of years ago and would love to have every issue right at my finger tips. It is the information I should have found 20 years ago!

  122. SewCountryLady October 12th

    I read something sewing related every day. I love to read your magazine when I borrow it from our library. I would so love to be able to own this awesome digital set.

  123. SilksWithAttitude October 12th

    I've been a subscriber since issue 6 and have almost all of the magazines as part of my reference library.

    As I have returned to Grad School and will be moving to Europe within the next year and it will kill me to have to part with my library so the DVD would be a great replacement in my life!

  124. taream October 12th

    Unfortunately I am rather new to Threads. What a wonderful resource. I am a self-taught sewer & I have learned so much from this magazine. I'd be in wonderland if I had the opportunity to access these back issues.

  125. Icegoddess October 12th

    I would love to have this instead of all the saved articles in binders. It would be so much easier to find the info I want.

  126. User avater glendasews October 12th

    My favorite magazine. Wouldn't be without it.

  127. merrier October 12th

    I'm new to sewing, so I can use all the help I can get. Threads is a great resource.

  128. tooold October 12th

    I am out of room for storing and accessing my Threads magazine. This would be way easier and leave room for more fabric!

  129. wrpnwft October 12th

    I have all but three issues of the magazine. You might imagine how much space that collection eats up! I'd love to have room for more patterns, beautiful fabrics and tools. I would also love the time saving element of looking up quickly what I want, and not having to pull all the index issues out for a search. To finally have the missing and long out of print issues would thrill me!

  130. User avater Artwear October 12th

    Excellent idea! To be able to find an article without having to locate all the back issues would be a dream!

  131. loreal October 12th

    This is a great giveaway and would be a great thing to have in your sewing library! I would love to win it.

  132. dmc000 October 12th

    after a lot of moving, I have had to ditch all printed copies. When I saw this CD I felt there was hope, I can have all of them back! What a great way to have all of that info in a small space. I want it!

  133. siblingstew October 12th

    What an absolutely amazing giveaway!!!! The best benefit of this collection is the space factor.

  134. jajtoworld October 12th

    I had to give up all my treasured "Threads" issues when I moved, so winning the DVD would be a dream come true! Oh how I miss the hours of happy browsing, as well as the frantic search for that special technique "I'm sure I remember seeing a couple years ago."

  135. ceo36527 October 12th

    I have loved this magazine for many years now, and would love to own this archive in DVD form. In this world of electronic toys and paperless ways, it would be the perfect addition to my sewing room-less space for paper magazine storage means more room for fabric, and projects!

  136. Fancyness October 12th

    I have sewn since 5th grade when in the 4H Club. I learned a lot from my mother and the rest is self-taught. I recently retired from my secretarial job and have been renewing my skills by sewing for my daughter and granddaughters, and hopefully soon a great grandchild. Threads magazine is relatively new to me and I have learned so much. I can hardly wait to get the next issue. I usually read each one at least twice and keep the current issue on my bed. To have all the back issues on DVD would be a treasure to own!!

  137. cre8girl October 12th

    I have been reading Threads since it first began. I have thought the idea of the DVD was fantastic since you came out with it. I have 75 issues or so but would abbbssolutely looove to have the DVD. Over the yrs I have inspired and helped many to sew. Please pick me and I will put it to good use. Thanks for a great magazine.

  138. sewingbee713 October 12th

    OOOOhh Ooh pick me... what a great idea! Amazing collection in a little bitty space. I'll be waiting on "pins and needles".

  139. SueV October 12th

    While I've never subscribed, I have devoured Threads magazine articles in my local public library. It would be great to have this DVD collection!

    If I had it, I might find in the articles the information I need (and the motivation ?) to finish some of those UFOs!! Sue

  140. User avater fletchen October 12th

    A digital DVD Threads library collection - what a great way for a modern sewer to access tutorials and visual aides! Saves time, saves space and lets me view whatever resource I want on my Macbook *while* I'm working on a project - right next to my serger and sewing machines. I love it. ;)

  141. Barb2658 October 12th

    How awesome to have all that information so readily available! It would be great to have a resource like that, even though I've been sewing for many years I'm always wanting to learn more.

  142. Cherylr1983 October 12th

    WOW!!! Waht a great idea. All my Threads are living in Mississippi not here with me in Mexico. I would love to have this in my hot little hands and have all the information at my fingre tips.

  143. jenslilspace October 12th

    Wow. This would be great! I'd love a copy!

  144. TigerB October 12th

    Why do I need Threads on DVD?

    Two words: PAPER CUTS!

  145. Lynda21 October 12th

    Would love to win this so useful to have on hand and would save hours of going through back issues getting way laid.

  146. pupperwupper October 12th

    What a great prize! I hope to win it!

  147. mikesmonster1 October 12th

    I read my threads magazine's all the time, and at night they are by my bed to read and re read,I only discovered the magazine a couple of years ago, but go to your site to look up information and tips on how to do things and with the DVD I could have in my sewing room on the computer to refer to immediately, wonderful sewing tool

  148. ninabernina October 12th

    What an incredible sewing resource! I have been reading threads for years and would love to have a compiled library such as this1 . Thanks for the opportunity!

  149. Black_Friday October 12th

    This would make a fantastic early Xmas present. Plus I know a few people who would be lining up trying to take my paper copies off my hands.... It would make more space on the bookcase for fabric!

  150. StrawberryGirl October 13th

    I would love to win this DVD archive collection! Great giveaway - thanks for the opportunity!

  151. User avater Muffin58 October 13th

    This sounds like a collection that would be a real treasure, especially for an American girl living in the UK! I find it so difficult to locate dressmaking courses in my area, if I had this resource on my shelf, it would help me to really improve my sewing!

  152. ahearta October 13th

    What a wonderful opportunity! I am a huge fan of the Threads magazine, but I don't have a large collection. Having the entire set on DVD would be fantastic. It would take my sewing to an entirely new level!

  153. Rosies_stuffnsew October 13th

    I think that having a DVD archive is so good. Imagine all the shelf space that would be saved in my tiny residence. I love Threads and always find some intriguing design features or technique that I've never seen before. Thanks for being such a great resource for a novice costumer.

  154. DSDesigns October 13th

    This collection would be a true gift! I wish I had gone to design school like my daughter is now. I'm self-taught but I'm always learning something new. I buy used copies of Threads whenever I can and learn so many things in each issue!

  155. User avater MsMadisson October 13th

    I believe the THREADS 2011 ARCHIVE DVD set is a MUST for any fashion sewer whether beginner or expert.

    Just imagine how overwhelmed with joy and enthusiam I would be knowing that I have the COMPLETE informational guide from A-Z and everything in between that Threads Magazine has provided since 1985-2011.

    For me this would make my Christmas sparkle for 2011!

    Best Regards,

  156. purcul October 13th

    this dvd would be perfect! a gift that will keep giving for years to come. x

  157. SM2 October 13th

    Woo Hoo!! I would LOVE to have this DVD. Thanks for such a great giveaway! :)

  158. TheSewingFool October 13th

    This would be a Fabulous thing to own! I have a binder of clipped atricles but it would be great to have access to all the info Threads has given us sicne 1985.

  159. alisoncat October 13th

    This would be fabulous! I'd love to be able to find articles that easily!

  160. dyeabolical October 13th

    After having just moved my boxes with every issue since #10, I would just love to have this simply to lighten the load if we ever move again! The information is too valuable to just throw away, but it is sooo heavy!

  161. gloriadeb October 13th

    On my wish list. Consulting the genie right now.

  162. jknath October 13th

    This is such a great idea and a wonderful way to have all the expert info from threads all in one place!

  163. User avater squigglytwigs October 13th

    Oh my! This is an awesome giveaway. It's been on my some day wish list for several years.

  164. CathlH October 13th

    love this magazine, such inspiration! Would be great to win!

  165. sweetharsh October 13th

    Would be great to recycle all my sewing magazines, free up some shelf space and learn some new things in the process :)

  166. candyc October 13th

    I just recently got back into sewing and just subscribed to your magazine and love it! I am still learning and devour everything I can get my hands on to improve my skills. Having this collection would be awesome!

  167. sewingmama7 October 13th

    I would love to win this DVD..I have been picking up Threads at the news stand for years and know that my eldest daughter has gotten me a subsription for Christmas this year (she also sews) I keep every one and often refer to them for technigue or ideas..The DVD would be a great asset if I won. I'll cross my fingers til the draw.

  168. sewnutt1 October 13th

    I also save every issue and have found some early ones at yard sales but my collection is incomplete! I often use the index to go back and research techniques. My favorite article was describing using iron-on tape to finish a garment edge-inspiring to use an Ellen Tracey double-sided velour in my stash! I have been able to help a friend with her pants fitting problems. Am always looking for sewing tips that are new or forgotten from the past! Always read the magazine from cover to cover--NEVER do that with any others!
    Threads IS the best magazine for sewing information and inspiration available today.

  169. dem402001 October 13th

    What a great giveaway! I have been saving my back issues and am running out of room - would love to have it all on DVD!

  170. RedCarouselLion October 13th

    I have been recently made aware of this fantastic resource. I would love to have the full set of back issues for further inspiration.

  171. User avater racu October 13th

    What a great prize! For someone like me this would be a fantastic addition to my sewing library. Thanks!

  172. missBolivia October 13th

    This would be everything my sewing room needs to be complete! Wish me luck.....

  173. Nancys_Couture October 13th

    I am always working on perfecting my sewing skills so I would love to hwin this.

  174. SewSkeeter October 13th

    Threads is the only magazine I read cover to cover as soon as my copy arrives. What a luxury to have every issue at my fingertips! Thanks for a great magazine and a wonderful opportunity.

  175. sewsanista October 13th

    This would be the best myself! I found Threads magazine only a couple of years ago. I would love to have a complete set.

  176. lcdrbetty October 13th

    When I have time to sew, that's exactly what I want to do. Having the DVD will greatly reduce the time I spend searching the mags to find the reference I need.

  177. budgetb October 13th

    I have almost all issues of Threads Magazines . I have a three year subscription right now but this DVD would be wonderful. Thank you for the chance to win.

  178. Mrs_Smyth October 13th

    Threads has so many wonderful craft and sewing tips this is any creative artists dream! I would love to have all past issues on DVD in order to expand my creativity and knowledge on sewing. I think it is great that there is such a magazine that caters to those who still know how to sew or have the desire to keep learning more about it! This is a dying art and I love that Threads keeps the interest in it! :)

  179. TRHG October 13th

    This is a fantastic idea. I did something similar a few years ago where I digitized the table of contents for each of my volumes for quick reference.

  180. towens71 October 13th

    This would be a great addition to my sewing stash w/o the clutter & very much more eco-friendly! Thanks!

  181. thatsmyreen October 13th

    awesome giveaway, thank you!

  182. Zippylady October 13th

    Winning this would save me having to flip through several years worth of your magazine looking for an article, I remember seeing/reading, relavant to a garment I am sewing now.

  183. Ensnee October 13th

    WOW! Winning this would make my day!

  184. marymary October 13th

    It would be so nice to have Threads on DVD. I could clear off the sagging shelves of my bookcase that holds all the issues, beginning with the first. Of course, I am a little bit attached to those magazines. Most of them show wear from being read and used over and over.

  185. Winterdreamdragon October 13th

    This is a fantastic giveaway. It would be fantastic if I had an at my fingertips reference like this instead of hunting through all my magazines to find the article I'm looking for. I don't have internet access at home, where I do the majority of my sewing. I get my internet at work and library. I have a computer just no internet. Imagine how much more time I could devote to sewing, expanding my skills and knowledge. I waste sew much time hunting through my growing collection of threads magazines 20+ and growing. :)

  186. lizardqueen22 October 13th

    This's would make a great use of information for me, and would made also my day!

  187. Laurasbuffy October 13th

    I have tons of back issues, but finding what you want involves paging through many, many pages. Searchable, that's the key!

  188. kimfdim October 13th awesome would this be!

  189. User avater smfsprout October 13th

    Every issue on one DVD? This could save hours of searching through past issues, eliminate the dry mouth and stained fingers that come with turning hundreds of pages, do away with eye strain, eliminate paper clutter on bookcases to make room for more fabric stash... and the list just goes on. Owning this DVD is a must for all these reasons and more. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  190. jennx October 13th

    This would be amazing! My shelf just fell down because of the weight from all my Threads back issues. A think my shelf could handle the weight from a DVD!

  191. PetieJ October 13th

    Love Threads magazine. I would be great to have all that information at my fingertips 24/7. Thanks for offering this great DVD.

  192. ngier October 13th

    That would be much easier to organize, rather than all my magazine tears that I've collected over the years. :)

  193. Ahliah October 13th

    I rent studio space in the ArtGarage Gallery and space is limited there. I could keep the DVD's on hand in the studio for fast information while working and still keep my magazine back issues at home for relaxed browsing there! It would also fill in the missing gaps on my back issues. I keep a list of the issue numbers I'm missing in my wallet and check them off as I find them thrift store hunting.

  194. Kiranadia October 13th

    It would be magnificent to own this DVD set. Growing up my mom always sewed and never had the chance to teach me before she passed away. My father restored her sewing machine for me Christmas 2010. I have been teaching myself to sew through articles online, mostly from the magazine's website. It would be a godsend if I had the whole set for my computer instead of trying to scrape up the money for not only the subscription but back issues as well.

    I do hope you pick me.

  195. macabresca October 13th

    I so need it! (and so don't have money to buy it...)

  196. matsu October 13th

    Not enough space to tell you why I need this DVD. That is why I would love to win this giveaway. To free up more space and have all I my Threads Magazines at my finger tips. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  197. CAS48 October 13th

    This will be great for me, a beginning sewist!

  198. karenbruce October 13th

    Every THREADS issue on one DVD...oh my goodness! It's a sewer's dream come true. Thank you for the chance to win. So much info is packed into each issue.

    The DVD would be a wonderful present for my daughter who just graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design. A single DVD would be much easier for her to manage in her tiny little NYC apartment. I have every issue published to date and reference them very often as does she. I would love to win the DVD. I would give it to my daughter so my collection of hard copies could remain with me.

  199. matsu October 13th

    To have this time saving DVD at your fingertips would be amazing. The amout of space it would save would be great all so. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  200. tek96 October 13th

    This is a must for anyone who sews. And I need this so much. What a great way to keep all those magazines in a smaller space. Now what to do with all the magazines?

  201. claire2810 October 13th

    I think this is such a great giveaway and I would love to be the winner. I enjoy doing so many different crafts but I have just invested in a new sewing machine so it would be great to use it a lot more. I think it is a very generous prize and I must say thankyou to you for this opportunity to win it.

  202. laurenc0re October 13th

    what a wonderful giveaway! i love threads & it would be a dream to have all the issues in one easy place, since my house is tiny & i have very little room for storage.

  203. bobelopi October 13th

    Roses are red
    Threads Magazine is neat
    If I were to win
    That would be so sweet
    Oh please please please please
    Thank you very much

  204. JuliaL October 13th

    I'm on the CAB for my local ASG chapter and we're always trying to supplement our current programs with material from our library, including our Threads subscriptions -- a searchable version would make it easier to find more articles than we can do by just sitting around and trying to remember whether we saw something in Threads or not!

  205. SueMetz October 13th

    I love Threads, and I don't think I'll get rid of my complete collection even if I win the DVD!

  206. lindamanla October 13th

    I can't imagine not being able to hold my precious Threads Magazines, but would love the convience of being able to find a artical when I need it.This would be a wonderful addition to my sewing room. Not that I will ever give up my printed copies, but the organization the DVD would have would really be wonderful. Thank you for making it possible to win the DVD, I would call it my best Christmas present ever. thank you

  207. shava23 October 13th

    What a delight to come to the web site today! For ages, I haven't had room to sew. My mother, who had a sewing and alterations shop in our home growing up, was the daughter of a master tailor and a dressmaker -- she used to tell people I "cut my teeth on thread." I have spent more time teaching younger people how to sew than sewing myself in the last couple of decades, as a costumer in community theater.

    Well, at 52 I am about to remarry and move into a house with my new husband, and my mom who is now 90! And we will have room to sew. So I came here to see what was up and start day dreaming about a sewing room...! A DVD would be a wonderful thing. Crossing fingers and toes!

  208. beckysews October 13th

    What a fabulous giveaway! I'd would love to add this to my sewing library. I can't afford to buy Threads every month. Thanks for the chance to win.

  209. CJ_Smith October 13th

    What a great giveaway! There have been several times I've wanted to search for something in a back issue and not been able to. I've belonged to my local ASG Chapter for 11 years and it would be great to have access to this archive of information.

  210. kaysa October 13th

    As someone newish to sewing this would be an awesome reference to have!

  211. User avater shannonstoney October 13th

    This is awesome.

  212. turtlesandowls October 13th

    Searching the dvd would make it soooo much faster to find the right magazine instead of flipping through each one!

  213. Marthamad October 13th

    wow, what a fab resource this would be to take my sewing up several notches!

  214. showdog1719 October 13th

    Whoa, what a great resource and awesome treat!

  215. OMGitsaLisa October 13th

    Wow, having that DVD would really help me in my sewing. I'm not really a beginner, but there are a lot of things I don't know, nor do I have all the time in the world to dig through old magazines for help. This would be so great.

  216. Verotte October 13th

    Thanks to Threads Mag I am becoming a much better sewer. Can't wait to see what gems are in the archives.

  217. User avater nick0166 October 13th

    ooo- this would be the BEST birthday present I could get!

    It would be my new sewing bible- thanks for the super giveaway!

  218. ChloeFH October 13th

    I've got dozens of issues of Threads magazines - which can be challenging to store in my little house - a DVD with all of the issues would be marvelous :-)

  219. KLHood October 13th

    This would be perfect!! I have some gaps in my Threads collection. Also, it would take up so much less space in my house!

  220. Donna_R October 13th

    I subscribe to the magazine but wouldn't this just be great! Sure do hope I win!

  221. blessedmama4 October 13th

    I would love to win this. I don't have ANY room to add more magazines or books to my shelves. I would love to be able to learn from the beginning and improve my sewing!

  222. meemaw247 October 13th

    What a great give-away! I don't think I have much more room in my sewing room for more Threads magazines, so this would be an acceptable alternative! Love Threads, by the way!

  223. MagpieCat October 13th

    I love Threads magazine. Every issue has things that I have to try. Unfortunately, my tiny (8'x8') studio, I don't have room for lots of magazines, so this DVD would be a wonderful solution to my storage problem.

  224. designsbyjanetp October 14th

    Well, I didn't learn about Threads magazine until a couple of years ago, but since then I have been following your newsletter and blog. I would love to be able to have all the past magazine to pour over for all the information and great sewing tips. What great access to have and such a wonderful learning tool. What a wonderful giveaway. Thanks so much.

  225. apa076 October 14th

    I recently started sewing and want to start my own clothing line. I am self taught mostly by reading and watching Youtube videos. I would be so greatful if I won this contest.This would help me so much. I have spent so much money on books and magazines reading and learning about sewing techniques. Thank you

  226. apa076 October 14th

    I recently started sewing and want to start my own clothing line. I am self taught mostly by reading and watching Youtube videos. I would be so greatful if I won this contest.This would help me so much. I have spent so much money on books and magazines reading and learning about sewing techniques. Thank you

  227. trugem October 14th

    Receiving this would be a huge boon for me. Being very tall (and heavy) I find so much satisfaction and success in creating my own wardrobe. I am mostly self-taught and would really enjoy learning new techniques to make my projects even more special. Julie

  228. madeas October 14th

    It is a must because I do not have every single issue from 1985 to 2011, plus, when I am looking for something in the issues that I do have, the addition of the issues on DVD would make the search for what I am trying to find a lot faster

  229. sewerdownunder October 14th

    Would absolutely love to win this! It would mean that I could read the Collection of Threads on my computer any time esp when I'm in bed in the evening and not have a large pile of magazines to tidy up the next day/week/month. It would help reduce marital conflict.

  230. luvso October 14th

    Would appreciate this dvd of Threads magazine issues. There are so
    many good ideas in each issue, and what a great way to find them

  231. 4u2cme October 14th

    I do not have all the back issues and would really, really, love to have the DVD with all of the issues at my fingertip.

  232. LadyKane October 14th

    Being a senior and with the current economy, I've had to cut back on subscriptions, so this DVD would be such a blessing to me. I have so many isssues and love Threads for all the wonderful projects, instruction, pictures and inspiration.

    I would be so thrilled to have this DVD. Thank you Threads.

  233. LadyKane October 14th

    Being a senior and with the current economy, I've had to cut back on subscriptions, so this DVD would be such a blessing to me. I have so many isssues and love Threads for all the wonderful projects, instruction, pictures and inspiration.

    I would be so thrilled to have this DVD. Thank you Threads.

  234. SarahKashmir October 14th

    As a broke college fashion student I would LOVE to have all the back issues of Threads I can't afford to buy. Threads magazine is my construction bible!

  235. User avater fiona9 October 14th

    i LOVE this magazine, gives me so many ideas & inspiration. i started collecting these magazines about 3-4 years ago

  236. SteampunkFishGirl October 14th

    As a fledgling designer, the collection would give me limitless help in my journey for knowledge and creativity.

  237. csblum October 14th

    Would love to win. With so many back issues of Threads it is hard to remember what article was in what issue.

  238. java_jenny October 14th

    I love Threads Magazine and would love to win because I am a fairly new reader so I have *alot* of catching up to do! Thanks for ther chance to win!

  239. User avater SewReel October 14th

    I would LOVE to win the DVD. I do have most of the back issues and could use the extra space in my sewing room. I could then donate my back issues to a new subscriber or new sewer who doesn't have the back issues. Anyone out there from SW Oregon? If I win, I'll bring them to you!

  240. TranceGemini12 October 14th

    Owning this DVD would make my life & home more organized by removing the piles of THREADS stacked around...not to mention how much easier it would be to find that aricle that I am looking for each time...

    would LOVE to have it!
    Judy from Charlotte

  241. User avater mo11yb1ue October 14th

    I would SO MUCH love to have this great DVD resource. The Threads magazines are so full of valuable information and helpful sewing tips that I find myself constantly referring to them - it would be great to have all that knowledge available to me on a single disk. I hope to be luck enough to win the DVD, since money is awfully tight in our house. Thank you for the opportunity to maybe win it.

  242. missbrea October 14th

    This would be an awesome collection to have, especially since I am teaching my friends to sew and it would be a great resource. Also, I was born in 1985 and it would just be neat to have my lifetime's worth of sewing advice.

  243. midnightqueen October 14th

    I would absolutely LOVE to have this DVD!! I don't have all the back issues and I would love to have access to everything.

  244. Barbouille October 15th

    Imagine having all those issues in one (small) place. What a wonderful giveaway!

  245. silknmore October 15th

    I would love to have this DVD - could then rid myself of years of paper and make it more searchable.

  246. AnnieLR October 15th

    Well, I've loved Threads from the very beginning--I might even have the first issue floating around somewhere. And that's the problem: mountains of paper can't remain with me forever, even though I've missed many issues over the years when not financially able to afford them. Actually, if I don't win this giveaway (and I don't expect to, since I never win), then I will buy the latest DVD when it's available at the end of the year! Thanks for this great opportunity to tell you that I love Threads and always will!

  247. CMarieE October 15th

    I would love to be able to search and find the exact info I needed, it would save so much time!

  248. Mar1l1ze October 15th

    Oh my goodness! What a neat way to have access to all those patterns, tips and know-how gathered over 26 years. As a new sewer this will be a life-saver :)

  249. busybeads63 October 15th

    This is such a great resource, I would love to have it!

  250. Fripperie October 15th

    With a searchable version, i wouldn't have spent such a large chunk of the afternoon trying to find my scattered paper issues and locate an article for a friend i'm trying to convert into a sewer!

  251. sewsewfun October 15th

    I've been reading (and subscribing to) Threads since the very early days. When working on projects, I can hit a snag. And, there's always that thought: "I think there was an article in Threads that covers exactly what I need !!" -- I can see the artwork, I can imagine the cover -- but I cannot recall what year or issue to check. Computer access to all the articles would be fantastic !!

  252. SmockingMom October 15th

    As a busy mom of 4, I find very little time to do things for me. I am excited to finally start sewing for myself again. Since time is limited it would be a giant help to be able to search through my years of issues on my computer. Thank you for offering this!

  253. LauriR October 16th

    What a great idea! Keeping all the information in one small, easy to research, place would be ideal for my tiny sewing space. Thanks for a chance to capture this resource.

  254. smockerlady October 16th

    Hi to everyone at Threads.

    Would I just adore to win this fabulous giveaway!!

    I have recently relocated back to the U.K from my early retirement in in rented accommodation and space is at a premium. All my sewing magazines and books are currently in storage and I am lost without them.

    Winning the DVD would mean that at the press of my computer button, I could once more have all the knowledge I need at my fingertips and get me back in the sewing room.

    Have my fingers and toes crossed, and everything else too!
    Good luck to everyone.

  255. dgflb October 16th

    Would love this!

  256. HelenS October 16th

    I have every issue of Threads - since the beginning of time. It takes up two shelves in my bookcase. I would love to replace them with a single DVD and donate my collection to the library.

  257. januarypaula October 16th

    How I would love to have this DVD. How much easier it would be to search for that elusive item I remember reading, and even ones I don't remember reading! It certainly would save an awful lot of time in today's time-crunched society. How desirable it would be to own this.

  258. SewingDora October 16th

    I love Threads magazine! The articles are well written and informative, especially for someone who hasn't been sewing clothing. Hope I win this treasure trove of sewing tips so that all the information is a search away.

  259. EstherH October 16th

    i love threads!! this would be a dream come true. all the sewing techniques you could ask for in one disc. must have...

  260. kommst2 October 16th

    I would love to have this collection, due the economy and the difficulty to fine something on my size (have 4 different sizes 1 for tops, jackets, pants and skirts) I have decided to take sewing to build my own clothes that will fit me and this will help me to learn how to sew

  261. Hobbyjunkie October 16th

    I have been doing a lot more sewing lately and need a lot of help!

  262. thill60 October 16th

    WOW!! That would be a fantastic thing to own!! It would make researching techniques, etc so much faster & easier!!

  263. sewgramms October 16th

    I've had to get rid of most of my old sewing mags and books. This would be wonderful.

  264. raslalique October 16th

    Oh my! I'd be so excited to have this and will definitely be buying it even if I don't win. Threads is hard to get here. Every two months I stake out my bookstore waiting for the four or five copies that they get. Some issues I miss because someone beat me to it :-)!

  265. Yarner October 16th

    I would LOVE to win this. For as long as I can remember my mother has been sewing, and I've been watching her sew. I now sew myself as wee, and I know that I could learn so much from this magazine DVD. It would give me fresh ideas, and help me to learn more about sewing. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  266. foxxhill October 16th

    Sewing, knitting and weaving my own clothes is my way of
    ignoring Wall Street. If I can make it I dont need to buy it. Manufacturers never take the ordinary person into consideration when they come up with some of the clothes seen on the racks today. They are cheaply made, do not last and do not fit. This DVD will help me be a better sewer.

  267. Willi44 October 16th

    I just bought several old Threads at an estate sale and realize how much I am missing by not having the early out of print issues. The CD would complete my collection and make more shelf space in my overflowing sewing room.

  268. User avater StringyDogs October 16th

    As a kid, my mom was my best instructor. She sewed most of her life and had the advantage of having taken several sewing and tailoring classes. I lost her about 5 years ago. When I talk sewing to other people, I find that I put more time and am pickier than the folks I find to talk to. Surprise, not everyone's mom could sew -- let alone sew well.

    I have had a subscription to Threads for nearly 10 years. I subscribed the day I ran across it. I would be really happy to have the reference of the previous years. It would help me stay as picky as mom was. :-)

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  269. TereSabon October 17th

    I used to subscribe to Threads but had to cancel my subscription when I ran out of storage space to keep them. I treasure the copies of Threads that I have. To have all the Threads magazines on a CD will be a treasure and in time a family heirloom to pass on to my daughter and her daughter both of whom love sewing.

    Many thanks for making Threads available in this format. Great idea.

  270. Kulbinder October 17th

    I'd love to win the DVD!
    I have almost every issue of Threads as well as a fantastic collection of books - assembled over the last 40 years. However I am downsizing and will not have the space to take my library with me.

  271. Cindyha October 17th

    I'd love to own this DVD. Thanks for the giveaway!

  272. daniellebeard28 October 17th

    This dvd would be amazing to own. I haven't been sewing very long and this would make learning sooo much easier.

  273. daniellebeard28 October 17th

    This dvd would be amazing to own. I haven't been sewing very long and this would make learning sooo much easier.

  274. daniellebeard28 October 17th

    This dvd would be amazing to own. I haven't been sewing very long and this would make learning sooo much easier.

  275. daniellebeard28 October 17th

    This dvd would be amazing to own. I haven't been sewing very long and this would make learning sooo much easier.

  276. daniellebeard28 October 17th

    This dvd would be amazing to own. I haven't been sewing very long and this would make learning sooo much easier.

  277. daniellebeard28 October 17th

    This dvd would be amazing to own. I haven't been sewing very long and this would make learning sooo much easier.

  278. daniellebeard28 October 17th

    This dvd would be amazing to own. I haven't been sewing very long and this would make learning sooo much easier and I would have alot more fun.

  279. daniellebeard28 October 17th

    This dvd would be amazing to own. I haven't been sewing very long and this would make learning sooo much easier and I would have alot more fun.

  280. daniellebeard28 October 17th

    This dvd would be amazing to own. I haven't been sewing very long and this would make learning sooo much easier and I would have alot more fun.

  281. daniellebeard28 October 17th

    This dvd would be amazing to own. I haven't been sewing very long and this would make learning sooo much easier and I would have alot more fun.

  282. Couturegirl October 17th

    This would be a wonderful addition to my sewing library to help me increase my couture sewing skills.

  283. PatternedHistory October 17th

    This comment is my official entry for the DVD Drawing. This prize is SUPER RAD!

  284. purplebouquet October 17th

    Joining the crowd of me, too's. Whenever I thumb through one of my archive issues, I discover a new sewing tip or other valuable information. Each edition seems to generate new copy just by sitting on my bookshelf.

  285. KayGV October 17th

    I would love to have the DVD version of Threads to use with my refugee sewing students. Many of them are visual learners who want to work from the inspiration of a well photographed, completed garment through the steps that make it a reality. It is especially helpful to have the expert articles on tailoring, since a few students aspire to this kind of work for local companies and retail stores. I also help with fund raising for our non-profit agency, Iskashitaa Sewing and Crafting Circle, so having the complete list of vendors would help me identify likely contributors to our projects and to meet the needs of these genuinely needy new Americans! I hope Threads can help, too, by awarding a copy of the DVD Archive. Thank you for your consideration!

    Phyllis Bolt Bannister

  286. lvstosew October 17th

    Oh wow this would be so awesome to winn its not in the playing cards for me to be able to get your wounderfull magazine and this would help me learn new skills and tricks to sewing garmets that i can be proud of also would be easy to store and always know where my threads would be when needed thanks for this offer and chance to win a great dvd

  287. happy777day October 18th

    It would be wonderful to win these magazines. What treasure trove of information at your finger tips. I have sewn since I was 5 years old when I received my first Singer Sewing Machine for my birthday. It was a tiny childs machine & I used it to make my Barbie Clothes on it.

    I purchase Threads Magazine nearly every issue. It would be great to have them on DVD for quick reference. The sewing tips, advice & examples are the best out there. Thank you for printing such a fine magazine. Wish me luck!

  288. FranceHoude October 18th

    I'd really love to win this. I am a passionate sewer & patternmaker. I went back to college at age 50 in order to learn about the work of a patternmaker. I've studied for 2 years, and wanted to work in that area, but this is difficult these days, as everything is made in China. I was passionnate at all my courses at college. I'd really like to work in that area in my retreat. I am now working in Desjardins, however it would be my dream to be able to be full time working on sewing & patternmaking. And yes, I'd need this DVD Threads magazine Archives. This would be a tremendous tool for me. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win at this giveway. France Houde

  289. cecine October 18th

    Wow this is fabulous prize to win. I subscribe to your magazine 2 years ago and I love every issue of it. To win the CD collection and to see all the magazine since the beginning will be so.....fantastic. Thanks

  290. joshel October 18th

    What a neat idea! I love Threads Magazine with their wealth of ideas and patterns. To own the entire set would be awesome! Best wishes and good luck to all of us!

  291. Smigg October 18th

    Wonderful idea! Threads is my go-to resource.

  292. Sonnie40 October 18th

    I would love to have this DVD. I love the magazine, and the articles are very timely and useful. Every time that I find a reference to an article, I spend a lot of time searching for the magazine with the article. Seems like if I had the DVD, I would spend much less time searching for the misfiled magazine. Thanks for the offer, and wonderful magazine.

  293. loeloe October 18th

    Want it, need it, gotta have it!

  294. bubblebear October 18th

    Have been a pattern purchaser for years now and it would be nice to be able to access all of the tricks of the trade without having to search the internet looking for what I need. This would allow me to find everything in one place.

  295. BridgetMaeve October 18th

    What a lovely and generous prize! I would like to fall asleep reading this each night!

  296. Swoozie October 18th

    Threads is an inspiration to me. I am sewing more and trying more difficult items. Thanks-keep up the good work. Winning this CD would allow me to keep up the good work with a wonderful data base of info!


  297. fabtester October 18th

    The DVD would let me have more room for books and projects, although I can't imagine parting with all my issues of Threads!

  298. MarcellaVO October 18th

    Too bad this is a random selection, because I could wax oh so poetic about how much Threads has supplemented my formal education when acquiring my apparel design degree all those years ago. I'd be lost with out you. Your illustrations are perfect. You speak to the heart of me. This is a dream come true. What a treasure it would be to have this DVD!!!

  299. dagmarthor October 18th

    I would love to win this as I am soon moving to a new house half the size of my current one and I will have to seriously reduce my sewing things. This DVD could allow me to take more of what I have with me!

  300. Juli1961 October 18th

    I would love to get my hands on this. I have been sewing for over 40 years and I know that there is more I could learn.

  301. cjsil October 18th

    why must I have it? I don't have to have it - I have every issue of threads dating back to the 80s. There are some articles I go to again and again and again (perfect lapels being one). But they are in my garage, along with hundreds of other sewing magazines. And when I am searching for an article, well I get distracted. I look at this pattern, or this idea or dream about all the patterns in my stash.

    Which means that it is hours later and I haven't sewn anything.

    So having the collection would mean I would actually spend more time sewing.

  302. emilynd06 October 18th

    I have limited sewing space, so I don't buy as many books as I'd like. This would solve that problem perfectly!

  303. SWoerner October 18th

    I have started sewing again since I became disabled. Unfortunately, disability does not allow me the luxury to afford the magazine subscription. So many techniques have changed for the better and like everyone else I am constantly searching the internet to find new information. Threads site has helped tremendously and I would love to win this set. It would be so exciting to win and I couldn't thank you enough.

  304. MadeByMarnie October 18th

    This is exactly what I need! I so hope I am the lucky winner!!

  305. User avater graceanne October 18th

    To think of a resource such as this being available in one disc is remarkable. Years of hard work condensed to become so readily accessible is much too hard to resist, it is a resource worth having in my opinion. Thank-you for putting it together as I am certain it took lots of hard work and thank-you for generously making it available here.

  306. jayned October 18th

    My sagging bookshelves would thank you and so would I. To be able to find info with the click of a key is just one step down from miraculous. I love Threads and to have access at my fingertips is a dream come true. I have to have this set!!

  307. LAKBerry October 18th

    I would love to win this archive. I have NO space in my sewing room, but I am unwilling to part with my highly valuded past issues of THREADS... the magazines are spilling out into the rest of the house - much to my husband's dismay. This would save my sanity, give me more sewing space and possibly save my marriage by giving me the gift of space ;}

  308. Lhen October 18th

    I would love to have this resource! I have been downsizing since I am now an empty nester and just cannot store all my old threads magazines. Sewing is a constant solace and passion for me. Thanks for a great magazine!

  309. LivingLRG October 18th

    I have a bunch of Threads mags from over the last 30 years but what I wouldn't give to have them all!!! I still refer back to old issues.

  310. User avater beckymc7 October 18th

    I have collected Threads for years, but I don't have all the issues. I have spent hours searching the back issues for a specific technique that I remembered reading about. I would LOVE to win this set so I could have all the issues, and be able to search for exactly what I need.
    I wrote a haiku:

    One DVD set
    Replaces unsorted stacks,
    Enter my name, PLEASE!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  311. DenimDiva2day October 18th

    What a dream come true this would be!

  312. kariko October 18th

    How awesome would this be! I would love to have this set with all the tips and tutorials and advice!

  313. Sewbuddie October 18th

    I am missing just a couple of the earliest Threads. would love to have this DVD. I keep going back to them time and again.
    Thanks for this give-away.

  314. Dalphinium October 18th

    Love this mag! Have almost all, if not all, issues since the beginning...would love to downsize (considerably) to the DVD.

  315. gjeneve October 18th

    For years I collected Threads and then we moved I had to get rid of them. I miss my old copies. I enjoyed looking through them. Would love to be able to replace them and have them take up so little space.

  316. Lhen October 18th

    Threads has been a source of information and inspiration for me for years! I would love to have the riches available to me on my computer and be able to search efficiently for the information I need. Wish me luck!

  317. BonnieGK October 18th

    I am nearing retirement and downsizing to prepare. Sadly, many sewing books and magazines from years back will have to go. At the same time, I plan to do MORE passion. It would be wonderful to have Threads DVDs so I can update my skills, reduce storage space needs, and have the ability to search what I am looking for in a moment!

  318. susanmountain October 18th

    If i won this Dvd, I would take my Threads mags ( nicely kept in my sewing room) to my local thrift store- to help local charities, and someone else will buy and enjoy this wonderful, wonderful learning magazine

  319. TDSollog October 18th

    I've been sewing as hobbyist since I was about 12 years old (I'm 40 now). This DVD set would be a FANTASTIC reference for me, because I'm seriously planning to get out of my current place of employment, due to health issues, and this would help me find more purpose and possibly make a living wage.

  320. User avater bigeff October 18th

    Hmmm.......I think I would rather win the Threads disc than the Dream House giveaway. How devoted is that?

  321. diamondastinger October 18th

    Threads magazine, please make my dreams come true!

  322. momadd October 18th

    I would love to have this resource at my fingertips. I don't have the space to store all the issues and I'm sure that a lot of them are out of print from the early years, so this would be the only way to get them.

  323. Carla October 18th

    I just started a subscription to Threads Magazine and would be thrilled to win the back issues on DVD.

  324. larkwd October 18th

    What a great way to find an article or subject quickly. I have to have it!

  325. Carly_Sue October 18th

    I would love to have this archive of Threads. Your magazine is the best one of this type on the market. I have issues from past years, but would love to be able to see what all is in these on the CD's.

    Thanks for giving it to one lucky winner. May I be her!!

  326. overshotqueen October 18th

    This would be wonderful to win. I own some issues of Threads and wish I owned them all. I greatly admire the technical expertise and the creativity of the magazine contributers. I am self taught and would love to have access to all of the issues, as I have many holes in my sewing knowledge!

  327. mrs_peel October 18th

    Like many others, this would a great gift! It might even help my sewing slump. I could even clear the space from my Threads magazines for more fabric!

  328. User avater debit October 18th

    I would love to win this. I love threads and read it cover to cover every month.

  329. MaryYM October 18th

    I'm starting to sew again after several years away. This would help me see what I missed as well as learn new things.

  330. User avater mgastnz October 18th

    I have been a subscriber to Threads for years, both at home and for my school. I teach textiles/sewing in a secondary school. The students use your tips to help them sort out all kinds of problems and to upskill. The only problem is wading through the magazines. We haven't quite managed a system for that. Having back issues on the computer would make it alot easier to search for those needed tips. We could really use this!

  331. lillismimi October 18th

    Oh, what a treat!!! Sew much information at my fingertips!!! I would love to win!!!

  332. JudyRPorter October 18th

    I'm a very long-time reader of Threads. It's a little pricey, and I usually check them out at the library or pick some up at the library sale. Of course, the ones from the sale I keep permanently and refer back to often. I started sewing when I was about six, making doll clothes. My mother taught me. Please send me the CD. I've love to see all the articles I've missed.

  333. suz_pearson October 18th

    I would Treasure this and love it so I can use it to teach the next generation of sewers in my family. I would love to buy it when it comes out, but as I have just lost my job winning it is my only option at this point. :)

  334. lorelle01 October 18th

    I love Threads magazine and find the technical articles so helpful that I photocopy and file most of these articles. The DVD would not only save me from all this work, but it would also save some trees!

  335. Finefelt October 18th

    I really like the idea of being able to browse all those back numbers; and the possibility of searching for a specific topic would be so useful. I enjoy the current editions of the magazine and would love to see the early ones. Even if a few of the techniques they may describe are out of date, they will still be fascinating, and I suspect that most of them will still be relevant.

  336. Marylin64 October 18th

    I have the first issue of Threads and have been a subscriber for more years then I want to recall. I read the magazine from cover to cover. I get ideas and information from each issue.

  337. MerrySunshine October 18th

    Being a Threads subscriber for many years, I would save my issues for a year, and then cut out all the articles I knew I would use and put them in a binder. And the binder grew... Trust me, the DVD is a much better way of storing and retreiving the information I need.

  338. PattySews October 18th

    I've been salivating over this DVD set for more than a year, but other expenses keep getting in the way. I'd love to win so I can step up my game!

  339. FlannelCatCreations October 18th

    I have been collecting Threads Magazine for many years, through subscriptions, ebay, friends, etc., but I have many missing ones and this would be fantastic to get to complete my collection. I have been wanting to purchase the CD for a long time, but something always comes up and I don't have the funds. I would love to be the one to win it, I would use it all the time for ideas and inspiration, techniques and articles. Thank you and good luck to everyone!

  340. savannagal October 18th

    What a wonderful giveaway. I can honestly say I've never watched Project Runway or any of the other reality-type shows. They are just not interesting to me. But I would love to learn more about sewing. I'm not very good yet. Thanks much.

  341. LibLady October 18th

    Every time I visit the Threads site I look at the magazines to see if it is possible that the complete DVDs or the Best of DVDs are on sale. I have put them on my Christmas list for several years but have not been a good enough girl to get them, I guess. It would be a dream come true to have my name picked in this contest.

  342. srb5132 October 18th

    I would love to win this DVD. I would be able to help so many people if I had this in my collection. My daughter is always asking me for help with her projects. My stepdaughter has just asked me to teach her how to sew. I volunteer at my local high school theatre department by sewing costumes and teaching the students how to sew. Threads always had such great articles and step by step instructions for basic and advanced techniques. Thank you.

  343. User avater fitch October 18th

    I'm a costumer for community theater. The vintage item on the back cover gives me a feel for a time period when researching a show. That the dvd includes the advertising is a brilliant idea, my Mikado would not have won the local award without the source for vintage kimonos I found in the back pages.

  344. MagpieAnnie October 18th

    Why would I LOVE to win this DVD? It has everything for the sewaholic! I have been a subscriber to Threads Magazine since the summer 2010, when I discovered the magazine on a trip to the UK. I would love to have all the previous issues.

  345. LMeyerArtist October 18th

    If I had the Archive DVD, I could pass on my many saved issues of Threads!

  346. TuxedoMom October 18th

    Threads is an invaluable tool for my sewing projects. I always find at least one article each issue that I absolutely needed for something that I'm working on. And I save every issue, knowing that whatever I need in the future will be covered somewhere. It is so exciting to see so many people sewing again, and especially to see so many men becoming interested in sewing. I can't imagine having to complete some of my projects without Threads!

  347. Paceda October 18th

    This would be awesome!

  348. bobbikg October 18th

    To have the Threads Archives at my fingertips would be amazing.
    I would love to win this giveaway.

  349. Celciel October 18th

    Wow!! a chance of a lifetime to actually win a copy of what is probably the most sought after dvd set on fitting ever created!! I LOVE Threads magazine and all of the products they offer.

  350. AnnieLong October 18th

    Great Mag! Can't wait to win

  351. Pilgrim900 October 18th

    My bookcases are filled with a zillion issues of Threads. I would love to win the DVD and give these magazines to someone who doesn't have the funds to buy them. Hopefully, until then, I'll continue to read my back issues for creative inspiration.

  352. smyoker October 18th

    i would love to win this!!! i have 'the best of threads' and love it, but this would be fantastic !

  353. DellAnnT October 18th

    This would be so helpful to get me out of beginners sewing. Be able to look up everything would be wonderful!

  354. Racingmom13 October 18th

    Positively, absolutely would love this! I keep all my Threads magazines, but have yellow sticky notes sticking out with articles marked. Would love this!

  355. razel718 October 18th

    I would love to have access to the early editions of the magazine and all the valuable tips. Having the magazines on DVD would be very handy.

  356. ckt398 October 18th

    I love the patterns, hints, and great ideas in Threads but have only a few copies of the magazine. The DVD would be so great to have...with hints and sewing tips at hand.

  357. FernandaM October 18th

    What a wonderful giveaway - thank you!! I need it because I am a beginner sewist who loves sewing a lot and I really want to improve!!

  358. Sew91 October 18th

    It would enable me to make more efficient use of my Theads collection. Thanks.

  359. 3feathers October 18th

    Oh, Wow! This would be so wonderful to have! I've bought copies through the years when the budget was right. Loved everyone of them and have them lovingly stored for references. This DVD would be the complete library, and I could give my paper copies to my daughter.

    Nicole Romero

  360. lbopp October 18th

    Winning this would help me bring the things I sew for myself, my family and for profit to a more professional level. Threads is a magnificent magazine and having the 26 year history at my fingertips would be magnificent.

  361. jvs720 October 18th

    I absolutely cannot live without Threads Magazine. It is the ONLY sewing mag I subscribe to. I've been a sewer for more years than I can remember, and Threads is my bible. It has given me more hours of sewing advice and pleasure. I've learned so much and am eager to review some of the sewing articles and techniques. I consider myself a competent seamstress thanks to Threads. I would read and cherish every issue because I've lost so many of the old ones through the years. Besides, my bookshelf is getting crowded and I could use the room.
    Thanks for all the years of happy sewing.

  362. Vintage_Fashionista October 18th

    I hope the prize is awarded just through dumb luck since I probably don't deserve it as much as some of the others. However, I have been a subscriber since near the beginning of the magazine. If I had not had to move 7 times in the last 23 years, I would still have all those old issues. This disk has had me lusting for it the past year or so - just haven't had the extra moola on hand for it. I started sewing at 10 and went back to school for a degree in Fashion Design at 49. All that experience helped me get high grades, but jobs in the industry in the US are hard to get. I ended up dealing in vintage clothing, as well as designing and making custom hats. Both require a good deal of sewing. Still find time to sew for myself now and then. Would love to have this wonderful DVD to reference!

  363. magreader October 18th

    What a great collection! I love that the Threads articles are so timeless and useful, since I have different "stages" of where I am in my sewing needs and interests over time.

  364. SewcietyMaven October 18th

    Absolutely! The thought of having so much information in one place is mind-boggling. Such a time-saver!

  365. emilycastillo October 18th

    Owning the Threads DVD Archive would allow me to access an article about a technique very easily, print it out and work on it in my sewing nook with every garment I sew. My sewing skills would improve, and for me that's what it's all about. I would really love it.

  366. maquilts October 18th

    I am a quilter but have just started garment construction. Your newsletters are great for helping me make good decisions. I would love to win this collection and move on to greater abilities.

  367. izzie October 18th

    This would be a wonderful addition to my sewing library. While I do have all the issues of Threads dating back to 1990, it would be nice to have the articles so easily accessible. Will I throw out my magazines if I win? No way!

  368. GrammySusan October 18th

    It would be wonderful to get Threads again.

  369. User avater dewdrops October 18th

    I love having this on CD! It is so easy to search for what you want. Now that I have purged most of my back issues (that was tough!) I have more room for fabric and embellishments. Life is good!

  370. kathydsews October 18th

    Oh to be the lucky person who wins it! I would absolutely love to have the early issues, to be able to look up anything without searching thru my magazines. To be able to pass on the magazines would release room for other stash items too. I can only hope.

  371. User avater auschick October 18th

    that would be great for expanding my skill set!

  372. ldemp October 18th

    I would give this archive to my daughter who is just starting to get interested in sewing. She would probably then ask me for a subscription to Threads so she can keep current.

  373. sewtennis October 18th

    I think this is one of the best ideas. I have subscribed and collected Threads Magazine for years and would love to have all this information compiled into one source. Threads Magazine has some of the most complete articles not to mention great color pictures that help illustrate the steps. I look forward to every issue.

  374. dogsndolls2 October 18th

    I haven't subscribed to Threads for quite a few years because my library USED to carry it. But I love the information that it provides, especially because I live on an island 13 miles out in the Atlantic and there are no sewing classes or clubs here. Once in a while I do treat myself to a copy when I travel 100 miles to the closest fabric store. Being able to access the info online would be amazing!


  375. loverly October 18th

    I thoroughly love Threads magazine. It is the most reachable, savvy and up-to-date sewing magazine on the market. Project Runway contestants should all be familiar with it. The multi-issue DVD should be their creative fashion go-to "bible." Although Viktor played it somewhat safe the last contest, I believe he would be a designer the majority of women would buy. Threads -- keep up the good work. I look forward to my issues for years to come.

  376. jcappola October 18th

    What a great idea having all the info on an easy to search DVD! I have been a subscriber since the "old days" and the magazines are taking over my house. I would love to clear out my cabinet, donate the magazines to the library or sewing club, and find inspiration and ideas instantly! Threads is my very favorite magazine and it is read cover to cover every issue.

  377. cloud_9 October 18th

    26 years of Threads magazine would be an amazing reference that I would really love to own. I hope I win this. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  378. MaddyND October 18th

    We recently downsized to an apartment from a house. I didn't have room for my years and years of Threads magazines, so they had to find a new home. It KILLED me to not bring them but I had to make tough choices all over the place. This DVD collection would soothe my yearning for looking up all those wonderful tips and articles from years gone by. It certainly will make searching for articles much easier. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  379. moonus October 18th

    I would have so much more space in my sewing room with a copy of the Threads Library on CD. I could fill my room with even more beautiful Threads projects.

  380. 247kath October 18th

    I have read Treads Magazine for years and have quite a collection. Would be great to have all articles easily available. What a fantastic reference!!

  381. nncw12 October 18th

    This would be really good for my sewing development. i sew simple bags/pouches, and I've really wanted to get into more in depth with clothing. This is a great giveaway, and thanks for doing it!

  382. LadyOlivia October 18th

    I just love reading Threads to get inspired to sew. I especially like the Quick to Make articles. They're great for gift-giving and having all the magazines on a DVD collection would be a great help in finding past favorite articles and projects. Then I wouldn't have to waste all that time searching thru my magazines.

  383. IAsewer October 18th

    Threads has the greatest ideas and how-to's. I would LOVE to have the entire searchable archive. What a wonderful collection! Thanks for giving us the chance to win it.

  384. fabricstitcher October 18th

    oh my heavens! That would be fantastic - to have all that information at my fingertips instead of half a bookshelf. PLUS being able to search for information quickly instead of trying to remember what year it might have been in.

  385. User avater aindava October 18th

    Oh, how I long for this DVD! It would be so very nice to win it. I've wanted one for quite some time. Great offering!

  386. Jenerator October 18th

    I've been wanting this CD since they were first offered a few years ago, but my budget tends more towards fabric and haberdashery than magazine collections, sadly. If I won the CD though, I wouldn't have to choose!

  387. starrsewsabit October 18th

    Years in the military, as a wife, through 14 states and 4 foreign countries have taken a toll on all my back issues of Threads. When we finally "retired", after years of Threads withdrawals, I finally managed to re-purchase most of the back issues on-line. I still am missing many of the recent years--people just won't give them up! Having a DVD of ALL the issues would certianly be easier.

  388. sweetnothings October 18th

    Wow! Really? This would be an such a great resource. I keep looking for back issues that I do not have at garage sales.
    Thanks for the opportunity

  389. sewright4you October 18th

    Threads always has my back. If I am stuck on a problem fitting or stuck in a sewing rut, Threads comes to my rescue. Also to have the library on DVD would be sure a space saver. I never throw my issues away, because I always need them! If I had everything on DVD, I could access the info much easily.

  390. SewAnnieSew October 18th

    I have recently retired and am just getting back into sewing. What a treasure of a resource this would be for anyone but particularly someone who is trying to catch up all they missed when they did not have time earlier! A.

  391. Reseta October 18th

    I don't have every issue and, to be able to put a word in and go to that edition would save me so many hours of searching. That would be phenomenal! I might even be able to really increase my sewing ability, or should I say abilities since there are so many options in twenty-six years of issues.

  392. loisg October 18th

    I would SO MUCH love to win this archive DVD of Threads Mag. I hate to part with any of my issues but I love giving it to friends who sew and have given gift subscriptions. But knowing that I can look into that many back issues and have the ease of searching for anything at all would be the greatest! Then I don't have to mind giving away any Threads to encourage others to read this great magazine. Thanks for the opportunity.

  393. pdlb1956 October 18th

    What a fabulous prize! i'm always searching for videos online because I can't find what I'm looking for in books. Our library is too small since I'm in the country and When we moved I didn't have room for all my magazines. love Threads, it is by far the best sewing mag available.

  394. ggf October 18th

    I am 71 years old and really enjoy sewing but some tasks that came so easily years ago now seem to escape my memory. Having an archive of Threads on DVD would be so very helpful and would surely keep my sewing for many more years.

  395. User avater crg October 18th

    Threads is the best sewing magazine available. i don't have all the years of magazines, just the last 4 or 5 years. they take up a lot of room. the DVD would give me more information from the years that i don't have and use less room in my sewing room.
    thanks, cathy g

  396. Grace10 October 18th

    Having lost my company and job in the economic downturn, I could really use the DVD set to help me restyle/refit what I have and also to sew a new wardrobe.
    In addition, I am working with a friend to design and sew some high end jackets to start a new line of clothes. The Threads library would be invaluable to my efforts. The jackets need to be high quality, sewn and designed with classic style;Threads is a perfect reference.

  397. Pammur October 18th

    What a great prize! Thank you for offering this. I love the forums here, and read every issue of Threads Magazine from cover to cover.

  398. dtretired2003 October 18th

    What an awesome giveaway. I would love to win the DVD library of my favorite magazine. I have 20 plus years of THREADS on a shelf in my sewing room. Oh to have the space for more of my stash!

  399. SuzannahAshley October 18th

    I've recently gotten into trying to sew my own clothes, and just started a subscription to Threads a few weeks ago. I'd love to see all the tips and useful information in these past issues!

  400. craftilady October 18th

    To have eveything on one disk would be a big bonus for me. My house is small and I have only so much space to store my magazines.

  401. Bluethistle17 October 18th

    I would love to win the DVD as I get very distracted looking for some information in past issues. It would help keep me on a straight track instead of thinking of other things to make or do.

  402. kiiwilass October 18th

    I have only been a subscriber to Threads for 2 years and my public library only stocks a few back issues, so I'd love this box set so I had easy access to all those older articles. I'm sure my sewing would benefit, just as I see my sewing getting better every time I use some tip or skill from my Threads magazines

  403. ArtofRed October 18th

    What a wonderful giveaway! I don't have a sewing DVD but would love to own this one as I am mostly a self taught sewer and would find a resource like this to be of great help! Thanks..:o)

  404. jmore October 18th

    Anyone who has sewn for years would appreciate this gift.
    What a wonderful idea putting all this information on a
    DVD. I really would love to have this as a Christmas present from Threads. Thank you.

  405. lauriesannie October 18th

    What a wonderful giveaway. I'm a charter subscriber so you can imagine what a boon this would be to me. I often forget what a treasure I have until I see some reference to an older issue in an article on the net. The most recent case in point is an article about making a Chanel jacket. It has been very helpful.

  406. SEWNYA October 18th

    WOW! Would my husband ever love that! Then he "might" be able to get me to part with years of accumulated magazines. Although, there is still something about just opening that magazine and thinking about all I could do if I just had more time.

  407. User avater tusche October 18th

    Downsizing and uploading is the future. Love to receive this giveaway.

  408. PeeWee62 October 18th

    Threads Magazine was the best investment I ever made. It answered every question I ever had about sewing, and some questions I didn't even know I had until I saw the articles. Even if I had the Threads Magazine Archive, I would probably still keep all my magazines. But imagine how easy it would be to look things up with the archives!!! Wow!

  409. teresalynn October 18th

    Wonderful DVD. Great product.

  410. Keren_D October 18th

    I love learning new sewing techniques and threads teaches me so much. I'd love to win.

  411. ladylacer October 18th

    I do not have very many of the threads magazines so to have all of the magazines available would be wonderful. I have entered and won the Make it With Wool contest and many of the threads articals are very helpful for this.
    Thank you

  412. hotdotyuki October 18th

    This wonderful giveaway would reduce the amount of space needed on my bookshelf. It would be great to be able to access information directly from the computer. I would love to have it.

  413. kathern October 18th

    I have been sewing for more then 50 yr. i would love to take all the threads of 26 yr an convert them into a modern CD, i then could give my olld threads into a gift to a friend. This magazine has taught me a lot plus working for a dress factory after highschool. keep up the good work THREADS

  414. ashaw October 18th

    This would be a great thing for me and my daughters...without taking up a lot of space! I am trying to get rid of clutter, yet remain crafty!

  415. User avater Kayle9 October 18th

    My husband is ever so hopeful that part of my reorganization of the sewing room / office will entail getting rid of all my old sewing magazines. The digital archive would be rather helpful in achieving marital harmony in the space allocation.

  416. Sergerqueen October 18th

    In these days of too much clutter, the Threads dvd set is the perfect solution to downsizing in the sewing room!

  417. NMyPJz October 18th

    Oh all the things I could do with Threads as an inspiration!

  418. Lynne_in_Oz October 18th

    The CD sounds wonderful. I had a collection going back to Issue 53, but lost the lot in the big bushfires that destroyed our little town in February 2009. Maybe it is the answer for me. I have a young friend whose ambition is to become a fashion designer when she finishes school with whom I share my Threads magazines. She is learning a lot from your articles.

  419. MM2Five October 18th

    The ART of Sewing is alive and well on the pages of Threads. Having Threads on DVD would allow this fabriholic to come out of the closet and onto a desktop. How liberating is that? Please, please, randomly pick me for this wonderful gift!!!

  420. OkStevens October 18th

    Why do I want a DVD of all the information Threads has ever written, drawn, photographed and communicated? Let me count the ways: for art ideas, for bound buttonholes, for creativity, design skills, enclosed seam techniques, fabric sources, gussets, hemlines, interlining, jackets, knits, lapels, mitered corners, news on notions, opening options, pants and princess lines, quilting, roll lines, selvages and seam bindings, tailoring, underlining, sleeve vents, welts, thinking outside of the boX, yardage info and for zipping beautiful sewing from stem to stern.

  421. Hunny October 18th

    I love the hard copy Threads magazine - just Love it. While I would delight in having the current CD - invaluable for searching out topics needed for a specific project, I still Love to grab a stack of Threads off the shelf and nestle into my easy chair with my feet up and a cuppa to re-peruse (eh?) earlier issues. The magazine and CD are an unbeatable combination.

  422. feathers000 October 18th

    Since my storage is limited, and Threads plays a major role in my sewing projects, it would be wonderful to have all of your magazines on DVD. Great idea to do this.

  423. candym October 18th

    I would love to have all my issues of Threads on my computer. It would be so much easier to find the article you are looking for.

  424. chrishaslam October 18th

    Having this resource would save digging through boxes of magazines! - and I could then pass them on to other people.


  425. User avater Bellbird October 18th

    I often sift through my Threads magazines looking for particular techniques when I am sewing. Having the DVD set would certainly save time. I am also giving my old sewing machine to my daughter and hopefully she will become a keen sewer and will find the Threads magazines inspirational.

  426. minnesotagalincalif October 18th

    I hope your DVD gift goes to someone who is learning to sew and would benefit having this wonderful information for her future sewing successes.

  427. Isabelsdaughter October 18th

    I learned to sew by watching my Mother. When I wanted to improve my skills, Threads was there to provide instruction and inspiration. To have all issues at my fingertips would be invaluable.

    Ernestine Ranson

  428. kruckmill04 October 18th

    This collection is a must for me because I am a moderate level sewer who would benefit greatly! I can't always call my grandma or find what I'm looking for on the internet. I would LOVE to soak up all the FANTASTIC information and get creative!!

  429. User avater Liza115 October 18th

    I have many of the old Threads magazines. I am trying to take my sewing to the next level so having access to the articles online would be so much easier and faster. What a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips!

  430. Sew_Green October 18th

    I think Threads Magazine is an incredible resource for a relatively new sewer such as me. I just discovered it a year ago and I can't believe I missed out on 15 years of it! I would so love to have access to that wealth of information. Plus, it would fit perfectly in my small but cozy abode... Please, pick me :)

  431. User avater pamstitches October 18th

    This would sure clean up my sewing room. I have two+ shelves of Threads! They are such a wonderful resource. Thanks for the giveaway.

  432. sewphiamia October 18th

    Winning this would mean more room for my fabric and embellishment stash!

  433. ghlovej October 18th

    It would blessing to receive such a timeless wealth of information. Thank You

  434. jrhender883 October 18th

    Thanks to all the great and talented people who make threads mag a awesome resourse for all of who enjoy thread.

  435. sewful October 18th

    I only have about three Threads Magazines. I LOVE the fact that this publication exist. I don't really care for the "crafty" aspect of creating. Not that there is anything wrong with it, I just am not that talented. I do love sewing and have been doing that for 40 years now (wow). I have learned more in the past two years about sewing techniques than I have in many of the years past. Thanks to Threads, I feel like I'm a much better sewist. I don't have much of a library and this would be an incredible collection for me. I sure would cherish owning such a fabulous collection!

  436. User avater sewsilly4ads October 18th

    Thank you for offering this phenomenal resource. I could spend hours and hours reviewing this - much like going to school. And a much easier way to reference topics.

  437. Unicorn2162 October 18th

    I have read Threads from the beginning, when my mother had a subscription. It was varied and provided useful information on a variety of topics, and now I have that! It was wonderful to have the digital version to check back on previous issues. I was also able to re-gift my hard copies to inspire someone else. I enjoy having my digital archive available with just a few keystrokes when I need help fast, or even when I need to get inspiration for a new project. Thanks for getting into the modern age while preserving a treasure trove of valuable information! I look forward to continuing my relationship with Threads, a very unique publication.

  438. SamanthasKloset October 18th

    I have been a subscriber of Threads magazine since 2006 and have been a huge fan since. The information is invaluble to anyone who sews. I have kept every magazine since and have literly run out of room. We are in a small house and the last year my Threads/Sew Stylish Magazines have been stored in the living room as decor on every table we have. I would so much love to donate this copies to a sewing charity,etc. and be able to access all the great information on my computer especially all the back issues I have sadly missed. Being a senior on a fixed income, unfortunately buying the DVD is out of our budget. I would put that DVD to so much use that it will probably be the only thing you will see on my computer.
    Good Luck to who ever wins this Diamond of a prize.

  439. kaponton October 18th

    So much wonderful information at your fingertips. Fantastic!

  440. RenaM October 18th

    Oh my, what a treasure trove of information to win. This would certainly be a valued addition to my sewing library. I love the magazine and have been a subscriber for the past two years. This mag has been so helpful to me as I begin my sewing journey.

  441. User avater talondrago October 18th

    Yes, I do need this valuable tool. I have many years of catching up to do. Thanks for picking me.

  442. Foxtrot401 October 18th

    This looks like a fantastic resource. I like having hard-copy magazines, but they take up so much space, are not searchable for particular subjects and rarely get used after the first reading, a searchable format would make all that resource material so much more useful. And 25 years worth, WOW!

  443. tdat75 October 18th

    Wow, I love Threads Magazine but quit taking it due to issues piling up. There is so much valuable information in each issue I just couldn't throw them away. So I had magazines everywhere. With all on DVD I would have everything at my fingertips. That would be heavenly.

  444. StageLeft October 18th

    This will be the best tool ever! How often I have searched my magazines...usually to get so side tracked with ideas I forget what I was looking for! Thank you!

  445. redlum October 18th

    The DVD collection would make it so much easier to look up articles on specific topics. I have many of the paper copies...but it takes a lot of time to find the same info.

  446. User avater MistressTailor October 18th

    Well, somebody has to win. Why not me!!! LOL

  447. samsstuff October 18th

    This would be an incredibly valuable tool to have! I would love to win :)

  448. sewinginmissouri October 18th

    I would love to have this. I spend so much time searching for articles in my magazines that it really slows me up...even though I do love looking at all of the back issues. I have been a subscriber for many years and love the magazine. Thank you for the chance to win this awesome prize.

  449. sewleslie October 18th

    I'd love to have this so I could easily access information electronically, though I'd keep my complete collection (from issue #1) because browsing leads to many thoughts and ideas. Or I might give one to my daughter-in-law who wants to learn to sew! What a treat that would be!

  450. scarfette October 18th

    I would love to win the Threads DVD as I have every copy of Threads for the past twenty years and am running out of space. I am an avid sewer and just love Threads Magazine.

  451. MaryA October 18th

    I'm ready to stop my subscription as well. Just no space left. This CD would be a godsend

  452. User avater Cantrix October 18th

    IT would be fantastic to win this!

  453. KKKate October 18th

    Having an archived copy of Threads would be such an asset. It would mean I would be able to find articles without searching thru every magazine and sewing binder. It would mean hours of sewing rather than fruitless searching. It would mean I could become organized in my sewing and perhaps reach the level of sewing expertise I just dream of!

  454. bdalton October 18th

    Threads has had so many wonderful tips, patterns, and finishing touches for the general sewer, to go from home-made to handmade. I enjoyed many magazines, but after a few years they began to pile up. I could no longer remember where to locate the projects that I wanted to find in all the magazines. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have the wonderful complete set of Threads magazine on a DVD so I could have the information at my fingertips.

  455. mzzkittykatz October 18th

    This would be a wonderful collection to have. To have all those years of information in one small space would be awesome. I hope you pick me as I would love to have this collection!!

  456. User avater TTrdh October 18th

    My oldest issue of Threads is #46 April/May 1993! Threads has given me inspiration, motivation, great instructions, and wonderful resources throughout these years. It's the only sewing magazine I have kept renewing my subscription to! The Threads DVD Archive Series will be an asset to the lucky winner...hope it's me!!!

  457. kagimom October 18th

    I am running out of room to store old issues and cannot part with a one of them. I would love to win this CD as it would not only simplify my sewing life and space but also prevent me from getting sidetracked when looking for one item and finding so many articles I had forgotten and stop to re-read. If I do not win the CD I would hope that you would offer the CD on payments as in this economy coming up with the full price is always something I hope to month.

  458. kagimom October 18th

    I am running out of room to store old issues and cannot part with a one of them. I would love to win this CD as it would not only simplify my sewing life and space but also prevent me from getting sidetracked when looking for one item and finding so many articles I had forgotten and stop to re-read. If I do not win the CD I would hope that you would offer the CD on payments as in this economy coming up with the full price is always something I hope to month.

  459. Mistress October 18th

    When I was a little girl I made my paper dolls using tablet paper and their dresses was also the same paper but colored with crayons and trimmed with bird feathers, leaves etc. I have loved sewing all my life and have taken the Treads magazine since the first publication. At first it was a Christmas gift subscription, then I started paying for it myself. I still have all the copies. Now I have reached the time in my life that I will have to start downsizing and I don't mind giving up my worldly possessions except my sewing things. If I had a DVD set, I would not mind passing the back issues of my Threads Magazine on to an interested young woman who can continue to enjoy them and I will have the DVD set which would take up less space and I can continue to enjoy my Threads. Thank you, Mistress

  460. lot2sew October 18th

    This is the greatest way to have your magazines available. Sure hope I win.

  461. pengwenhsd October 18th

    I have quite a few years of the paper on my shelf but to have all of it and in a searchable form would be a dream come true.

  462. btailoring October 18th

    Threads magazine is my #1 favorite, and like everyone else I have every issue I've ever bought!
    I started sewing at age 8 when my mother insisted I take sewing in 4-H and we spent every summer with her teaching me and helping me with making different projects....those are very special memories to me now as she passed away a few years ago. I now have a small sewing and alteration business in my home and this dvd would be a dream come true for me (and save me hours of looking through my Threads issues to find an article I want to refer to).
    I am retired from full time employment now and don't have the income to buy many books or magazines, but when I do, it always THREADS!:)

  463. doglove October 18th

    Just look at the response to this contest! All the loyal readers---meaning anyone who has ever read Threads---would love this DVD. And I am no different---let it be me.

  464. kanelope October 18th

    I would LOVE to have unlimited access to all of the back issues!

  465. jerril October 18th

    The DVD is not only a great resource it's also a time saver. when you're in a middle of a project, do you really have time to search all your back issues to find that technique or answer you need "right now"? Can't think of a better way to find all the information you want about sewing. One can not only search a specific topic,technique or author but also search all the articles pertaining to what you're looking for. It could take quite awhile to go through all of your back issues to find exactly the article you need.

  466. SophiaB October 18th

    Having the DVD would allow me to access information in a more prompt way, which ensure that my sewing time is used in a timely fashion. Having the DVD would also allow me to not have to thumb through the many Thread's magazines on my bookshelf, to get the same information; although having the magazine would still be a needed item, so that I can take the magazine with me in times that do not allow me to access the DVD (riding the subway or bus). In addition to the ease of accessing the DVD information it would be much easier to actually see the process being applied by play the DVD portion and being able to repeat the playing part as necessary to ensure that I see the process for completing the task.
    Finally, the convenience of all the back issues on a DVD is a invaluable way to ensure one central location for the information. This is like Christmas come early!!

  467. l_smith October 18th

    I've been salivating over this dvd for over a year, wishing I had it. I need so much help with my sewing skills and it would be put to use frequently. I want it... I need it... I must have it!

  468. wethepeople October 18th

    I have a business sewing items to sell. This coming year I plan to expand my product line. The archive would be great in giving me info I need to sew a quality product. Thanks for offering this!! :)

  469. Cherokeerose October 18th

    I am re-learning to sew, haven't sewed since I was in high school (more than 30 years ago), I picked up a copy of your magazine and loved it. I know this DVD set would be wonderful to a almost newbie like me.

  470. User avater cucperson October 18th

    I have all the issues from 1 to today EXCEPT for #7. THey so take a lot of space in my sewing room. Having all this wonderful info on dvd would free up that space so I can get more stuff. I use the online search facility when I ma looking for articles but here it would be all at my fingertips. Yes please!

  471. Punkin8 October 18th

    I've already pre-ordered mine so winning would mean an early Christmas gift for my sewing sister but if you haven't ordered yours, you really should. This is a totally AWESOME!! product. It's searchable, it's complete, just can't say enough good things about it. I hope Threads keeps it going forever!


  472. Ox4dpl October 18th

    I would love to win this updated DVD! The search field is unbelievable. Now, what to do with the hard copies issue 1 through 158?

  473. kvbigbird October 18th

    I would love to downsize my mags.I have every issue from the first.Some have damage but I can't let them go until I get the DVD.I look at them over and over and see something new every time.Help I have to move again.kvxoxox

  474. Annesgran October 18th

    Everything you need to know about sewing, immediately available on my computer.............OH, Yeah! Please let me be lucky this time!

  475. mjbains October 18th

    It is with sadness that I say that I wish the current magazine was as good as it was in the first two decades. I've let my subscription lapse because of how basic most of the articles have become. I used to really look forward to getting Threads in the mail. Now I see useful things on the email posts sometimes, and hope that what I see on newsstands convinces me to once again subscribe.

  476. shirred_not_shaken October 18th

    Memories are sewn together with Threads.

  477. Carolsewmuch October 18th

    Monday afternoon before my local ASG meeting, I seached thru several issues to find the article on Welt Pockets. Found it, but the DVD would have been much quicker. Maybe we'll have to add the DVD to other wish lists.

  478. masha51 October 18th

    Threads is my favorite magazine! Over the years, I've made many polarfleece mittens based on the article in issue #63...

  479. User avater judygibb October 18th

    I would just love to own this.
    No more clutter of books and ease of searching for the required article.
    Such a great invention.

  480. Jemnoshoul October 18th

    From jemno---

    I spend so much time looking through old issues to find articles that I know are there that I waste hours of sewing time. The DVD collection would resolve this wasted time problem. Thank you.

  481. pjnewt October 18th

    I've been contemplating buying the CD/DVD versions of my beloved magazines but wonder if I'd be able to give up my hard copy magazines. It would definitely save space, but boy I love those magazines. Maybe this would push me over the line.

  482. adelhid October 18th

    I covet this! What a joy it would be to have all these issues on my laptop! Love Threads, love having the chance to win!

  483. LindaLanglois October 18th

    I have hard copies collected through the years and still go back and refer to them. For example, I will be sitting at home pondering how to solve a construction problem when it will hit me that I have an old Threads with the answer I am looking for. I also teach an after-school program and often get caught with a sewing situation. With the disks at my disposal the students would not have to wait for me to go home or on the internet to find our way out of our situation. I know that Threads will have the most efficient and professional solution.

  484. gavismom October 18th

    I've wanted the DVD archive since it was first offered--and I've used the online index for years--but I'll never get rid of my magazines. I've only been a subscriber since about issue 85, but when my brother lost his wife to cancer in 2001, the only thing of hers I asked for were her Threads. Now I have a nearly complete collection going back to issue 5. And honestly, even if I won the DVD, I'd still always be carrying a few well-thumbed magazines; they go with me everywhere!

  485. nanasue October 18th

    I will never forget my first issue of Threads, Feb/Mar 1991, featuring "Making A Kilt" on the cover. I just knew that I would need that knowledge some day. I kept it and each subsequent issue close to where I sew because I was now connected with so many wonderful projects and sewing lessons that would influence my creativity. I did not have a formal education in the sewing arts and first learned by reading the instructions that come with patterns.
    I have read and reread Threads leaving book marks where I needed to return. It was not so much tedious as a futile effort to go back and locate articles because it too often lead to detouring through other things that again caught my interest. It would be great to have the collection on DVD to be able to find them more easily. And I did use the info from my first issue; I altered and hemmed a kilt recently, all 7 yards of it!
    Sue McCollough

  486. Peagreen255 October 18th

    After buying my first issue of Threads (#25 in 1989), I knew I had to subscribe. I still get excited when a new one arrives in the mail.

    Though I also still miss the knitting articles.

  487. cherfashion October 18th

    This would be a great asset for my sewing business. It is always nice to check out new techniques. Would love to have all the back issues.

  488. kimmy216 October 18th

    This would be an awesome treat! After quite a few years of being out of the sewing loop, I have a lot to catch up on. Love the magazine!

  489. dstme October 18th

    I love every issue of Threads but unable to store all of the issues, having them on a disk would be wonderful.

    As for Runway, I am pleased that they gave all of the ones selected a chance. Each of them had good products at different times.

  490. sparkler October 18th

    Just think of all the extra room I would have to stash more fabric...

  491. nikoo October 18th

    I have boxes of threads magazines and would sure appreciate the extra space that this CD would free up!!

  492. SueC56 October 18th

    I got back to sewing a couple of years ago but I've only recently started reading Threads. I'm amazed at the useful information in every issue. Thanks!


  493. Terianz October 18th

    I have been a reader of Threads magazine for many years, and have found something of interest and value in every issue. My copies are dog-eared and shelf-worn, but are very much prized for their wonderful articles that have taught me so much. However, I also appreciate how helpful it would be to have all of the Threads magazines in an easily searchable format that I can reference at home, in the classroom, or while traveling. Winning the Threads archive would be the best of both worlds, as I would be able to preserve my loved but tattered collection of Threads magazines for posterity (and someday donate to our local library), and still be able to share the great techniques and knowledge they contain with my students and colleagues. Thanks for your consideration (and how lovely it would be to win!)

  494. kozykitty October 18th

    I would so love to have all the back issues on my computer! I currently have a couple of shelves dedicated to magazine boxes with all the back issues of Threads. I could use those shelves for more books if I had the CD's!

  495. Moonchaser October 18th

    I agree that having this would free up space for my fabric stash, also give me some ideas for using it.

  496. sewgreat54 October 18th

    I moved seven years ago and I was not able to keep the Threads magazines I had purchased until then. Being able to go back to to 1985 with the click of a mouse and to see what was fashionable then, would be heaven. I would love to reduce the clutter on the shelves in my sewing room, too. I have magazines stacked everywhere :-)

  497. QEvonne October 18th

    I have been sewing since I was young and just enjoy it more and more as I get older. When I discovered Threads I fell in love instantly I could not believe there was a magazine dedicated entirely to the very thing I am so passionate about. Threads has given me so many ideas and taken my sewing skills to a whole new level. I wait anxiously for each new issue and read it cover to cover. Having the entire collection at my fingertips would just make it that much better.

  498. Grandmagwen October 18th

    Access to that much information would be mind blowing. I have books and boxes full of pages and print outs of tips and how-to's. It's so hard to get anywhere always looking through boxes for that tip or informant article you once saw. I can't imagine how much better my sewing would be if all the information was so organized for me. The best gift I could receive would be access to that many years of knowledge from the best! Thank you Threads for your wonderful magazine!

  499. CarolBoudreaux October 18th

    I am so pleased to be given a chance to win this DVD. I have sewn for a very long time but only came to know Threads
    magazine a few years ago. I love all the issues I have but would be thrilled to get the knowledge that was shared in all the other issues. Your articles ae always clear and detailed. Thank you to all of the Threads staff for making this possible.

  500. pingu812 October 18th

    As someone who reads ebooks, and love digital copies of magazines, it would be great to win this! If I don't, it would be nice if Threads iwould move into the digital world.

  501. CharlotteinWA October 18th

    What a great collection. The information in all the magazines--and in a searchable DVD Format. It's on my wish list, hoping that I win it--or that my husband gets it for me for Christmas!

  502. Scrlt October 18th

    I have been sewing since I was five years old, but other than an occasional Vogue pattern book, have not had a lot of written help. Threads always excites me and I can hardly wait to get it in from the mailbox. The last time it arrived, I only got as far as the front porch before sitting down to pour through it. Thank you so much!

  503. SKPeek October 18th

    It would be so wonderful to win access to the Threads archive! I used to subscribe to Threads, but then my kids got bigger & busier, and I went back to work. I gave away all my copies! Now they are grown & I'm retired & would give anything to get those magazines back! I just recently subscribed again, and can't wait for my first issue to arrive.

  504. Sewing2enjoying October 18th

    I absolutely adore the very helpful information in Threads Magazines. Since my hubby lost his job and I am unable to subscribe to magazines any longer, I have trouble finding up to date information on how to do things when I am sewing and mending for others. I have a library of older and even very much older books about sewing and even on tailoring, but I know there are easier and better methods I can discover in Threads Magazine. Some of my library does not even touch on the subject of sergers since they were not even invented when the books were printed. I could certainly benefit from the magazine collection and so could the people I sew and mend for. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to have all that professional information and instruction as well as great ideas in one terrific library of Threads Magazines. Thank you for the very exciting offer.

  505. Myrtle_Scientist October 18th

    I have the first DVD archive up to 2009. Even though I have all the Threads magazines, which I will never part with, the greater value of the DVD is search capability by subject. I teach and sometimes I need a crash course on a particular topic. I can research a topic by either reading at the computer or by getting issue number(s)and pulling magazines. For me, it has been a valuable resource.

  506. grumpytulips October 18th

    I would love to have this to have access to the back issues I don't own and all their information. I look forward to my Threads magazine delivery and it would be a huge treat to read all of them!

  507. User avater trudy5115 October 18th

    This would be so appreciated by me just for the fact that I wouldn't have to spend hours looking through 20 years of back issues to find the technique I need for a current project (or to look up a project that I need to do and saw in an issue (which issue was that?). Working full-time (plus some overtime), sewing time is at a premium and if I had this, I wouldn't have to waste precious minutes (sometimes hours) looking through my 20 years of issues in 'organizer' boxes! I'll keep my hard copies, but this would be a God-send!

  508. User avater kvenkat October 18th

    There is so much about sewing that I want to learn that 26 years worth of info will keep be happily busy for a long time! What a great resource to have at one's fingertips! Thanks for offering this DVD set.

  509. keifu October 18th

    1985's the year I was born, same as Threads magazine! And I really covet this DVD for the easy access to so much information to make my sewing projects more interesting.

  510. mahgoneagain October 18th

    The DVD is a no brainer. It sure helps to decrease clutter. A great reference tool.
    Thanks for offering your readers this opportunity.

  511. User avater JCCarter October 19th

    I'd love to get the whole archived collection, but I can't part with my magazines either!

  512. MMay October 19th

    I recently retired and now I have time I am mixing and sewing with so many friends who, like me, love to sew and create for our friends and families. How wonderful it would be to win this magnificent 1985 - 2011 Archive of Threads Magazine on disc - I really can't imagine anything that would create more joy and happiness!!

  513. LadyA1953 October 19th

    I LOVE THREADS!! The DVD is perfect for me since I have such limited space that my beloved hard copies are taking up. Here's keeping my fingers crossed!

  514. User avater Mallika October 19th

    I was born in '84. My interest in sweing began aroun 6-7 years of age, thanks to a couple of Sewing books I was lucky enough to be able to glance through. And now, when I am older, no matter how hard I look for old Threads Magazine issues I can't seem to get them anywhere. To lay my my hands on this DVD archive, would be the best gift to my ever itching creative fingers! I can't wait to have it!

  515. User avater Cheriezel October 19th

    I often go through my mothers Threads magazines when I'm looking for inspiration or technique. Having the DVD set would let me explore a vast array of subjects at my leisure!

  516. MariaSewing October 19th

    What I wouldn't give for that DVD. All that super knowledge in one place... such a happy thought! My happy place... haha!
    I hope I'll get picked. Thanks for the chance and keep up the good work.

  517. sdeas October 19th

    2011 Threads Archive is a must for our family because we do not have all of the hard copy issues and, if there's something we want to find, having all of the issues on DVD will make both the searching and the finding a lot easier

  518. DianeMay October 19th

    WOW Threads Archive on Disk sounds wonderful. I would love to have this. The new faster less structured fashions and ways of sewing can be nice but sometimes you'd like to make a more structured garment and the old issues would contain instructions for that. Wonderful to have that search ability.
    Keep me in mind for the free disk.

  519. sailcocktail October 19th

    My son was born in 1985, and that's when I took a 24-year hiatus from sewing. Having the entire Threads archive would allow me to catch up on everything I missed, now that I am trying to get re-started with my sewing. I feel like I have missed so much - new fabrics, new threads, new vendors - and I really need a good way to catch up. If you would only choose me...please?


  520. Krimmel October 19th

    Wow what an opportunity! I live in Windhoek, Namibia and getting hold of this wonderful publication is challenging to say the least and due to the currency exhange rates, cost prohibitive - it would be wonderful beyond measure to be able to have and use this DVD. Crossing my fingers over here.

  521. Krimmel October 19th

    I have been reading Threads online for a while now, but since I live in Windhoek, Namibia, getting hold of the magazine is either impossible or cost prohibitive due to the currency exchange rates. The DVD set would be like having a tutoring fairy holding my hands.

  522. BeckyMc October 19th

    I began reading Threads with the very first issue. I donated my original early issues to my University textiles department library. While I am glad aspiring designers have access to them, I miss them! I have long wished that I could buy the DVD archives. Please pull my name out of the hat! (or the random number generator)

  523. ShelleysHouse October 19th

    My mom sewed beautifully. I learned a few basics from her, but was too busy with my career to make more time for it. My aunt Rita sewed all her life, moving from clothes to home decorating and then to machine embroidery. Rita bought me the subscription to Threads for Christmas in 2005; she died unexpectly only a couple of years later. I have continued my subscription to Threads not only for the pleasure it brings, but as a way of keeping a little of Rita with me. I'm retired now and am now picking up my sewing, determined to grow my skill instead of just dream about it. When I'm sewing I feel very close to my Rita (what I called her) and my Mom, even though Mom's been gone for over 20 years now. Threads provides instruction and inspiration beyond any other source I've seen as yet. I want to catch up with all the historical articles that were published before I knew it existed!

  524. GrandmaKim October 19th

    I would love to win this! I just started my subxcription to Threads (3 issues) and would love to have access to back issues. I really enjoy the articles and having good sewing information!

  525. Rosieh95 October 19th

    It wasn't until I became a Threads subscriber that I realized I have been doing it all wrong all this time! I would now like to go back and see what I have done wrong in the past as well as going forward!!

  526. User avater DaiseeA October 19th

    Having Threads Magazine 2011 Archive on CD makes a lot of sense as I am trying to declutter so that I can get to my stash and sew using the many brilliant tried and true techniques and pattern changes that Threads has to offer.

  527. sew_delighted October 19th

    A lifetime of information in a small foot print. Perfect!

  528. kasior October 19th

    I have subsribed to threads only this year and am amazed with the wealth of information presented in every issue. In my country (I'm from Poland) there is no equivalent magazine like Threads. Your archive would be like a consolation prize for me:)

  529. User avater Marax October 19th

    I just look at all the accolades and requests to win this marvellous prize and wonder if it worth even trying to be in the running, as much as I would dearly love to win this library of information.
    But I do want to say that it is your amazing magazine that has got me hooked back into sewing especially 'slow sewing' I so look forward to my copy coming in the mail and read every page and mentally store away the finer details to upskill my sewing skills. It gives me so much pleasure that my friends are also now subscibing and receiving Threads as well.

  530. jthomp28 October 19th

    Threads is one of my favorite magazines. I love the articles about the designers techniques. Love it.

  531. SuModa October 19th

    This comes from a tiny village in Rwanda where I am working as a volunteer at a tailoring school that I wrote the two year teaching program for about ten years ago. Now I work to give support to the teachers who deliver the course. I live in Calgary, Canada and whenever I can spare the time and money, I come here to enjoy this incredible experience. Over the years, I have brought many books, including a large number from Taunton Press to build a library for this school THREADS MAGAZINE is great! I would LOVE to have the DVD of the magazines to use here...believe it or not, electricity only JUST came to the village this past summer! Anyone curious about my life and experience here??? please go to to check out the school. You'll find great articles under "News" - go to the very first article written my me - Valerie Kae, and you will read about how it all started!!! Later, I'll be writing a new story about this most recent trip I am on...... Enjoy !!!

  532. tjaros October 19th

    I absolutely adore your magazine learning many new techniques and ideas from every one I read. I would love to have the archives as they would be a great addition to improving my sewing and crafting techniques. I recommend your magazine to everyone I know who sews, including my sewing group where we meet once a month to help each other with projects we are working on. Thank you for all of you great information.

  533. lynmas October 19th

    I would love to have the DVD because, although I have subscribed to Threads, it is hard to remember what issue has which subject. When I want to do something I haven't done in awhile, I have a hard time looking up the subject. It would be so much easier with a DVD that I could just put the subject in the Search and have it pop up.

  534. BetsyV October 19th

    I love my Threads, but I desperately need room on my shelves for more reference books!

  535. MarthaR55 October 19th

    What a wonderful offer. I have been coveting all the old Threads magazines since I started sewing in 2004 but couldn't afford it as I can't afford the DVD. But Threads is such a wonderful resource that helps me all the time.

  536. lisanmchen October 19th

    I came across my first copy of Threads coincidentally when my interest in sewing woke back up after a 20 year sleep. I have subscribed ever since seeing that here in Mandeville, Jamaica getting the magazine consistently has proven futile.

    Threads became my teacher and with every issue, my knowledge and love for sewing has expanded. As a self taught sewer (who is still learning!), Threads has inspired me to consider starting a sewing business which will also involve teaching sewing so that I can share the passion. I have saved every magazine and constantly refer back to them for the techniques to use in new projects and also for the numerous projects and ideas for inspiration. I would love the DVD to see all the previous info that I've missed.

  537. SUZAG57 October 19th

    Oh my goodness, all that reference and enjoyment and no bulk of the books! What a great tool!

  538. bbieri October 19th

    Threads is my favorite magazine.
    I will never give up on the actual magazine with all of the great information and wonderful pictures. But it is so nice to have all of the information ever published in Threads at you fingertips on the DVD.
    Thank you Taunton for putting together this DVD.

  539. User avater sewold October 19th

    You can tell from all the comments that EVERYONE wants this set. WOW! What a resource. Can't you give away more than one to give more of us a chance!! Thanks for great ideas and thanks for the chance to have them always handy.

  540. valerie147 October 19th

    My mother has been a Threads subscriber since the year I was born. She taught me how to sew, but since moving away from home, I haven't had access to her knowledge -- or the ever-useful Threads resources archived in my her house!
    I would really love to win this set.

  541. NimbleVal October 19th

    This DVD collection would be the answer to a (sewing) maiden's prayer. All that experience and knowledge in such a neat package! I would love to win it.

  542. User avater Horsefeathers418 October 19th

    My mother taught me to sew when I was very young, starting at about age 7 and my love for sewing continues to this day. Even though I have learned a lot during my lifetime of sewing, I still learn something new each time I pick up another treasured issue of Threads magazine. I am a new subscriber, being given a gift subscription last year for Christmas, and I would dearly LOVE to have this DVD set to expand my knowledge and just enjoy seeing the different sewing techniques for pure entertainment.
    I would love to win!

  543. sewcool October 19th

    I love Threads, so much useful information. I would love to have the archive to be able to easily search for techniques and information. I am not sure I would actually give up my paper editions as I love to browse through the older ones. I always find something I had forgotten.

  544. rainbowsurfer October 19th

    Believe you offered this collection at a very nice price when it first came out, and I never took advantage of it. Threads has been an excellent magazine since its inception, and it would be so nice to have a complete set that would fit in a small corner of a small bookcase! Thanks for the opportunity.

  545. Sewmeister October 19th

    Just yesterday I took my twin sister upstairs to see how I am making a design and sewing room. Her first comment was"Wow, you have a lot of Threads magazines". I only found out about the magazine when they had already published 50 issues. I carefully preserve each issue as wonderful reference material. I have always looked at the indexes online for the issues I didn't own. THE indexes created a desire to read and impliment what they contained. The dvd is a great idea for anyone who wants to see and use the issues they missed.

  546. bwkeyo October 19th

    I would love to have the DVD collection because I could
    actually find it! I keep lots of wonderful ideas and hints from magazines, but can never find them when I need them.
    This usually just leads to more frustration and I never
    find the information I need when I need it.
    This collection puts it all there at my fingertips instantly,
    compact and organized, brilliant.

  547. User avater theonlysuz October 19th

    I am the daughter of a European designer who had her own boutique from the age of 17. When we were forced to become refugees her sewing supported us and saved us. Eventually we ended up in Canada and my mother started a small factory where I worked every day after school and on weekends. We worked seven days a week. I learned a lot about cutting threads and pressing but not about couture sewing as she used to do in the old country. I wasn't allowed near the machines then. Later, she taught me the some pattern making and constructing basic clothes: shirts, pants etc. This was before we had machines that could do anything but sew straight forward, although we did have sergers at the factory. When I was 15 we got our green cards to the U.S. which was always her dream and we became naturalized citizens 5 years later.

    When I found Threads (only last year!) I was amazed at the detailed knowledge that was available. Not only am I too old and somewhat disabled to go back to school, but they don't teach this kind of sewing in the sewing classes offered in this rural area where I live. So Threads has been my teacher. I bought as many back issues as I could afford.

    At our local resale shop I have been been doing minor alterations as a volunteer service to the owner and to the customers. Most people will just leave if something isn't perfect and so they won't buy even for a few dollars. This has become so successful that the owner is offering to give me a corner to set up a sewing center so that I can do the work while customers watch and they can walk out with a garment they can wear immediately. Hopefully they will learn something as well. Most don't think they can even sew on a button, much less take up a hem or do minor adjustments to take in a garment fit better. I'm talking simple, simple things, even using just a needle and thread.

    Recently we found out that my husband has a disease with no treatment and no cure. This is very scary as we have been married 47 years. We have to move to a smaller place closer to our only child and his wife and baby. We can't take all of our furniture, much less our books and other bulky items. If I could write a letter to Santa I would ask for the Threads DVD set and hope he listens. I can offer good cookies and milk! Sorry this was so long but it is a complicated story.

  548. budgetb October 19th

    Even though I have most of the Threads Magazines, I live in a small hoe and have to keep some hidden in boxes , so this DVD would be wonderful. No more searching through the boxes.

  549. abifae October 19th

    I would love to have the DVDs! I am still learning to create patterns and sew and the Threads I have are a great resource. It would be wonderful to have them all on hand! I love Victorian styled clothing and that requires a lot of attention to detail and a lot of careful fitting. My other favorite sewing projects are refashioning old clothes.

  550. TeriMelisa October 19th

    I am a very new to sewing so having this would be VERY helpful in helping me learn. People have tried to help me learn but I learn much better by having directions I can read in front of me, then just practicing, so I would love to have this.

  551. User avater 416 October 19th

    I would love to have a 2011 DVD to keep and use. My issues start with #8. I have never seen #1. It would be wonderful to have all issues in one place. My storage in the boxes are overstuffed with issues and it certainly would save space and be accessible when I need to find an article.

  552. User avater MissPat October 19th

    Owning the Archive DVD's would free up two or three shelves of back issues. Now, whether I could get rid of the copies is another story. I have almost every issue. It's an important day when the magazine arrives.

  553. waernlamb October 19th

    Having a copy of the DVD is a convenient method of researching a particular topic, but thumbing through a copy of the threads magazine in general, is a great way to gain inspiration for your next project. I have a large collection of the magazines, and they hold a treasured spot in my sewing room.They are an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.

  554. sk27 October 19th

    I am fairly new to sewing, so I rely heavily on Threads, Threads DVDs on fitting and techniques, and books to learn the intricacies of garment sewing. I would use the Threads archive frequently to find and access articles, especially those published in issues predating my subscription. Thank you for the opportunity.

  555. sewbuttons October 19th

    I would love to have this DVD! I started getting threads magazine about 5 yrs. ago and love it! I have even ordered past issues looking for certain techniques/projects. It would be great to have easy access to all the information instead of flipping through the magazines trying to remember what issue it was in. Although I do like the hard copy and often take a few with me to re-read on long trips. I would love to have access and read all the issues. That would be great!

  556. marysew October 19th

    I have all of your issues in my file but would love to have the information on my computer to save space. It is sometimes difficult to find an old article.
    My mother taught me to sew over 65 years ago with fantastic techniques that sometimes I have forgotten. But THREADS offers reminders and stirs up good memories of working with my Mother. Thanks THREADS

  557. Sergersage October 19th

    I've collected Threads Magazine since I got my first issue #36. My ASG Neighborhood Group often uses Threads ideas for designing projects and challenges. Having all the issues on DVD would make it so much easier to bring the ideas to meetings.

  558. User avater MorningRose October 19th

    I've been thinking about getting the DVD's since they first came out, but I've had other monetary priorities. I love getting the magazine, but having the electronic version would really save time when looking for an old article, or even a series of articles.

  559. Retrojean October 19th

    Having this much valuable info on a disc would be the answer to a million prayers. My sewing room is pretty small, and doesn't have the room for all the magazines (although, I'm trying to stuff them in!) This is a golden offer. Thanks so much.

  560. Outdooranimal October 19th

    I would welcome the archive. It takes a long time to sort through all of the spine article profiles, on the information within. I have many of the Threads magazines and frequently refer to them, when I need some help or inspiration.

  561. kcreations October 19th

    I have been creating clothing for people for over 35 years.
    I love taking on new challenges and love to see the techniques that have developed over the years. Please share your vintage
    issues with me. I love your magazine! K

  562. trudiram October 19th

    This video archive would be so wonderful to have! I have moved several times lately, taking my huge collection of Threads Magazines with me each time. I love to look through past issues, though, so I'm not sure I could give them away!

  563. User avater creative_diva October 19th

    I have subscribed to THREADS from the very beginning, I have every issue. I love the paper copies, but having the DVD would mean that I could take it with me on retreats, and have ready access when I need help in a hurry. Being able to find all articles related to a theme, like fitting pants, or sewing with velvet would be wonderful! Thank you THREADS for 25+ years of inspiration and education.

  564. TSW1983 October 19th

    I would love to have the searchable archive. There are so many wonderful techniques that have been taught in threads over the years, I can't think of a better resource or more useful tool for my sewing library.

  565. User avater dahammand October 19th

    My husband would be very happy if I had this DVD because then I could get rid of my back copies of Threads. It drives him crazy that I save my copies. He does not understand that there is information in them that I would like to keep. It would also be nice for me to have everything in one place.

  566. ustabahippie October 19th

    I'm not sure I could part with my shelf-full of Threads Magazines! But I might be able to do so if I only had that DVD! I would love to win it!

  567. Mariesainte October 19th

    So many have already said what a valuable treasure this DVD would be. My small sewing room is overcrowded, and the searchable feature is fantastic. To make sure I can still access the articles I will hope that computers will not forget how to read the DVD, and pray to the organization gods to help me keep order and sanity in my sewing. I so enjoy the lessons from Threads on how to do things right--as a self taught seamstress I can usually figure out A way, but it isnot always as elegant as it might be. My fingers are crossed.

  568. seemless October 19th

    OOOOOhh, I'd love to win this. Like many others, I don't have all the issues, and computer search would take so much less time (rereading all the issues while I'm "looking" for something about sleeves, for example...)

  569. barbhekyll October 19th

    I would love to have this DVD, unfortunately I have been out of work for months and cannot afford to purchase it. With a sewing room that is much too small for all my equipment and supplies it would be a huge space saver for me to be able to give away my paper copies of the magazine. Also, I did not discover Threads until late 1998 and would love to be able to read the issues prior to that time. I also believe it will be much easier to find articles with the DVD than having to go through years of editions to find an articla that I want.

  570. MILLLIE October 19th

    I've been a Threads subscriber for more years than I can remember and have enjoyed and saved every issue. I can remember certain articles but can never find the one I need
    without going through old index or my pile of old magazines.
    It would be a joy and time saver for me to win this archieve. I actually love my Threads and would not be without my old stack unless this archieve could actually replace it.

  571. fourcats October 19th

    Although I could never give up my hard copies of Threads, the DVD would be an invaluable timesaver for locating those elusive articles.

  572. User avater haikuds October 19th

    I love Threads magazine! Specially how they explain high end techniques in a very simple, easy way to follow!

  573. guen October 19th

    I would love to have all of the Threads issues on DVD to take with me when I travel. My favorite reading is sewing information and to have all of the Threads information on my computer would be a dream come true!

  574. misslisa October 19th

    I have loved to sew since I took that first after-school sewing class in 5th grade. I still have the first sewing machine my late mother got me when I was fourteen. I sewed a lot for myself, and then when I had children I sewed for them when they were little. Life got busy and between church family work and activities there was no time for me to enjoy my favorite hobby. When my daughter got married three years ago I made one of the bedrooms a sewing/crafting room. I am enjoying my favorite pasttime once again. I would so love this DVD to assist me when I come up against a callenge. Thank you.

  575. threadsaver October 19th

    I have almost every issue of Threads, but find each year that it is harder to locate what my aging mind thinks it remembers. Having the DVD would be such a blessing.

  576. ZSnow October 19th

    I have been eyeing up this DVD for a while. I have an incomplete collection due in large part to the fact that I wasn't into sewing yet when the mag started. Also, I've recently moved to a place with less storage, so less bulk would be good.

  577. Gibbslap October 19th

    I enjoy Threads and use ideas from it every time I sew. Threads on disc would be great.

  578. millieanne October 19th

    Would love to win the Threads archive. Have not always subscribed to Threads, but have acess to issues at my Library, where I recently retired. I received a subscription to Threads as a retirement gift, so I'm ready. Having the older issues on DVD would be great.

  579. SuInAZ October 19th

    I have every issue of Threads in hardcopy...but the space to house it continues to decline. It would be wonderful to have the DVD archive as a first-line reference. Then I could pull the corresponding paper copy if needed!

  580. JoyK October 19th

    I reference my collection of Threads magazines A LOT. It would be so great to have a DVD instead of trying to thumb through a giant stack of *well loved* magazines!

  581. saratogasewing October 19th

    As an early subscriber, I have a lot of back issues. A DVD index would be very useful, as the issues are always full of so many good ideas and information. I look forward to every new issue. Thanks for making them more usable!

  582. Mitromax October 19th

    I am constantly checking my Threads back issues when working on a sewing project. The DVD would save me a great deal of time....more time for sewing new projects.

  583. whoneedlesthis October 19th

    I would love to have this DVD, as it would making searching my almost complete hard copy collection of Threads magazines so much more easy, not to mention it would complete my collection. And being on a fixed income, I can't possibly afford to buy it, so winning it would be the only way I could have it!!

  584. kookiej October 19th

    My "studio' is tiny but I have room for a DVD that holds a wealth of sewing information. I woud LOVE to have all the Threads issues in a format I could use easily!

  585. loves fabric October 19th

    I've been a subscriber since issue one, and you couldn't pry the collection from me. However, I have come to the age where I can't always remember just where I saw that article.....

  586. Stitch2much October 19th

    I would love love love to win this collection. It is a must have for me for so many reasons. First of all it would be a fantastic timesaver .... no more rifling through those past editions to locate that one article I so desperately need. Less time searching = more time sewing!!! To have all of my Threads articles organized and indexed would be a dream come true. Secondly I'll gain more shelf space!

  587. Chrisclothworks October 19th

    As a subscriber to Threads almost since Day 1. I have saved every issue and I've moved 4 or 5 times. Hauling all those magazines is not easy, storing them is becoming an issue also. I really don't want to give them up, I do refer back to them and love looking through them. A DVD sounds like an ideal solution to me.

    Chris Sloss
    Threads Subscriber

  588. monkeysmomma October 19th

    I have been sewing since I was 7 and used to sew a majority of my own clothing. I now have a 7 year old daughter that I am teaching to sew. I am working on explaining the difference between handmade and homemade sewing, as my grandmother explained to me. This DVD would help me in this venture as well as provide me with an abundance of knowledge and quick references.

  589. nanerby October 19th

    Just adding my entry. Would be a lot easier to store the dvd.

  590. MRECoates October 19th

    I am a new reader of Threads and would LOVE this DVD. I have been enjoying reading and re-reading each edition of Threads in the last year - but to go back to 1985 would be great! Thanks for the contest.

  591. scrubble4 October 19th

    We travel 6 months of the year in our motorhome. I take my serger, sewing machine, pressure steam iron and portable cutting boards but I have to pick and chose which of my Threads mags to take. The DVD would be a major plus. Thanks for this opportunity to try for a free one. Scrubble4

  592. MPurnell October 19th

    Oh my goodness! Winning this DVD would be so awesome...I have missed several issues of the magazine. I love Threads, and would love to win this! Thank you for the giveaway!

  593. User avater Mommacubby October 19th

    I would so love a copy of this DVD. It would shorten the time it takes to look through all my magazines when ny niece or I want to use an idea or get information on a completing construction techniques I've read about or reminds of ones I haven't used in a while. Less looking more desining and sewing time. I dream of the day I get a copy.

  594. joanieaustralia October 19th

    I have every issue from number 40 and would dearly love to pass them on to friends who I have encouraged to take up sewing again in their latter years...and the extra shelf space would be an added bonus for the ever growing fabric stash.

  595. sshew52 October 20th

    I have been a subscriber for many years. I read each magazine from cover to coverl I have used so many of the techniques I have cut tem out and laminated them and haung them for reference in my sewing room. I would truly love to own the DVD with the entire set of past issues. This is a great offer

  596. JRECORDS October 20th

    It would be great to have this grouping of magazines on CD. It would take up less space and would be very easy to find what your looking for on the computer. Great magazine.

  597. LinLinda October 20th

    Thanks for this wonderful DVD!! I want to win it because I'm getting back into sewing after a hiatus of 30 years. It would be perfect to get me up to speed quickly with sewing.

  598. acden October 20th

    I would LOVE to win this DVD! What a time and space saver for those of us who love our Threads!

  599. vmj1 October 20th

    New twin granddaughters and a daughter-in-law who is anxious to learn to sew - what more reason could I have for wanting this incredible resource to help me and them be more creative and to get off to a great start with what I hope will be a lifetime pleasure.

  600. User avater designred October 20th

    Threads Magazine has helped me improve my sewing skills. The DVD would make accessing the relevant information easier, giving me more time to sew!

  601. goodform October 20th

    Space is such a problem, and I have been able to buy only a few precious Threads magazines. What a wonderful opportunity to have them all in my bookcase in such a compact form! Thank you for this great competition.

  602. User avater idontwantascreen October 20th

    I have subscribed to Threads for about 15 years and cannot bear to get rid of the magazines. The archive dvd will help me declutter my sewing room of old Threads magazines. I don't want to throw them in the recycler, I am looking for a school or some group that could use the magazines. anyone have a suggestion? I live in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

  603. User avater idontwantascreen October 20th

    I have subscribed to Threads for about 15 years and cannot bear to get rid of any issues. The archive dvd will help me declutter my sewing room. I would like to find a school or other group that could use the magazines. Any suggestions? I live in the Pittsburgh PA are and would deliver them.

  604. slahaye October 20th

    My back issues of Threads (more than 10 years!) are taking over my small sewing room. The digital archive is definitely on my wish list!

  605. kataba October 20th

    The DVD would be a real spacesaver for me. My issues of Threads and my quilting magazines and other sewing magazines fill so much space. You have the smartest solution. I hope other companies catch on soon and follow suit.

  606. saschapup October 20th

    I am getting back into garment sewing after many years, and can only imagine having all the Threads issues at my fingertips to help me! What an incredible giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  607. LoveAtFirstStitch October 20th

    Recently retired, I am getting back into my first love--sewing. Having all the Threads issues on DVD would be a delightful boon to my sewing room and my knowledge base!

  608. FabricEnabler October 20th

    I ordered the 2011 archive as soon as it was advertised. I have the original 1985-2010 digital archive. I even bought a lap top computer so I can puruse the magazine anywhere I care to take the computer, even to bed with me. I taught myself to sew when I was a young bride 59 years ago and needed maternity clothes and we were living on a Staff Sergeant's monthly allotment. Santa brought me a Pfaff 130 for Christmas. We made monthly payments of $12.00. All my three children's clothes were made on that machine and I mean ALL! I though I was proficiente at sewing, but I have learned so much more from my Threads collection than I ever thought possible. The DVD collection must go to someone who doesen't already own one. That Pfaff machine went all over the world with me and I will not part with it. However, I at the age of 80, am pursuing a new sewing learning curve because Santa left a Bernina 830 under the tree--this time with NO monthly payments.

  609. JessyJean October 20th

    This is an amazing giveaway!! I would love to have these DVDs. I am always on Threads Website looking up ideas, tips, and tricks on sewing and making things. I am a fashion design student and living in apartment with a budget I cant keep all of the magazines. So knowing they are on DVD now is really truly amazing! It would be so awesome if I could win theses.

  610. sewma0000 October 20th

    I love your magazine. I would love to get the Threads Magazine Arcives. I just have not had the money to buy it. Kenneth King is one my favorite designers. I would love to win one.

  611. Deo76 October 20th

    I travel a lot for work and the electronic archive would be wonderful to take along with me no matter where I go. After a long day in seminars or working with vendors, there is nothing more relaxing than prusing my favorite magazine.

  612. cnuland October 20th

    I would love to win this! I think digital versions are awesome for keeping because they're easier to scan for that article I must find without having to look through dozens of issues. Thanks so much!

  613. cheryltoliver October 20th

    This would be perfect, my daughter just bought her first sewing machine last night. Not that I wouldn't be borrowing back from her pretty regularly.

  614. Sandiloks October 20th

    As a mentor to a young teenager, I'd like to help her gain the best sewing skills. We were paired together because of our love for sewing. I've had subscriptions before to the magazine and I loved everything about it. Plus it's the best
    source of inmformation in the industry. However, in this fast paced, digital and technical world, our young folk like to see things demonstrated quickly. Readimg is too slow and takes too much time these days. I need to keep up technologically with my mentee. Unfortunately, as a retiree I lack the funds purchase the dvd set and winning one would e such a wonderful gift for both of us.

  615. organza07 October 20th

    Newly retired, I am looking with anticipation at my fabric stash. With time now to sew, I'd love to challenge myself with some of the techniques (such as perfect buttonholes)shown in the Threads DVD!

  616. User avater terry321 October 20th

    Threads is my go-to magazine for technique on how to make elegant and expertly constructed accessories and clothing. Not only is the magazine (and web site) beautifully designed, but it is so reader-friendly. The photographs and illustrations make the detailed instructions clear and concise, making what would be difficult, easy and spurring on my creativity. I find myself dreaming up new and better ways to bring my ideas and visions into clothing and wearable art. Thank you for providing such great articles for novices, experts, and creatives to explore what is possible in all things sewn.

  617. User avater terry321 October 20th

    You are welcome!

  618. samhill5 October 20th

    It would be so wonderful to have the DVD. I have just moved and have so little room for my sewing, quilting and beading magazines. To be able to find sewing information at the touch of a finger would be great.

  619. daisydo October 20th

    I love this DVD and would like to have it, because there is so much to learn from it and at the moment I cannot afford it
    It is my greatest wish to have one
    So I will be very happy when I win this one
    Greetings daisy

  620. nottoway October 20th

    I have been sewing for 60 years and never get tired of it! There is always something new to learn. Playing with fabric, color and texture is always "sew" much fun.

    Even when I can't sew I can create in my mind what the next project will be. Threads Magazine is always filled with inspiration as well as challanges.

  621. sandysewin October 20th

    Oh wow, what an amazing resource this would be!

    As a beginning sewer, many of the articles in Threads just seemed overwhelming. Now I would love to go back and revisit a lot of the tips and techniques that I skipped over earlier.

    And how easy to be able to search the entire archive on my computer!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  622. User avater jamama October 20th

    8 months ago I had to let go of my 15 year collection of Threads Magazine because of a move to South America to do volunteer work. Now I wait for my Threads magazine to arrive in the mail but it is 2 months or more behind. So yes! I would love love love to have the CD so I could relish in the plethora of information I once poured over. Even though almost every woman here learns to sew, they lack fine sewing techniques which I am asked about frequently. I would use so much of the information to help these dear ladies pump up their sewing quality by leaps and bounds.

  623. littlered October 20th

    I would treasure the DVD as I have every Threads from the beginning. However, this year we had a boiler malfunction and our living room lost the ceiling and one wall. All our beautiful chestnut woodwork got ripped out. Then Tropical storm LEE flooded our basement with four feet of water and we were displaced for awhile. We were blessed with a place to live away from home and we are slowly getting things back together. We still don't have heat but I have my laptop and my sewing machine I could look up articles and lose myself in making Christmas gifts by finding the items I want to make using the DVD. Thank you for the opportunity.

  624. etoe October 20th

    I've gotten most of the past Threads magazines, mostly from EBay and love them.
    It would be so great to get the digital issues and then I'd pass the paper copies to my niece who is just learning to sew.

  625. AdelaideCrows October 20th

    I would absolutely Love to win this fantastic archive disc. this magazine is the best in the world. the back page are exquisite. Would have loved to been able to subscribe and able to buy to you magazine all these years but the cost was exorbinate here in Australia due to our previous year our Dollar value was 50cent to you dollar. I am also as most sewers are a hoarder I am looking at scanning all my sewing mags. This disc would give me many hours of pleasure. Which after the loss of my sons 3 years ago I could zone out. Oh MG this would be heaven on earth.

  626. yanoula October 20th

    As the previous 629 people before me have mentioned..........I would love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  627. User avater Iasi27 October 20th

    Like most in America and throughout the world it has been tough making ends meet. I have a desire to learn to better my craft to make extra money to help support my family. I took a sewing class many years ago in high school, liked it very much and was actually quite good. But now, teaching myself has been a bit more of a challenge. The dvd set of back issues would help alot. Best of luck to everyone.

  628. Mizmash October 20th

    I have become acquainted with Threads only in the last couple of years when I decided to learn to sew. It would be wonderful having the past issues at my fingertips; to peruse at leisure, to discover and learn new tips and techniques. Thank you for this opportunity!

  629. Rabia October 20th

    I absolutely MUST have this archive; I never saw a "Threads" mag I didn't LOVE reading! I have issue 5 (picked it up second-hand)and I CHERISH it. Someone lent me issue 37 and I read it so many times before I gave it back I was worried it was going to FALL APART. Frankly, I'd prefer to have the actual copies of the magazines (I'm old-fashioned that way)but people are hanging ON to them, looks like, since I have only very RARELY see an old Threads in a thrift store (and I grabbed it right away!) But I will happily settle for the DVD archive! Thank goodness I got here in time to enter the contest!

  630. stacybeep October 20th

    Of course I'd love to win this prize!! It would be such a great holiday gift to me and I would make great use of it.

  631. MWingert October 20th

    I have been a subscriber to Threads magazine for quite some time now. I love the magazine and read it from cover to cover. I learn a lot from the magazine and from the newsletter. I save all my magazines and newsletters for future information and learning. Many times though I need to be able to actually see the projects as they are worked. I would love to have the DVD Archives so that I can learn more and become a better sewer. To be able to sew like a professional would be a dream come true.

  632. SherryLee1940 October 20th

    Yahoo!!!! of course I want to win the Threads DVD.. that holds years worth of sewing articles and other fiber information . Keep hoping someone will buy it for me. What a pleasant thought. If I don't win the drawing maybe Santa will give it to me.

  633. 62Stitches October 20th

    I look forward to receiving Threads magazine and have been a subscriber for at least 20 years. Many issues were destroyed in our basement when it flooded and I would love to have back issues and articles available on your DVD.

    Since you first came out with the DVD I have wanted it, and winning would seam like a dream!

    Thanks for Threads.

  634. knittinsis October 20th

    What a great resource!!! All the best information at your fingertips. This is the reason sewing for newcomers is not at all have a great sewing instructor at your fingertips!! No fear in trying something new and challenging. I'd say this is a must for me!!!

  635. simiquilt October 21st

    I would love to own the DVD. I had quite a few years of the magazine. Unfortunately, when we moved, I had to give away a lot of my magazines as most of my 'stuff' was going into long term storage while we built the house. It was just too expensive to save everything that I wanted to. I did rip out some of the articles I knew I wanted, but I really would like to have the DVD with all the information. I hope you draw my name.

  636. User avater Bryan1977 October 21st

    Ooh! I'd love to have this! That's a lot of years of Threads magazines!!!

  637. MabelMade October 21st

    What a lovely resource to have. While there is nothing like cuddling up with a few magazines in hand, the ability to instantly access years' worth of information is priceless. Way to go!

  638. User avater Norsecross October 21st

    I have loaned out so many of my Threads Magazines...and never I gotten them back! Totally reasonable, my friends find them too valuable to return to me! If I was to win the archive it would mean the universe had a sense of fairness, and I could be reunited with my useful and beloved issues without making my bookshelves sag!

    I have a sat down on the floor with all my magazines spread around me flipping through each one looking for that ONE ARTICLE that I remember was exactly what I needed to reference mid sewing project.The archive is a brilliant solution to the hunting and flipping that all we Threads fans are reduced to !

    I want it ! I want it!


  639. lv2stitch October 21st

    What a wonderful idea! I have Threads magazines in every room and never know where to find a certain article. How nice it would be to have everything at my fingertips!

  640. anniebananie October 21st

    Like most, my years of Threads magazines are taking up a LOT of space, and I cherish them too much to toss them. I'd love to win the DVD to get access to issue I don't own, free up space, have easy search access to the articles. I could then donate my copies to the local library.

  641. User avater sewhappybjm October 21st

    This is an exciting giveaway. I would love to have this because I love the information in Threads. Some of my back issues have been damaged. It would be great to have this wealth of information available at a click.

  642. Kathleen_Edmonton October 21st

    As I teach my Granddaughter to sew, I am careful to show her short cuts that I have read or developed without compromising her sewing - and enthusiasum. We often look up a project or how to in the magazines that I have but it is very time consuming.We have discussed how much we could use the DVD's. I very much want to foster her creativity and her desire to sew.These magazines on DVD's are the perfect way to do it. I would very much like them to help foster this new found joy in this young 9 year old sewer. I believe that it will also assist her with some independence in regards to her sewing.
    We would very much like to have them to share.
    I personally find that I use them for my reference guide too. How great it would be to get rid of the magazines while I am downsizing. We often take our machines to each others houses and how great it would be to have access to the archives of the magazinesfor tips, projects and hints on my laptop. Wen really would love this gift.

  643. User avater mpgizmo2 October 21st

    I thought I was too late to enter this dream. I have wanted this DVD since it came out. To actually have all of the Threads magazines at my fingertips would be awesome.

  644. BeerGoddess October 21st

    I thought I was too late for this, but I'm glad I'm not! I got into "Threads" late and while it's great being able to find things online, it would be so cool to have the things I missed. And my magazine collection is getting bulky and beat up a CD set would sure help out this sewer!

  645. pssews October 21st

    How I would love this DVD as a research tool! Currently, I attach a sticky note to the front of each magazine listing the MOST important articles that I want to refer to later. You can see the many flaws in that!I've only been getting Threads for a couple of years, but there is so much to learn in each magazine that I am becoming very overwhelmed!I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  646. vflsun October 22nd

    Thank you very much for offering this wonderful gift. I love the Threads newsletter and go to it often since I found the site. Thank you again as I would love to win this gift.

  647. Eloralil October 22nd

    Hi, I would LOVE to have this archive but unfortunately I would only be able to view whatever was on the screen as I have very bad hearing. In order for me to watch any TV I must have closed caption. So unless this has CC and according to my sister it does not, I cannot use it. I am sure there must be others in the same situation and wonder if any hard of hearing people have used it.

  648. bonwii October 22nd

    What a fantastic prize! This is the first time to visit Threads website. Whenever I need inspiration I always turn to Threads for that boost. Now I'm teaching my 12 year old daughter the love of creative sewing. This DVD series would be awesome for us to explore together!

  649. arliesgma October 22nd

    I would also love this DVD collection. I used to sew all the time but my last 25 years of teaching English and grading papers didn't leave me much time to sew. Now that I am retired I would love to catch up on everything I missed.

  650. brmrac October 22nd

    I love the idea of all my magazines archived to a DVD. What a space saver...and think of all the time you save when searching for an article. Thanks, Threads!

  651. Jemajo October 22nd

    I would love, love, love to win this.
    I've only rediscovered sewing this year, and have been totally blown away by the issues of "threads" that come every month. Truly the best value magazine out available! The quick referencing would certainly help to find articles without loosing too much sewing/learning time searching through the magazines.
    Not to mention having access to all those legendary "sold out" issues too, as well as saving so much space in my sewing corner that I could fill with fabric and notions instead?
    Bliss :D

  652. Sewshable1 October 22nd

    Wow- i'd love to win this- it sure would save some room!

  653. bonfox October 23rd

    I was a sewing woman for many years, created all the clothing my two girls wore. Years later they decided it was time for "store bought clothing" so I put my "toys" away. Now that I am wiser and dare I say older, I am back to sewing for pure creativity and pleasure. I would treasure each and every book and would read them cover to cover. I am a new subscriber to Threads and anxiously wait for each issue to arrive.

  654. Gail60 October 23rd

    I've recently subscribed to Threads magazine - and I can't wait for the first one to arrive!! I wish I knew how long it would take to get to me here is Australia so I'd know whether to buy the current issue.

  655. User avater janetperc October 23rd

    Hi, I had fun making fabric floribundas from a recent issue(first pub. in Threads no 111, page 63). I purchased zebra print shoes to go with a red dress. I found fabric to match the shoes and made a large floribundas which I tacked to a black satin cluch purse. I also cut down a gown I wore to my son's wedding and made a smaller flower which I attached to the bodice. Both received rave reviews.

  656. rutha1031 October 23rd

    I have been subscribing to Threads almost from its beginning. Love it--so inspirational. I still have many years of issues on my shelves. It would be wonderful to own them on DVD.

  657. nottoway October 25th

    On those babysitting days when I can't sew it would be great to watch DVD to "virtualy sew".

  658. User avater iris68 October 25th

    Hello, Thread!
    I am a returning sew-er. Every time I go to library or at the store, I always check the magazines. Really love it. The only thing... I am a little timid to starts sewing again - in 20 years there are so much new supply/fabric/you-name-it on the market and in technology.
    I slowly started building up my sewing room. Good thing - I have a toddler and can practice sewing for her first.
    Your giveaway might give me so much needed confidence and knowledge.
    Thank you.

  659. User avater krawz October 25th

    I have almost every single magazine & try searching through them. It is not easy! I end up trying to find the tip online. It would be wonderful to have Threads on searchable cds!

  660. judygay October 25th

    I want it, I want it, I want it!!!!

  661. Lisatoo October 26th

    I have been buying Threads since the second issue. When I saw the first issue, I thought that I really didn't need another magazine. After picking up the second issue, I
    became hooked! It is such a wonderful source of really good
    information that it would take years to try to find. I would
    love to receive the archive DVD. Today just happens to be my birthday too. What a great present that would make!

  662. chanderickson October 29th

    I am new to sewing. Like many in my generation, I never learned to sew at home. sewing was something that was taught in home ec that i thought was boring and useless.
    If i wanted clothes, i could go shopping and i have endless choices. However, some things that i realized was that when you take into account fit, color and sizing, the choices aren't as great as it first seems. I realized that the only way to get the best fit, style and color i want, was to make the clothes myself.
    I am self taught but also got the Learn to sew DVD from threads in order to cover all the basics. I have learned that sewing is a fantastic art form that gives me so much joy and satisfaction. I don't know how i ever got through life without this skill.

  663. BusyT October 29th

    What a wonderful resource! I would be thrilled to win. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway.

  664. Ada_B October 31st

    I go through my collection of issues regularly-- there is always something to learn or to refresh my memory. I look forward to each issue.

  665. IreneR November 4th

    I have been buying the Threads Mag for a few years from the news stand and I just subscribed yesterday. To have the Archived one's that I missed would be fabulous!

  666. mosslady November 5th

    I love the index features. With a DVD I can easily locate the articles I need.

  667. MMay November 5th

    I've semi retired and moved into an apartment - storage is at a premium, and the Threads Magazine DVD is THE solution!

  668. User avater bigeff November 7th

    A sewers dream prize!

  669. DrivesSewMachBest November 8th

    I have this ever so valuable volume of THREADS magazines on CD's. My intention in submitting my request to be considered as a winner is for my sister, Nancy. She sews, but her garments are less than fashionable and hardly correctly put together. She needs to LEARN from the experts! I can think of no better way for her to learn than for her to peruse a technological device. If something rubs off, then it will be to the benefit of all who are embarassed but feel compelled to wear her "creations". (She knows a lot about sewing, but is sloppy with zippers, unknowledgeable about plackets,etc., things that are obvious.....)

  670. Angela1978 November 11th

    Great resource to have. Love having the quick reference and compact, a bonus and must have.

  671. Scrlt November 22nd

    I live in Hawaii, where there are only 2-3 fabric stores in the entire state, and you cannot even buy a Vogue pattern. Having this collection would be a Godsend when I am trying to figure my sewing projects out alone without any other help. Aloha!

  672. Dylliss December 1st

    which sewer wouldn't want this. I refer to Threads for just about every project I attempt, whether it's something simple like seam finishes or something more complicated like a tailored collar. Threads always has something to teach and I always have something to learn. Every day is a school day with Threads.

  673. BARBfromCornelius December 6th

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THREADS magazine. Would LOVE to have access to the articles at my fingertips. Also, this would fill in my missing issues.....I hope I win! :)

  674. Skiptoo December 13th

    I am new to sewing... so new that I haven't sewn my first project yet. I have spent weeks at the THREADS site, reading articles and learning as much as I can so that I don't make as many newbie mistakes once I do sit down to cut my first pattern. Even if I don't win the giveaway I would like everyone to know that the postings and information that your sewing community has provided are invaluable to someone like me, who wants to learn. I have already learned so much from all of you. But...I would still love to have the DVD set!!!

    Thanks Everyone!

  675. DecoratingYourself January 21st

    When I look at Threads Magazine....I dream of how I am going to decorate myself.

  676. Kathryn1 January 23rd

    I have been subscribing to your Magazine for many many years but even so started some years after Threads started. I would dearly love the early editions to refer to , Much thanks for all the helpful info as well as the great reading that the Mag. gives. Kathy

  677. checker34 February 22nd

  678. checker34 February 22nd

    I have just got a new sewing machine and find a lot of your info really helpful. I am looking forward to accessing your site. Thanks

  679. purple1flower March 30th

    This DVD will be a lot of help to a new person to sewing. I would like to learn how to make my own clothes since the ready-made outfits have something wrong for my body type.

  680. user-1134594 October 2nd

    Thank you for this opportunity!!!
    This is a must have for every sewer.
    Good luck to everyone :)


  681. srgreene October 2nd

    This is SUCH a great giveaway. I stopped sewing for years, but I continued purchasing Threads Magazine, because the information in it is so valuable. Now I'm ready to get sewing, but my daughter, who is encouraging me to pare down wants me to discard all my Threads Magazines and I did mention that now you can get the whole collection in a digital format. I don't know how I feel about that, but hunting through each year's index for an article is getting old. So the collection would be WONDERFUL!

  682. RamsS November 28th

    I would love love love to win this DVD. Good luck!

  683. jthomp28 February 26th

    This is such a valuable tool for any one who sews, designs or just like me who is a fashion design nut. Great tips on garment construction. A valuable resource. I would love to own this. It's on my wish list.

  684. user-1132947 March 11th

    As a avid lover of thread magazine I would love to win DVD of archived articles and features. I love sewing and like to have a lot of choice and variety to choice from.

  685. MTBsews July 7th

    The Threads archive is a source of practical and artistic inspiration for doing and for admiring.

  686. Creative60 August 29th

    I have recently completed purchasing all the past magazines that I have missed over the years. (Some I was not able to purchase because they are out of stock.) I have a great deal of trouble finding a store that sells Threads and as a result, I miss getting the magazine. I subscribed for a few years, but the cost was too much for me, since I am retired. I spend hours reading all my issues and have been working on a DVD of my own but that takes a very long time. So far, I have created an index of all the magazines that I have along with the table of contents, but I have no way of opening up the different magazines on my computer as I am not a programmer. I could scan each magazine, but again that would take more time than I have and that would take away from my sewing time. I just have the index. Having this DVD would be most appreciated, I love to sew, but when it takes me hours to find what I am looking for, I lose interest. This DVD would solve all that. Once I win the DVD, I would then donate all my copies of Threads to a local sewing club or library for their use. I believe that everyone needs to know how to sew, it is very rewarding and relaxing. Thank you for this fantastic opportunity. Good luck to everyone.

  687. User avater juliahaley November 20th

    Nice it.

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