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Project Runway 9: “Finale – Part 2”

Anya's last-minute Carribean collection paid off in the end.

This dramatic season finally came to an end with a surprising (or not so surprising) result. The judges picked Anya Ayoung Chee as the winner of Season 9. With a lot of help throughout the season, Anya managed to pull together designs that impressed the judges, even without very extensive sewing experience. Would she have gotten so far without the construction help provided by the other designers?

Her Caribbean collection was finished in the final hours of the competition, with new garments being added after a surprise-shopping trip to Mood for provisions. This last-minute scramble managed to pay off for her in the end. They loved her style and were impressed at her grace under pressure. Viktor’s collection was split into two separate sections. He had five looks that were modern and used prints in an exciting way, while the other garments focused on a sheer black concept. The judges thought this was a missed opportunity to pair the chiffon with the print. Kim had many good pieces, but did not provide a cohesive collection. The judges liked Josh’s collection and thought he took chances, but in the end they wanted to see what Anya could do given the time and opportunity.  

What do you think about the judges’ decision? Is this result as bad as the “Gretchengate” season finale of last year? 







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  1. SewingSteph | | #1

    I thought Josh' collection was mostly ugly, and I cannot imagine wearing plastic clothes (no breathability and stiff!), and neoprene clothes have been done for years, so they are nothing new. I do not know what the judges saw in that collection. I liked Anya's collection, but it did not show range. I loved Viktor's prints, but I am so tired of sheer dresses over panties, like Gretchen's last year. I liked kim's collection for the most part, esp. the ivory pants and blouse.

  2. shaniqua | | #2

    What a strange season. When I was cooking dinner before the start of the finale, I tried to get excited about the question of who would win and realized I truly did not care. I just couldn't summon any genuine preference. I remember seasons in which everyone in the top (maybe even the top 10 or so) could really, truly sew and construct, so that was a given and the competition was about design. I'd be all excited about the show ahead of time, being pretty sure someone would amaze. Not so this year.

    I realize I was manipulated, at least somewhat, to despise Joshua. And I did! But still... There was just nothing in the season to get genuinely excited about. I'm amazed that someone could win on a whole runway show of simple caftans in pretty fabrics, but, meh, I can't seem to care.

  3. sews4fun | | #3

    I too am glad this ho-hum season of P.R. is over, it was a sleeper at best. I thought it was very generous of the judges to part from protocol and give the desingers cart blanche at Mood ( at the last minute ) so Anya could construct a completely new line of look-alike caftans in different patterns, where have I seen that before? Oh yes, Gretchengate.
    I don't know why they were so hard on Viktor for the see through stuff, they loved it when Gretchen did it.
    I also don't know why Viktor took stuff out they TOLD him they loved and replaced it with "I dream of Jeannie" costumery.
    I still hate Josh's stuff, it's garish and those shorts looked like they were going up the models back-side to me, totally uncomfortable looking to say the least, not to mention awful colors. Also, that black cocktail dress Josh made was so tight, the model looked like she couldnt walk correctly in it,( talk about straining the seams of good taste ) I have seen Kors time after time rip into designers that their tight black dresses were "slutty looking" The model even had a tummy in that dress which is an oxymoron when you consider most models are so skinny they look more like skeletons with curtains draped over them.
    Yet another instance of "selective" judging.
    I am not even upset that Viktor didn't win, nor would I have been if Josh had won or even that Anya DID win, the show has been dissapointing from the start of this season and when they eliminated Bert, they eliminated the real designer in my opinion.
    I think P.R. should have a new slogan, instead of one day you're in, one day you're out, it should be: It's not what you know, it's what you show. Clearly, sewing ability no longer matters as it once did, which might be a good thing, maybe now I can audition for P.R. cause I can pin together some amazing looking stuff, sewing it together is a whole other story. Luckily, that no longer matters on P.R.

  4. User avater
    Soli | | #4

    My husband has been more into watching the show this season than me. We both agreed that we didn't care who won as long as it wasn't Josh. I don't understand the praise that the judges gave him. The neon brights and his prints were awful and what the hey was he thinking with those shorts with the lace up legs? Yes, he's got a lot of ideas, but I can't say that any of them are good let alone great. I did like Kimberly's creme on creme outfit as well as the creme faille jacket, but that was about it. I was somewhat hoping for a win from Viktor, but was disappointed that he decided to go with so many sheer looks in place of that lovely short/long dress. Anya. I don't know if it is Gretchen-gate again. Yeah, her skills aren't exactly all there, but winning the top prize she can hire Burt types to refine her ideas and make her patterns. The moment I heard the judges talking about licensed products like home goods, etc, I knew she had it. I agree that Ule did a more refined version of resortwear - very South Beach/St. Tropez. But she was competing with Laura Bennett and Jeffrey. That season, Laura had the more refined vision but they gave it to bad attitude rock and roll Jeffrey. And what's he doing now? The Hot Topic for kids version of childrens clothing. I think that the only winners I've agreed with have been Leann and Seth Aaron. Back to Anya. I wonder if Heidi and the producers didn't come up with the extra $500 Mood shopping trip for the sake of helping Anya since they hated two of the three preliminary looks she presented.

    I think that the show has lost it's integrity, that they do pick a favorite or two early on, and they don't bother judging based on what's on the runway in front of them anymore. They're evaluating based on the audition rack as well as subsequent challenges as a whole. They either need to give up the pretense of one day you're in and the next you're out or just fess up that they foster a handful of designers through to the end, whether or not they fulfill the requirements of the individual challenges.

  5. User avater
    Kukana | | #5

    Well, it's over. And glad of it!!! I was very disappointed in the show this season. Is it the designers that are lacking or the judges choice of who they bring on the show? I missed seeing the audition phase, which would tell a lot about the season up front. OK, so they set it up for Anya to be the winner in the beginning.....oh, she's only been sewing for 4 months, and they let her slide on it almost every runway show. When did correct construction techniques NOT become an issue? And I'm sorry, but I think the folks who have put their heart and soul into something most of their lives, deserve a real chance, as opposed to someone who just decided on a whim they were going to try designing clothes. With the exception of that last challenge before the final, she gave us the same thing every time. I'm really frustrated, because I love the concept of the show and it used to be SO GOOD!!!! I loved Kim's collection and she listened to the judges and I thought she should have won. Oh well...such is life.
    On the up side - watched Project Accessory and that was really fun! Just like the old days of Project Runway!

  6. User avater
    Kukana | | #6

    Well said Soli!!!

  7. merrier | | #7

    I think it is as bad as Gretchen-gate last year, maybe worse even. I don't doubt that Anya has good taste. Why not be a buyer then? Because I don't get what she's supposed to do with this collection. There is nothing I want, nothing I even have a use for. So who is the customer? Who would wear that? Not Elle's readers, not the buyers that Project Runway would help her with. None of those clothes would look good on me, nor would I ever encounter the occasion where they would be appropriate. I'm a beginning sewist, enjoying learning more. For people who work so hard at this, I think this is insulting. But now the Alber Elbaz quote about why girls want to be fashion designers instead of seamstresses is spelled out. The show is going for a big splash and personality and lifestyle, ignoring the hard work, skill and talent involved in creating clothes. This is a show that brings on Kardashians as guest judges. They've never brought in Kenneth King, have they? Project Runway is about glitter vs. substance/quality. I loved Josh's plastic collar! And right on with Chanel's fall 2011! I'm wondering how I can bring that look into stuff I make. Oh, Kimberly was my favorite designer this year. The pink poufy skirt is really on my mind. Go, Kim, go! It ain't over!

  8. User avater
    saifonanaya | | #8

    I think she did good I like it she did make the beautiful collection.

  9. bezkoczuli | | #9

    I am very disappointed Anya won. I do not think she's a designer, except for yards of fabric wrapped around the body. She can use prints well, but someone else designed those prints. I think most of her work looked the same, she has no range, no skill depth. She is limited in what she can do; she cannot design a range of clothing, just what you wear at the beach or on vacation. Nothing coutoure about her work at all. I think this season was designed to have her win, she was bailed out a number of times & when someone who helped her needed help, she was unwilling. Big deal, she did stuff at the last minute, but it was cutting fabric. She got easy critiques, much less severe than other designers. I am disappointed.

  10. User avater
    canei | | #10

    DISAPOINTED. I am so glad this is over. This was my first and last time watching this. I think everyone knew that Anya would win. I don’t think this was a fair competition. All of her looks were the same. To me it was just lounge/beach/resort wear. I’ve been to the Caribbean several times and I don’t see women walking around town like that.

    The whole show was set up for her. They brought back designers as helpers to help her sew. When she lost her money, they came up with something else.

    I was so hoping for Viktor. To be honest; I think that we will be seeing Josh on other things pertaining to fashion on TV. They have some new show coming out soon. So if it’s going to be drama, Josh will be there. I thought his designs were for those club kids in NY.

    Again, won’t be watching next season. That show is so fixed. The judges were horrible and tried to be funny and cute. I've seen Michael Kors fashions and they are just so-so. A Kardashian, please. If it wasn't for Tim Gunn. I would have never stuck around for as long as I did.

    Anyway, in my mind and heart it should have gone to Viktor.

  11. bcomolli | | #11

    Personally, in the beginning I felt that Bert would win, simply because Heidi was so adamant about him being in the competition. Then the issue of Anya's sewing expertise or lack of. I was concerned about this deficit with a competitor until Josh started whining and trying to sabotage her standing at every turn. Then I started rooting for her partly because Josh was such a self centered child. Not to mention that his clothes really belong with the tween set. Neon colors and shorts with laces dragging down the legs. Ugh! And didn't Anya support and give help to the others several times? I was disappointed that Viktor did not win, but with his fabulous sense of style AND textile design, we all know he is going on to great things. As for the quality of the show....thias is television not design school. Compare PR to a bunch of nuts living in a house competing to see who likes who and, well,.....you get my thinking here.

  12. User avater
    Stitchy | | #12

    I didn't like this season. I thought Viktor would win but he sabotaged himself with the sheers. To me it's like being a cooking contest and serving flavored ice cubes.

  13. Kitrtymom | | #13

    No one really stood out as the clear winner...ho-hum season

  14. Cherlyn | | #14

    Unbelievable! I don't think Anya des3erved this win. Where did her other bathing suit go? When did she find time to suddenly make all this. I notice the long dress she had in the pre-view was suddenly shorter and hemmed! With her, everything looks the same----boring.

    I loved half of Viktor's collection, but there is not way I would wear most of the black pieces, but some were interesting. I really thought that Josh would have the win after listening to the chat among the judges. I really didn't care for the plastic on a garment, but some of this colors were really nice. I still loves the white leather jacket Viktor designed! Then there is Janet. What can I say? The colorful collection was nice but she doesn't do anythig that hasn't already been done before.

    I was not very entertained this season so I hope the next season is better. And now there are the copy cat shows beginning! I tried to sit through the first assessory show, but it just wasn't grabbing my attention. Same format just a different theme!

  15. ninabernina | | #15

    I absolutely love the cut of the sleeves on Viktors' (sort of squared off shoulder) dress. He used this same sleeve on a black dress (or skirt and top) earlier on. Sometimes I wish I could really see the details in the garments. The structure was impeccable and innovative.

  16. User avater
    Martykay | | #16

    I agree with shaniqua that we were manipulated to despise Joshua. This season reminded me of a regular reality show and not a real designer show. It had a one person to hate and one person to love and it didn't matter anything about sewing or design.

  17. savo1986 | | #17

    Ugh! Ugh, ugh, ugh! This show has gone and jumped the furry. Errr. Shark. What an absolute MESS!

    Dear producers: we really WERE just watching for the art. Could you please ditch the 'personalities' and bring back people with talent, give them some actual TIME to dazzle and inspire us, and then choose the next FASHION DESIGNER, not the next celebri-taunt that's going to end up on TMZ's Wall of Mugshots?

    On a side note, good luck to Bert; there's someone out there who wants you to cut for them, of that I'm sure.

    The next season is going to be a return of favorites? We'll see. What's the point? The fun of this show in its initial stages was to be INSPIRED by these hidden gems of creativity. Now, it's Survivor with Scissors. Nothanks.

  18. User avater
    iris68 | | #18

    My husband and I joined the Runway show somewhere in the middle. We were impressed with the Georgian girl - Irina. She was a true talented designer and she stayed true to herself throughout the season.
    And every time there is something disappointing! Gretchen??? Are you kidding me?! And Mondo.... I think Viktor just repeated his mistakes this season.
    I don't know what judges saw in Anya's work - it is just a spa collection. That's it. Would she be able to make something else? Who knows. Maybe she will use the money she won to go to school, to Tim's class...
    Very sad.
    I am not sure I want to watch any more of the shows.

  19. User avater
    mirela | | #19

    This was a lousy season. Viktor had potential, but missed it with all the sheers. Anya had nice fabrics, Josh I do not like a bit. I should consider auditioning for next season.

  20. User avater
    mamarama | | #20

    I have long been one of PR's most ardent fans. My family knows to not speak to me when it's on and they know I have every show from every season and re-watch them for inspiration.

    Sad to say, I don't believe I even watched any shows in their entirety after the mid-point of the season. In fact, I DVR'd them and didn't watch for days afterward (they've all been deleted, by the way - why save dreck?). This was the single most disappointing show I've ever watched, and I'm not just talking about PR. I prayed I was wrong and that it wasn't being totally rigged for Anya to win. It was so obvious I believed I HAD to be wrong - they couldn't be that stupid, could they?

    Was this a sop to Heidi to make up for her being to clearly overruled last season? I say this because she was Anya's champion from the initial audition. Did she see herself as a kindred spirit?

    It's sad that Viktor's lack of self confidence is what did him in, though I doubt he or anyone else ever had a real shot at the win. He should have stuck to his guns and not second guessed his choices, no matter what anyone said. Had he not, they'd have had an even harder time justifying giving the win to Anya's K-Mart day at the beach wear.

    Adios Project Runway.

  21. 709501 | | #21

    You have to remember this is a show that is not about sewing, or tailoring, or couture techniques. This is a show about marketability and who the judges feel would make the best use of the prize money because of their determination and ability to listen to criticism. Period. I have watched every single show since it began. Those contestants that are highly skilled sewers, drapers, tailors are not the ones who win necessarily. I thought this season was better than the last and I will continue to watch because I love to see the process (not the personalities). Watching the process has made me a little more fearless in my own designing and sewing and more excited about taking chances and expressing my fashion sense. I think that's a great benefit for those of us who love to sew.

  22. WhyName | | #22

    Last year it was the pity party for the girl whose palette ran the gamut from tan to brown, who made an extraordinary feathered bathrobe, who was stone broke, and whose boyfriend dumped her during the competition.

    This year it was the pretty party for the beauty queen with the nouveau mullet, who has a real talent for fabric shopping, and who has an inside track to her own TV series that will surely give Diving Down with the Kartrashians a run for its money.

    Mondo, Viktor, Andy, Josh, and Kimberly were all robbed.

    Wouldn't it be nice if Project Runway rewarded fashion design?

  23. veras | | #23

    I swore after last season that I would not watch PR due to Wretchen-gate and I don't miss the show at all, but I do like to scan the comments and view the photos of the creations posted here.

    After seeing this week's finale, I'm struck by the amorphous, sack-like garments everyone but Viktor produced. No styling, no shape, no construction to be seen in anyone's line…except Viktor. He, at least, had some nicely-constructed garments that looked as if they might flatter instead of tent. And while lack of of sewing instruction does not necessarily mean you lack design sense, Anya's collection has done nothing to prove that point.

    All I know is I'm glad I did not invest my time on the show - this summary more than suffices!

  24. User avater
    MDNB | | #24

    I have been thinking about how I would make the show better. I would add a half hour after show that focuses on the construction process not the behavior. There are lots of seamstresses/seamsters (I don't know the male version it can't be tailor because women are tailors too) I digress. I would add an assistant either pattern maker or sewer for each designer. Then the show would be more about the design part not the execution of the design. Maybe they would have 2 hours of professional sewing time, to use as they want. The designers would still do much of the construction but in the real world with a brand the designers don't make the patterns or do the sewing. I'm sure there numerous problems with these ideas but.... I did like Anya partly because of her personality but also with slight modifications real sized people could wear her clothes. If you think of the head of a design line they must be able to work with other people or they will only be making one garment at a time. communication is essential to all businesses.

  25. User avater
    gandmfausel | | #25

    I agree with my colleagues here. My question is: What is the rubric/criteria PR is using? It certainly changes with each season of designers. Is it Marketablity? Is it design? Consruction? Trends? Innovation? Ability to work well with others? Fad or Fashion? I witnessed too many chances for some designers and not enough for others. PR is leaning toward a reality show, not a show about all the talent & skills needed to make it in the fashion world.

  26. User avater
    gandmfausel | | #26

    I agree with my colleagues here. My question is: What is the rubric/criteria PR is using? It certainly changes with each season of designers. Is it Marketablity? Is it design? Consruction? Trends? Innovation? Ability to work well with others? Fad or Fashion? I witnessed too many chances for some designers and not enough for others. PR is leaning toward a reality show, not a show about all the talent & skills needed to make it in the fashion world.

  27. sewsilky | | #27

    I am so glad Anya won. Her prints and colors were outstanding. Her designs have a beautiful flow about them, and the fact that she used her fabric choices in ways not seen before tells me they liked her for her originality. Congratulations to her.

  28. iamnewsewer | | #28

    This season has really been disappointing. I was hoping Victor would win, however, he didn't remain true to his design ability with all the sheers. The sheer clothing he showed would only be worn on the beach. Anya's designs showed no variety they were all pretty much the same dress. Her eye for fabric is great though. I also liked some of Kim's designs, especially the off white pants outfit. Josh didn't do it for me at all. I wish Burt could have been included in the final competition.

    I have watched PR since the first season and this season has been, by far the worst I've ever seen. I plan to watch again next season and hope for better designers and attitudes.

  29. SEWNISTA | | #29

    First time poster, long time reader!
    I'm sorry for the way PR is going. I don't see as much competition for the controversy between the contestants. I will continue to watch via DVR to see what the challenge is and then forward fast to the end to see who won.

  30. nannytee | | #30

    I agree with 709501 I watch for the designing process and the critiques and really get annoyed when they spend too much time on the "drama" of the personalities.
    This last season was not very interesting and I found that I really didn't care who won, they all had some attractive pieces and some that made me wonder what they were thinking.

  31. User avater
    mjfiorini | | #31

    Short and simple, Joshua was robbed.
    All along I thought Viktor would win, but his final designs were disappointing. Anya did not deserve this win, with the exception of the 1st gown, what she produced all looked the same there was nothing different or enticing about her last designs. She won because she's cute and bubbly. That's all there is to it. PR needs to step up the game for future seasons or they'll be cancelled. I'm just about finished w/ PR myself.

  32. Fancyness | | #32

    I am pleased that Anya won PR. What she did after just 4 months of learning to sew is remarkable. She is the "exception to the rule" as far as I am concerned. The judges could see that in her and that she has the ability to grow in many areas. Even though her designs were vacation oriented, just think what she can do for that niche of the industry. She made beautiful clothes. Who cares if they are beautifully and simply made? Fabric choices and uses obviously make a lot, I mean a lot, of difference. She is so talented in that area, and she has a dream she is now going to be able to carry out. The winning black dress Anya made is so stunning.

    I used to want to be a clothes designer and PR has inspired me so much in my sewing. Anya's technic has inspired me to try my hand at designing. I wish her well in the future.

    No two designers are alike and none should be compared to another. Each should be judged on their own work and what they can bring to the industry. I agree with some of the other commenters that I would like to see more of the technic or processes used by the designers, such as in the after show rather than personality clashes, etc. i did tire of seeing so much of the controversies between the contestants. But I still didn't miss a show, and even watched the repeats. Love it, love it, love it!!

  33. Orli | | #33

    I did log in. Chaya97 writes :
    Viktor should have won. Anya was charming but her designs did not show any iriginality and I cannot believe that after a few months os sewing she was able to do a collection.

  34. joycerenee | | #34

    Let's face it. It was decided from the get-go. Did anyone happen to notice that three of the finalists were the ones featured most prominently at the intro of each show and were the only ones who actually spoke? It's a sad day when a beauty queen who can't sew and only makes the same sad dress over and over again wins. And Bert suddenly giving up so easily, even dissing his own design? I wonder what designer snatched him up halfway through the show? I can't think of any other reason why he would just give up and still be so happy at the end.

    I don't mind a real competition, but this show isn't about sewing or design anymore. Which probably explains why a beauty queen won.

    And a final word about PR's newest franchise - I watched Project Accessory hoping to see real people getting a chance at being discovered. What we got were people who already design for celebrities, including the First Lady! Oh, and by the way, if anyone cares, some of the people being judged by the guy from In Style have already been featured in the magazine!

    Yeah, both these shows are about as real as the Easter Bunny.

  35. rkr4cds1 | | #35

    I only started watching 3 or 4 years ago. Seth Aaron - I miss you!!!

    And this is the first year that I began to read the results here first before I watched the show; for some reason that made it more palatable...

    Right up til the last moment I hoped even Josh would take it from the inevitable one-note Anya but it wasn't to be.

    I'll find something else to fill the 4th time slot on my recording schedule the next season that PR is on, for ALL of the reason given so eloquently by those before me. And I've had enough of the host, Heidi, caving to the bullies.

  36. User avater
    triangles | | #36

    I won't repeat what others have said that I totally agree with, but will reiterate that I'm sick to death of the drama. I don't like reality TV and have no use for a show based upon pitting one against the other. PR did not evolve as a reality show and it seems that most of us who are writing here agree that we will not watch if this continues. Such a waste. The after show is even worse! I thought 'behind the scenes' would show us a true picture of the process of building a collection, not more of the same snookie TV.

  37. User avater
    lauriepie | | #37

    Anya has a post-PR interview on Racked: http://racked.com/tags/project-runway

    Seems she had a lot more sewing expertise than the edited show lead one to believe. Interestingly, she did her first collection in 2009 and has been sewing for 3.5 years!! She also reveals how they shot the Fashion Week runway show when it happened weeks before the finale (9 designers presented collections with the 4 expected finalist going first).

    Smoke and mirrors all-around.

  38. lindaoftexas | | #38

    It totally cracks me up reading the complaints about Anya:I wouldn't wear these clothes, where would I wear them? Who would wear Josh's, or Victor's? There is a limited audience for each of the designers. Anya showed a very strong range during the entire competition, and I think the judge's were taking in the entire competition, not just the final show into consideration, trying to decide which designer was mature enough, and stable enough in design to move forward and do something solid with the funds that they would win.

    Anya showed so much more taste and imagination throughout the entire season than any of the other 3. Her eye for color, and fabrics. I don't believe she had only been sewing for 3 months. But regardless, Vera Wang never sewed a day in her life when she entered the world of design. I've been sewing for myself for over 40 years, and I was pulling for either Kimberly or Anya. I absolutely did NOT want Joshua, he doesn't have talent or taste, and his attitude was selfish and horrible. Victor was talented, but his taste was not that good.

    I was pleased with the outcome this year. Last year with Gretchen, I was horrified.

  39. rkr4cds1 | | #39

    I've just watched the first half of the After-Show: Tim Gunn/ Between The Seams program, taped tonight. He had a awful lot say about the unprecedented amount of glue used this year and sewing the models into the garments: apparently neither will be allowed next year. FINALLY!!!!
    I'll watch the rest tomorrow; finger crossed that Tim has more Good News like this for next season - it may call me back!

    Now if only they could get a bit more sewing (techniques/methods) shown and a few less-catty, hypocritical judges...
    And I would still be interested in a face-off of all nine Seasons' winners, promised for 2012.

  40. alaskapsych | | #40

    I have been waiting to chime in on the finale. Again, this is my first year watching this show. I watched really for the design element, having recently returned to sewing. But found myself enormously disappointed watching drama, reality TV drama and more drama. While I think Anya's prints were lovely, I found myself questioning how much design was really involved in what she had presented. Victor's sheers with strategically placed pockets were, in my mind, a bit trite. Kimberly's offerings were ok. And Josh's were things that were over the top, not with any practical applications. When I looked at each of the top six placed designers on the official PR blog, I really thought Bert's was the one most likely to succeed. I don't know anything about the garment industry or design. I do know about construction having sewn for quite a few years. However, I found this entire experience reminded me of a sound commonly associated with wet firecrackers. And personally, I'm a little sorry I wasted my time with the TV show. I say, bring on Project Seamstress! We might at least learn something!

  41. SuInAZ | | #41

    This looked like a beauty contest to me, with the fix in from the start. For example, try to imagine Becky with Anya's sewing and design skills--would she have gone any farther than she did? I think not.

    Nonetheless, it was the least talented/inspired group they have had in any season of this show. Too bad, so sad--I think we are mostly over it and will move on.

  42. User avater
    jocarito | | #42

    What can be said that hasn't been said because the opinions run the gamut of possibilities. But then, I honestly believe there is always something interesting to be seen each time the designers present their ideas in garments. And to be honest, this is the main reason I watch the show.
    I have mixed feelings about some of the challenges while I found some extremely enlightening. The challenge in the pet shop was incredible and I think the designers showed incredible creativity producing some really nice designs that even looked wearable. I did not enjoy the episode of the women who walked on stilts. The over long outfits and the awkward paces took away from the beauty of some of the garments. The other challenges were interesting but I must admit I always anticipate and enjoy the finale.
    So what about this finale??? It was interesting as always but as most have commented it was predictable. It was more colorful than others in the past but each line was less cohesive or too single-minded.
    On a general note, I must agree with those who have pointed out the positive areas of each designer and the negative. I found that all had about an equal balance of good and bad and I don't feel that any one was a clear winner. Also, I think that all have talent and as is the case with all current and renowned designers (including Michael Kors,does he design anymore???), their designs will be attractive to some but not to others.
    I will be watching the next PR because you never know if maybe this year will find a true avant cutting edge designer!!!!!

  43. sewsuzy | | #43

    I was rooting for Anya from the beginning and was happy to see that she pulled it off. She wouldn't have though, had it not been for the extra shopping trip to Mood. Many criticize her for her lack of sewing skills but that can be learned. What cannot be learned is taste or an eye for design and pattern, which is what some of the other designers with more advanced sewing skills lacked. Interestingly, Tim Gunn mentioned that Laura had one of the best collections at Fashion Week and she was showing as a decoy. We might have seen a different outcome if she hadn't been eliminated when she was.
    I too would like to see less glue and sewing models into garments. What is with all the exposed zipper tape? I would think that someone at this level would be able to insert a zipper professionally!
    All in all I enjoyed this season much more than last, especially once Oliver was eliminated...couldn't stand him, and am looking forward to Season 10.

  44. knittingirl | | #44

    I was surprised that Viktor left 2 dresses that the judges loved out of his final runway collection. I think this might have cost him the win. Then again, Anya was always a judges favorite. Mine too. Anyway, Anya is a designer with a definite brand look. She is kind to her competition and always "makes it work". All the designers can take something out of Anya's playbook. She deserved the win.

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