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BOOK GIVEAWAY: “Roberto Capucci Art Into Fashion”

This amazing book could be yours!

In the March 2012 issue of Threads (#159), the book Roberto Capucci Art Into Fashion was featured in the Notions department. It is the result of an exhibit of the same name featured at The Philadelphia Museum of Art in 2011 featuring the garments from the exhibit. Those who weren’t fortunate enough to see these garments first hand, can enjoy the magic of his unforgettable work through the beautiful color photography.

Robert Capucci (born 1930) is an Italian fashion designer and artist known for his extravagant and ingeniously constructed outfits. He is revered by contemporary designers for his innovative silhouettes and masterful use of form, color, and materials.

The garments featured include work ranging from the beginning of his career as a boy genius of Italian fashion to his legendary sculpture-dresses—including his seminal 1978 “Colonna” silhouette, based on the Doric column—as well as his series of sculptures from 2007 honoring the city of Florence, and much, much more. Capucci refers to his work as “a study in form” inspired by art, architecture, and nature. For the viewer the experience is extraordinary.

You could win a copy of this impressive book by simply leaving a comment at the bottom of the page. Tell us what you love about Roberto Capucci. If you’re not familiar with his work, tell us what you’d like to learn. Leave your comment on this post before the deadline—11:59 p.m., Wednesday, January 25—and you could win a copy of the book. The winner will be randomly selected and announced during the week of January 30.



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  1. ahearta | | #1

    His work is gorgeous! Unfortunately, I'm not that familiar with it, so I'd just love to learn more about how he creates his stunning and inspirational designs.

  2. rebekahricker | | #2

    This looks amazing!

  3. Sewbonloot | | #3

    I don't know a thing about his work although I'm sure I've seen a lot of it. Anything Italian is all right by me and I am super interested in seeing how he constructs his garments and art. If I don't win, I'm buying it!

  4. User avater
    MistressTailor | | #4

    I love his work!!! I would love to read it so that I can study his style of designing as I've been reading up on a lot of designers to learn their style and methods of working so that I can find my own style.

  5. porchswingstudio | | #5

    Goethe said, "Architecture is frozen music." Roberto Capucci is one of the finest architects of couture garments. His designs touch all the senses, all the emotions. They sing.

  6. User avater
    onegoodday4 | | #6

    I don't know anything about Capucci, but I love the photos shown. My husband and I both love to visit museums and like art from all time periods. He currently works in a contemporary art museum and we would find this book very interesting. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  7. misssarcastica | | #7

    I don't know anything about him, but I'd love to become familiar with his style.

  8. User avater
    grnthumb30 | | #8

    Nothing like a great book for winter inspiration!

  9. user-1123561241 | | #9

    I would love to win this book! I am not familiar with Capucci and would love to learn. His work shown in the photos accompanying the blog are beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity to participate. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  10. judygay | | #10

    I'm not familiar with him, but the best place to learn is from the pros!!

  11. acertrifolium | | #11

    I'm fascinated with architecture clothing. Capucci is a master!

  12. User avater
    schesney | | #12

    The pictures are beautiful. Looks like a great book.

  13. fozie | | #13

    Just gorgeous work--the sculptural qualities; he was so ahead of his time! Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. User avater
    elizabeth001au | | #14

    Beautiful details and technique used to create unusual silhouettes.Very inspirational.

  15. User avater
    2tango | | #15

    Unfortunatley this kind of clothing creation does not exist much anymore. Amazing artist, very inspiring. I would love to own this book.

  16. samsprite | | #16

    I'd love to see the possibilities Roberto creates in converting a flat surface into such extraordinary architectural pieces. Such imagination and inspiration!

  17. msjuncos | | #17

    Thanks for the chance to win. Amazing artist.

  18. nanacosta | | #18

    I would love to have this book, since it will be a magnificent source of inspiration for new work!!

  19. jennieMB | | #19

    I would love to see more images of his work. These dresses are so sculptural in form.

  20. User avater
    Kathrynn | | #20

    Those dresses are amazing, I am not familiar with his work but would love to. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book.

  21. Valerie1 | | #21

    Wow, I would love this. I like looking at detailed garments.

  22. sewinggeek | | #22

    What an amazing use of fabric! I would love a chance to win this book.

  23. design4u | | #23

    I just brought two other books that show some really wonderful designs with fabric manipulation. I would love to have this book so as to expand my own creativity.

  24. favorwonders | | #24

    the pictures are simply amazing awesome mind blowing designs.I need this book must have for me.

  25. User avater
    rakijaa | | #25

    I am not familiar with his work at all. Sad! I would be interested to see how he puts the structure into his garments. Charles James is one of my favorites, and the red dress above has a look similar to some of his gowns.

  26. User avater
    Meridee | | #26

    Capucci's creations have been described as "creations that are dramatic displays of what could be achieved if creativity alone was the sole purpose of fashion." He has remained true to his personal vision of creativity, eschewing the demand to ever expand it into shoes, bags, fragrance, and so on. Despite being little known outside the design world, we can see his influence in current designers such as the late Alexander McQueen, Ralph Rucci, Dolce e Gabbana, among others. To those of us who sew, and especially those among us who design (I'm not in that company yet), this book provides inspiration and impetus. What a legacy. Long live fashion design!

  27. Romy | | #27

    I always like new ideas and his is quite interesting. I would like to win this book, thank you for the opportuinity!

  28. marymary | | #28

    I would love to see more of his work. His structural designs are so beautiful. They appeal to a sense of order.

  29. matrice43 | | #29

    I would love to learn how to pleat and i like the colors he used.

  30. User avater
    Stitchy | | #30

    If I don't win this book I hope my library has it. So far most of the sewing books are from the 70's and super crafty. Not my style. This book looks fantastic.

  31. User avater
    scrandall | | #31

    I would love to have this book for my sewing library! I hope to do some designing of my own soon.

  32. User avater
    bbenson833 | | #32

    How cool! I think having a collection of inspirational pictures keeps my creativity going - I would love to have a copy of this!

  33. TuscanFlower | | #33

    I am not famliar with the work of Mr. Capucci. This book looks amazing though. I'd love to win it.

  34. Mayell | | #34

    I ma not familiar with Mr. Capucci, but the structure of the garments shown is very intriguing. I am trying to learn more about design, and he certainly seems to be a master of design.

  35. TJSEWS | | #35

    His work is absolutely beautiful. I would love to win a copy of this book!

  36. User avater
    purduemom | | #36

    Capucci's manipulation of fabric is truly magnificent. I find his combination of architectural lines together with the colors and textures of the fabrics he uses amazing and a source of inspiration. Thank you for this generous giveaway offer.

  37. loti | | #37

    I would love to win this book!

  38. Dmark8118 | | #38

    I can't wait to get this issue: the designs are so unique!

  39. User avater
    TextyleMaven | | #39

    I would love a copy of this book to enjoy on long winter evenings and to celebrate creative possibilities. Thanks for the opportunity.

  40. ANGELTAT | | #40

    Amazing to look at - wonderfully creative - just to have the abillity to create something so complex yet a garment that can be worn is truly an inspiration for us all to strive to put beautiful works of art in our day to day life - after all what is life without finding beauty in everything.

  41. KathfromOz | | #41

    I love his design process, and the results. Complexity, simplified.
    That skirt on the cover, are they pleats or the pages of a book?
    The red, multi level dress, is it layered fabric or an orchid?
    I like the idea that there is more than just styling in his fashions. There is a passionate insight that keeps teasing me to look for more.

  42. looking4dmonkey | | #42

    That book is awesome! I simply love it!

  43. Theseamstresschild | | #43

    I love his work it would make an amazing edition next to my vintage sewing books. I would love to win this books and use his work as an inspiration.

  44. ambra | | #44

    Capucci sees the female form as a canvas on which to paint, mold, and sculpt. His designs give free rein to all materials and not just traditional fabrics. While they might not be "practical" , true art rarely is.

  45. WeimRun | | #45

    I am new to sewing, and love the idea of incorporating art into my unique pieces. Would LOVE to get this book!

  46. User avater
    Boheme | | #46

    Wearable art is simply fascinating, a beautiful necessity.
    The green gown pictured is gorgeous!

  47. Breezy3000 | | #47

    I love looking at Capucci's dresses and being inspired by them! I thik he is a AMAZING designer! I would LOVE to have a copy of his book to have, learn, and be inspired by!

  48. MissB79 | | #48

    His designs are a work of art!

  49. saketou | | #49

    I love design and color manipûlation, his facility in creating the way he did was absolutely marvellous! I love to create vpatterns and redesigning patterns with ideas of my own ,they don't always work but are normally fixable! I would love to be able to own such a fine book for research and just plain pleasure of reading it!

    I hope the fact that I'm from Canada doesn't exclude me from the contest!

  50. LindaGO | | #50

    I'm just starting out in design sewing and his work looks amazing!

  51. User avater
    monkemama | | #51

    The cover of this book is fantastic! I can only imagine what goodies are inside.

  52. dagmaro | | #52

    I would love a chance to learn more...looks fantastic!

  53. ElaineElise | | #53

    I would love to learn more about how ROBERT CAPUCCI constructed his intricate designs. They are all so stunning and inspirational!

  54. User avater
    stevndi | | #54

    Sweet!,and gorgeous cover, can't wait to see inside. The word of the day, WIN!!!

  55. Sancin | | #55

    I would love to read this book, with a eye to see how his techniques can be adapted to every day wear as well as dress situations. One likes to feel elegant at home as well!!

  56. sewcietymaven | | #56

    Roberto Capucci combined couture and sculpture into works of art to inspire and pique the creativity of the ordinary to become the extraordinary.

  57. rblatt | | #57

    If only I had half the creative imagination! Phenomenal Beauty!

  58. magentamary | | #58

    I love the sculptural look of Roberto Capucci's work. He is also very bold and creative with color. I like that he elevates fashion into art. I am looking forward to looking through this beautiful book and being inspired to create my own art pieces.

  59. magentamary | | #59

    I love the sculptural look of Roberto Capucci's work. He is also very bold and creative with color. I like that he elevates fashion into art. I am looking forward to looking through this beautiful book and being inspired to create my own art pieces.

  60. Terry6 | | #60

    What a wonderful opportunity to own such a fabulous book - I'm in!

  61. sewcietymaven | | #61

    Hopping on the Soapbox
    Posted on January 18, 2012 by Gorgeous Things
    Be prepared – it’s Ann-rant time. I have been talking with several sewing friends, and all have voiced similar frustration to mine. That is – where the hell are the good sewing books for us? We’re not beginners. We’re not all in our early 20s. We are fashionable. We like looking good. We enjoy challenging sewing projects. But there isn’t much on the market for us.

    For example, I spent an afternoon last weekend at my local Barnes & Noble. Of course, I had to check out the sewing books section. What I found there was great for young, beginner level stitchers. For folks like me? Not so much. I don’t sew cute cotton dresses. I’m not interested in patterns and styles that border on twee. I’m not interested in looks that are so cerebral that they border on costume. I tire of the wall of sherbet colored books with titles done in cute fonts that look like hand stitches. Don’t get me wrong. There is clearly a market for these books. I’m just not part of it.

    I like to think of myself as an aspirational stitcher. I know how to do all the basics. I can teach the basics, and I can teach a lot of the not-so-basics. What I want is to learn cool new techniques. I want to learn how to do some of the things that I’ve seen on the runways at Fashion Week – things that a real woman could wear. I want to work with difficult fabrics. I want to challenge myself. Pastel dresses? Nope, not for this girl woman.

    I already own all the books written by Susan Khalje, Kenneth King, Claire Shaeffer and David Page Coffin. The problem is that they’ve all been around for a while. There isn’t anything new for intermediate to advanced stitchers in the retail market. I’ve taken to collecting college texts. They have more interesting techniques. Zoya Nudelman’s Couture and Julie Cole’s and Sharon Czachor’s Professional Sewing Techniques for Designers are good. Of course, they’re college textbooks, so they are not cheap.

  62. AuVion | | #62

    Can't wait to get issue number 159 of Threads so I can read more about Roberto Capucci (I live in Australia so the magazines arrive a month later.... so good to have your website to visit in between issues!!!) The images of the Roberto Capucci book look sensational and I'm sure the book would be a great read and so full of inspiration. Good luck to who ever wins this fantastic book, I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope it's me!!!!

  63. sewmydreams | | #63

    I am always intrigued by the blurred demarcation between what constitutes something as fashion or art. I heard about the Roberto Capucci Exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art but was unable to get there (and the exhibit was at the same time as Alexander McQueen in NY City), sadly I missed both ;-( He didn’t sew but he was able to produce garments that are works of art. Line, structure, and color are part of clothing design—hence the term “pattern drafting” since we are like architects drawing the blueprints of our new form—and his work displayed in this book would be a great source for designing inspiration. Here are some links to learn a little more…I hope you enjoy them as much as I did…




  64. Sondraleigh | | #64

    Garment as sculpture is something that has always fascinated me. He was the master! Would love to feast my eyes on this book.

  65. jedibunnies | | #65

    mmm, fabric into architecture, yum yum!

  66. CarolynGC | | #66

    I have a keen interest in art and clothing design being both an art teacher and amateur costume designer. Roberto Capucci's work is incredible! I would love to have this book as a source of inspiration for me and my students.

  67. gibbylet | | #67

    I'm not familiar, but I'd love to know more about using fabric to form structural 3D clothing thats so different than the clothing I am used to making.

  68. Rabia | | #68

    I am alsways up for acquiring a book that has something new and innovative to offer in terms of fashion design..so here's my comment!

  69. Ikebana152 | | #69

    Exuberant explosions of color and form that are editorial, fantastical, impractical and so desirable. I promise not to drool on my book if I win...:)

  70. sisbent | | #70

    His creativity is off the charts. He manipulates fabric in a way that makes you say, "How did he do that, or WOW".
    Truly a genius. Fabric obviously is flowing through the main arteries in his body. Because in the end look at what he produces. He's like a mad scientist when he comes out of the sewing room just look at what evolves. He has truly established a legacy with his work. If only I could......

    Bobbie Bentley

  71. patcolehart | | #71

    Wow! I would love to have this book...such an inspiration.

  72. Carly_Sue | | #72

    I would love to win this book.

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