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Project Runway All Stars: “Patternmaking for Piggy”

Michael wins this week.

“How does a pig feel about wearing a giraffe print?” Our all-star designers face an unusual challenge when they are asked to design a garment fit for Miss Piggy. This week’s excitement in the workroom was the perfect opportunity for one-liners. Anthony knows “Miss Piggy is always a lady,” and thinks he has this competition in the bag. Austin feels he and Miss Piggy are kindred spirits, and is thrilled to be designing for one of his idols.

Costume designer for Gossip Girl, Eric Daman joined Miss Piggy in judging the designers this week. In the end, they loved Michael’s work, and Gordana was the designer heading home. Her flowing gown missed the mark, and wasn’t really the right fit for this challenge. What did you think of the challenge this week? 




Austin: (bottom 3) 


Gordana: (out)









Kenley: (top 3)


Michael: (winner)



Mila: (bottom 3)





Rami: (top 3)


The All Stars (* = eliminated)
Anthony Williams
April Johnston
Austin Scarlett
Elisa Jimenez*
Gordana Gehlhausen*
Jerell Scott
Kara Janx
Kenley Collins
Michael Costello
Mila Hermanovski
Mondo Guerra
Rami Kashou
Sweet P* 


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  1. User avater
    Stitchy | | #1

    I loved Rami's dress! I really hated a puppet for a judge. I also hated the designers acting like the puppet was real. Who's next designing for Santa Claus?
    As far as the dresses. Gordana had to leave, I did like what she made BUT she didn't listen. Maybe if she did listen to people she would be busy with real clients and stop being on reality TV.
    I think the final three will be male.

  2. User avater
    Kate_W | | #2

    And I also loved Rami's dress. Based on the judges comments on Michael's dress (it's black, not enough pink, etc.), I thought Rami was the shoe-in. So I was initally surprised Michael won. In retrospect, Rami's dress looks designed for a daytime occasion -- horse races, garden party. Michael's was definitely more 'cocktail'.

    Gordana's dress was pretty but I couldn't see Miss Piggy stylin'it. I appreciated Gordana's calm. I will miss her.

    And as an aside, these designers have all been through this routine before. And each week one is sent home. Mila sticks to her 'point-of-view' to the point of almost getting kicked off ... how far does she (or any other designer) expect to go? I'm successful if I make it to the fifth challenge? I'm successful if I make to the final three? I'm successful just being included even if I go home early?

  3. User avater
    Djonee | | #3

    i was a bit taken back they were designing for a pig as im sure the designers judging by looks on some of their faces..

  4. phunkypuhnk | | #4

    I thought the Miss Piggy challenge was ridiculous! Everyone kept acting and talking like she was a real person as if we had slipped into some other dimension. I found her commentary hilarious during the judging though ("I'm not sure it's functional though. Like, could you hula-hoop in it?" LOL) But it seemed an odd choice as a guest judge as there is no real Muppet's movie or show to really plug at the moment.

    And if Miss Piggy wore Michaels dress, esp at Muppet size that loop-de-loop bow thingy in the front would look awful. And I actually likedGordana's dress. I thought Jarrell's was the best and either Mila or Kara should have been sent home instead.

  5. sews4fun | | #5

    A puppet judge? I could do SO many things with that but I'll behave. I half watched this episode because frankly, I lose respect for the show when they produce this hogwash. Besides, if the pig truly had taste, she would have picked Rami.

  6. Bouqqia | | #6

    It's this kind of stupid challenge that downgrades the show!

  7. User avater
    packrat1 | | #7

    I have never watched Project Runway. But I do like to read the show recaps here on Taunton's site (and other web sites) and see photos of the garments.

    I think it's hilarious how some of the commenters here object to the designers being asked to make something suitable for Miss Piggy.

    Well known celebrity personality, very particular clothing style, hard-to-fit body shape.

    So she's a fictional character. So is every movie, tv or stage character. Costume designers do it every day.

    Or what? They shouldn't be expected to make a fashionable dress to fit a woman who wants to look glamourous and classy, but happens to be short and chubby?

    I think this was probably the most realistic thing they've been asked to design since the show began.

  8. Miminator | | #8

    Loved, loved, loved Rami's dress. Michael's, block! As for the alternate universe that allowed a puppet judge, genius! Lighten up people, it was meant to be fun!

  9. coraki | | #9

    I think Rami was the designer who caught the Miss Piggy style. Gordana's dress was a good call. She was warned that it looked like a nightgown. I really don't know hownthe judges decide. If I remember, Miss Piggy liked Rami's dress.

  10. agatha44 | | #10

    I liked several of these, but Rami took my vote too. Mondo had a very interesting take on the project.

  11. User avater
    aislinnluv | | #11

    I'm trying to imagine Miss Piggy in any of these dresses and sadly, falling short. In my opinion, Kenley and Rami caught the spirit of fun but frankly, Miss Piggy seems too old to wear either one. Kara and Mila's dresses were wildly inappropriate - one almost S&M and the other just something M.P. wouldn't look twice at on the rack. (Hmmm... rack of pork... mmmm)If they were for humans, most of the dresses were very well done, though I disliked both Jerrell's and Austin's, and I agree Gordana's looked like a nighty. I'd like to see a challenge where the designers are required to create a practical wardrobe of a few pieces that a home sewer might undertake - skirt, pants, top, vest, jacket... Is that too mundane? If you were suddenly given a chance to take a trip, this is what you might be facing if you don't have the wherewithal to go out and buy yourself a whole case of clothes.

  12. jpclarksville | | #12

    As much as I enjoy watching Austin, he had the ugliest dress...color, design, constuction. He was only kept because he is a favorite. Otherwise, I'm just thankful they got rid of the spitter the first episode.

  13. gingerlaw | | #13

    I have to be at work too early to watch the show but enjoy the recap here, thank you.

    I liked Micheal's but loved Kenley's HATED Austins'.

    I agree with someone else who posted it would be nice to see the designers do a basic skirt, jacket, pants, and blouse or shirt as a home sewer might put together.

  14. User avater
    Kukana | | #14

    I'm sorry - I thought this challenge was a real hoot!!! I love Miss Piggy and I thought some of the designs were really good, and some were really bad. Not sure if Gordana should have been the one to go home this week, at least her dress was sort of pink. I was surprised when Michael won, I thought Rami would. But as someone previously mentioned, the dress was suppose to be for evening....

    I was not at all offended by the muppet judge - if you can't have fun in life, you don't have much!

  15. LaughinRain | | #15

    Remember that there is a person involved in every puppet. The personality of Miss Piggy is real as the operator is the one who controls her opinions. Anybody who can't laugh at the fun or involving this celebrity must have an awfully dull time in this world. Encourage frivolity.
    That being said, I never watch these shows because the designs are not realistic.

  16. User avater
    ustabahippie | | #16

    I missed it last week, so glad to see these photos. Kenley and Rami certainly got the Miss Piggy style best. Michael's was too much for a human and not as much fun as the other 2. The rest were an abomination, except for Mondo and Anthony. How could they decide who was going home among Mila, Austin, April and Gordana. All were so not Ms. Piggy!

  17. User avater
    RevDi | | #17

    I loved the competition - it was all very tongue-in-cheek. For those of us who couldn't see that, ah well . . . And how different is that than designing for a supermodel, or some other plastic personality who contributes nothing to the world? At least Miss Piggy entertains little children and makes us adults laugh!

  18. User avater
    Soli | | #18

    I LOVED this challenge once I got over crosspromoting the Muppet Movie. PR Allstars had originally been scheduled to begin airing in November, and the Muppet Movie opened around Thanksgiving, so I get it. I have to disagree with the complainers - Miss Piggy is indeed a real personality, larger than life, even if she is a fictional character. I was thrilled to see her riding a parade float at Disneyland a few years ago. I think Rami best captured the spirit of the challenge. His outfit reminded me of some of the wilder character costumes that Bob Mackie used to design for the Carol Burnett Show. Trying to reinvent Piggy for the 21st century, yeah, Michael's cocktail dress totally worked. Remember, Piggy always used to rock the lavender gloves. It was a fun show, and along with agreeing that Austin was saved by his reputation and favorite status, I was a little sorry to see Geordana go. Cut 6" off her dress and I'd wear it over faded skinny jeans with Kork-ease sandals and a boho braid.

  19. User avater
    iris68 | | #19

    Loved Rami design, not Michael's (really?!), will miss Jordana.... The challenge was quite silly, though.
    And why the call it All Star? I expected to see more of the best designers from last seasons.

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